2x08 1
Let’s go over this one more time.
I think I’ve got it.
Just to be sure.

2x08 1
You’ve been on the road alone.
For three weeks?
Should we make it two?
Is it believable I’d survive so long on my own?
I think so.
Three it is.

2x08 1
Everyone you were with is gone.
That much is true.

2x08 1
You heard about this place a while ago, and realised you needed it.
I wanted somewhere I could rest my head without worrying about being eaten alive in my sleep.

2x08 1
You have no idea Alexis is in there.
I’m completely surprised.
“Auntie Alexis, what a coincidence!”

2x08 1
Should I be happy to see her?
That I can’t tell you. Just don’t over-do it. You’re surprised, but it’s like you said, you’re not exactly chummy.

2x08 1
Help out, volunteer, and gain her trust. See if she’ll start letting you out on runs. Then you and I can meet again.

2x08 1
How will I find you?
You won’t. I’ll find you. After a while, we’ll make a plan. You’ll be my way in. You’ll tell me everything I need to know to destroy this woman.

2x08 1
We’ve been together for three days, but you’ve still not told me why.
Why what?
Why you hate her so much?

2x08 1
It doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t?
Just stick with the plan, and remember how she ruined your mother’s life.

2x08 1
You sure you’re up for this?
Yeah. But I meant what I said; nobody innocent’s going to suffer. Just her.
That’s right. Just her.

2x08 1
I guess this is it.
I guess so.

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Good luck, Lydia-Jean.

2x08 1
Alexis: How’s it coming along?

2x08 1
Michael: It’s incredible what we’ve achieved in a few days. I mean, I know it’s just a fence to protect the town in case any groaners get out, but still, we’ve done good.
Alexis: Imagine when we’re ready to expand the town itself.
Michael: You really think we’ll be able to do that?
Alexis: Victoria’s the comeback for our kind, Michael. We’ll re-claim this city, one block at a time.

2x08 1
Michael: I never realised you were such a visionary.
Alexis: I have to be.

2x08 1
Jenson: Alexis…
Alexis: Uh-huh?
Jenson: We’ve got a newbie.
Alexis: Be right there.

2x08 1
Michael: You really need to introduce yourself to every new arrival? I wanted to show you what we’ve got prepared inside.
Alexis: Plenty of time for that. I think it’s best everyone we welcome into this place knows who the boss is, don’t you?
Michael: One look at you and they’d know. Like there’s any doubt…

2x08 1
Alexis: How many we got?
Jenson: Just the one.
Alexis: That’s a rarity.
Jenson: Yeah, especially as it’s just a teenager.
Alexis: Impressive.

2x08 1
Alexis: I…

2x08 1
Lydia-Jean: Alexis!?

2x08 1

2x08 1
Shiro: Peter’s been unbearable the past few days.
Angie: He has?
Shiro: Acting like he’s won the damn lottery.
Aimi: (Laughs). He’s back with his daughter.
Shiro: Even so, keep it to yourself, man. The rest of us are perfectly content being miserable.
Jai: Speak for yourself.

2x08 1
Shiro: I’ve been dying to ask for days, but I didn’t want to bring this up to Peter, so Angie: what’s the deal with Lorna?
Angie: Sorry?
Shiro: Why didn’t she come back with you?

2x08 1
Jai: Shiro, that’s private.
Shiro: Oh, like you aren’t curious!

2x08 1
Angie: There’s nothing to say really… she’s just… I don’t know, not with it?
Aimi: In what way?
Angie: She fed a man to the dead right in front of us… one of Eli’s men.
Shiro: Shit, really? Good for her.
Jai: Shiro…
Shiro: What!?
Angie: She’s spending her time tracking down anyone Eli was associated with.
Jai: And she’s killing them?
Angie: Yeah.
Jai: My word.

2x08 1
Shiro: I admire that.
Aimi: She’s obviously not all there, Shiro. It’s not a good thing.
Jai: She’ll likely get herself killed.
Angie: It’s not just that… she’s bald.

2x08 1
Jai: Beg your pardon?
Angie: She’s chopped all her hair off.

2x08 1
Shiro: Jesus, she’s only gone and pulled a fucking Britney.

2x08 1
Sean: This is it.
Georgie: Moment of truth.

2x08 1
Annette: Hm…
Sean: Well?
Annette: It’s perfect.
Sean: Hurrah!
Georgie: Phew! It only took me four attempts!
Annette: That’s my Grandmother’s cake right there. As good as it was when she used to make it.

2x08 1
Sean: And now you’ve passed it on. Ain’t it great?
Annette: Absolutely.
Georgie: Thank you, Annette. For trusting me with it.
Annette: You’re a wonderful chef, Georgie. Hopefully you’ll cook it for your own children someday.
Georgie: I’d like that.

