Alexis: Sorry for cutting tonight short but it’s my first night out in over a year and it wasn’t easy.

Alexis: I had fun. And you were right about the food. Speak soon.

Alexis: I’m home.

Alexis: Stephen?


Alexis: Stephen? What are you doing?


Alexis: Michael? Is that you?

Alexis: What are you doing here!?
Michael: Lydia-Jean.
Alexis: What about her!?
Michael: You must protect her.

Alexis: I think my hands are tied on that one.
Michael: Unacceptable.
Alexis: She betrayed me.

Michael: Only you can put things right.
Alexis: How?
Michael: Spare her. From what’s to come.

Alexis: I’m sorry… about what happened… I… You deserved better. You never should have defended me. I wasn’t worth it.

Alexis: Are you OK? Wherever you are now?

Alexis: Michael…

Michael: Vicky says hi.

Jenson: Alexis?

Jenson: You all right?
Alexis: Jenson?
Jenson: I was on watch when I saw you… you must’ve been sleepwalking.
Alexis: I did this all the time as a teenager.
Jenson: No harm done. I’ll walk you back.

Blaine: What’s going on?
Jenson: She was sleepwalking.
Blaine: Gotta be careful. Once knew a guy whose wife sleepwalked. Poor bitch was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Mind you, Tucker was a bit of a creepy bastard. Could’ve pushed her himself for all I know.

Alexis: Goodnight to you both.

Jenson: Why are you up? Your shift doesn’t start for another three hours.
Blaine: What can I say? What happened earlier has been playing on my mind.
Jenson: Feeling guilty?
Blaine: Excuse me?

Blaine: You got something to say, James?

Jenson: They might not have wanted to escape in the first place if it wasn’t for you.
Blaine: Really?

Jenson: Really. You see yourself as the saviour to this town, but all you do is terrorise people. Nothing brave about that, if you ask me.
Blaine: I didn’t ask you.
Jenson: Everything that went down didn’t need to happen. Steve and Tariq didn’t need to die. Zahra, Trudy, and Jasmin shouldn’t be locked in a basement right now. Catelyn should be nursing her son rather than lying in the infirmary!

Jenson: It’s all on you, Blaine. If you’re not feeling guilty, then you should be!
Blaine: You’re starting to walk on very thin ice, my friend. Proceed with caution.
Jenson: That a threat?

Blaine: It’s a warning.



Lorna: Jai?
Jai: Hello, Lorna.

Lorna: What happened? Last I remember I was looking at Peter…
Jai: You collapsed.
Lorna: I have an infection.
Jai: I gave you some anti-biotics and you stabilised. But we all agreed it would be best to let you sleep.
Lorna: I woke up from a coma a few days ago.
Jai: How is that possible?
Lorna: I’ll explain… I…how did Peter react?

Jai: He was shocked. He thought you were dead.
Lorna: Might be better for everyone if I was.
Jai: Should I go wake him?
Lorna: Maybe we should wait ‘til morning.

Jai: Anything I can do for you in the meantime? You hungry?
Lorna: Starving.

Jai: Then let’s go eat.

Alexis: Save Lydia-Jean!? After she worked with Lorna and let her in here… to attack my town… kill the one person I actually cared about!?

Alexis: You want me to save her when she was the one who got you killed, Michael!?

Bernadette: How long have I been asleep?
Luke: An hour.
Bernadette: And why have we stopped?

Bernadette: What’s wrong?
Luke: Outside. Don’t want Daniel overhearing.
Bernadette: He’s asleep.
Luke: Not risking it.

Bernadette: Well?

Luke: Shannon…
Bernadette: I know you feel guilty about leaving…
Luke: I found her.
Bernadette: What!?
Luke: About half hour ago I was driving and by the side of the road…

Bernadette: Luke, please!
Luke: They abandoned her… she had turned…

Bernadette: No!
Luke: I laid her to rest.


Lydia-Jean: Even if I promise to be quiet?
Charlotte: Hunting’s something I like to do alone.


Shiloh: I don’t understand how you can be so naïve!

Henry: Did it ever occur to you I’m worried something’s happened to her!? I need support right now, not sarcasm!
Shiloh:  She goes out for long walks by herself constantly. What did you think would happen!?
Henry: She always comes back!
Shiloh: Hasn’t this time, has she? Maybe she found what she’s been looking for?

Henry: What’s that supposed to mean!?
Shiloh: She got very friendly with you once you became leader after Clifford died… but guess what? She was very close with him, too! You just weren’t here to see it!
Henry: They were friends.
Shiloh: And yet she was more than happy to forget about him and jump straight to you without as much as shedding a tear at his funeral!
Henry: She was very upset!
Shiloh: Oh, yes, she’s quite the actress.

Henry: You’re a piece of work sometimes!
Shiloh: That’s a bit rich coming from the man who got into a relationship mere days after his wife died!
Henry: Your mother killed herself! She was the one left me!
Shiloh: And right now, I can see why.
Henry: I swear to God…
Shiloh: What!? You wanna hit me?

Henry: I’m ashamed to call you my son.


Charlotte: I wasn’t eavesdropping.
Shiloh: Sure seems like you were.
Charlotte: It wasn’t exactly hard to overhear.

