Jenson: The fuck-!?

Steph: Don’t lecture me. I know there’s a curfew but I can’t sleep and fresh air helps.
Jenson: Take over.
Steph: What!?
Jenson: Now!
Steph: I’ve been stripped of duty!
Jenson: JUST DO IT!

Steph: Jenson!?


Dwayne: SHIT.









Jenson: Who are you!?


Dwayne: Sorry, bro.




Jenson: Dammit.

Alexis: Did you get a good look at him?

Jenson: He was a black man. Had a gun with a silencer.
Alexis: Anything else?
Jenson: There’s not really much else to say. That pretty much sums him up.
Alexis: Did he look strong? Well-fed? Clean?
Jenson: Yeah.
Alexis: Then he’s from a secure camp of some kind.

Jenson: I’m sorry for going after him without consulting you.
Alexis: You did the right thing. Go get some rest.


Michael: He’s a good man is Jenson.
Alexis: Reliable.
Michael: What are you thinking, Black Widow?
Alexis: What I’m thinking, Michael, is that somebody is spying on us. The man I would’ve suspected of being responsible is dead, so who is it?

Michael: Someone from Charlotte’s old group?
Alexis: None of the men are black, as far as I’m aware.
Michael: So this is someone else…
Alexis: A new threat.

Michael: It might not necessarily…

Alexis: They were spying on us and he tried to kill Jenson when he came looking for answers, what does that tell you!?

Alexis: For fuck sake. We’ve just rid ourselves of Eli and now we have more people monitoring us!?
Michael: What do we do?
Alexis: I don’t know. I need to think this through.

Alexis: Goodnight, Michael.


Angie: This looks like a good place to stop for the night.

Peter: Lorna wasn’t always like that, you know?
Angie: I figured.
Peter: I still can’t get my head around what we saw back there. I never imagined seeing her that way.
Angie: Don’t judge her too harshly.
Peter: She fed a man to the dead. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to die, but does anybody deserve to go out like that?
Angie: Eli maybe.
Peter: He’s the exception.

Angie: I know what she’s doing is…
Peter: Sick?
Angie: But what did you expect? You’re broken, too. Any parent would be after losing a child in such a horrific way. But when she and Milo were prisoners, you had us. And on that terrible night and the days following… we were there. I’m not saying that took away from your pain, but she’s had to deal with this alone, with no shoulder to cry on. That’d screw even the strongest of people up.

Angie: Sorry. I’m not making you feel any better.
Peter: There’s hope for her, I suppose?
Angie: There is. You need to believe that.

Angie: Anyway, get some sleep. I’ll take the first watch.

Henry: Welcome to Midway, my friends.
Aimi: This place is incredible.
Sean: Aye. Never seen anything like it.

Henry: Well, it’s not my doing. Things were mostly the way they are now before I got here. I helped set up the showers though. I can take credit for that, I guess.

Aimi: I’m sorry, did you say showers?
Henry: We have to limit how much water each person can use a day and it’s quite cold but…
Aimi: I’ve heard enough. That’s amazing.
Henry: So, would you like the tour?
Sean: Abso-fucking-lutely.

Elaine: You’re back.

Henry: Elaine, meet my old friends. This is Jai, Sean, Aimi, Shiro, and… sorry, what’s your name again?
Javier: Javier.
Henry: Guys, this is Elaine.
Elaine: It’s so nice to meet you all! Henry’s told me so much about you! I’d love to chat now but I’ll leave you all to settle.

Elaine: See you in a bit?
Henry: Sure.

Henry: I guess I should explain? Elaine and I… we’re sort of a thing.
Shiro: Really? I never would’ve guessed.
Henry: I know you guys loved Karen and you’re probably thinking it’s too soon after her death to be with anybody else, but Elaine was there for me and I…
Jai: You don’t need to explain, Henry. You’re not doing anything wrong. Nobody’s judging.

Henry: Mind telling Shiloh that? He’s not on board with it at all.
Jai: No kid likes it when their parent starts seeing someone else. Let alone in this situation. Give him time.
Henry: I guess. Anyway, let’s commence with the tour.
Sean: Lead the way, pal.






Aimi: You coming?
Shiro: Uh, yeah.

Shiloh: You all right?
Donna: I’m fine.
Shiloh: You sure?
Donna: What are you!? Deaf!? I said I’m fine!


Georgie: I wasn’t eavesdropping, I swear.
Shiloh: It’s OK. How are you, Georgie?
Georgie: Can’t complain. I was looking for you, as a matter of fact.
Shiloh: Oh?

Georgie: I realised I hadn’t thanked you… for saving my ass the other night. I was ungrateful.
Shiloh: You just lost your friend. I didn’t take it personally.
Georgie: Well, thank you anyway. I appreciate it.
Shiloh: No problem.
Georgie: Anyway, goodnight.

Shiloh: You know your friends are here, right?

Georgie: They are!?

