Alexis: Well?
Blaine: No sign. How’s the girl?
Alexis: Coleman’s seeing to her. He’s not sure if she’s going to make it.
Blaine: Damn tragic. And two dead as well. Where do we go from here?
Alexis: Gather a group. Track them down. This isn’t over.










Blaine: As fuck up’s go this was a pretty big one, Paul.
Paul: Look, Blaine, it wasn’t what it looked like…
Blaine: Well, what it looked like was you got caught red-handed stealing from the pantry. You disputing that? Calling me and my boys liars?
Paul: Of course not!
Blaine: There’s no point trying to worm your way out of this. You’re banged to rights.

Paul: Blaine, I promise–
Blaine: Save some face. Accept your punishment like a man and stop whining. You’re only embarrassing yourself.
Paul: Please…

Blaine: Hey, I like you Paul, so I’ll tell you what, I’ll do you a favour and not pro-long your agony any further. Carlos, Nate, get the ball rolling here.



Blaine: Nothing like a sunny Autumn day, huh?


Blaine: Don’t let us spoil your appetite!





Shannon: Bernadette?
Bernadette: C’mon, kids.






Jasmin: I could lie here all day.

Jasmin: Tariq?
Tariq: Sorry. Was distracted.
Jasmin: Should I be offended?
Tariq: No, I was just thinking about what Alexis might do about Peter’s people. After they killed that group and took all the food? It’s been a few days yet nothing seems to have happened.

Jasmin: Why do you care so much? I sure as shit don’t.
Tariq: Really?
Jasmin: I detest Alexis as much as I do Bernadette. It was almost satisfying seeing someone get the better of her.
Tariq: We miss out on the food too, y’know?
Jasmin: Hence the almost.

Jasmin: Wanna go again?
Tariq: You’re incredible!

Luke: Jasmin, sorry to interrupt but we need to speak to you downstairs.
Jasmin: Can it wait?
Luke: It’s urgent.

Jasmin: So much for that.

Jenson: Did that seriously just happen?
Alexis: Jenson, please, I have Noah arriving with Lorna later. I haven’t got time for this.
Jenson: They just beat Paul to a pulp and you don’t care!?
Alexis: He stole from the pantry.
Jenson: A bit of sugar for his coffee!
Alexis: It’s the principle.
Jenson: So, he deserved what he got!?

Alexis: I didn’t tell Blaine to do that.
Jenson: But you didn’t stop him!

Alexis: Jenson…

Jenson: What would Michael say?

Alexis: Michael’s dead.

Jenson: Yes. And I’m starting to think this place is, too.


Jasmin: What’s up?

Bernadette: We need to leave Victoria. Today.
Jasmin: You’re high, right?
Luke: I’m with Bernadette on this. Blaine just set his guys on Paul. In front of the entire town… the kids. He’s getting worse.
Jasmin: Fuck.

Catelyn: Are you just saying this to get one over on Alexis?
Bernadette: I know I’ve had issues with her in the past…
Luke: That might be a slight understatement, Bernie, you’ve gotta admit.
Bernadette: But even if I did have faith in her leadership, I’d still be saying the same thing.
Catelyn: And why’s that?

Bernadette: Because I believe Blaine will overthrow her at the first possible opportunity.

Tariq: You sure about that? I mean, I’ve spent some time with the guy, and he’s a piece of shit and everything, but I think he would’ve played that card already if that was his intention.

Catelyn: What is it you’re suggesting exactly, Bernadette?
Bernadette: We break out. Tonight.
Catelyn: So, we’re all supposed to endanger our lives because you hate Alexis!?
Bernadette: That’s not what I’m saying and you know it.
Catelyn: And what about my baby? You really expect me to risk his life like this!?
Bernadette: He’ll be safer away from Blaine.

Catelyn: You people do what you want! But leave me out of it!


Tariq: That went well…

Bernadette: She’s scared. But she knows I’m right. I saw it in her face. We’ll talk to her again later.
Luke: Who else should we try and get on board? The more of us, the safer we’ll be.
Jasmin: So, we’re actually doing this!?
Tariq: What about Jason?
Jasmin: I’ll take that as a yes…
Luke: No to Jason. And it’s a no to you coming as well, by the way.
Tariq: Here we go.