Shiloh: You off hunting?
Charlotte: Yeah.
Shiloh: Can I come?
Charlotte: Don’t you wanna talk?
Shiloh: Can I, or not?
Charlotte: Sure.

Henry: ARGH!
Bad day?

Henry: Peter, I’m sorry… I didn’t know you were here.
Peter: Let myself in. Can’t sleep knowing Lorna’s here. How ‘bout you?
Henry: Elaine hasn’t returned from her walk.
Peter: Shall we send a group out?
Henry: Shiloh and I searched for a while. She might have run into trouble and decided to lie low until morning.

Henry: You gonna speak to Lorna?
Peter: Later.
Henry: What are you gonna say?
Peter: Honestly? I have no idea. I don’t even know what to feel… I mean, I’m relieved as I thought she was dead…

Peter: Part of me would prefer to go out searching with you.
Henry: And I’d rather make small-talk with Lorna than finally have the conversation with Elaine I’ve long avoided.
Peter: You breaking up with her?
Henry: We just need to talk.
Peter: You worried?
Henry: She’s a tough cookie.

Peter: But yeah?
Henry: Yeah.

Noah: Diego?
Diego: Sorry to wake you, Sir.
Noah: What is it?

Diego: The nuisance.

Diego: Again.

Noah: What part of leave us alone do you not understand!?


Elaine: Hi, Noah.

Jenson: You wanted to see me?
Alexis: Are you on watch?
Jenson: Was. I’m about to head to bed.
Alexis: Never mind, then.
Jenson: What is it you wanted?
Alexis: It doesn’t matter. You need your rest.

Jenson: I can rest later.
Alexis: You sure?
Jenson: Positive.

Alexis: Get a car.

Bobby: Hey.
Lydia-Jean: What are you doing up?
Bobby: Didn’t stand much chance sleeping. What with Javier snoring and Henry and Shiloh screaming at each other.
Lydia-Jean: Heard that, too?
Bobby: I think the dead wandering the Australian outback just about heard it.

Bobby: Charlotte hunting?
Lydia-Jean: I wasn’t allowed to join her. Claimed she likes hunting alone. Yet it’s fine for Shiloh to go with her…

Lydia-Jean: Ignore me, I’m just jealous.
Bobby: It’s understandable. She and I used to hang out a lot before she got chummy with Shiloh.
Lydia-Jean: They’re a bit more than chums now.
Bobby: I know. And as much as I miss her, I’m happy she’s found someone.
Lydia-Jean: I am, too. I just feel a bit lonely. I enjoyed going out. I never liked the killing animals part, but I used to pick fruit, collect wood… I miss that.

Bobby: So, let’s go do it.
Lydia-Jean: We can’t.
Bobby: In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the apocalypse. We can do whatever the hell we like.


Charlotte: Is our relationship just sex?
Shiloh: Why would you ask that?
Charlotte: Because you never want to open up to me.
Shiloh: I don’t wanna talk about my Dad, if that’s what you’re getting at.
Charlotte: I just felt you were a little harsh.
Shiloh: I was harsh? Did you hear what he said to me!?
Charlotte: Thought you said you didn’t want to talk about it?

Shiloh: Don’t play mind-games.
Charlotte: I’m not. It’s just we’ve had no luck hunting because you’re stomping your feet around like a moody teenager, so I figured I’d give you the chance to off-load.
Shiloh: Why are you trying to aggravate me even more!?
Charlotte: Because you’re being pathetic, Shiloh! You have a father who loves you! Who’s alive! Do you know how lucky you are!?

Charlotte: You know what I would give to have my mother with me? Aimi and Shiro have each other. As do Angie and Bobby. And Peter and Beatrice. But do you know the difference between them and you? They’re grateful!
Shiloh: I have a right to be mad, Charlotte!
Charlotte: But what you said to him wasn’t right.
Shiloh: Did you not hear what he said to me!?
Charlotte: I’m not condoning it. But he said it through anger. He didn’t mean it. Henry’s a good man.
Shiloh: You don’t know him. Not really.
Charlotte: You don’t know how lucky you are…
Shiloh: How can you say that!?

Charlotte: Because my father was evil.

Charlotte: And that’s why I killed him.


Noah: This has gotta stop, Elaine. For your sake.
Elaine: My sake?
Noah: Spending so much time wandering around the woods is a fine way to get yourself killed.
Elaine: Hasn’t happened to me yet.
Noah: You’ve been lucky.

Elaine: I wouldn’t be out searching for this place if you just told me where he is.
Noah: That’s not going to happen.
Elaine: Because it’s classified?
Noah: That’s right. And if he wanted you to know where he was, he would have told you.
Elaine: We lost contact when this mess started. For all you know, he wants to get in touch with me…
Noah: Elaine…

Elaine: Has he said something!?
Noah: I didn’t want to tell you this, but quite frankly, your stubborn persistence to stalk my people and find our base, which you know is hidden to keep us safe, has tried my patience.
Elaine: Just tell me!
Noah: He doesn’t want you to see you.
Elaine: He said that!?
Noah: I’ve spoken to him myself on numerous occasions. He thinks your attempts to try and find him are, in his words, desperate and pathetic.