Henry: This is where we produce materials.
Javier: What do you build?
Henry: A variety of things. Furniture, the fences we use for the perimeter, some spears, knives, other weapons. We’re obviously limited on what we can make, but Waylon, the guy who works his magic here, is a genius. God knows where we’d be without him.

Waylon: Are my ears burning?

Henry: Sorry. Didn’t wake you, did I?
Waylon: S’OK. Who are these folks?
Henry: Some old friends of mine. I’m just giving them the tour.
Waylon: Well, hey there. Welcome.

Georgie: GUYS!
Aimi: Georgie!

Georgie: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here!
Aimi: It’s good to see you!
Georgie: Henry said he was bringing you all but I thought it was too good to be true! Where’s Peter and Angie? What happened with Charlotte? Joy told me she was a spy.
Aimi: She was.
Georgie: Shit. Joy was adamant but I didn’t want to believe it. Is Bobby not with you!? He went on watch before Eli’s men attacked.
Aimi: Uh…

Jai: We’ll have to fill you in.

Beatrice: Hola!
Javier: (Laughs). You remember. Hola, beautiful.

Henry: The rest of the tour can wait until the morning. Georgie, see them to beds. You’ve all got a lot of catching up to do. And you could do with a good night’s rest.
Jai: Thanks, Henry.
Aimi: Yeah, this place is incredible.
Henry: You’re welcome.

Waylon: They good people?
Henry: Sure are. They’re skilled fighters as well. They’ll be invaluable members of our community.

Waylon: Pleased to hear it. The majority of our current populace aren’t exactly chummy, are they?
Henry: Hey now, they’re perfectly nice.

Donna: Henry, I want a fucking explanation!

Henry: Impeccable timing as ever, Donna.

Henry: What’s wrong?
Donna: Penny’s just told me that Dwayne’s monitoring the complex in Summerlyn.
Henry: That’s right.
Donna: Alone! Which fucking idiot thought that would be a good idea!?
Henry: Dwayne himself. I gave him the OK to go this morning.

Donna: He’s gonna get himself killed! Why didn’t Mark or Rachel go with him!? I know they’re about as competent as a pair of retarded slugs, but at least he would’ve had back-up!
Henry: He said it would be less of a risk to do it alone, so I trusted his judgement. He’ll be fine. He’s more than capable of handling himself.
Donna: Really!?
Henry: Donna, calm down.

Donna: I’ve had it with you moronic fuckwits!

Henry: Time for bed, Henry…




Sean: Can’t sleep, lass?
Georgie: I’ve got a lot on my mind.
Sean: Same here.

Georgie: I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s happened.
Sean: Milo?
Georgie: Of course. Poor Peter. I know it’s a stupid question, but how is he?
Sean: A mess. But he’ll be here tomorrow. Seeing Beatrice will do him the world of good. It’ll remind him why he has to carry on.

Georgie: I can’t get Bobby out of my head either. The fact nobody’s seen him since that night…
Sean: I’m sure he’s fine.
Georgie: We don’t know that, Sean.
Sean: I’m just trying to make you feel better.
Georgie: I know. I appreciate it.

Georgie: Anyway, my eyes are giving up now, so gonna catch some sleep. Goodnight.
Sean: Night, love.



Sean: You all right there?
Annette: I’m fine.
Sean: Mind if I join?
Annette: Free world, isn’t it?
Sean: Last time I checked.

Sean: So, you’re the chef here?
Annette: It’s the middle of the night. I’m not preparing anything. I’m not some sort of slave.
Sean: Calm your tits, sweetheart. I wasn’t asking you to.
Annette: Oh.

Annette: Sorry… I just… haven’t been able to sleep for a few days.
Sean: Any reason in particular?
Annette: You’re awfully forward for a stranger.
Sean: I apologise. I’ve never been known for my tact.
Annette: There’s no reason. Insomnia’s just rampant nowadays.
Sean: Tell me about it.

Annette: So, what’s your name? What’s your story?
Sean: I’m Sean, and unless you wanna to be here all week, I won’t go into me life, which would bore ya to death anyway.
Annette: Trust me; I’d love to still be sat here listening to you in a week’s time.
Sean: Sarcasm?
Annette: No.

Annette: You seem like a nice guy, Sean. I’d like to take the time to get to know you better.
Sean: I’d like that.
Annette: Seeing as neither of us can sleep, should we go clean some dishes?
Sean: I’d normally turn an offer like that down flat, but considering the company, I’d say it sounds marvellous.
Annette: Well, great.

Sean: Hold on. Cleaning dishes is a bit of a big step for a man and a woman who have just met.
Annette: Is it now? And that’s a problem?
Sean: Not at all. I just think we should be on a first name basis.

Annette: I’m Annette.

Sean: Hi, Annette. It’s bloody grand to meet ya. Let’s go clean some dishes.

Elaine: It’s not unlike you to be unable to sleep.
Henry: You’re up, too.
Elaine: I am.