2x08 1
Sean: So, wanna go for that walk now?
Annette: No, no. Stay. Enjoy the food. I’m feeling a little tired as it happens.
Sean: You do look pale. You coming down with something, lass?
Annette: It’s nothing a good nap won’t fix. See you soon, Sean.
Sean: All right, love.

2x08 1
Georgie: Is she OK?
Sean: She’s grand. Just think it’s quite emotional for her, is all. She’s never had anyone to pass things down to.
Georgie: That’s true. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m honoured she trusted me.

2x08 1
Calvin: I thought I smelled cake!
Georgie: (Laughs). I knew it wouldn’t take you long to get over here!
Calvin: Oh, Georgie. Am I really that transparent?
Georgie: Yes!

2x08 1
Shiloh: Hey, what’s all this?
Donna: Annette’s cake up for grab, Lardass? Or have you called dibs on all of it?
Georgie: Go on, you bunch of scavengers! Have at it!

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Alexis: Seldom am I lost for words…
Jenson: You obviously knew each other before all this?
Alexis: I hope you haven’t just figured that out. I had come to think of you as an intelligent man.

2x08 1
Lydia-Jean: You haven’t changed much, have you?

2x08 1
Alexis: Give us a minute, Jenson.

2x08 1
Lydia-Jean: I didn’t you know you ran this place.
Alexis: Would you have come if you did?
Lydia-Jean: I’m not sure.

2x08 1
Alexis: I know you must hate me…
Lydia-Jean: Heh.
Alexis: But what happened within our family was never anything to do with you. Nor me really.
Lydia-Jean: Is that so?
Alexis: It was our mother’s. From what I know they always had their differences. It was never a normal mother-daughter relationship. A lot happened there and it was unfixable by the time you… hell, by the time I was born.

2x08 1
Alexis: But hey, we’re related. We were estranged, and to be honest I only recognised you because you look so much like your Gran when she was young, but that’s beside the point. We’ve found each other. In spite of this world… in spite of everything. We should look out for each other. All of that nastiness that went on… it was never about us. Let that animosity die with the dead.

2x08 1
Lydia-Jean: I guess that makes sense.

2x08 1
Alexis: Good. Now, everybody who stays here needs to contribute in some way.
Lydia-Jean: I’m game for that.
Alexis: I’m glad; because I have something in mind for you, and if you’re up for it, we’re gonna have to keep the fact that you’re my niece a secret from everybody here.
Lydia-Jean: Oh?
Alexis: Only for a little while, but in order for you to be able do your job right, we’ll have to be strangers. For you see, there’s a group of people I’d very much like you to befriend.

2x08 1
Angie: I’m glad we’re all right now.
Javier: Me and you both, chica. How’s Henry been with you?
Angie: He doesn’t seem to harbour any anger, which I’m glad about. He’s a good man, and a fair leader. I didn’t go against his wishes easily.
Javier: I know.

2x08 1
Angie: Where do I know that guy?
Javier: Qué?
Angie: I’ve seen him around and I was sure I recognised him. But I told myself I was seeing things but Goddammit I know him all right.
Javier: His names Drew.
Angie: Drew!?
Javier: And from what I’ve heard, he’s a piece of work.

2x08 1
Angie: Oh, shit. He’s Drew Franklin!
Javier: Is that supposed to mean something?
Angie: He’s Vicky’s brother!

2x08 1
Angie: Hey…
Drew: What?
Angie: I know you.
Drew: Sorry. Don’t think so.

2x08 1
Angie: You’re Drew Franklin, right?
Drew: No.
Angie: Don’t deny it. I knew your sister.
Drew: With all due respect…

2x08 1
Drew: Fuck off.

2x08 1
Angie: Well, that was pleasant.
Javier: I did tell you.
Angie: Still, that’s definitely him…
Javier: So?

2x08 1
Angie: So, he probably has no idea what Alexis did to his sister…

2x08 1

2x08 1
Jenson: Alexis, can I talk to you for a second?
Alexis: In a moment. Coleman, you ready?
Coleman: Sure. Come on, kid.
Alexis: Good luck.

2x08 1
Alexis: What is it?
Jenson: Matt’s just got back from his run.
Alexis: He found anything?
Jenson: A safe-town.
Alexis: What!?
Jenson: He’s located a camp, situated on a roof of an old mall.

2x08 1
Alexis: How far?
Jenson: Outside the city. About an hours drive away by car.
Alexis: The pair of you, head out there. Make sure you’re not seen, but take position somewhere nearby and take notes of anybody you find coming and going. Their appearance, what weapons they have, see if you can get a good estimate of the population. And more importantly, keep an eye out for anyone we might know.
Jenson: Will do.