Elaine: He wouldn’t say that about me! You’re making this up! I bet you’ve lost communication with his people and you’re just saying this to try and get me to stop! Well, it’s not going to work!
Noah: At first I felt sorry for you, but my sympathy has all but disappeared. This ends now.

Elaine: Please, just tell me you’re lying…
Noah: If we spot you again we’ll apply force to keep you away. Lethal, if need be.

Noah: Stick the bag over her head and return her to where you found her, Diego. I’m going back to bed.
Elaine: Wait!


Jenson: Alexis? We gonna talk?
Alexis: About?
Jenson: Why you’ve ordered me to drive you to Peter and his people?

Alexis: Lydia-Jean.
Jenson: What about her?
Alexis: I need to speak to her.
Jenson: How do you even know she’s with Peter’s group?
Alexis: When Blaine watched them taking the crates full of our food up to their camp, Jasmin spotted Charlotte there. If Charlotte’s there, Lydia-Jean will be, too.
Jenson: And why exactly are you trying to find her?

Alexis: I want her to come back.
Jenson: You’re joking, right? You’ve said to me numerous times that she’s dead to you after what she did! What’s changed?
Alexis: It doesn’t matter.
Jenson: It doesn’t?
Alexis: Just keep driving, Jenson.

Jai: You ready for this?
Peter: No. How is she?
Jai: She seems calmer compared to when we last saw her.
Peter: Considering the last time we saw her, she slit Michael’s throat open, I’d say that’s a good thing.



Lorna: Hey.
Peter: Hi.

Peter: Beatrice is fine, by the way.

Lorna: I didn’t come here for a lecture.
Peter: Then why did you come?
Lorna: For medicine. I woke up from a coma a few days ago and I have an infection.
Peter: A coma!?
Lorna: It’s a long story.

Lorna: Jai said you thought I was dead.
Peter: It’s a miracle you’re not. But it’ll happen, if you carry on the way you’re going.
Lorna: I know.
Peter: Is that what you want? To die?
Lorna: I don’t know.
Peter: Beatrice still asks for you.

Lorna: Peter, please…
Peter: If you saw her, it would change everything.
Lorna: It wouldn’t.
Peter: It’s your little girl! Our little girl! I’m not saying you should pick up where you left off! It’ll take time! A few meetings here and there… you don’t even need to speak to her! Just go and stand by the window. I’ll pick her up from Jai’s and walk past with her.

Lorna: I can’t…
Peter: You’ll just look at her for now! She won’t even know you’re here. Just make this first step. Try. Please.

Peter: You’ve avoided it long enough. It’ll be OK.

Peter: I’ll get her.







Peter: Wait!


Calvin: Good morning to you, too.

Lorna: Georgie…
Georgie: Lorna. It’s been a while.
Calvin: You know her?
Georgie: Peter’s wife.

Lorna: Not anymore.

Calvin: That’s awfully complicated for first thing in the morning.
Georgie: Then grab breakfast. Lorna and I need to have a talk.

Peter: Is she all right?
Calvin: Georgie’s talking with her. Come get breakfast.
Peter: I’m fine.
Calvin: You might be, but I bet Beatrice is hungry. C’mon…

Lorna: I can sense you’re angry with me.
Georgie: Then you sense right.
Lorna: I don’t want an argument.
Georgie: Me neither.


Georgie: I am annoyed with you for turning your back on Beatrice. But I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. So, I’m reigning my anger in, not judging you, and offering you support. If more people did that nowadays, they’d be fewer arguing and a lot less violence. Sit down.

Shiloh: Care to offer an explanation?
Charlotte: If you don’t want to open up, why should I?
Shiloh: I think it’s a bit different considering you told me you killed your own father and then walked away!

Charlotte: He used to beat my mother black-and-blue.
Shiloh: So, you killed him!?
Charlotte: After we got away from him, he got with another woman. Ended up killing her.
Shiloh: Jesus…

Shiloh: Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte, he sounds like he deserved it…
Charlotte: He did.
Shiloh: But killing your own father?
Charlotte: I did it to spare her children from having to re-live their mother’s murder through the trial. Well, I thought that’s why I did it. It was only later I realised I killed him because I wanted to.
Shiloh: Wait, it was before the world went to shit!?
Charlotte: There’s a difference?
Shiloh: Well, yeah!

Charlotte: If it’s made you change your mind about us, then that’s your problem. I’m not ashamed of it.
Shiloh: I see what you’re doing.
Charlotte: What?

Shiloh: Oh…

Charlotte: Let’s go!


Charlotte: Shit!

Lydia-Jean: This was a bad idea.
Bobby: I’m having a nice time.
Lydia-Jean: We’re lost.
Bobby: We are not lost!

Bobby: You hear that?

Bobby: So, we’re just running straight for it!?
Lydia-Jean: We should at least see who it is! Might be one of our own!

Alexis: Gunshots…
Jenson: We should get out of here.
Alexis: Stop the car.

Charlotte: We’re not gonna win this one!
Shiloh: Just keep at it until we get an opening!



Charlotte: Where the hell did you come from!?
Bobby: We’ll explain later!