Elaine: What’s troubling you?
Henry: Nothing, sweetheart. I’m all right.
Elaine: I thought your friends being here would help ease your mind.
Henry: It has.
Elaine: They make you think about Karen, don’t they?

Henry: I’m sorry.
Elaine: It’s natural. You were married for over twenty years. I get it.

Henry: Elaine…
Elaine: I’m going back to sleep.



Bobby: Charlotte.
Charlotte: Hm?
Bobby: Sorry to disturb you, but I need to say something before I chicken out and change my mind.
Charlotte: Let’s go in the kitchen.

Charlotte: What’s up?
Bobby: I like you, OK? You’re a nice girl and I don’t want to leave you in the midst of the shit that’s going on here but…
Charlotte: You’re leaving?
Bobby: In the morning.
Charlotte: I figured as much.
Bobby: After what you said, about Alexis wanting us dead…

Charlotte: I might have been over-reacting.
Bobby: But you might be right. Either way, I need to get back to camp. Angie must be worried sick.
Charlotte: Oh.
Bobby: I’m sorry, Charlotte, I really don’t want to abandon you…
Charlotte: It’s all right, kid. I understand.




Charlotte: Didn’t wake you, did we?
Luke: I was already up. My bumps and bruises have been ruining my sleep ever since my beating.
Charlotte: That’s shit.
Luke: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Luke: I couldn’t help but overhear.
Charlotte: Bobby’s leaving.
Luke: I’m sorry. Can’t you go with him? Back to your old camp?
Charlotte: It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be welcome. In fact, I’d likely be killed if they saw my face again.
Luke: Things are that bad?
Charlotte: Uh-huh.

Luke: What happened?
Charlotte: It’s not really something I wanna get into.
Luke: Fair enough.

Charlotte: I’m gonna try and get some sleep. I’ve got some fun with the undead to look forward to in the morning, thanks to Michael Frankenstein.
Luke: Charlotte, wait…

Luke: I just want you to know that you have a friend in me, OK?

Charlotte: Did you just quote Toy Story to me?

Luke: Not intentionally. I just meant I’ll have your back. I don’t trust Alexis either. She’s dangerous. If she tries anything, if she puts you at risk… I’ll help in any way I can.

Charlotte: Thanks, Luke. That’s sweet of you.

Charlotte: Goodnight.
Luke: Night.



Rachel: Where the hell are you going!?
Drew: For a walk.
Rachel: Alone!? Are you insane?
Drew: All the best people are.

Rachel: Drew, c’mon, don’t be stupid.
Drew: I can come and go as I please.
Rachel: I’ll have to tell Henry.
Drew: Oh, I’m scared shitless now. Honestly, that’s your threat? You’ll tell on me? Get a grip, Rachel.

Rachel: Prick.


Rachel: Great.

Rachel: He’s stashing his own weapons now.

Dwayne: DREW!
Drew: The fuck!?

Drew: What’s going on!?
Dwayne: What’s it look like!? You wanna help me out!?






Rachel: I’m coming, boys!

Henry: What the-!?
Elaine: Hm?
Henry: Stay here! I’ll be back!

Shiro: Georgie, what the fuck are you doing!?
Georgie: I was going to…
Shiro: Run into whatever’s going on!? Stay here with Beatrice!

Jai: I knew a good night’s sleep was too good to be true…

Aimi: Sean, what’s happening!?
Sean: No idea, lass!





Henry: Mark, Waylon, Javier, stay up here and cover us from above. Anyone who’s up for a fight, get your butts downstairs now!


Shiloh: What happened!?
Drew: Don’t stand there like a gormless moron, Shiloh! Give me a hand!





Shiloh: Can you manage the ladder, bud?
Dwayne: I think so.
Drew: I hope so for your sake. I’m not breaking my arms trying to catch ya.

Aimi: Can’t we just leave them!? Wait for them to clear the area?
Henry: And risk being stuck upstairs for days? We need a stock-up on water. Can’t take the risk. We’ve gotta take ’em out!
Sean: You heard the man!







Henry: All right… I think we’ve done it.
Aimi: Where the hell did they come from!?
Henry: He must’ve lured them here from the city… not purposely, of course.
Rachel: No, he looks pretty banged up. Poor guy.

Donna: If only he had back-up.

Henry: Let’s head back.
Sean: And pray the noise hasn’t got the attention of anymore of these ugly gits.

Georgie: Is that it?
Annette: I think so, hon.
Elaine: Yeah, they’re heading back up.



Elaine: You all OK?
Henry: We’re fine. How’s Dwayne?
Shiloh: Felicia’s seeing to him.
Henry: He hasn’t been bit, has he?
Annette: Doesn’t look like it.
Henry: Good.


Henry: All right, folks. I know this was quite a fright, but I think we should all go back to bed. We’ll talk about this more in the morning. Mark, take over on watch. Let me know if you see anything, and I mean anything.
Mark: Yessir.

Henry: Goodnight, all.

Jai: You coming back?
Georgie: In a bit.
Jai: I’ll keep an eye on Beatrice.
Georgie: Thanks.