2x08 1
Michael: That’s an unexpected development.

2x08 1
Alexis: There are always going to be camps, other settlements we might have to deal with.
Michael: Deal with?
Alexis: They could be a threat, Michael.
Michael: Or they might just be regular people like the folk here, who just want somewhere safe to live for however long they have left.
Alexis: I’ll see what happens when Jenson gets back to me.

2x08 1
Michael: Alexis, you really need to keep in mind what sort of leader you want to be.
Alexis: Sorry?
Michael: You want your people to know who’s in charge, right? That’s understandable. And let’s just say I think you’ve established that, but take it a step further, you want them to be frightened of you?
Alexis: Surely it’s better for one to be feared than not taken seriously at all?

2x08 1
Michael: If you respond to everything with hostility, what’re people going to think of you? If you act out with violence and animosity, your people will behave the same way. And then, one day, when your guard’s down, someone will take you out.

2x08 1
Alexis: What’s the alternative?
Michael: You try to be a leader that nobody wants to knock off. Be fair, reasonable, compassionate, care for the people… or at least pretend to. Make their safety and happiness your number one priority, even if it’s not.
Alexis: You want me to be weak?
Michael: You can stand your ground and be tough, but you can also be good. With the way the world is now… people have seen so much violence… so much blood-shed. You can change that.

2x08 1
Michael: And you could stop being so stubborn. That might prevent me from having the urge to kill you every now and again.
Alexis: Where is this going, Michael?

2x08 1
Michael: You called yourself a visionary earlier. You said you’ll reclaim this city block by block. And let’s say you’re successful. Let’s say you guide us into what you described as a comeback for our kind. What about after you’re gone? Do you want people to build statues in remembrance… or do you want them to be tearing them down? Angered and bitter, with no warm-feelings for the woman who got them there?

2x08 1
Michael: This other settlement might be a threat… but it could also be an opportunity. One to do a lot of good.

2x08 1
Michael: Think about it.

2x08 1
Angie: So, what do we do?
Peter: What is there we can do? If Drew doesn’t want to talk to you about his past, then it might be kindest to just leave it.
Angie: Would he say that if he knew what Alexis did to his sister?
Sean: Girl’s gotta point.
Javier: Even if we tell him, what good will come of it?
Angie: He deserves to know the truth, but I felt I had best come to you all with this just in case.
Henry: That was smart. Drew’s hot-headed. We don’t need him running to that complex, trying to pick a fight with Alexis.

2x08 1
Sean: So, we don’t tell him?
Angie: How can we not? It’s about his sister.
Peter: Were they close?
Angie: I don’t think so, but that’s not really the point, is it?
Jai: Is anyone here friendly with him? It might be best coming from someone who could keep him calm and stop him from doing anything rash.
Henry: He’s made his feelings clear on how much he despises everybody.
Aimi: Uh, actually…

2x08 1
Aimi: I can think of someone.

2x08 1
Shiro: You want me to tell him!?
Henry: Aimi said you two get along.
Shiro: Well, Aimi’s wrong. I think he’s a dickhead, and I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.
Aimi: Shiro, c’mon, give yourself some credit. You’ve spoken to him more than any of us have.
Shiro: Even so, why would he want to hear it from me?
Henry: He’s not gonna like it no matter who it comes from.
Peter: It just might be best if you’re there.
Shiro: Why?

2x08 1
Aimi: In case you hadn’t noticed, baby brother, you and that dickhead? Not so different.
Shiro: For fuck sake.

2x08 1
Shiro: Fine.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Coleman: Guys, this is Lydia-Jean. She’s new here.
Charlotte: Hey.
Bernadette: Welcome, Dear.
Lydia-Jean: Hi.
Coleman: Alexis was hoping she could stay here with you all for a few days? And you guys could get her settled in?

2x08 1
Bernadette: Absolutely. We’d be happy to. Plenty of sleeping bags. The more the merrier.
Coleman: Excellent. Well, I’d best be going.
Bernadette: Please, let Alexis know that I’m more than happy to help.
Coleman: I sure will.

2x08 1
Coleman: Let me know if you need anything.
Lydia-Jean: Thanks.

2x08 1
Charlotte: So, you’re alone?
Lydia-Jean: Yeah.
Bobby: You made it on your own out there?
Lydia-Jean: Only for the past three weeks.
Bobby: That’s impressive.
Bernadette: You’ll be a fine addition to our community.

2x08 1
Luke: I’m Luke.
Charlotte: I’m Charlotte. This is Bobby, and that’s Bernadette.
Lydia-Jean: Good to meet you all.