Jasmin: Luke, I understand you and Tariq didn’t exactly get off on the right foot…
Luke: He beat the shit out of me!
Tariq: I just did as Derrick asked.
Luke: Did he ask you to fuck his girlfriend once he was dead as well?
Jasmin: Hey!?

Bernadette: Luke, you said yourself, we need all the people we can get. We should speak to Coleman. Trudy, too.
Luke: What about Jenson? He hates Blaine.
Tariq: But he’s loyal to Alexis. No way will he agree.
Bernadette: Catelyn, Zahra, Trudy, and Coleman it is, then.

Lorna: When are you letting me go?
Cecilia: Soon. Have you been eating OK?
Lorna: How soon we talking?
Cecilia: Been taking your medicine?

Lorna: You’re going to hand me over to Alexis, aren’t you?

Cecilia: Yes.

Noah: You told her!?
Cecilia: It’s bad enough we’re doing what we’re doing, I’m not lying to her as well.
Noah: She’ll make it her mission to break out now. By any means necessary.
Cecilia: What can she do? She’s still not fully recovered, the door is locked, the window’s bullet-proof, and there’s an armed guard outside at all times. She’s not going anywhere. She knows it.
Noah: Still, it might have been better to keep her ignorant.

Cecilia: She’s not stupid. I merely confirmed what she already knew.
Noah: Be that as it may…
Cecilia: You can be mad all you like, but I did the right thing.
Noah: I’m not mad. I can’t be. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Cecilia: When are we–?
Noah: Tonight.
Cecilia: And there’s not a chance we can find another–?
Noah: No.


Calvin: You OK?
Georgie: Fine. Just had a nap.
Calvin: You sure? I can ask someone to take over in the kitchen.
Georgie: I’m good.

Calvin: Spoken to Jai?
Georgie: About what?
Calvin: Y’know.
Georgie: Calvin, please, I’m doing all right. Please stop fussing.
Calvin: So, no numbness, or anything? Feeling faint?
Georgie: Nope.
Calvin: And you’d tell me if that changed?

Georgie: Enough, please.
Calvin: Georgie…

Georgie: Enough!

Aimi: You know what’s funny?
Shiro: Aside from Beatrice puking over Rachel earlier? I almost pissed myself.
Aimi: I thought you couldn’t stand Drew.
Shiro: I can’t most of the time.
Aimi: Part of the attraction, I take it?
Shiro: Dunno. Maybe. I don’t really understand it myself.

Shiro: You’re all right about it, aren’t you?
Aimi: You need to ask me that? You do remember my best friend at school was gay?
Shiro: I hated him.
Aimi: You hate everyone.
Shiro: But he was awful. Surprised he didn’t turn me straight.

Aimi: If I’m honest, if I’m offended you didn’t tell me.
Shiro: It didn’t seem relevant.
Aimi: But I’m your sister?
Shiro: Part of me thought you already knew.
Aimi: I had my suspicions. I mean, the fact you never had a girlfriend… but then I thought no girl in her right mind would ever put up with you.
Shiro: That’s sweet.

Aimi: I remember asking Mum about it once.
Shiro: Oh?
Aimi: She said you weren’t. Did she know? Was she lying for you?
Shiro: She didn’t know.

Aimi: Well, I’m happy for you. It’s nice you’ve found someone.
Shiro: Thanks.
Aimi: I just hope he doesn’t break your heart.
Shiro: Jesus, I don’t like him that much.
Aimi: Cut the BS.
Shiro: OK.

Tariq: I understand you like Alexis…
Coleman: It’s not just that, Tariq! Leaving this place would be madness! Now, I know Blaine and his people are…
Tariq: Bastards? Bullies? Madmen?
Coleman: All of the above. But I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’m sorry. I wish you well, but I won’t be participating.
Tariq: Fine. Can we trust you to keep this to yourself?
Coleman: Oh, believe me! This conversation never happened!


And here I was hoping for a quick finger up the asshole and a lollipop for my troubles.


Blaine: Wanna tell me what that was all about, Doc?

Bobby: I hate to break it to you, Angie, but history is even more irrelevant than it was before.
Angie: Dad was really into it, He’d spend hours watching documentaries.
Bobby: Doesn’t interest me in the least.
Angie: It’s important. If we don’t know our history, how can we learn from previous mistakes? Now, I know the human race never had braindead ghouls to content with…
Bobby: Can we get through lunch without talking about boring shit!?
Angie: Language! But fine. I get your point.