Shiro: It’s safe to say I’m now wide awake. Is there much to do here?
Calvin: Not really.
Shiro: No board games, or anything?
Calvin: Nope.
Shiro: Well, shit.

Shiloh: Where the hell are you going!?
Drew: There’s a nice little bar just down the way.
Shiloh: I know. We ransacked that place weeks ago. There’s nothing there.
Drew: Nothing except alcohol. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome.

Shiro: A drink does sound nice…
Aimi: We can’t, can we?
Calvin: Why not? We’re allowed to come and go as we please, as long as we’re not alone.
Javier: That settles it, then, no?
Shiro: Damn right it does, compadre. Let’s get fucked.

Aimi: Georgie?
Georgie: Uh, I don’t know. I should be getting back to Beatrice.
Aimi: You mean the little girl who’s not your daughter?
Georgie: I don’t mind looking after her.
Aimi: Of course you don’t. But you’ve risked your neck time and time again to keep her alive. Come and have some fun. You’ve earned it.
Georgie: I have, haven’t I?

Donna: Is he dead?
Felicia: No. Just resting.
Donna: Get out here, you piece of shit!
Felicia: Donna!

Dwayne: Hi.

Donna: You brainless, pig-headed cunt

Dwayne: So you missed me, I take it?
Donna: Don’t make jokes! I told you not go out there with any back-up!
Dwayne: I can handle myself.
Donna: Could’ve fooled me.
Dwayne: I’m alive, ain’t I?
Donna: Barely.

Dwayne: Careful, Donna. You might make a guy think you care.
Donna: Don’t flatter yourself. I just don’t want you dead, is all. Screwing things up for the rest of us.
Dwayne: Love you, too.

Donna: Dick.

Felicia: That’s the best you’re ever going to get from her.
Dwayne: Don’t I know it?

Drew: So, you’ve decided to join me.
Shiloh: For the alcohol, not for the pleasure of your company.
Drew: Oh, Shiloh, you and your spiteful words do wound me so.
Shiloh: Don’t be a prick.

Javier: Is this it, amigo?
Drew: Sure is.
Shiro: This place is a dump
Drew: Then you’ll fit right in.
Shiro: Hilarious.

Georgie: It’s very eerie…
Drew: We’re not here to soak up the ambience, sweetheart.
Shiro: Christ, you really are a sarcastic little shit, aren’t you?
Aimi: Pot, kettle, black.
Shiro: Don’t you start.
Javier: Can we stop this childish bickering and just enjoy ourselves?

Calvin: Good idea. First rounds on me.

Sean: Thank you, Annette. This has been a laugh.
Annette: We only washed some dishes.
Sean: I know, but you’ve been good company.
Annette: You’re not half bad yourself.
Sean: Fancy doing it again sometime?
Annette: I’d like that.

Annette: Goodnight.
Sean: Night.

Jai: And what time do you call this?
Sean: (Laughs). Don’t start. Is the littlun all right?
Jai: She’s fine. Looking forward to seeing her Daddy.
Sean: I bet. Sleep well, old man.
Jai: You, too.



Calvin: Anyone up for a game of I Never?
Georgie: A game of what?
Aimi: Seriously? You’ve never played?
Shiro: I doubt Georgie was the drinking type.
Georgie: Pardon?
Shiro: I just… always pictured you sitting in your room of a night, reading comics.
Aimi: Shiro!
Shiro: What!?

Georgie: I think you’ll find I had a great group of friends! I drank and socialised plenty. Just because I worked in a comic book store didn’t mean I didn’t have a life.
Aimi: You tell him, girl.
Shiro: All right. My bad.
Calvin: We playing, or not?
Shiloh: I’m game.

Aimi: How do you play?
Calvin: Basically, we take it in turns and say one thing we’ve never done. You don’t have to tell the truth, but if you’re lying, you drink. Likewise, everybody else around the table must also drink if they’ve done the thing the person said they’ve never done. Does that make sense or have I completely cocked it up?
Georgie: No, I get it.
Calvin: OK, I’ll start. I’ve never… uh… smoked weed.

Shiloh: We all have, surely?

Aimi: Wow, Georgie!
Georgie: I told you I wasn’t boring!

Aimi: Shiro?
Shiro: Nope.
Aimi: Oh, come on.
Shiro: That shit’s never appealed to me. It stinks.
Calvin: I haven’t either. I’m a bit of a prude.
Georgie: Aimi?

Georgie: Ha!
Shiro: What the fuck!?

Shiloh: It’s only weed, man.
Shiro: I know, but she was always such a goody-two-shoes!
Aimi: Clearly not.
Shiro: Mum would’ve killed you.
Aimi: OK, my turn. I’ve never… had sex.
Shiro: What are we!? Sixteen!?





Aimi: Calvin?
Calvin: (Sighs).
Shiro: HA!
Georgie: Don’t be horrible!
Calvin: Why did I even suggest this game?