2x08 1
Jasmin: Morning, guys. Tariq stayed the night. Hope you don’t mind.
Luke: What the fuck is he doing here!?
Tariq: Hey, Luke. Uh, no hard feelings, right?

2x08 1
Luke: Are you fucking kidding me!?
Jasmin: Back off, Luke.
Luke: What the hell is wrong with you!? You’re shacking up with him after he beat me to a pulp!?
Jasmin: He only did what Derrick told him to do.
Bernadette: You should go, Tariq.
Tariq: Fine.

2x08 1
Tariq: Catch you later?
Jasmin: Sure.

2x08 1
Luke: You’re unbelievable.
Jasmin: Excuse me!?
Luke: You’re fucking him? Him!? Of all people!?
Bernadette: Luke, the children are upstairs!
Luke: Do you have no loyalty whatsoever, Jaz!?
Jasmin: That’s a bit rich coming from Alexis’s new lackey!
Luke: For somebody who spent so long crying over Derrick, you’ve sure moved on fast!
Jasmin: How dare you!

2x08 1
Charlotte: Wanna go for a walk?
Lydia-Jean: Yes please.

2x08 1
Charlotte: Sorry about that. I’ve only known them a while but I found out pretty quickly that they’re prone to a domestic or two. At least we got today’s out the way.
Lydia-Jean: I look forward to those.
Charlotte: Sarcasm?
Lydia-Jean: Sorry.
Charlotte: No, don’t be. Me and you are gonna get on just fine.
Bobby: So, where you from originally, Lydia?
Lydia-Jean: I was born here in Summerlyn, but in Roscoe. The rough side.
Bobby: Damn. Now we know how you made it alone.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Shiro: Drew.
Drew: What?
Shiro: Can I have a word?
Drew: No.
Shiro: Where are you going?

2x08 1
Drew: To blow off some steam.
Shiro: Can I come with?
Drew: I can’t stop you if you decide to follow.
Shiro: Is that a yes?
Drew: Oh, honestly, I don’t give a shit. Come or don’t.

2x08 1
Shiro: Damn. He is like me.

2x08 1
Beatrice: Hello!
Donna: Uh, hi?

2x08 1
Beatrice: My names Beatrice!
Donna: Is it now?
Beatrice: Having a good day?
Donna: The hell is this? Who’s supposed to be watching you?

2x08 1
Sean: Hey, sorry! She’s so quick on her feet these days! Caught me off-guard.
Donna: It’s fine.

2x08 1
Sean: Have a nice chat with Donna, did ya, Princess?
Beatrice: No!
Sean: Aw, well, that’s too bad.

2x08 1
Sean: I’ve lived here well over a week now.
Donna: I’m aware of that.
Sean: Just noticed that you seem to keep to yourself.
Donna: Is that a problem?
Sean: Not really. I just wondered why.
Donna: I find it more appealing.
Sean: I saw you; the night Dwayne came running here from the city… bringing dozens of those undead fuckers with him.

2x08 1
Donna: Your point being?
Sean: You’re probably the best fuckin’ shot I’ve ever seen. And that’s a compliment, lass, considering I’m quite gifted in that department me’self.
Donna: I learnt from the best.
Sean: You’re lucky, then.
Donna: No… I’m not.

2x08 1
Sean: Regardless, I’ve been given a new lease of life thanks to someone here. They’ve lifted me spirits… gave me a reason to hope again. I’m sure the same can happen for you.
Donna: Who’s to say I want it to?
Sean: Nobody wants to be unhappy, love. Not even you. No matter how much you like to scowl. Like I said, if I’m wrong, if there is no hope, if shit hits the fan and the majority of us end up kicking the bucket, you’ll likely be one of the last to go.

2x08 1
Donna: Your point being?
Sean: If that does happen, and that’s a big if, you’ll have plenty of time to be isolated… to be unhappy. Seems kinda pointless now though, don’t it?
Donna: Maybe you’re right…

2x08 1
Donna: But then again you could just be full of shit.

2x08 1
Sean: Likely, yeah. But like I said… new lease for life.

2x08 1
Sean: Say goodbye to Donna, Princess.
Beatrice: Bye!

2x08 1

2x08 1
Dwayne: What was that about?
Donna: Mind your own business.
Dwayne: Fine.

2x08 1
Donna: Wanna do something later?

2x08 1
Dwayne: Like?
Donna: Grab dinner, or something? Lardass made quiche.
Dwayne: Uh, OK. Sounds good.

2x08 1
Shiro: So, by blowing off steam, you meant go for a ridiculously long hike!?
Drew: No.