Bobby: What’s on the menu today, Georgie?
Georgie: Hot dogs.
Bobby: Awesome!
Angie: Take our plates. I’ll be over in a sec.

Angie: You all right?
Georgie: Just a bit swamped.
Angie: So, you think the diet’s working, then?
Georgie: Yep.
Angie: I know how important medicine is. My Aunt Roz had diabetes and she refused help. Decided to leave it to God instead…
Georgie: And let me guess, she lived a long and healthy life?
Angie: Uh…

Georgie: I’m kidding, Angie. I’m trying not to get morbid.
Angie: Sorry. I suppose you’ve had enough of people checking up on you.
Georgie: Only Calvin. Now, if you’ll excuse me…
Angie: Sure.

Bobby: What did you two talk about?
Angie: Nothing much.

Bobby: She seems to be doing well, huh? Who would’ve thought?
Angie: I just hope she’s telling the truth.
Bobby: Why would she lie?
Angie: Sometimes, when people are ill, they become stubborn. Pretend there’s nothing wrong.
Bobby: Georgie’s not that type of person. I’m sure she’s fine.
Angie: Yeah…

Lorna: Trust me, I’ll find a way out.

Eli: I’d like to believe that, Lorna…
Lorna: I’ll think of something.
Eli: Well, you better! If you die, then I’m screwed! I’ll have to go and haunt somebody else and nobody entertains me like you do, my sweetness!

Eli: Where the hell are these bunch of bores holding us anyway?
Lorna: Underground somewhere. That’s all they’ve said.
Eli: Thought we were being kept in a spaceship or something from the looks of this place…

Diego: Hey man.
Niko: Hi, Diego.
Diego: She doing OK?
Niko: Think so. Back on her feet, at least. You’re the one who saved her, right?
Diego: Claire and I. Yeah.

Diego: Is she-?
Niko: Talking to herself? Think so. Weird, huh?
Diego: Loneliness does things to people.
Niko: I just think she’s bat-shit personally.

Alexis: You and I need to have a talk about Paul.
Blaine: That can wait.
Alexis: It can?
Blaine: You know that snake you told me watch?

Blaine: She’s getting ready to strike.

Bernadette: It’s a shame Coleman was a lost cause.
Tariq: I think a few more days of putting up with Blaine might’ve changed his mind.
Bernadette: We can’t afford to wait that long.
Tariq: I know.

Luke: Hey, I just saw Trudy entering next door to visit the baby. Now could be an ideal time to head over.

Alexis: I knew it was only a matter of time with this woman.
Blaine: Way I see it, there are two ways we can go about this. A: We exile her in front of everyone.
Alexis: And let me guess, option B is execution?
Blaine: It’ll make sure she becomes an example to the rest of them.

Alexis: If we get rid of her, then she doesn’t become an example, she becomes a martyr. It’ll do nothing but strengthen their hatred and desire to lash out against us.
Blaine: What other option is there?
Alexis: We scare them into submission a different way.
Blaine: A public exile or execution wouldn’t do that!?
Alexis: It’s too predictable. Especially for Bernadette. She likes to play her mind-games, so I say we give her a taste of her own medicine.

Jasmin: You know what, you guys go on without me. I’m gonna take a quick nap.

Alexis: And there’s our opportunity. Jasmin’s gone back inside while the rest are… hold on…

Alexis: As expected. They’re visiting others. Probably to try and persuade them to join. Coleman’s refusal hasn’t deterred them. We need to act now.
Blaine: Just tell me what to do.
Alexis: Go to Bernadette’s house and find Jasmin. Drive her twenty or thirty miles from the city and abandon her at the side of the road. Tell her if she ever comes back, we’ll kill her on sight.
Blaine: You sure this will work? Won’t it be easier to kill her?
Alexis: She’s a stupid girl, but she doesn’t deserve to die.

Blaine: But if we want to scare them into submission-?
Alexis: If there’s a blood… a body…  or if her stuff is gone, then it gives them clues as to what happened. It will give them a weapon. Something they could use against us to turn and recruit more people. But if she disappears into thin air, with no trace, and we offer no explanation, that will freak them out more than any violence we direct at them.

Alexis: Go. Now. Before they head home.