Jenson: We should go. They might get a chance to escape, but if we try and help, we’re putting ourselves in major jeopardy.

Jenson: Goddammit.


Bobby: Well, that’s an unexpected development!


















Charlotte: Fuck…
Bobby: I can’t believe we actually did it.
Charlotte: Thanks to you two.

Jenson: What are we? Chopped liver?
Alexis: Hi, Lydia.

Lydia-Jean: What the hell are you doing here?
Alexis: I need to speak to you.

Angie: Either of you seen Bobby?
Calvin: ‘fraid not.
Angie: I’m starting to get worried. Dwayne said he saw him take off with Lydia this morning.
Javier: If he’s not back by noon, then we’ll go out, OK?

Angie: You all right, Peter?
Peter: Lorna’s here.
Angie: Where!?
Calvin: Talking to Georgie. She ran in about fifteen minutes ago and gave us both a fright.
Peter: I tried to get her to see Beatrice. She flipped out.
Angie: Oh…



Javier: Guess I’ll have breakfast alone…
Calvin: I’ll sit with you?


Calvin: High school all over again.

Georgie: I know you’ve been through a lot. I only met Eli the once when he dropped by our camp for an hour or so, and that was more than enough. Evil incarnate. No question. But is it fair to punish Beatrice?
Lorna: She has Peter. She doesn’t need me.
Georgie: I think Beatrice herself would contradict that. I don’t mean to make you feel guilty, but she cries for you. A lot.

Georgie: Oh, Lorna, don’t cry.
Lorna: I can’t. I wish I could sometimes…
Georgie: You need help.
Lorna: I’m not crazy!
Georgie: I never said you were.

Lorna: You’re sure acting like it!
Georgie: Why are you getting angry?
Lorna: Because I don’t like the way you’re talking to me! Like I’m sort some of lunatic who should be a in straight-jacket!
Georgie: I’m talking to you as a concerned friend.

Lorna: This was a mistake.
Georgie: You can’t keep running forever.

Lorna: Georgie?
Georgie: I’m OK.
Lorna: What’s wrong?
Georgie: Nothing… I just… haven’t eaten yet and that’s stupid… so stupid…
Lorna: I don’t understand?

Georgie: I’m diabetic.
Lorna: Oh.
Georgie: And all out of medicine. Jai’s come up with a controlled diet for me. It’s been working for the most part, but I… I really should get something to eat.

Cecilia: Think she got the message this time?
Noah: Who?
Cecilia: Elaine. Diego told me.
Noah: Who knows with her?

Cecilia: Going somewhere?
Noah: To see Alexis. I’m gonna propose she gives me the tour of her complex today. Let me meet some of her people.
Cecilia: So, today could be the day you come face-to-face with Michael Lewis?
Noah: Indeed.

Cecilia: Good luck.

Shiro: I slept like shit.
Aimi: Me too.
Shiro: You were snoring half the night.
Aimi: Why not move huts? Go shack up with your boyfriend?
Shiro: Too soon for that.

Calvin: Did I just hear that right!?
Aimi: Why are you the last one to know everything!?
Calvin: Actually, I have some gossip!
Shiro: It won’t be anything interesting.
Calvin: I beg to differ! Wait ‘til you hear this!

Shiro: Is that Lorna!?

Calvin: Today’s not my day.

Calvin: You all right, babe!?
Georgie: I haven’t eaten…
Calvin: Hold on! I’ll grab some food!

Jai: Calvin said you’re in a spot of bother!?
Georgie: I’m fine! I just haven’t eaten since last night! I dropped the ball…
Jai: Come to the infirmary.
Georgie: I just need to eat!
Jai: Calvin will bring your breakfast. C’mon.
Lorna: I’ll help.

Drew: What’s going on?
Shiro: Peter’s deranged wife has showed up.
Aimi: She’s troubled.
Drew: I’ll sit somewhere else.


Shiro: Think Mum would’ve approved?

Felicia: She OK?
Lorna: Jai’s seeing to her.
Felicia: Are you new? Never seen your face before.
Lorna: Just visiting.
Felicia: You seemed to know Georgie and Jai quite well?
Lorna: Old friends.

Felicia: They’re kidding themselves. Thinking a diet will keep her alive.
Lorna: It’s not that it’s not working. She got preoccupied. Forgot to eat.
Felicia: I think it wouldn’t have made a difference, if she had eaten.
Lorna: Well, Jai feels differently.
Felicia: Because he cares about her. And I sympathise. But the way it’s going?

Felicia: I wouldn’t even give her a week.

Alexis: Can we go somewhere? To talk?
Charlotte: You’re not going anywhere with her.
Lydia-Jean: It’s all right, Charlotte.


Jenson: So…
Charlotte: You don’t have to make small-talk, Jenson. What’s her game?
Jenson: I don’t know.
Charlotte: Oh, please.
Jenson: Scouts honour.

Lydia-Jean: What is it you want?
Alexis: I want to offer you a chance to come back to Victoria.
Lydia-Jean: Why!?
Alexis: I just want you home.
Lydia-Jean: It was never my home.
Alexis: Which is why you helped Lorna get inside, I imagine?