2x08 1
Drew: I meant this.

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Shiro: Well, shit.
Drew: What? You scared, or something?
Shiro: No, it’s just not really smart, is all.
Drew: I can handle myself.
Shiro: So could I.

2x08 1
Shiro: I did something similar to this recently… after I lost someone I cared about. I went on for hours. Took more on than what was sensible.

2x08 1
Shiro: Needless to say, it’s how I ended up like this.

2x08 1
Drew: That won’t happen to me.
Shiro: Be cocky all you like…
Drew: It’s not cocky if you know.

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Drew: I’ve got nothing to worry about.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Michael: Hey.
Alexis: How’s it going here?
Michael: Good. Have you thought about what I said?
Alexis: I have.
Michael: And?
Alexis: I’m mulling it over. Now, show me what you’ve got planned.

2x08 1
Michael: It became clear that in order to conduct these experiments safely, I would need to find a way to quickly incapacitate the groaners without killing the bastard things. That’s where these gates come in real handy.
Alexis: You can lock them in?
Michael: And let them out. All at a push of button.
Alexis: How have you done this?

2x08 1
Michael: You think I’m not capable?
Alexis: No, it’s just you’re a pathologist. I didn’t consider this an area you were skilled in.
Michael: Well, at the threat of sounding even cooler than I already do, I should inform you that I also have a knack at engineering. I used to build robots with my friends and have them fight.

2x08 1
Alexis: And to think, that same boy will become the man who saves the world.
Michael: One step at a time, eh?
Alexis: This is impressive. I have faith in it. And you.

2x08 1
Michael: So, no pressure, then?

2x08 1
Peter: What are you up to?
Sean: I’m planning some dinner for Annette.
Peter: I haven’t seen her around much today.
Sean: She’s sleeping. I think she feels a bit under the weather.
Peter: And you’re going to cheer her up.
Sean: Aye.

2x08 1
Peter: I have to say, Sean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy. Well, aside from when Ed would cave into pressure and have Happy Hour at The Acorn.
Sean: That was a different world, lad. A different me.
Peter: I’m happy for you.
Sean: Cheers, son.

2x08 1
Peter: Aimi, what’s up?
Aimi: It’s Annette.
Peter: What about her?

2x08 1
Aimi: She’s dead.

2x08 1
Peter: Henry? Is it true?
Henry: I’m afraid so.
Peter: How!?
Felicia: She hasn’t been well for a long time.
Henry: Peter, I think you need to sit Sean down and tell him before…

2x08 1
Sean: I haven’t made dinner for all you fuckers, y’know?

2x08 1

2x08 1
Sean: What?

2x08 1
Shiro: Where did you get that thing?
Drew: Long story.
Shiro: It’s quite a journey home.
Drew: When this all started, I took shelter in a sushi restaurant. It was prone to a robbery or two back in the day so they had these really strong shutters outside. Nothing was getting in. There was a group of eight of us. We found these swords on the walls. They were blunt as hell but we sharpened them up. We felt tough with these… like the dead didn’t stand a chance. We got over-confident… decided to let some in for practise, but yeah, turns out these things aren’t so easy to handle. I was the only one that made it out. Got lucky, I guess.

2x08 1
Shiro: I thought you were one of the first at Midway?
Drew: I was. I wandered alone for a day or two when I came across Calvin, Penny, Donna, and Clifford moving furniture and supplies onto that grand old roof we call home. That’s how it all started.
Shiro: Who’s Clifford?
Drew: He was the guy in charge before Henry. He didn’t make it.

2x08 1
Shiro: Well, you seem to have gotten pretty skilled with that thing.
Drew: It took a while… and one unfortunate accident.
Shiro: Oh?
Drew: It’s nothing really. A few weeks back, I came across a guy out here. I told him I didn’t want any trouble, was just going for a walk, but he liked the look of my sword and demanded I gave it to him. I was only meant to cut him up a little bit but… yeah… never mind.
Shiro: You killed him!?
Drew: I should probably feel more guilty than what I do. The guy was a prick.
Shiro: Jesus…

2x08 1
Drew: What are you doing here, Shiro?
Shiro: Uh… if I’m honest, I drew the short straw.

2x08 1
Drew: I should’ve known.
Shiro: Huh?
Drew: I’ve broken too many of noble Henry’s rules and he wants me gone. That’s it, isn’t it?
Shiro: What?
Drew: But didn’t have the fucking balls to tell me himself. Ain’t that fucking typical.
Shiro: No…
Drew: Well, it’s fine. I’ll do better on my own anyway.
Shiro: Will you shut the fuck up for a minute!? That’s not why I’m here.