Shiloh: This is actually fun. Who’s next?


Luke: The fuck-!?
Bernadette: Kitchen. Now.

Luke: Standing over sleeping people is totally creepy. You get that, right?
Bernadette: I heard what you said to her earlier.
Luke: You were being your usual nosy self, you mean?
Bernadette: I came down for a drink.
Luke: If you say so.
Bernadette: Anyway, that’s completely beside the point. What were you doing promising this stranger help when it comes to Alexis?

Luke: I don’t see what the problem is.
Bernadette: The problem, young man, is that if Alexis gets word on us having anything to do with those two in there, it could paint a huge target on our heads!
Luke: Why don’t you stop being so damn condescending?
Bernadette: Excuse me?
Luke: I’m not your son, Bernie. You can’t tell me what to do. I have my own mind.
Bernadette: I know that, but as a friend, I implore you to think about what I’m saying and take it on board.
Luke: And I implore you to mind your own business.

Bernadette: That girl… we don’t know what she’s capable of.
Luke: Her name is Charlotte.
Bernadette: Oh. I get it. Got yourself a crush, have you?
Luke: What the hell!? I’ve just met her!
Bernadette: Our group comes first. Understand? We look out for our own.
Luke: That’s a bit rich coming from the woman who got Derrick killed. And don’t bother denying it.

Luke: Goodnight, Bernie.

Georgie: OK, I’ve got one! I’ve never had sex in public.

Shiloh: Everybody has.
Calvin: Should I just leave?

Shiro: Nope.
Georgie: Jesus, Shiro, your bad boy image is taking a hit.

Shiro: What the fuck!? Are you even my sister at all!?
Aimi: There’s a lot you don’t know about me.
Shiro: Clearly.

Shiloh: OK, my Dad gave Donna and I shit earlier for making a game out of killing the groaners. So let’s see if I’m as fucked up as he thinks…
Georgie: He doesn’t think that. He’s proud of you. And I know Karen would be, too.
Shiloh: I get you’re trying to be nice, but don’t even mention that coward in front of me, OK?
Georgie: That’s not fair. She went through a lot. If she had known you were alive, she never would’ve…
Shiloh: Just shut up, all right!?

Shiro: Don’t snap at her.
Shiloh: Or what?
Georgie: Shiro, it’s OK.
Shiro: No, I’m not having him speak to you like that!
Aimi: Here we go…
Shiro: What? You’re all right with him talking to her like shit!?
Aimi: No, but Georgie can fight her own battles.
Georgie: Too right I can.
Shiro: Jesus, why am I always the bad guy!?

Calvin: Guys, c’mon, enough of the domestics. We’re having fun. And I don’t know about you, but it feels nice. Can we get back to it?
Shiloh: Yeah, sure.
Calvin: OK, Shiloh, you were saying…

Shiloh: I’ve never enjoyed taking out a groaner.
Shiro: Oh, so now we’re getting post-apocalyptic. This oughta be good.





Shiloh: Well… I guess we’re all monsters.

Aimi: I’ve never killed a living human.
Shiloh: That’s not a line I’ve crossed.

Calvin: Only six or seven ex-girlfriends before this all started.

Calvin: My sense of humour leaves a lot to be desired.
Georgie: I’ll say.

Aimi: Me neither.

Shiro: What the-!?
Georgie: When Eli’s goons came to camp…
Shiro: I thought Joy took them all out?
Georgie: She did, but I sort of told her when one of them wasn’t paying attention. So, you know, I’m at fault for that, I guess.
Calvin: Feel bad about it?
Georgie: Not even a little bit.
Shiro: Attagirl.

Aimi: Your turn, Shiro.
Shiro: Whatever.

Georgie: Oh?
Shiro: Eli’s man Sid. After Milo…
Georgie: Understandable.
Aimi: He wasn’t the only one though, was he?

Shiro: Don’t start.
Aimi: No, come on, we’re all sharing. Why don’t you?
Shiro: Aimi…
Georgie: Am I missing something?
Aimi: He told me the other night that Eli’s goon wasn’t the first he killed.
Shiro: And so what?
Aimi: Why wouldn’t you tell me about it?
Shiro: Because it’s none of your fucking business.
Aimi: I’m your sister!

Shiro: Just leave it.
Aimi: No, why do you expect me to tell you everything when you keep so much shit from me!?
Shiro: Aimi, you wouldn’t want to hear about this.
Aimi: I beg to differ.
Shiro: Fine, you want the dirt so badly, Barbara Walters? You can fucking have it.
Aimi: Go on, then.
Shiro: I didn’t tell you… because Ollie asked me not to.

Aimi: Ollie? What does he have to do with this!?
Shiro: Everything.
Aimi: Explain?
Shiro: He asked me not to tell you about what happened, as he killed that night as well. We both did.
Aimi: What?
Georgie: Shiro…
Shiro: She wanted to know!