Lydia-Jean: Is that what it’s really about? You want revenge?
Alexis: No.
Lydia-Jean: I don’t regret it. I didn’t know she’d kill anyone or let the dead in…
Alexis: But she did.
Lydia-Jean: That was her doing.
Alexis: So, what was the intention? To have her kill me?
Lydia-Jean: Yes.

Alexis: You really want me dead!? I’m your Aunt.
Lydia-Jean: Since when has that ever mattered to you? You didn’t seem to care much about family when you turned Gran against your own sister! I had to spend my childhood watching my mother drink herself to death! Because of you!
Alexis: I’m sorry.

Lydia-Jean: I don’t think you’re sorry for anything. Like killing your best friend to get power. Yeah. I heard about that. And then you named the town after her. Sick’s an understatement…

Alexis: I know I’m wasting my breath, but I’m giving you one last chance to come back with me.
Lydia-Jean: Go fuck yourself.

Charlotte: You OK?
Lydia-Jean: Fine.
Alexis: Come on, Jenson. This was a waste of time.

Shiloh: Come out!

Shiloh: I see you!


Luke: Shit.

Alexis: Spoke too soon.

Howie: Sorry to bother you this early.
Blaine: What the hell do you want?
Howie: The banging… it’s non-stop. I haven’t been able to concentrate on my chores.
Blaine: Oh, heaven forbid Howie not get to his chores.

Trudy: Zahra, please… you’re driving us insane!



Blaine: Now, I’m not sure if you’re stupid, or whether you’re just trying to piss me off. But when I said stop knocking on the fucking door, I meant stop knocking on the fucking door.

Zahra: Catelyn…
Blaine: Coleman’s still giving her transfusions.
Zahra: I see her.
Blaine: No. You not see her.
Zahra: Where’s the baby?
Blaine: None of your business.

Blaine: Stop knocking, or I’ll knock you out.

Blaine: Heh. See what I did there?

Blaine: Ciao!

Trudy: She’ll be OK. Coleman’s a gifted doctor.

Reginald: Hey, boss?
Blaine: Oh, what now!?


Noah: Hello again.

Noah: Alexis around?
Blaine: She’s off on an errand.
Noah: Oh. Was hoping I could get that tour?

Blaine: Then consider me your guide.

Peter: You don’t need to check up on me, Angie.
Angie: I hate she’s caused you to go through everything again.
Peter: I’m glad she’s all right. But she’s still refusing to acknowledge Beatrice.
Angie: The fact she’s here must be progress?
Peter: She came to save her own skin.

Peter: Watch Beatrice.

Peter: If you’re not going to see Beatrice then you need to leave.
Lorna: I will. But first, I want to make things right.
Peter: And how do you intend on doing that?
Lorna: Georgie needs medicine.

Lorna: I might know where you can get some.

Alexis: You’re coming with us.
Charlotte: Luke!? What’s going on!?
Alexis: They escaped from the compound last night. Caused the deaths of several people.
Bernadette: We’re not going back.
Alexis: Then we kill you on the spot.

Alexis: This doesn’t concern you!
Charlotte: Does now.

Alexis: Stay out of this!
Shiloh: You don’t own them. They can do as they please.
Alexis: My patience is wearing thin with you people! First you wipe out a group who were collecting food for us…
Shiloh: Jacquelyn’s group was with you!?
Alexis: Don’t pretend you didn’t know!
Charlotte: We didn’t.

Alexis: You killed them in cold blood! And yet you try and act like the heroes!
Shiloh: We made a deal, they broke it.
Alexis: So you massacred them!?
Charlotte: They turned their guns on us first.
Alexis: I find that very hard to believe!

Shiloh: It doesn’t matter what you believe. We don’t need to justify ourselves to you.
Charlotte: Luke and Bernadette are coming with us.
Alexis: I won’t allow that.
Bobby: You’re outgunned, in case you haven’t noticed.

Jenson: Alexis…

Alexis: This isn’t over.

Lydia-Jean: Really? ‘Cause it sure seems like it is.

Alexis: I don’t know why I ever bothered trying to save you!
Lydia-Jean: Save me? From what?

Bobby: Always lovely seeing her.

Charlotte: I’ve missed you!
Luke: I missed you, too.
Charlotte: You’re coming to stay with us, right?
Bernadette: If you’ll have us?
Charlotte: Of course! I’m sure Henry would be fine with it!

Shiloh: I’ll lead the way.

Henry: An underground facility?
Lorna: It’s high-tech.
Peter: But how would we get medicine from these people if they held you prisoner?
Lorna: They’re not bad people.
Peter: How can they not be!?
Lorna: It’s complicated. They saved my life and kept me alive.
Henry: To use you as leverage.
Lorna: They thought I was one of Alexis’s people. It was done with good intentions. At least at first.

Henry: Did you mention the person they’ve befriended Victoria for happens to be the person you killed?
Lorna: Slipped my mind.
Peter: Naturally.
Lorna: I don’t know if you could come up with some sort of agreement with them… you seem to have a lot of food. Even ten percent of it would be enough to start up some sort of trade. Otherwise what’s the alternative? Jai’s doing all he can, but if the diet doesn’t work, Georgie dies.
Peter: We don’t want that. Especially considering she’s the closest thing to a mother Beatrice has nowadays.

