Jai: What on earth are you playing at, boy!?

Jai: You need to come back.
Shiro: I’m fine here.

Jai: Look, I understand what you’re going through…
Shiro: You have no idea.
Jai: You lost somebody you loved. And that’s dreadful. But she didn’t suffer. You need to remember that.

Shiro: You don’t get to talk about her! Understand!?
Jai: Time to go…

Jai: I’m not asking.


Ollie: Yippee. You’re back.
Shiro: I don’t want any trouble, Ollie.

Ollie: Anymore trouble, you mean? I’m not gonna forget how you spoke to me yesterday…
Shiro: Where’s Aimi?

Aimi: Right here.

Shiro: Hi.
Aimi: Did Jai tell you what happened!? After you abandoned us and left us sleeping when you were supposed to be on watch!?

Aimi: One of those things grabbed me! Would’ve killed me if Jai hadn’t of woke up and stopped it!
Shiro: Are you OK!?
Aimi: I’m fine! No thanks to you! I know you’re upset about Mum. We both are. But this is pathetic.

Aimi: You gonna teach me how to shoot, or what?
Ollie: Sure.

Jai: She demanded I bring you back. Even after that thing nearly bit through her jugular.
Shiro: Why?
Jai: She’s your sister. She loves you. But I must say, and pardon my candour, but when you behave like you did last night, I can’t for the life of me understand why…




Jai: Shiro?

Jai: I know sitting with her is bringing you comfort, but Calvin and Dwayne were buried yesterday, and today it’s gonna have to be Aimi’s turn.
Shiro: I can’t…
Jai: It’s not up for debate, I’m afraid.

Jai: You have until midday. Maybe think about what you want to say?


Peter: How’d it go?
Jai: He didn’t protest. I’m gonna check on Georgie…

Drew: I feel so useless. What do I say to him? What can I say?
Peter: Just be there.
Drew: I can’t exactly stop him if he wants to distance himself.
Peter: I still can’t get my head around it. I keep expecting to see her… I know it’s only been two days. But I don’t think it’ll ever sink in.

Peter: She was a wonderful human being.

Jai: Georgie?

Jai: Penny, you seen Georgie?
Penny: No. Sorry.

Donna: Y’know, I’ve been walking around in a circle for the past ten minutes?

Georgie: I noticed.
Donna: Liar.

Donna: What is it you want?
Georgie: I wanted to see what you’re up to.
Donna: Which is why you’ve been following me?
Georgie: Well?
Donna: I’m looking for something.
Georgie: What?
Donna: You’re incredibly nosy, lardass, you know that?

Donna: Why are you really here?
Georgie: I was hoping you’d teach me how to shoot. I mean, I can handle a gun a little, but my aim’s all over the place.
Donna: Why do you want to learn how to shoot?
Georgie: Is that really a question you need to ask with the way things are?
Donna: You’ve never shown any interest in the past.
Georgie: Yeah, well, I’ve changed my mind.
Donna: Two days after your boyfriend died?

Georgie: He didn’t die. He was murdered.
Donna: That still doesn’t explain why.
Georgie: Tell me what you’re looking for, and maybe I’ll start being honest, too.

Donna: I’m looking for a horde.
Georgie: Of the dead?
Donna: Zebras.
Georgie: Ask a stupid question. What for?
Donna: I told you what you wanted to know. Your turn.

Georgie: Henry said we’re going after Alexis…
Donna: I’m not sure you’ve got that sort of violence in you.
Georgie: After what she did to the man I loved? To a girl I had come to see as my sister? I’m capable. Trust me.

Donna: Lardass, you’ve just become a hell of a lot more interesting.

Luke: Jasmin?
Jasmin: You don’t have to keep checking on me.
Luke: I’m worried. You don’t seem yourself.
Jasmin: I have a bad migraine, is all.
Luke: Do you want some water, or anything?

Jasmin: Just give me some space!


Alexis: Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away…

Alexis: Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day…

Coleman: That’s a nice song.
Alexis: It is. And to think I used to get sick of singing it.

Alexis: What can I do for you, Richard?
Coleman: I can’t sleep.
Alexis: Maybe prescribe yourself something?
Coleman: I’m not sure there’s a remedy for guilt.

Coleman: I let Catelyn die.

Alexis: You did everything you could.
Coleman: I could’ve given her another transfusion…
Alexis: She had enough. Was kinder to let her go.

Coleman: That wasn’t right.
Alexis: Richard…
Coleman: I could’ve saved her. I know it in my gut.
Alexis: It’s done. You have to move on.

Coleman: Do you sleep at night, Alexis?

Alexis: See yourself out.