Aimi: You’re lying.
Shiro: ‘fraid not.
Aimi: Don’t drag his name through the mud when he’s not here to defend himself.
Shiro: That’s exactly it. We were defending ourselves. We killed to save our own skin.
Aimi: He would’ve told me.
Shiro: Obviously not, darling sis.

Aimi: I can’t believe this.
Georgie: Don’t get upset, Aimi.
Shiro: You gonna pipe down now?

Aimi: Fuck you!

Shiro: So, that’s I Never done and dusted. What’s next? Truth or Dare? Jenga?
Georgie: Did you really have to be so cruel!? Bringing up Ollie like that…
Shiro: Jesus Christ. I give in.

Shiro: I’m going for a piss!

Shiloh: This Ollie’s a sore subject why?
Georgie: He and Aimi were a thing. He died a few weeks ago.
Shiloh: Oh.

Donna: Where was my fucking invite? Lost in the post?
Shiloh: Oh, shit.
Donna: Yeah, oh shit is right! And what’s with the drama queen storming off outside?
Shiloh: Long story. Shall we get a drink?
Donna: Hell yeah.

Georgie: I best go check on Aimi.
Calvin: I’m sorry…
Georgie: For what?
Calvin: Making a fool of myself.
Georgie: You haven’t.
Calvin: Really?
Georgie: Really.

Calvin: I know I’ve only known you a day, but you’re a really nice girl, Georgie.
Georgie: Oh…
Calvin: Sorry, I’m coming on so strong. Shit. This is so sleazy. I just… wanna spend some time with you, is all.
Georgie: I’d like that.
Calvin: Really?
Georgie: Of course!

Georgie: Anyway, best be going.
Calvin: I’ll come with. I think I’ve reached my limit.
Georgie: Really? You barely drank at all during the game.
Calvin: Oh, stop.

Shiloh: What’s my old man doing?
Donna: Don’t know. Don’t care.
Shiloh: You mad at him?
Donna: Damn right I am.
Shiloh: That makes two of us, then.

Shiloh: To my dick of a father.
Donna: Cheers!

Javier: You shouldn’t speak so ill of your papa. You’re lucky to have him.
Shiloh: Sorry?
Donna: Who rattled your fucking cage?
Javier: Henry. He seems like a good guy to me.
Donna: Why don’t you go back to playing your darts? The grown up’s are having a discussion.
Shiloh: Donna…
Donna: What!?
Shiloh: Careful.

Donna: What’s the big deal?
Shiloh: Just don’t.
Javier: (Laughs). I get it. You’ve heard about me, I see? I’m the criminal… the prisoner. You think I’m some sort of monster who might slit your throat if you fuck with me?
Shiloh: I didn’t mean anything by it.
Javier: I’m a good man. Or at least I try to be, amigo. My past is exactly that. You shouldn’t judge.
Shiloh: I wasn’t insinuating anything. I just…


Shiloh: Shit.
Donna: He’ll probably kill us in our sleep now.
Shiloh: Jesus, Donna.

Drew: Fun and games over, are they?
Shiro: You didn’t miss much.
Drew: You sure about that? Sounded like Jerry Springer out there.
Shiro: Yeah, well, that’s family stuff for ya.

Drew: I’ve never been much of a family man.
Shiro: Why doesn’t that surprise me?
Drew: I take it, you weren’t either?
Shiro: Sorry?
Drew: We seem to have a similar attitude.
Shiro: In what way?
Drew: Well, you know. People are idiots.
Shiro: They are.
Drew: And a lot of them should’ve been drowned at birth.
Shiro: Definitely.

Drew: I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I wasn’t always this prickly.
Shiro: No?
Drew: I was the life of party once upon a time. If you can believe it.
Shiro: Well, I’ve always been this way, for the most part.
Drew: Not a people person?
Shiro: Not in the slightest.

Drew: I’ll nap to that.

Georgie: Aimi, are you OK?
Aimi: Fine.
Georgie: You sure?
Aimi: I just want to sleep.

Georgie: Poor girl.
Calvin: She’ll be all right.

Javier: That bitch.
Georgie: What’s up?
Javier: Donna!
Georgie: She’s a piece of work.
Calvin: Yeah, I can’t really make excuses for her. She’s awful.
Georgie: I think we need to call it a night.




Peter: You’re awfully quiet.
Angie: I’m just thinking about Bobby. Sorry.
Peter: Don’t be. It’s understandable.

Angie: Looking forward to seeing Beatrice?
Peter: It doesn’t feel like I’m going to.
Angie: Huh?
Peter: After everything that’s happened…with Milo… Lorna… it just feels like something’s going to go wrong.
Angie: It won’t. Henry’s camp is secure.
Peter: I know, but until I see it for myself…

Angie: Wow.
Peter: This must be it. I guess it is secure. Henry was right.
Angie: Told ya so.

Rachel: Hey, boss?

Henry: They made it.

Angie: This is incredible!