Lorna: I try and do a nice thing…
Peter: You expect me to not say anything!?
Henry: Guys, please.

Henry: Nice of you to come home.

Peter: We’ll give you some privacy.

Blaine: Impressed by what you see?
Noah: I am.
Blaine: You sure? For the past forty minutes you’ve been walking around like I defecated on your Grandmother’s grave.

Noreen: Blaine, got a sec?
Blaine: Can it wait?
Noreen: No.
Blaine: Be right back.


Coleman: Blaine!?
Noah: You just missed him. Everything OK?
Coleman: A patient has gone into shock! I need someone to hold her still while I try and administer pain-relief!
Noah: Lead the way.
Coleman: Thank you!

Henry: You can ignore me all you like, but you owe me an explanation, Elaine. You’ve been gone all night. You’re exhausted… clearly upset. So, I’ll give you some time…

Henry: But we will talk about this later.

Henry: Ready to go?
Aimi: I invited Drew to come along. Safety in numbers, right?
Henry: Where’s Lorna?
Peter: Waiting for us at a clearing nearby.
Henry: And she definitely knows the way?
Peter: Seems like it.
Henry: Then let’s get going.

Drew: I’m not stupid. You invited Shiro and I knowing he was about to go on watch.
Aimi: I wanted to get to know my brother’s boyfriend. Does that make me a bad person?
Drew: It makes you an annoying one.

Aimi: I might be jumping the gun, but you two seem made for each other.

Henry: Who are these people?
Charlotte: Old friends. They escaped from Victoria last night. I hope it’s OK, but I said they could stay?
Henry: If you can vouch for them?
Charlotte: Absolutely.
Henry: Then of course.

Luke: Thank you!
Bernadette: We really appreciate it.

Shiloh: Follow me. I’ll get you some food and show you around.
Henry: Shiloh, can we…?


Charlotte: I should probably mention we just had a run in with Alexis.
Peter: What!?
Henry: Explain?

Coleman: Thanks. That couldn’t have been easy for you to watch.
Noah: I’ve seen worse unfortunately. The poor girl seems to be in a bad way.
Coleman: I got the bullet out and thought I had tidied up in there. I tried my hardest, but I’m no surgeon…
Noah: Of course.

Coleman: I’m running out of blood to give her. She had a baby a few days ago.
Noah: That’s terrible. Come outside for a breather.

Coleman: Sorry for burdening you with this.
Noah: I don’t mind. Remember, even if the girl doesn’t make it, you’ve done all you can.
Coleman: Thanks. I needed to hear that.

Noah: Seems like a good community here.
Coleman: We’ve had our share of up’s and down’s. The past day or so has been particularly terrible, but the people who live here are wonderful… for the most part.
Noah: I met this one guy. Think he said his name was Michael? Seemed really friendly. Haven’t seen him around today, though.

Coleman: You sure it wasn’t Monty?
Noah: Pretty sure it was Michael…
Coleman: There was a Michael here.
Noah: Was?
Coleman: He died a few months back.

Coleman: Scientist guy. Funny in a sarcastic sort of way. Alexis was really upset. I don’t think she’s set foot in his quarters since.
Noah: His quarters?

Coleman: Right there. Used to conduct experiments. Think he was a pathologist, or something? Big shame he died. Could’ve been the one to save us all. Slim chance of that, of course, but now we’ll never know.

Coleman: Best get back.


Shiloh: I’ll head out and get your tents set up for you.
Luke: Want a hand?
Shiloh: I’ve got it.

Luke: Seems nice here.
Bernadette: Will be an adjustment after our house, but yes.
Luke: Daniel didn’t take long to settle.
Bernadette: While he sleeps, I need to confess something he saw me do last night. I’d rather you hear it from me.
Luke: What?

Bernadette: Before I say, you must understand the predicament I was in.
Luke: Just spit it out.
Bernadette: I shot Tariq.

Luke: You did what!?
Bernadette: Blaine was heading for the gate. If he got there, we never would’ve made it out. I shot him to lure them over, to create a diversion.
Luke: Bernie, that’s sick!
Bernadette: I did it to save Daniel.
Luke: You did it to save yourself! You do realise they might have killed Jasmin after what happened!?
Bernadette: She didn’t have to stay with him.
Luke: What did you think she was going to do!?

Bernadette: I feel dreadful, but it was the only way out.
Luke: Bullshit. You could’ve shot the wall or the ground just as easily!
Bernadette: Thought you hated him?
Luke: Didn’t mean I wanted him dead! And he was trying to help us!
Bernadette: I understand being taken aback by what I did, but I have to say, I’m astounded at your ungratefulness.
Luke: What!?

Bernadette: I did what was necessary to keep your little brother safe! You shouldn’t be shouting at me…

Bernadette: You should be thanking me!

Charlotte: Got a minute?
Shiloh: Not to talk about my Dad.