Blaine: Morning.
Matt: I have nothing to say to you.
Blaine: Suppose that’s fair considering I killed your buddy.
Matt: You’re not a quarter of the man Jenson was.
Blaine: And I shall weep into my pillow with shame, but I’m afraid we’ve got a problem.

Blaine: I’m not sure Alexis brought what I told her last night.
Matt: I went along with what you said.
Blaine: And that was good of you. But unfortunately, you seem to have this habit of looking at me like you would love nothing better than to plunge an ice-pick in my eye.
Matt: Picked up on that?
Blaine: It’s not exactly subtle.

Blaine: By all means hate me. And in all seriousness, I understand why. But your attitude… the stares… it’s gotta stop.
Matt: Fine.
Blaine: I’m glad you’ve seen sense. Shall we hug it out?

Blaine: You might wanna lighten up, Matt. Things are gonna get ugly soon.

Blaine: Plenty of time for sour faces, then.


Lorna: Beauty, ain’t she?

Lorna: What are you doing here?
Charlotte: I drew the short straw.

Lorna: Want some tea?
Charlotte: I’m good. Peter asked me to tell you that Aimi’s being buried today. Just after noon.
Lorna: Oh.
Charlotte: So, we’ll see you there?
Lorna: No.

Charlotte: Why not?
Lorna: Because there’s no point.
Charlotte: You knew her since the start.
Lorna: She’s not exactly going to notice my absence.
Charlotte: Shiro might.
Lorna: I don’t think he’ll give a damn whether I’m there or not.

Charlotte: Suit yourself.
Lorna: Why are you in such a rush?
Charlotte: I left my boyfriend back at camp. He was shot in the leg. I’m keen to get back to him.
Lorna: Or you’re keen to get away from me?

Lorna: In case I figure out your role in my son’s death?


Cecilia: Five.
Noah: Pardon?

Cecilia: There’s just five of us left. You, me, Diego, Claire, Gwen.
Noah: I know.
Cecilia: There were nineteen of us…
Noah: We’ll be out of this place soon.
Cecilia: Pardon my scepticism, but I’m starting to think we’ll all die in this hovel.
Noah: Have faith.

Cecilia: I should’ve watched Hailey.
Noah: CeCe…
Cecilia: After Niko died, I should’ve checked on her. She was always so fragile… the state she was in when we found her… how weak she got when we made her go cold turkey… how the only thing she had to live for was Niko…
Noah: You were preoccupied saving lives.
Cecilia: While Hailey was hanging in a room just yards away! Angie’s not even one of us! I should’ve focused on our own people!
Noah: You don’t mean that. Angie’s a good person. She needed help. Hailey made her choice.

Noah: I don’t want to hear any more of this. And you’re to stop dwelling over things you had no control over.

Noah: How’s the patient?

Bobby: Whoa, what are you doing!?
Angie: If they didn’t have Aimi’s funeral yesterday, it’ll be today…
Bobby: Sit down!
Angie: I’m not missing it, Bobby.
Bobby: We’ll sort something! Just sit down!

Angie: I’m feeling a lot better, y’know? Cecilia said it’s good to be mobile.
Bobby: Still no reason to run before you can walk.
Angie: I can’t get wait to get out of here.
Bobby: These people are nice, Angie. They saved your life.
Angie: It’s not that. I just want to be with our group right now.
Bobby: Me, too.
Angie: Why hasn’t Javier bothered?

Angie: Peter and Henry dropped by yesterday. Even Georgie sent her well wishes and she’s just lost Calvin. Nothing from Javier.
Bobby: I think the thought of losing you freaked him out.
Angie: I thought he’d come.

Bobby: I’ll speak to Noah…

Lorna: Sure I can’t get you that tea?
Charlotte: Will it be my last?

Lorna: You think I’m going to kill you?
Charlotte: I’ll protect myself. If you try.
Lorna: Why do you think I want to?
Charlotte: That hit-list of yours…
Lorna: I killed people who helped Eli.
Charlotte: And Alexis?
Lorna: Refused to give Peter a vehicle the night everything went down. He would’ve got to our son in time if it wasn’t for her.
Charlotte: She didn’t know it was Milo–

Lorna: Don’t say his name.
Charlotte: Sorry.

Lorna: She thought it was me Eli was going to kill. But that doesn’t excuse it.
Charlotte: How did you know about what I did? Did Peter–?
Lorna: Eli told me. He mentioned you a lot. He knew once you found out he went back on his word and killed your mother, you’d come for him. Was part of his plan.
Charlotte: But why would he risk me killing him?
Lorna: Have you forgotten what he was like? Your mother… my son…

Lorna: Just pawns in his game.

Charlotte: Why don’t you–?
Lorna: Want to kill you? Because you didn’t do anything wrong.
Charlotte: I didn’t?
Lorna: You weren’t to know killing him would endanger my son’s life. You did what any person would do… something I would’ve given anything to have done…

Charlotte: I thought killing him would make me feel better. Even in the moment I fired the arrow into his neck… watched him fall to his knees… I felt nothing.