Henry: Hey, folks.
Peter: Henry, this place…
Henry: Isn’t it wonderful?
Angie: It looks like heaven!
Henry: Did you not find Lorna?
Peter: I did. She didn’t want to come with us.

Henry: I’m sorry.
Peter: You weren’t wrong… when you said she’s changed.
Henry: I should’ve told you to what extent. I just didn’t know what to say.
Peter: It’s all right.
Angie: Where are the others?
Henry: All still in bed, I assume. They’re over there in that sheltered area, Peter. Go wake them.
Peter: OK.

Rachel: Most of them are probably hungover.
Henry: Pardon?
Rachel: Didn’t you hear? A lot of them got drunk last night.
Henry: They did what!?

Sean: Peter, lad!
Peter: Beatrice!
Beatrice: DADDY!

Peter: Oh, darling. I’ve missed you so much!
Beatrice: Love you!
Peter: I love you too, baby girl.

Sean: You all right there, pal?
Peter: I am now.
Sean: No Lorna?
Peter: She’s gone her own way.
Sean: Shit.
Jai: Sorry to hear that.
Peter: Where are the others?

Peter: Hello, guys? Angie and I are here.

Georgie: Hmm?
Aimi: Shut the door.
Georgie: Too cold…
Peter: You not gonna get up?
Shiro: Fuck off.
Peter: Well, this was a nice welcome.

Henry: Outside… all of you!

Michael: The kid’s really leaving?
Alexis: Yes.
Michael: And you’re all right about that? Even though he could go back and tell his old group things about this place?
Alexis: Yeah, well, that’s where Jenson comes in.
Michael: Sorry?

Alexis: He’s gonna trail Bobby back to his camp.
Michael: Why!?
Alexis: So, we’re on an even playing field. They know where we are, we know where they are.
Michael: And that’s it, right? You’re not gonna do anything else?
Alexis: Well, I also gave him clearance to take position from afar and deliver a headshot to the man who was spying on us last night. That’s if he happens to be there, of course.
Michael: What!? You can’t be serious!? You need to think about this!

Alexis: I’ve thought it through. It’s what needs to be done.
Michael: But why!?
Alexis: I told them. I made it very clear that they were to stay away from here. I’m a woman of my word.
Michael: Are you not even considering the ramifications that could have on us!? It could start a war!

Alexis: A war they started.

Charlotte: So, I guess this is it.
Bobby: I’m sorry.
Charlotte: I’ve told you, you don’t have to apologise.
Bobby: I’ll miss you.
Charlotte: I’ll miss you, too.





Luke: Are you OK?
Charlotte: I have to be.


Peter: What’s going on?
Sean: I think the kids are getting a bollocking.
Peter: Why?
Sean: They got pissed at a bar last night.
Peter: Hm, that’s not smart, but people have got to blow off steam somehow, right?

Henry: With everything we’ve got going on and with everything that happened last night with Dwayne…
Donna: Which wouldn’t have happened had-
Henry: You finish that sentence, Donna; you can hand over your gun and start doing shifts in the kitchen.

Henry: You think I’m joking? Press me on this. See how far I’ll take it. I’ve had it up to here with your attitude.

Henry: In case you’ve all forgotten, we are in danger every second of every minute of every hour of every day. We’d all like to kick back, relax and take the edge off with a drink, but it’s counter-productive and to be honest? Downright idiotic.

Aimi: We’re really sorry, Henry. It was a mistake.
Georgie: We shouldn’t have done it.
Calvin: It won’t happen again.
Henry: I’m sorry for being a buzz-kill, but I don’t want any of you to die. You get that, right? We can’t afford to be complacent.

Shiloh: I think you’re being ridiculous. So what if we decide to drink and let our hair down for once? We’re adults. It’s no fucking business of yours what we do.

Henry: Speak to me like that again; I’ll put you on your ass. I don’t care if you are my son.

Henry: Get your priorities straight, people.

Shiro: He hasn’t changed, has he?
Aimi: What makes you think you can talk to me?

Javier: Just give her time, amigo. She’ll come around.

Angie: Bobby… he’s still…
Javier: I know, bello.

Javier: I know.

Sean: Morning, Annette. How’d ya sleep?
Annette: Fine.
Sean: Fancy another dish washing session later?
Annette: I’m in the middle of a conversation.
Sean: Oh. Sorry.

Rachel: That was harsh.
Annette: Rachel…
Rachel: Pushing people away will get you nowhere.
Annette: Just leave it.

Peter: You wanted to see us?
Henry: C’mon in.

Henry: I apologise for my outburst earlier. I know it wasn’t exactly a great welcome for you both.
Peter: We understand.
Henry: I’ll just cut straight to the point. One of my guys has been monitoring the complex in Summerlyn.
Peter: Alexis’s place?
Henry: That’s the one.

Peter: What’s he found out?
Henry: They’re expanding. The numbers are growing. And she’s very much still in charge. Nothing out of the ordinary. There is, however, one thing you ought to know.
Peter: Oh?
Henry: Two of the new arrivals. One’s a dark haired girl who has a bow tied to her back everywhere she goes.
Peter: Charlotte.
Angie: She’s with Alexis?