2x08 1
Shiro: It’s about your sister.

2x08 1
Sean: The fuck are you talking about!? She can’t be dead!
Henry: Sean, please. People are upset enough as it is.
Sean: What the hell happened!?

2x08 1
Sean: Does anyone wanna fucking answer!?

2x08 1
Felicia: She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back. She went through chemo and for a while it looked positive, but at the start of this year she found out it was terminal. Mere weeks later, the pandemic started. I don’t think she ever really had the time to let it sink in. She just carried on living from day-to-day, like all of us.
Sean: But she knew she was dying!? She wasn’t in denial?
Felicia: No, she knew. She came to me a few days ago and told me about some symptoms she’d been having. I told her that she was likely reaching the end.
Peter: How did she take it?
Felicia: Well. I think she knew as much herself.

2x08 1
Sean: The fucking selfish cow!
Henry: SEAN!
Sean: She never thought to run this by me!?
Henry: I get that you’re upset, but you need to calm down!
Rachel: She didn’t want her cancer to stop her from living her life.
Sean: But you’d think she’d give me a bit of notice. “Hey Sean, I know we’re bonding and maybe even falling for each other here, but just a head’s up in case you get too attached: I’m gonna hit the fucking bucket any day now.”
Henry: Sean, please.

2x08 1
Rachel: She never wanted to hurt you.

2x08 1
Sean: Yeah… well…could’ve fooled me.
Peter: Sean…

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Drew: When did this happen?

2x08 1
Shiro: Uh… I think it’s eleven or twelve days ago now.
Drew: Alexis… I knew her from college. She was friends with Vicky.
Shiro: I know. It makes it all the more worse.
Drew: She really killed her?
Shiro: Yeah.
Drew: You’re sure? I mean you said this guy Eli was an evil psychopath, how can you trust a word he said?
Shiro: Alexis pretty much confirmed it to Angie.

2x08 1
Drew: Right. Thanks for letting me know.

2x08 1
Shiro: Is that it?
Drew: What do you want me to say?
Shiro: It’s your sister, man.
Drew: We weren’t close.
Shiro: Oh, come on.
Drew: Just because you and Aimi are joined at the hip…
Shiro: It’s not just that.

2x08 1
Drew: Let’s head back.
Shiro: You don’t have to be a cold prick all the time, you know? It’s all right to show you give a shit.
Drew: Thanks, Dr. Phil, but forgive me if I’m not in the mood to open up.

2x08 1
Shiro: Your sister was a good person.
Drew: I never said she wasn’t.
Shiro: I met her twice. Gotta admit, I was a bit of a prick towards her.
Drew: She wasn’t the easiest of people. Then again, neither are you.

2x08 1
Drew: C’mon.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Shiro: What is it?

2x08 1
Drew: Did she suffer?

2x08 1
Shiro: Uh, I’m not sure. I mean, I don’t think it was drawn out or anything.

2x08 1
Drew: OK.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Alexis: How are you finding it here, so far?
Lydia-Jean: It’s a nice place. I can’t quite believe I’ll actually be able to shut my eyes tonight without feeling the need to keep my knife in my hand.
Alexis: I’m pleased you’re here, Lydia. Honestly, I mean that sincerely.

2x08 1
Alexis: Onto the subject of our arrangement, how’s it going?
Lydia-Jean: Fine, I think.
Alexis: You think?
Lydia-Jean: Yeah, I mean they’ve taken a liking to me.
Alexis: That’s good.

2x08 1
Michael: Alexis?
Alexis: Haven’t we conversed enough today?
Michael: What can I say? I can’t quit you, baby.
Alexis: What do you want?
Michael: We’ve got more strangers at the door.
Alexis: How many?
Michael: They’re a group of five. They’re well-armed and ever so slightly intimidating. Led by a guy in a cowboy hat. Think he said his name was Blaine.

2x08 1
Lydia-Jean: What!? No!
Alexis: What’s the matter?
Lydia-Jean: You can’t let him in!
Alexis: Why not?
Lydia-Jean: I was a part of his old camp! He was a self-obsessed, manipulative, violent sociopath who made my life a living hell!
Alexis: So, he’s not trustworthy?
Lydia-Jean: Not in the slightest.
Alexis: All right. Thanks for the heads up, Lydia. I’ll deal with this. You best head back to Charlotte. I’m sure she’s wondering where you’ve got to.

2x08 1
Michael: You’re going to listen to her advice, aren’t you?
Alexis: I’m a good judge of character, Michael. I trust my gut. When I speak to this man, I’ll know what to do.
Michael: But he’s dangerous… did you not see the look on the girls face? She was terrified.