Charlotte: Can I ask you something? All the people you’ve killed… has it made you feel better?
Lorna: No.
Charlotte: But in the moment? Do you enjoy it?

Lorna: Glad we could have this talk.

Alexis: Any sign?
Blaine: No, ma’am.
Alexis: They’ll turn up eventually. There’s no way there won’t be further conflict.
Blaine: We’re ready to defend ourselves.

Alexis: What if they decide to head up to one of the buildings? Take some shots with a sniper… wipe our guards out in one?
Blaine: The buildings are filed with the dead.
Alexis: That’s not enough. They should be barricaded. Booby-trapped, if possible. Speak to Matt. He worked with bomb disposal. He might be able to conjure up some explosives. Something to slow them down… give us a head’s up…
Blaine: I’ll get to it straight away. Anything else?

Alexis: I want Jenson.
Blaine: Pardon?
Alexis: Do you think you could retrieve his body?
Blaine: Is that a priority?
Alexis: It took me a while to prove myself to him, but once I did, he was with me. Loyal… trustworthy… the thought of him lying there…

Blaine: I implore you to not get emotional. He’s gone. There’s nothing that can be done about that. I know you’d get comfort knowing he was peacefully at rest, but we’ve got other things to be dealing with. Not to mention… the dead… they’ve probably…
Alexis: Forget it.

Alexis: Don’t you have work to do?

Jai: Shiro, I think you should go and tidy yourself up before the burial.
Shiro: I don’t want to leave her on her own.
Jai: I’ll be with her. Is it OK if I get her ready?
Shiro: Just you.
Jai: Of course.


You’re a bit of an enigma, Jai…

Jai: How so?
Aimi: You haven’t really said much since last week. You don’t talk about any of this much.
Jai: The world’s going to hell right before our eyes. Talking won’t change that. But it may re-open some wounds.
Aimi: Ollie mentioned you lost people…
Jai: My wife and daughter. And I couldn’t get in touch with any of my brothers in India… before the phones went down.
Aimi: I’m sorry.

Jai: Wonder what time Ollie and Shiro will be back from their supply run…

Aimi: It’s clear you’re not ready to discuss things. I get that. But when you’re ready, if you ever are… I know we’re practically strangers…
Jai: Thank you, Aimi. It means a lot.

Excuse me?

Wait! I’m friendly!

Joy: Do you have food?

Matt: Laurie said you wanted to see me?
Alexis: Take a seat.

Matt: How’s the baby?
Alexis: He’s good.
Matt: It was horrible. What happened to Catelyn…
Alexis: What really happened, Matt?
Matt: What do you mean?
Alexis: You know what I’m asking. Did it go down the way Blaine said it did?

Matt: He killed Jenson.

Alexis: I knew it.
Matt: He had no intentions of going through with the plan you made. He attacked first. Killed several of them before they even know what was happening. It was sick… cowardly… and he threatened me to keep quiet.

Matt: Blaine knows nothing of loyalty. But I do. Jenson saved my life more times than I care to admit. I’d lost everything. He gave me a reason to carry on. He was a friend. If doing right by him means I die, then so be it.

Alexis: That’s not going to happen.

Alexis: I need your help.

Noah: I’m not really sure we should risk going out right now.
Bobby: You buried your people yesterday.
Noah: That was a special circumstance, Bobby.
Bobby: Please. Aimi meant a lot to my sister…
Noah: I can’t give you an escort, but I can loan you a car.
Bobby: Thanks.
Noah: Wait here.

Cecilia: First to five?

Cecilia: So, you’re going?
Bobby: You won’t change Angie’s mind.
Cecilia: I know what it means for her to be with her group right now. And she’s recovering well. Travelling in a car won’t do her any harm.
Bobby: That’s a funny bracelet.
Cecilia: Ugly, you mean?

Bobby: I think it’s nice.
Cecilia: I only wear it because my brother brought it for me a few years ago. And then a year or so later my jerk of an ex brought me a similar one. He knew I hated it, but he never listened to me.
Bobby: Well, he was a jerk. Do you still have it?

Cecilia: Think so.
Bobby: Would you mind parting with it?

Georgie: Whoa…
Donna: Shiloh and I used to come here for target practise. Hell, it’s exactly how we left it.

Georgie: Why this place?
Donna: We won’t be heard here.
Georgie: Don’t we have a silencer?
Donna: No. And for the record, they’re not like how they sound in the movies. They’re still loud.

Donna: But any noise we make will bounce off these hills. The living would find it difficult to find us… the dead would find it impossible.
Georgie: I always thought they were the biggest threat. But most of the people I’ve cared about and lost since this mess started weren’t killed by them.