Charlotte: Just try and cut him some slack. I know you’ve been through a lot, but he has, too.
Shiloh: Charlotte, I love you, but stay out of this.
Charlotte: Fine. But I’m not taking your side if I think you’re in the wrong.
Shiloh: I wouldn’t ask you to.
Charlotte: If I crossed the line…
Shiloh: You care. And it means a lot.


Noah: There’s gotta be something…

Hem hem…

Lorna: I’ve taken a wrong turn.
Peter: Thought you said you knew where you were going!?
Lorna: When we go this deep into the woods, it all starts to look the same!

Henry: If you two are just gonna bicker the entire time, maybe don’t speak?
Peter: Henry, with all due respect…
Henry: She’s been through a lot. You both have.
Peter: That doesn’t excuse–
Henry: I’m not excusing anything. It’s just as despicable of Lorna to abandon Beatrice as it was for Karen to abandon me. But people react to trauma differently. You went one way after losing Milo, Lorna went another.

Lorna: It’s this way!



Aimi: Shit. Thanks…

Peter: And there goes the daylight.
Henry: We need to get a move on.

Aimi: Even though you just saved my life, I still want to have a talk with you…
Drew: Let me guess, I’m about to hear “If you hurt my little brother” speech.
Aimi: Pretty much.
Drew: I don’t intend on hurting Shiro. I like him. A lot.
Aimi: Glad to hear it.

Drew: It’s nice to see a sister who cares. When I came out to Vicky, she told me that under no certain terms was I to reveal my sexuality to anyone. In case it humiliated her at school.
Aimi: Jesus…
Drew: My old man took her side. As he did with everything. I used to think I was a dick for spending so much time away from them, but in hindsight it seems perfectly reasonable. I loved my sister, but I didn’t like her. It’s different with you and Shiro. You love each other. Not because you have to.
Aimi: If I’m totally honest, there are times when it really sucks to love him.
Drew: I can see why.

Aimi: So, you’re not opposed to me and you getting to know each other, then?
Drew: Guess not.
Aimi: Favourite colour?
Drew: I don’t feel strongly enough about colours to have favourites.
Aimi: Pick one.
Drew: Green.
Aimi: What’s your spirit animal? Mine’s a cat.
Drew: That’ll do.

Alexis: So, everything you said you wanted our communities to do together was a lie!?
Noah: You could interpret it like that…
Blaine: Don’t talk like a fucking politician!
Noah: We weren’t going to leave you high and dry. We would have provided supplies, materials…
Alexis: In exchange for Michael? That was the catch? The one you never seemed fit to mention.
Noah: If I had come out with it straight away…
Alexis: I could’ve saved all of us this hassle and told you he was dead.

Noah: Michael’s research…
Alexis: I moved it all.
Noah: Which is why I wasn’t able to find it.
Alexis: He didn’t get to do as much as he would’ve liked.
Noah: There could be some informative stuff in there. Anything he learnt. Any theories he noted down…
Alexis: You’re not getting any of it.

Noah: We can come up with a deal.
Alexis: What makes you think I’m interested?
Noah: Name your price.
Alexis: I don’t have one.
Noah: Then I’d very much appreciate it if you’d let me leave.

Blaine: Now why would go and do a thing like that?

Noah: I meant what I said the first time I met you. I always have precautions in place whenever I come here. If you kill me now, or take me prisoner, my people will turn up looking for me. And they won’t be knocking on the door politely.
Alexis: I don’t like being threatened.
Noah: I’m simply stating what’ll happen.

Blaine: We’re just letting him go!?
Jenson: What can we do?
Blaine: How about we stop letting people push us around!?

Alexis: Send Noreen out in five minutes. She can track, yes?
Blaine: Hell yeah she can.
Alexis: She needs to follow him back. Once we know where he and his people live, we can come up with a plan.

Coleman: Alexis?
Alexis: What is it, Richard?
Coleman: Can I have a word?

Coleman: I don’t think Catelyn’s going to make it. Not without more transfusions.
Alexis: She’s had enough.
Coleman: But I think I might have figured out what was causing the extra bleeding. There was a bullet fragment I over-looked. If I was to go around town and find someone with her blood-type who could donate…
Alexis: Let her go.
Coleman: You can’t be serious!?
Alexis: You’ve done enough.
Coleman: I don’t think you’re seeing things clearly!

Alexis: Are you saying by removing that fragment the bleeding will definitely stop?
Coleman: Well, no…
Alexis: She’s draining our resources. Enough now.
Coleman: She’ll suffer terribly… for hours!
Alexis: Then put her out of her misery. I have no sympathy for her or any of the others after what they did. She’s lucky we tried to help at all.
Coleman: She’s a mother to a new-born baby!

Alexis: I’ll raise him.
Coleman: What!?

Coleman: Alexis–
Alexis: This conversation’s over.

Lorna: Shh! Thought I heard something.
Then you heard correctly…

Noah: Anyone moves, I start shooting.

Noah: I’m astounded you have the nerve to show your face near here again.
Lorna: I don’t want any trouble.
Noah: No? Because it looks like you’ve returned for revenge.
Lorna: A friend of ours is in trouble. She needs medicine. I knew you were stocked quite well in that regard.
Noah: So, you thought you’d rob us?

Henry: No. We can trade.
Noah: Not interested.
Henry: We have food. Plenty of it.
Noah: So do we.