2x08 1
Alexis: He might be of use to us. And if he hands over his weapons willingly, we might be able to cut some sort of deal. Plus, if Lydia’s anything like her mother, she’s a drama queen and prone to exaggerating, so we should only take what she says with a pinch of salt.
Michael: Alexis, please. Consider what I said to you earlier.
Alexis: Enough now, Michael.

2x08 1
Alexis: Hello. I’m Alexis. You must be Blaine?
Blaine: That’s me, sweetheart. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
Alexis: I hear you want inside.
Blaine: Can you blame us? It’s quite the safe-haven you have here.
Alexis: Well, I’m sorry to say that we’re almost running out of room.
Blaine: But you haven’t yet?
Alexis: We’re gonna have to be particular about who we let in from now on.

2x08 1
Blaine: If it’s whether or not my people and I will be useful, let me assure you, we’d be great additions to your community.
Alexis: In what way?
Blaine: You’re a smart lady. You’d have to be to man a ship like this, so out of respect, I’m going to level with you and tell you how it is.

2x08 1
Blaine: I ran my own camp for a while. Needless to say, it didn’t end well. I’m not what you call a people person. When bossing around these bunch of arseholes in combat, I’m well skilled for the job. But as a leader for the people? That’s where I fall short, but it’s good to know your weaknesses, right?

2x08 1
Blaine: My people and I, we’re no angels. We’ve done some pretty fucked up, questionable things. I know you can tell that just by looking at us, but I’m a reasonable man. Shelter, like the place you have here, appeals to me. Being able to sleep without waking up a hundred times in the night… not feeling like you might get stabbed or bit at any moment. To begin with it was fine, exciting even. Like an adventure. But the more the days go by, the older it gets. A full night’s sleep appeals to me more than anything.

2x08 1
Blaine: I was shot in the shoulder a few days back. Bullet came out easily enough but I had to use the last of our antibiotics to prevent an infection. We’re getting a bit desperate…and we could use a place like this.

2x08 1
Blaine: Of course we’ll do whatever it takes to pull our weight. Me and my buddies here, we’re mighty useful. We don’t mind doing the dirty work if it comes to it. We can also take an order and keep our mouths shut.
Alexis: How would I be able to trust you?

2x08 1
Blaine: I’ve found that if you give a rabid dog enough of a good deal, you’ll find yourself awfully surprised at how tame he can be.

2x08 1
Blaine: There are my cards, Alexis. Right there on the table. No hidden aces up my sleeve. What’s it to be?

2x08 1
Alexis: I appreciate your honesty, Blaine. Truly, I do. But I’m sorry. Taking you in would be a risk I’m not sure I want to take. We have families here… children.

2x08 1
Blaine: I see. Well, I’m disappointed, but I respect your decision.
Carlos: What the fuck!? She’s not letting us in!?
Blaine: What did I tell you about that mouth of yours, Carlos!? Get back to camp. Get a fire going. I’ll be there shortly.

2x08 1
Alexis: I’m sorry, Blaine, but I don’t think there’s much left for us to discuss.
Blaine: One of these days, you’re going to realise you’re gonna need my people and I.
Alexis: I don’t…
Blaine: There’s no debating it, sweet lady. It is going to happen. I just hope you can find us when you change your mind.

2x08 1
Blaine: We’ll be around.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Michael: Well, he was surprisingly articulate.
Alexis: Yeah…
Michael: You did the right thing.
Alexis: I did?
Michael: Absolutely. For the good of Victoria… for the safety of her people.
Alexis: I guess I did, huh?

2x08 1
Alexis: See you later, Michael.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Dwayne: Donna…
Donna: What?
Dwayne: I know we’ve just lost Annette, so it’s probably inappropriate timing, but do you want to get that bite to eat? I mean, we still have to eat, right? Why not do it together?

2x08 1
Donna: Because it’s pointless, Dwayne.

2x08 1
Rachel: I can’t believe she’s gone… I mean, I knew it was going to happen eventually, but it’s still a shock.
Aimi: You knew?
Rachel: Yeah. Felicia, Penny, and I were the only ones though.
Shiloh: Why didn’t she tell anyone else?
Rachel: She didn’t want it to impact the rest of her time alive. I tried to get her to tell people, especially Sean when the two began to get close, but she always had a solid argument that shut me up. She said we’re all terminal to a certain extent. There’s some truth in that.
Peter: Yeah. There is.

2x08 1
Rachel: She ended up out-living her family. After her diagnosis… after all that attention and care they gave her … they ended up going first. It messed her up for a while… made her think her illness wasn’t real, or not worth paying attention to. Part of her wanted her to give in after she lost it all, but she kept going. She was lucky; she had a good quality of life right until the end. Not everyone with cancer is so fortunate. I remember my Grandmother having an awful time…but Annette… she refused a pity party. That’s what she called it.