Donna: Let’s get started. Try and shoot one of the detergent bottles.


It wasn’t your fault, Georgie.

Georgie: I know you’re trying to make me feel better…
Aimi: It’s the truth.
Georgie: I could’ve saved Kevin… that thing was on top of him a while before it… I had time. I froze.
Aimi: What’s done is done.

Georgie: Everyone’s mad at me.
Aimi: They’re sad.
Georgie: Shiro wants me out…thinks I’m a burden…
Aimi: My brother’s a hypocrite. He’s done more than his fair share of reckless things. But his mistakes are intentional.

Aimi: This will blow over. You’ll get better. You’ll get stronger…
Georgie: I don’t think I will. Some people aren’t made for this world. That’s what Shiro said.
Aimi: Don’t underestimate yourself. You can be a survivor.
Georgie: I can?
Aimi: Absolutely. I see something in you, Georgie.
Georgie: You don’t have to humour me.
Aimi: I’m not. There’s a fighter inside you.

Aimi: When the time is right, you’ll embrace it.



Donna: Don’t be too hard on yourself. The chances of you actually–


Donna: Damn.

Charlotte: She’s not coming.
Peter: Dunno why I bothered. Sorry for wasting your time.
Charlotte: You want to think there’s still good in her.

Charlotte: If it’s any consolation…

Charlotte: I think there is.



Bobby: Good to be home.
Angie: Yeah.


Charlotte: What are you doing up!?
Shiloh: Sick of lying in bed. Anyway, I don’t need mothering.

Elaine: Here’s your lunch, Shiloh.
Shiloh: Thanks, Elaine.

Charlotte: Since when have you two been chums?
Shiloh: Keep your friends close…
Charlotte: She’s not your enemy, Shiloh.
Shiloh: I don’t trust her.
Charlotte: You trust her enough to make you lunch.
Shiloh: She offered. Why would I say no?

Charlotte: Men…

Drew: Shiro?

Drew: Please don’t ignore me.
Shiro: It’s exhausting just to breathe…
Drew: I understand. But don’t push me away.
Shiro: I’m not.
Drew: Promise?
Shiro: Uh-huh.

Drew: Can I give you a hug?
Shiro: ‘kay.


Bobby: LJ? You’re not happy to see me?
Lydia-Jean: I really am not in the mood to talk to you right now, Bobby.
Bobby: You’re mad? Why?

Lydia-Jean: Because you took off like a petulant brat and almost blew the meeting!
Bobby: I think Blaine blew the meeting, if anyone.
Lydia-Jean: You think that’s funny?
Bobby: I’m just saying does that really matter after what happened?
Lydia-Jean: You could’ve died, Bobby.

Bobby: It won’t happen again. I’m gonna quit with that shit. Promise.
Lydia-Jean: Good.
Bobby: We cool?
Lydia-Jean: I guess.

Bobby: So, can I give you your present now?

Lydia-Jean: You remembered?
Bobby: Of course.

Lydia-Jean: Oh. Bobby. It’s beautiful.

Bobby: Happy birthday.

Bernadette: Luke?
Luke: You don’t seem to be grasping this whole me-not-wanting-to-talk-to-you-thing.
Bernadette: It’s important.
Luke: Not interested.
Bernadette: Please.

Luke: Out with it?
Bernadette: It’s Jasmin.
Luke: You shoot her while she was sleeping, or something?
Bernadette: I think she’s been compromised.

Luke: Beg your pardon?
Bernadette: The way she turned up here… how she’s been acting… I think Alexis sent her.
Luke: Boy, you really hate her that much?
Bernadette: Sorry?
Luke: It’s bad enough you killed her boyfriend, but now you want to turn me against her as well? Are you really that cold-hearted?

Bernadette: It’s not about that, Luke! Something’s not right!
Luke: Stay away from me and Daniel. And stay away from Jasmin. I mean it, Bernie.

Rachel: It’s good to see you, Angie.
Angie: Thanks, Rachel. Everything OK here?
Rachel: As good as to be expected.

Henry: Angie!
Angie: Hey, Henry.
Henry: Should you be up and about?
Angie: I had to come.

Shiro: Angie?
Angie: Shiro…
Shiro: How are you?
Angie: OK.

Angie: I’m so sorry.

Jai: Shiro?

Jai: She’s ready.

Henry: Let’s gather everyone and head on down.

Is your wife OK, Henry?

Henry: No. But she will be. In time.

Aimi: Have you lost people?
Henry: Our children. More children. We were holed up in a school for a while. Karen and I were the only ones who made it out. She’s traumatised.
Ollie: That’s dreadful.
Aimi: Don’t worry, OK? Joy’s taking good care of her.