Henry: She appears to be helping her with something. What, we don’t know.
Peter: Hopefully the place falls. She and Alexis can both become undead-meat for all I care.
Henry: You really hate her, huh?
Peter: She worked with Eli. Milo’s dead because of her.
Henry: I understand. Anyway, there’s somebody else with her.
Peter: Her mother?
Henry: Uh, no. It’s a young man. A teenager. With blonde hair.

Angie: Bobby… he’s with Charlotte!?
Henry: It would appear so.
Angie: What do we do!?
Henry: Nothing.
Angie: Nothing!?
Henry: Not at the moment anyway. Dwayne got into an altercation with one of her guards. If any of us go anywhere near that place anytime soon, it will end in bloodshed. Ours, most likely. She has the upper-hand on her own turf.
Angie: I can’t just leave him there! She’s fucking crazy… and Charlotte can’t be trusted!

Henry: We’ll figure this out, Angie. You have my word. In the meantime, we need to lie low for a few days.
Angie: Do you seriously expect me to not to act!?
Henry: Going there right now would be a very stupid idea. I wouldn’t worry too much, Angie. He doesn’t seem to be in any danger. Until we figure out what our next move is with this woman, we need to keep our heads down. And this has to remain between the three of us, OK? We don’t want people worrying about this.

Peter: Yeah. I agree.
Henry: Angie?

Angie: Fine.
Henry: Thank you.

Alexis: Well?
Jenson: The kid’s on his way back.
Alexis: He is?

Jenson: None of his people are there. It’s abandoned.
Alexis: Interesting.
Jenson: Should we let him back in?
Alexis: I don’t see why not. He could come in handy. For a number of reasons. He didn’t see you, did he?
Jenson: Not a chance.
Alexis: Good.

Luke: Are you all right?
Charlotte: I’m fine. Just gonna miss him, is all.
Luke: I know. He seems like a good kid.
Charlotte: He is.
Luke: Well, I know it’s not much, but I meant what I said last night.
Charlotte: Your friend Bernadette doesn’t seem all too thrilled I’m living with you guys now.
Luke: She’s never happy about anything. And I don’t give a shit what she thinks.

Luke: Well, I’ll be damned.


Charlotte: Bobby!
Bobby: Hey.
Charlotte: What are you doing back? Are you all right!?
Bobby: They weren’t there. It’s empty, Charlotte. They’re gone.
Charlotte: Oh, Bobby. I’m sorry.





Peter: You all right?
Angie: Can’t sleep.
Peter: Bobby?

Angie: If they hurt him…
Peter: They won’t. We’ll get him out of there, you hear? We’ll find a way.
Angie: Has Henry said anything else on the subject?
Peter: No, but it’s only been a day.
Angie: I’ll just have to try and be patient, I suppose. He’s alive. That’s the main thing.
Peter: Come on. Bed beckons.
Angie: All right.

Shiro: Aimi.
Aimi: What?
Shiro: I know you hate my guts, but you haven’t spoken to me since our telling-off from Henry yesterday and to be honest, I miss you. There. You happy?

Aimi: I’m sorry I’m a bitch to you at times.
Shiro: Don’t be. I’m fully aware I deserve it.
Aimi: You do.

Shiro: About this thing with Ollie… don’t feel badly about him. It wasn’t…
Aimi: I don’t want to talk about it, Shiro, OK? Let’s forget about it.
Shiro: You sure?
Aimi: If Ollie felt it was better not to tell me, then he must’ve had his reasons. I should stay in the dark.

Shiro: You know I love you, don’t you?

Aimi: Love you back, brother.

Aimi: Now shut the fuck up.

I know I shouldn’t be able to sleep… after everything that’s happened… after what I did to you…

What can I say? I guess I don’t feel as bad as what I should. Do I regret what happened? Absolutely. But it felt… necessary. Putting that bullet in you felt like the only option.

I don’t know why I come out here. I guess I get a little solace from it. You irritated the life out of me and I was never your biggest fan, but in spite of everything…

Alexis: I miss you, Vicky.


Michael: Alexis.
Alexis: Give me a minute, Michael.
Michael: You’re being watched.

Michael: Don’t turn around. Walk calmly with me, back inside.


Alexis: Who is it?
Michael: No idea. Should we send a group out?
Alexis: In the dark? Too risky.
Michael: Your visits to Vicky are gonna have to stop.
Alexis: I only go out there to avoid raising suspicion.
Michael: Is that so?

Alexis: She was my best friend as far as everybody’s aware. If I didn’t tend to her gravesite, people might talk. Believe those awful, ghastly rumours that I had something to do with her tragic demise.
Michael: You’re unbelievable.

Alexis: On the contrary, my friend. I’m completely trustworthy.
Michael: Whatever you say, Black Widow.

The Last Ones resumes shortly.

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