2x08 1
Rachel: She was an unbelievably strong woman. The toughest I’ve ever met. I’m going to miss her.
Shiloh: We all will, Rachel.

2x08 1
Georgie: Absolutely.

2x08 1
Javier: Sean, my friend…
Sean: Not in the mood for a chat, amigo.

2x08 1
Jai: Sean?
Sean: Same to you, old man.

2x08 1
Calvin: Um, where are you going?
Sean: For a drink.
Calvin: Whoa, buddy, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

2x08 1
Sean: You gonna stop me, are ya!? After the day I’ve had!?
Calvin: Sean, this isn’t the answer…
Sean: Who the fuck even are you!? Let me past, lad, before I lose me temper.
Calvin: We’re all upset about Annette.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Peter: SEAN!

2x08 1
Georgie: Are you all right!?
Calvin: I’m OK, Georgie. Really.

2x08 1
Jai: There’s no stopping him, Peter.

2x08 1
Jai: Not this time.

2x08 1
Henry: Where have you been?
Elaine: Pardon?
Henry: I’ve not seen you around for a few hours.
Elaine: After hearing about Annette… I went for a walk. I know it’s dangerous and stupid, but I needed it.

2x08 1
Elaine: Don’t be mad.
Henry: I’m not, hon. I understand.

2x08 1
Henry: Annette’s the first person we’ve lost… since what happened with Clifford…

2x08 1
Henry: I’m so glad I have you, Elaine.

2x08 1
Shiro: Was that Sean I saw heading for the bar? Old habits die hard, I guess.

2x08 1
Shiro: Jesus, who died?

2x08 1

2x08 1
Alexis: Welcome back. What did you find?
Jenson: The camp’s got nothing on ours. They’re situated on a rooftop. They’ve got some make-shift buildings and a garden by the looks of it, but most of the people there sleep in tents.
Alexis: They well-armed?
Jenson: I think so, but again, I don’t think they’d be much of a threat against us.
Alexis: Anyone we know there?
Jenson: Now, that’s the intriguing part. I believe Peter and his group are there.

2x08 1
Alexis: Really? You’re sure?
Jenson: I spotted the mouthy Asian. As well as the fat Irishman.
Alexis: Well… that’s fascinating. It would appear Peter’s group have set up home with a community.
Jenson: What shall we do?
Alexis: Nothing. If they keep out of our way, we’ll keep out of theirs. Good job, Jenson.

2x08 1
Jenson: Thanks.

2x08 1
Alexis: I best be doing the right thing, Michael.

2x08 1

2x08 1
Sean: Rest in peace, Annette.

2x08 1
Sean: Hope you’re fuckin’ pleased with yourself…

2x08 1

2x08 1

2x08 1
Henry: What’s this about, son?
Shiloh: I need to speak to you both about something.
Henry: Can’t it wait? We need to make arrangements for Annette’s burial.
Peter: I’m sure we can spare a minute.

2x08 1
Shiloh: I’ll cut straight to the chase: we were being watched earlier.
Henry: Come again?
Shiloh: Two men were spying on us. I saw them from my watch-point.
Henry: Why didn’t you say anything!?
Shiloh: They weren’t showing any signs of hostility. I didn’t want to spark a panic, nor did I want them to know we saw them watching us. After a while, they went into the woods and didn’t come back.

2x08 1
Henry: Shit…
Peter: What did they look like?
Shiloh: From what I could tell, one was a balding red-head. The other…
Peter: That sounds like Jenson. He’s from Alexis’s camp. He was with us the night Eli died.

2x08 1
Henry: You’ve met this woman, Peter. What do you think we should do?
Peter: Honestly? I’m not sure what her agenda will be here.
Henry: She wanted Eli dead, right?
Peter: For good reason. It got personal between the two of them. She and I dislike each other, but I’m not sure she’d go out of her way to…

2x08 1
Drew: Sorry to interrupt, but I was eavesdropping.
Shiloh: What the fuck!?
Henry: I don’t appreciate that, Drew. Not in the slightest.

2x08 1
Drew: With all due respect, can you just shut up for a moment and let me say something?

2x08 1
Drew: Alexis killed my sister. But she doesn’t know I know that. But the guilt she surely feels for killing Vicky might just make her take pity on me.

2x08 1
Drew: You wanna know what she’s up to? I can find out.
Peter: What exactly is it you’re suggesting, Drew?
Drew: It’s quite simple really, bland-man-whose-name-I-don’t-recall.

2x08 1
Drew: Send me in.

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