Shiro: Can we get to the point of this discussion?
Aimi: Shiro…
Shiro: Our group can just about get by as it is. We don’t need to take in more people!
Aimi: It’s not your call!
Henry: I’m not trying to cause any arguments.
Aimi: It’s not you, Henry. My brother could start an argument in an empty room.

Ollie: I have no issue with you joining our group. You seem like a smart man. Useful.
Aimi: And you and your wife are good people. I saw that right off the bat.
Shiro: Oh, please.
Ollie: That settles it, then.

Henry: Thank you both. Majority of people are panicking so much they’d slit your throat for a tin of beans. It’s nice to see there’re some good people out there.

Aimi: Takes one to know one.

Henry: Aimi was one of a kind. She kept her morals. Her integrity. Her uncompromising generosity. Her sweet-natured kindness that knew no bounds. That never left her. In spite of how much the world has changed for the worse.

Henry: There’s something truly remarkable about that. It’s a feat none of us has entirely managed. We should all take a leaf out of her book.





You in there?
Lorna: Be out in a moment…

Aimi: Open up.

Aimi: Everything OK?
Lorna: Allergies.
Aimi: You expect me to buy that?
Lorna: You could pretend. Save me the embarrassment of having to explain myself.
Aimi: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Aimi: What is it?
Lorna: This damned house. It reminds me of Joyce…
Aimi: Well, it was her house.
Lorna: Her lying there… peacefully… like she was asleep… me picking up the knife–

Lorna: I can’t get the image from my mind.
Aimi: You did a noble thing. You stopped her from coming back. She’d thank you for it.
Lorna: I know it was the right thing to do…
Aimi: But stabbing a sweet old lady in the head isn’t exactly something you can just forget about, right?

Aimi: It’s the way it is now. If someone you care about turns… or if they’re going to… you owe it to them to do the right thing.
Lorna: Like you did with Ollie?

Lorna: Sorry. I didn’t mean to…
Aimi: It’s fine. It’s just not easy, is it?
Lorna: No.

Aimi: There’s plenty of things to be sad about, Lorna. But dwelling on it is a waste of time. Remember Joyce for how she was. The good times you had together. That’s what I’m doing with Ollie. It’s not easy. There are times when shooting him flashes through my mind… trying to corrupt my good memories. I won’t let it.
Lorna: How can you remain so optimistic? In spite of everything?
Aimi: Darkness can’t survive all the while there’s light.




Alexis: How’d it go?
Blaine: Three buildings down, two to go. I’m just gonna grab some wire.

Alexis: He astounds me.
Matt: He’s incapable of feeling shame.
Alexis: Keep doing as he says. Get the rest of them sorted and then head on back.
Matt: You’re still sure about later?

Alexis: Absolutely.




Henry: Lovely words, Jai. Shiro, would you like to say something?
Shiro: No.
Jai: Shiro…

Shiro: Drew once told me funerals are for the living. He was right. I don’t need to tell my friends and a bunch of people I barely know what a great person my sister was and how much I loved her. What I will say, is I hope everyone here will join me and do their part to avenge her. But with or without you all, I’m going to.

Shiro: I intend to watch the life drain from Alexis’s eyes. And anyone who tries to get in my way will suffer the same fate.



Georgie: Stunned silence?
Donna: If you like.

Georgie: I’ve never felt so empowered! I feel like I can take on the world! For the record, that lardass nickname? I hate it. So, stop using it. OK?

Donna: Don’t get too big for your boots, lardass.

Georgie: I can’t believe how well I did! I hit the target at least a quarter of the time. That’s awesome for an amateur, right?
Donna: It was impressive. But you’ve got a way to go. You need more practise. Speak to Shiloh.
Georgie: I can’t keep you as a teacher?

Donna: I might not be around.
Georgie: What’s going on with you? If you’re getting any silly ideas…
Donna: Shh!
Georgie: What?

Georgie: Donna!



Georgie: Holy shit.


Charlotte: You mad at him?
Angie: What makes you ask that?
Charlotte: I noticed he didn’t go with Peter and Henry to see you yesterday.
Angie: I asked Peter if he expressed any interest on knowing how I was. He said he had. But I don’t buy it.
Charlotte: Ask him what his problem is.

Can I ask you something, Angie? From one girl to another?

Angie: Sure.
Aimi: Javier. He’s totally got the hots for you, right?
Angie: Oh…
Aimi: It can’t be a surprise.
Angie: Well, no. He might have. But we’re just friends.

Aimi: He’s not flirted? Made any moves?
Angie: I dunno…
Aimi: Jesus, you’re not good at this sort of thing, are you?
Angie: I guess not.
Aimi: You like him though, right? It’s not unrequited lust?
Angie: Does it matter?