Jasmin: You all right, sweetie?
Shannon: Just bored.
Jasmin: Why not play with Daniel?
Shannon: He’s asleep.
Jasmin: Well, I’m about join him. You gonna be OK?
Shannon: I might read my book.
Jasmin: Good girl.




Blaine: Oh, Jesus Christ… when she said girl…
Shannon: Is someone there?

Blaine: Hello, sweetheart.
Shannon: Oh!
Blaine: It’s OK. Don’t be alarmed. I’m a friend.

Blaine: You must be Jasmin?
Shannon: I…
Blaine: What you doing on your own?
Shannon: Bernadette and Luke aren’t here.
Blaine: It’s you I came to see! I have something very exciting to tell you!
Shannon: What?

Blaine: Me and you are about to go on a little adventure!

Hailey: Hey.
Niko: Get any sleep?
Hailey: A little. Wanna come to my room?
Niko: Can’t. On guard again.

Hailey: Well, I don’t think you’re doing a good job.
Niko: Huh?
Hailey: She might be dead.
Niko: Oh, ha-ha.
Hailey: I’m serious, Niko! Look!

Niko: The hell!?
Hailey: We have to help her!
Niko: Hold on.
Hailey: You can’t let her die! Noah needs her, doesn’t he!?
Niko: This might be the sick prisoner act. I’m not gonna fall for it that easy.

Niko: Oh!
Hailey: Doesn’t look like an act to me.

Hailey: I thought you said–?
Niko: Can’t let her die on my watch!

Niko: Hey? Lady? You OK?
Hailey: Is she breathing?
Niko: Get Cecilia!

Niko: Hang on-!? Is that a bite!?


Hailey: NIKO!

Hailey: Wait! Please!
Lorna: My clothes and weapons! Where are they?
Hailey: Sorry!?

Lorna: Where would they have put my things when they brought me here!?
Hailey: In the supply room maybe?

Lorna: Take me there. Now.

Shannon: Why did we get out the car?
Blaine: Thought we could have a nice walk.
Shannon: It’s scary out here.

Shannon: I want to go home.
Blaine: I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen.
Shannon: Why not?
Blaine: You have a new home now.
Shannon: I don’t understand?

Blaine: You see that big building over there?
Shannon: Yes.
Blaine: Well, all you have to do is head over and the people there will let you up and you’ll be nice and safe. And guess what? They have food! Plenty in fact! They’ve been busy collecting!
Shannon: Why did I have to leave?
Blaine: There are a few reasons, kid. It’s probably best if I don’t get into them.
Shannon: Is Bernadette coming?
Blaine: Maybe later.

Shannon: But what if the monsters come?
Blaine: Then you run. Remember, you’re a lot smarter and faster than they are. You’ll get away from them no problem. And all you have to do is walk to that building. It’s not far away, so it should be easy.
Shannon: Can you come with me?

Blaine: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Shannon: But I’m scared.
Blaine: There’s no need to be You’re a big girl now, right? No use people holding your hand through everything. Sometimes you gotta be brave.
Shannon: OK.

Blaine: So, yeah. Take care of yourself, Jasmin.
Shannon: But I’m…

Blaine: Do not feel good about this one!

Cecilia: What the-!?

Cecilia: Niko!?


Lorna: There are no stairs leading out of here?
Hailey: Just the elevator.
Lorna: You better not be lying to me.
Hailey: I’m not.
Lorna: What’s up there?
Hailey: I don’t know where we are exactly.
Lorna: Bullshit.
Hailey: I’m telling the truth! They keep it a secret! We’re near a lake, that’s all I know!

Cecilia: Put the weapons down, Lorna.

Lorna: Can’t do that I’m afraid.
Cecilia: Let her go.
Lorna: So you can cage me up like an animal again!? Hand me over to Alexis!?
Cecilia: We’re not bad people. We saved your life.

Lorna: I never asked you to.
Cecilia: Just put the gun down, let Hailey go, and we can talk this through. I promise.
Lorna: Put yours down.
Cecilia: No.

Lorna: I’ll kill her.
Hailey: Cecilia, for goodness sake…

Cecilia: We should’ve let you die.
Lorna: Yeah. You probably should have.
Cecilia: You won’t last long in your condition.
Lorna: We’ll see about that.

Cecilia: If you don’t let Hailey go when you get up there, or if you do anything to her, my people and I will find you. And this time we’ll be taking your life, not saving it.