Peter: You want information on Michael Lewis, right?
Noah: So?
Peter: What if we have some?
Noah: He’s dead.
Peter: He is. But two of our people used to live in Victoria. And I know for a fact they worked alongside him during several of his experiments.

Peter: Ready to talk?

Coleman: I’m sorry, Catelyn.
Catelyn: Richard…

Catelyn: What’s in the drip?
Coleman: Pain-relief.
Catelyn: Then why the apology?
Coleman: I just… I don’t want you to suffer!

Catelyn: My son… please… you have to make sure Zahra raises him…
Coleman: I…
Catelyn: And what I told you… you and Michael… back when I got here… you have to continue to keep it a secret. Promise me. Please.
Coleman: I promise…

Catelyn: Name… name him…

Coleman: What? Catelyn? Catelyn!?


Blaine: You are not going to like this!
Alexis: Shh! Just got him to sleep!
Jenson: What are you doing with the baby?
Alexis: Catelyn didn’t make it. I’m going to raise him.
Jenson: Is that a good idea!?
Alexis: What were you saying?

Blaine: Noreen tracked Noah to his base. Care to hazard a guess who she spotted him talking to?
Alexis: I’m not really in a guessing sort of mood.
Blaine: Lorna.
Alexis: What!?
Blaine: And Peter and several of his people.
Alexis: Are you serious?

Blaine: Deadly.

Alexis: I’VE HAD IT!


Jenson: Should I take him back to Yvonne?
Alexis: No! Just get out! I’ve had it up to here with everyone! Go!

Blaine: They’ve pushed her too far.
Jenson: Could you look any smugger?
Blaine: Probably not.

Jenson: I see what you’re trying to do.
Blaine: And what would that be, Holmes?
Jenson: Trying to settle an old score with Lorna and get revenge on Peter’s group for what happened at the warehouse. And you’re prepared to use any means to fulfil your bloodlust.

Blaine: Am I that transparent?

Jenson: It’s a good job I’ll be there to stop you.


Alexis: Shh… it’s OK…

Alexis: It’s OK, Stephen.

3 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 16 – Let No Man Put Asunder

  1. Rob says:

    Great episode. I particularly liked the way you began with Alexis mentioning the mysterious Stephen and then ended with the revelation that Stephen was Catelyn’s baby. I also like that the second and penultimate scene were between Blaine and Jenson. All in all a very nice way to structure/bookend the episode. I also like the interactions between these two, with Jenson seeing straight through Blaine and what kind of person he is.

    There were a couple of good instances of convergence in this episode, where characters suddenly ran into each other. Alexis helping to fight off the zombie horde was interesting to see – enemies bound together by a common enemy for once. That shootout scene was brilliantly done and the effects when the guns fire are excellent. Alexis’ quest to find Lydia-Jean, spurred on by Michael’s Eli-esque reappearance, showed a rare glimpse into her more human side, which was intriguing to see. The other convergence was near the end, when Henry’s group and Lorna ran into Noah, which looks to throw open some interesting storylines. Alexis’ reaction to this meeting, shouting in frustration when she’d just asked the others not to wake the baby, was amusing.

    Lorna’s return was interesting and I’m glad that she’s regaining some sense of normality again, rather than just shooting in and out. It’ll be interesting to see if and how things progress with Peter and if she can bring herself to face Beatrice. Her attempt to get meds for Georgie showed her human side once again (seemingly a bit of a theme in this episode). Hopefully they will be successful. Bernadette, Luke and Daniel’s arrival in Midway should open up some interesting possibilities. Will Bernadette do her usual thing of messing with everyone’s head and attempting to manipulate her way into higher standing?

    The scenes between Charlotte and Shiloh were good, especially her revelation that she killed her father. I also enjoyed the scenes between Aimi and Drew, particularly Drew’s admittance of his feelings for Shiro and the comic relief of Aimi’s attempt to engage Drew in discussion about his favourite colour and choice of spirit animal.

    Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samjpeck says:

      Great comment, Rob! 😀 I think you may have misunderstood where Stephen comes into play but it was meant to be slightly ambiguous! Everything in Alexis’s dream was real and actually happened to her, right up until she saw Michael. Stephen, who has been mentioned a couple of times (not that I’d expect anyone to remember!) was Alexis’s husband. She named Catelyn’s baby after him! Hope that helps clear things up! 🙂

      I’m really glad you enjoyed all the storylines! This episode definitely sets things up for the four remaining episodes what with Noah meeting Peter’s group and Bernadette and co being at Midway.

      And I’m very pleased you liked the big fight against the zombies! That was a bit of a bitch to film and miraculously my game didn’t crash at all so I managed to get it all done at once and not have to go through the tedious task of setting the scene back to where it last was!

      Thanks so much, Rob! 😀 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the season!


  2. Rob says:

    Ah, I see. Well, the first scene was intriguing nonetheless. It seems like Michael was Alexis’ only link to the rest of humanity, and maybe Lydia-Jean could have been that too, but it wasn’t to be.

    I was also curious as to Elaine’s story and who exactly she’s been looking for. I’ll be interested to find out more about that.

    Liked by 1 person

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