Aimi: More than ever.
Angie: What matters is food. Weapons. Somewhere safe to lay our heads. Everything else, and that includes intimate or romantic feelings, belong in the past.
Aimi: Why?
Angie: It complicates things. Makes you spend time day-dreaming when you should be proactive and focusing on what needs to be done.
Aimi: That’s a nice idea in theory. Doesn’t work that way though, does it?

Aimi: You never got to meet my boyfriend. But you’ve heard me speak about him?
Angie: Ollie? Yeah.
Aimi: I loved him, Angie. I never got the chance to tell him that. But by God, I did. I only knew him in this life. I wish that wasn’t the case. We could’ve had months… years together, or it would have been nice if he had lived longer.

Aimi: I honestly thought he would be the last one standing. Not for one second did I think it would be me putting him in the ground and not the other way round. But those fuckers got him. Happened in seconds. Nothing anybody could do.

Aimi: That could happen to any of us. At any time. Right now even. It was always that way before. We had what? A few dozen or so real risks going about our day-to-day? Taking a shower… crossing the road. But now? The chances of us dying are even greater.
Angie: Multiplied by about a million probably.
Aimi: So, if you feel something now, or if you do, for the love of God, Angie, take the opportunity and do something about it. Ten minutes from now isn’t guaranteed.

Aimi: Gonna check on the boys.

Joy: She’s right, y’know?


Charlotte: Angie?
Angie: Excuse me.

Angie: Javier…

Angie: You going somewhere?
Javier: Move, Angie.
Angie: What’s going on!?
Javier: I’m leaving.
Angie: You’re what–!? Why!?
Javier: I need to be alone.
Angie: This bullshit again?

Angie: You really want to be alone out there in the open!? When this place is safe!? When you have people who care about you…
Javier: I can’t lose anyone else.
Angie: What the hell are you talking about!?
Javier: People die. I have no say in it. But I have a choice on whether I watch it happen.

Angie: You’re not the sort of man who runs away from the people you love.
Javier: The people I loved are dead. If I had stayed away after breaking out of the pen… My mother. My little brother. Aunt… cousins… I had to put bullets in their skulls. The first shot didn’t kill Miguel. He got up, half his face hanging off. My baby brother. You know what that does to a man!?

Javier: It was fine being a part of this group when I didn’t care so much. It was convenient. Safer. Good to have company. But after what happened to you…
Angie: I’m alive, Javier. I made it.
Javier: This time.
Angie: Don’t go.

Angie: Javier!

Angie: You coward!

Donna: If I’m not back by this time tomorrow, I haven’t made it. Don’t let anyone come after me.
Georgie: Donna, whatever it is you’re thinking of doing…
Donna: You’re not changing my mind.
Georgie: Please, Donna. We can’t lose you as well!

Donna: You know, Georgie. I was always meant to go out with a bang.

Donna: Wouldn’t have it any other way…
Georgie: No!

Donna: Over here, you smelly fuckers!

Donna: I’m a sheepdog! C’mon!

Donna: See ya, lardass! It’s been fun!

Georgie: Fuck, Donna.

Peter: It was good you came.
Lorna: I owed it to her.
Peter: I guess you’re taking off again?

Lorna: I’d like to stay.
Peter: Seriously?
Lorna: But it’s gotta be under my terms. I have a tent. My own space. And I can’t see Beatrice. Not yet. If that could be honoured for the time being…
Peter: This is a great first step, Lorna.
Lorna: We don’t need to analyse it. Let’s just see how it goes.

Lorna: Did anyone tell you what Aimi said? About you?
Peter: Sorry?
Lorna: Before she passed?
Peter: No.
Lorna: She said to tell you to not give up. That you’ve never been weak.

Lorna: And that you’d know what she meant by that.
Peter: Oh.
Lorna: I’m gonna ask Shiloh for a tent.

How are you always so strong, Peter?

Aimi: It’s been what? Three weeks since we lost Sean? And I’m still finding myself tearing up about it. I mean, in some ways it’s a relief as he’s not suffering anymore. But I miss him. The goofy bastard.
Peter: Me too.

Aimi: Wish I had your strength.
Peter: What makes you say that?
Aimi: After everything you’ve been through this year. You’ve had to deal with more than most. Yet you’re as strong and reliable as you were the day I first met you back in that library.
Peter: I’ve not always been so… in control.
Aimi: You? The brave firefighter? I find that hard to believe.

Peter: A year or two before Beatrice was born… I was in bad shape. I’ve not told anyone this. Not even Sean.
Aimi: I won’t tell a soul.
Peter: Long story short, I was called to a mansion one night. The whole thing was ablaze. A colleague died. It was my fault.
Aimi: Oh, come on.
Peter: Really, Aimi. This isn’t survivors guilt talking. It’s the truth. And it messed me up. Sent me down a dark path… depression… anxiety… I couldn’t look at flames on the stove without having a meltdown.