Noah: What’s all the commotion?

Noah: CeCe?
Cecilia: Lorna’s gone.
Noah: What!?
Cecilia: She escaped.
Noah: And you let her!?

Cecilia: Did you really just ask me that!? You think I would betray our community?
Noah: No. Of course not. It’s just… how did this happen!?
Cecilia: I don’t know. She knocked Niko out and took Hailey hostage.
Noah: Dammit.

Hailey: That woman is insane!

Noah: Maybe I should send a group out out?
Hailey: She took off straight away. By the time you get anyone out there, she’ll be long gone.
Cecilia: And even if they do catch up, she’ll take a few of them out by the time they can overpower her. We can’t afford to lose anybody else.
Noah: I find it hard to believe she’d be able to take someone out in her state.
Cecilia: She’s feral and determined. That’s a lethal combination and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Noah: This changes everything with Alexis.
Cecilia: I’m sorry, Noah.
Noah: And it weakens the chances of extracting Michael Lewis peacefully.
Hailey: Oh, I’m fine, thanks for asking!

Hailey: I’m gonna check on Niko.

Cecilia: What do we do now? If you visit Alexis tonight without her…
Noah: I don’t know.

Alexis: Is it done?
Blaine: You’re lucky I agreed to go through with it!
Alexis: You were the one who wanted to kill her?
Blaine: Not if I had known she was a kid!

Alexis: Beg your pardon?
Blaine: She must be what? No older than ten!?
Alexis: What are you talking about!?
Blaine: The little girl!
Alexis: She’s in her late twenties! Asian… dark hair…
Blaine: What!?
Alexis: It’s Tariq’s girlfriend! The one who went with you to the warehouse!

Blaine: FUCK!

Alexis: What have you done!?

Catelyn: I asked you once already to leave.
Tariq: Hear us out.
Catelyn: We’re not interested!
Bernadette: Trudy…
Trudy: I agree with Catelyn. I’m sorry, but I don’t want a part in any of this.

Bernadette: Then I hope you don’t come to regret it.


Jasmin: Howie just called by and asked why Shannon left the compound with Blaine!
Bernadette: What!?
Luke: He must have made a mistake?
Jasmin: No, he insisted it was her!
Luke: She’s not at home!?
Jasmin: Would I be here now if she was!?

Catelyn: Surely there must be a reasonable explanation?
Bernadette: There can’t be!
Jasmin: I saw him come back a few minutes ago. Alone.
Luke: If they do anything to her…
Catelyn: They wouldn’t, would they?
Bernadette: Oh, wake up, Catelyn!

Luke: I’m going over there!
Bernadette: No.
Luke: Are you for real!?

Bernadette: It’s what they want.
Tariq: So, they kidnap her and we’re supposed to do nothing!?
Bernadette: There’s nothing we can do for her. If we stay and protest that they bring her back, they can use her as leverage. And even if we do as they say, there’s no guarantee they’ll keep up their end of the bargain. If we go, then they’ll have no choice but to bring her back anyway.
Luke: What if they hurt her?
Bernadette: I can’t see them doing that just to spite us… it’s not as if we’ll be here to know they did it anyway.

Jasmin: I hate to say this, but she’s right.

Luke: We can’t leave Shannon. I won’t.
Bernadette: Luke, this breaks my heart, but what other choice we have? What if they decide to take Daniel next time?
Luke: I’d kill them!

Bernadette: There’s no other option. We have to leave. Tonight.

Trudy: I’m coming with you. I can’t believe I ever used to love this place. It sickens me to see what it’s become!

Bernadette: Hopefully this has opened your eyes, Catelyn?
Catelyn: I can’t believe they’d really hurt a child. Even if they haven’t and they’re just keeping her somewhere… that’s still sick…
Bernadette: I understand you have your son, but he really would be safer away from here.
Catelyn: I… I don’t know…
Zahra: Catelyn?

Zahra: We should go.

Catelyn: Would we even know where to go!? From the sound of the groans outside the walls, it seems the dead population grows larger and larger by the day…
Luke: Bobby left here with his sister and friends. They have a camp.
Bernadette: But we don’t know where it is.
Tariq: Actually…

Tariq: We do.