Peter: Took me a while and a shit tonne of therapy. But I got through it. I had only been back to work for about nine months or so before, well, this.
Aimi: I had no idea.
Peter: It’s not something I talk about. It’s a shameful moment of my life.
Aimi: Shameful? Isn’t that a bit strong? You’re human!
Peter: It’s how I feel. The reason why I’ve stayed so strong is because I have spent so many years of my life hating myself for being weak. I told myself never again.

Aimi: I’m touched you’ve shared this with me.
Peter: It was a toss-up between you and Shiro. He’s the confiding sort.

Aimi: (Laughs). Now that’s funny.

Angie: Peter? You OK?

Peter: I’m fine. What’s wrong?
Angie: Javier. He’s left.
Peter: You all right?
Angie: Fuck him.

Peter: You don’t mean that. He’s over-reacting. But I saw the look in his eyes. The thought of losing you terrified him.

Peter: I felt the same.





Drew: Your speech…
Shiro: I don’t want a lecture.
Drew: I wasn’t planning on giving you one.

Drew: I understand your motivation, and I agree with you. She has to pay. But don’t lose your head.
Shiro: Easy for you to say.
Drew: She killed my sister, too, in case you’ve forgotten.

Drew: I’m with you.
Shiro: Good.
Drew: But go about it the right way, OK?

Shiro: I love you, Drew.

Shiro: But I will handle this my way. And if you really are with me, you’ll respect that.

Drew: You’ve never said that to me before.
Shiro: Yeah, well.
Drew: I love you, too.
Shiro: Good.


Blaine: You wanted to see me?

Matt: Don’t move.

Blaine: Well, as surprises go, this one’s a bit of a bastard.
Alexis: I want you gone.
Blaine: Banishing me now, are ya? After everything I’ve done for you?

Alexis: You killed Jenson!
Blaine: I took no pleasure in it.
Matt: Bullshit.
Alexis: He was right about you. I should’ve listened.
Blaine: Alexis, I know what I did might seem…
Alexis: Shooting a bunch of oblivious people from afar!? That’s barbaric, Blaine.

Blaine: You forgetting what those “oblivious people” have done?
Alexis: Not in the least. But that doesn’t make it right.
Blaine: Maybe we can talk about this in the morning? Give you some time to cool off?
Alexis: I’ve made my decision. See him out, Matt.

Blaine: I thought we had an understanding.
Matt: You’re lucky I’m not putting a bullet in you.
Blaine: I’m just glad I didn’t give you the friendship bracelet I made.

Noreen: What the hell’s going on?
Blaine: It would appear I’m being ousted.
Carlos: What!?
Matt: Step aside!
Carlos: Like hell!

Blaine: Lower your weapons.
Reginald: What!?
Blaine: Now.

Blaine: I’m man enough to face the repercussions of my actions.
Carlos: Want us to come with you?
Blaine: No need to play the noble hero, Carlos. Stay here. And do as Alexis says. I intend on making things right. And once I have, I’ll come back.
Matt: When pigs fly.


Blaine: I guess this is goodbye?
Matt: Fuck off.


Blaine: I’m quite fond of him, as it goes.

Noreen: We’re seriously just letting this go!?
Carlos: We do as he says. He’s got something up his sleeve.
Reginald: You think?

Carlos: This is Blaine we’re talking about.


Beatrice: George!
Peter: Where have you been!?
Georgie: Peter…
Peter: You missed the funeral.
Georgie: I’m sorry. I’ll pay my respects, but I need to speak to you and Henry.
Peter: I think he’s sleeping.

Georgie: Wake him up.

Henry: This must be serious.
Georgie: It is.
Henry: What’s the problem, Georgie?

Georgie: I was out with Donna. She was teaching me how to shoot.
Henry: That’s where she went. Shiloh was worried.
Georgie: I followed her. That’s not why she was out there. Anyway, we spent a couple of hours shooting and then she found a horde.
Peter: Shit. Is she OK?
Georgie: You don’t understand. She was looking for them.

Henry: Is this what I suspect?

Peter: I’m confused. What’s she doing?
Georgie: Weaponising them. Leading them…

Henry: Right to Alexis’s front door.

Coleman: Oh! You scared me!
Alexis: Wasn’t my intention.
Coleman: What are you doing here?

Alexis: I didn’t know you were staying here until Howie told me you moved out from next door.
Coleman: Made sense after Bernadette left. Got the place to myself.
Alexis: Plenty of time to mull things over, right?

Alexis: What is it you’re keeping from me, Richard?
Coleman: Sorry?
Alexis: That spiel earlier about feeling guilty. I don’t buy it.
Coleman: It’s true.
Alexis: I’m sure you feel bad, but I don’t think that’s what’s keeping you up at night. It’s something else to do with Catelyn, isn’t it?

Coleman: Shouldn’t you be with Stephen?
Alexis: He’s sound asleep.
Coleman: Alexis…
Alexis: I’m not leaving until you tell me.

Coleman: I’ve tried to keep it a secret. I really have, but the repercussions of it are so huge… I can’t be the only person to know.

Alexis: Then unload.

Georgie: Angie?
Angie: Hm?

Angie: Oh! I came in to wait for you to get back. Must’ve fallen asleep. Sorry…
Georgie: Don’t apologise. I’m pleased to see you.



Coleman: When Catelyn first got here, she confided something to Michael and I. Asked us to keep it a secret. From you. From everyone. For her baby’s – Stephen’s – sake.
Alexis: Michael was very cagey after I saw him and Catelyn talking in private. I never got to ask him about it as he died later that day. I just assumed that maybe there was something between them.
Coleman: Alexis, there was a reason I tried hard to save Catelyn. She wasn’t just a young girl with a new-born son.

Coleman: She was…

Jim: FUCK!






Coleman: What on earth was that!?

Alexis: I knew he wouldn’t go quietly!

302Donna: Don’t stand there in the cold! C’mon in!



Jim: Fuck!




Coleman: That’s not Blaine!

Alexis: Oh God…

Noreen: What!?
Donna: NOW!






Alexis: Say!
Coleman: What!?
Alexis: Finish what you were saying!
Coleman: Is that important right now!?

Alexis: RICHARD!

Coleman: Catelyn… she was…
Alexis: What!?

Coleman: Immune.

Coleman: She was bitten. Months ago. When Zahra first found her. She never turned. Never had so much as a fever. Michael inspected the bite. I did, too. It’s genuine.

Alexis: This… means…
Coleman: If she was bitten and it didn’t kill Stephen…








Alexis: Then he’s immune, too.


2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 18 – Significant Sayonara

  1. Rob says:

    Another stellar episode, Sam. I particularly enjoyed how you had various characters remembering conversations with Aimi. The transitions were very well done: particularly the beginning scene with Shiro, which initially seemed like it was set in the present day, and the scene where Jai hears her voice as she lays on the bed. The reappearances of old characters such as Ollie and Joyce was a treat as well.

    I also enjoyed Georgie and Donna’s storyline and the revelation that Donna was planning to lead a horde straight to the gates of Victoria. Lorna’s appearance at the funeral was very well done and I’m glad she’s decided to return, although part of me found the scene where she sees Peter and Angie hugging a bit soapy. Javier was a bit annoying, just deciding to up and leave. The scenes between Shiro and Drew were particularly touching, in light of the fact that they were once both so shut off and cold.

    Alexis’ storyline was particularly good this week and I’m glad she’s finally thrown out Blaine, although I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of him. I really like that Alexis still has a human side underneath the cold exterior. Coleman’s revelation that Catelyn and Stephen are immune from the infection was earth-shattering and could have enormous implications. I’m very excited to see where this goes… if the zombie horde doesn’t swallow Stephen up first. Framing the revelation within the horde attack was a particularly good way to do it.

    A shout out for the wonderful sets and filming as well. You don’t do anything by halves on this show. Even little things like the sofa barricading the window. The only shame about Lorna coming back is that we won’t get anymore scenes around that rather lovely old refinery.

    Another great episode. Keep it going!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samjpeck says:

      Thank you, Rob! Although I think you meant Joy, and not Joyce! 😉 Though she was mentioned in this episode too, so I understand the typo! I’m really glad you enjoyed the flashbacks. This episode was definitely a well-deserved lovefest for Aimi’s character. I will miss writing for her.

      The Donna/Georgie stuff was the highlight for me to write this episode, so I’m really pleased you enjoyed it! A lot of people who have experienced loss in this show recently (Jai, Shiro, Donna) have all hardened to a certain extent, so I wanted to have a character stay the same but get practical and to desire to be able to protect themselves and survive so that’s how I came up with the idea for Georgie’s story this episode. I didn’t want every character who experiences terrible loss to go off the deep end.

      The Lorna/Angie/Peter scene was soapy you’re right, but considering Lorna is technically Peter’s wife, it would probably be a soapy moment in real life too! Very awkward! I get why Javier annoyed you, but I hope you understood his reasons for leaving and it didn’t just seem out of the blue? And thanks for your praise about Alexis! I definitely wanted to show more of her human side this season.

      As for the relevation this episode. I’m saying very little! But it will come up further over the course of the series!

      Thanks so much, Rob! Love your comments! 😀


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