Alexis: How could you be so stupid!?
Blaine: I called her Jasmin, she didn’t correct me!
Alexis: She was probably scared out of her wits! Go back and get her!
Blaine: I can’t…
Alexis: And why not!?

Blaine: I dropped her off close to Peter’s camp. Told her to head there.
Alexis: You did what!?
Blaine: I couldn’t leave a child out there alone!
Alexis: I never asked you to!
Blaine: How was I supposed to know that!? You did refer to her as a stupid girl, I just… I got it wrong!

Alexis: If she tells them…
Blaine: What can she tell them aside from me dumping her nearby!? She is just a girl. She doesn’t know anything about this place. Not really.
Alexis: We’ll just have to go ahead with the plan. We’ll keep quiet and see how they react.
Blaine: And in the meantime…
Alexis: Tell your guys about their plan. If they catch them trying to get out, they are to stop them. By any means necessary.

Bernadette: Right, I’ll repeat it again. We wait until after sunset when Jason’s on guard in the armoury. Tariq goes down, steals some guns, then makes his way behind this house to meet up with the rest of you. Tariq gives Luke a gun, who then goes behind Coleman’s infirmary and lets off a gunshot, alerting everybody to there. I’ll be waiting with Daniel behind Alexis’s place, so I’ll need the gun you’ve got right now, Tariq. You all meet me and together we’ll get to the front gate where we’ll hop into one of the cars outside and get out of here before they even know what’s going on.
Tariq: That’s a good a plan as any.

Bernadette: All right. Remember, as soon as the sun goes down in a couple of hours, we do this. Good luck, everyone.


Lorna: Shit…
Eli: Running out of steam?
Lorna: You could say that.

Eli: Have to say, you’re quite the machine. You woke up for a coma mere days ago, and the distance you’ve covered between here and the underground spaceship is extraordinary.

Lorna: I need to find a pharmacy.
Eli: What for? Is it your time of month? Wait! I don’t know want to know! We need some boundaries!
Lorna: I was on anti-biotics. Cecilia said I had some sort of infection. If I don’t get more soon…

Eli: All pharmacies around here will be looted clean by now.
Lorna: Worth a shot.
Eli: Is it? You’ll just waste precious energy.
Lorna: Unless…
Eli: Unless what?

Eli: Wait! Where’re we going!?

Eli: Lorna? Don’t be coy with me, woman! You drag me along with you, lest you forget! You know how bored I was while you were in that coma!? If I wasn’t already dead, I might’ve topped myself! Wait, are you going where I think you’re going? Ooh! Family reunion!

Lorna: Shut up.
Eli: You know the best thing about living in your head, Lorna? I get to see all your memories! Did you really shave your cat as a child!? That’s awfully amusing. And that girl you messed around with back in high school? Yikes! She looked like a caveman! But hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Eli: Sorry, have I embarrassed you? Oh, Lorna, that wasn’t my intention. I promise I won’t talk about your juvenile experimentation with Fred Flintstone ever again!
Lorna: Stop.
Eli: Oh, come on. Get a sense of humour. Though, I will concede that when you thought back to Milo’s birth yesterday, it was wrong of me to show up as the midwife. Even for me, that was a low blow.

Eli: But you gotta admit, it was pretty funny.


Shiloh: Hey, Dad. You seen Elaine?
Henry: Not for a few hours or so. Why?

Shiloh: She was meant to be on dish washing duty with Penny. Never showed. Rachel wasn’t impressed. Had to cover her shift. And she’s had a bad enough day what with Beatrice puking all over her hair…
Henry: I’m sure it just slipped her mind. She’ll be more than happy to make up for it.
Shiloh: Nobody’s really seen her…
Henry: So?

Shiloh: She must be off on another one of her walks.
Henry: You got something you want to say, son?

Shiloh: I don’t trust her.
Henry: But I do. And I’m the one in a relationship with her. So, whether you trust her or not is irrelevant.
Shiloh: She got real friendly with you once you became leader. It was too quick.
Henry: You’ve said your peace. And I respect your right to express how you feel, but that will do now.

Shiloh: Keep an eye on her, Dad. That’s all I’m asking.

Catelyn: It’s getting dark.

Catelyn: I don’t think I can do this! What if something goes wrong!? What if they shoot at us!? What if we get out there and those things overwhelm us? I can’t let anything happen to my son! He’s too young for me to be doing this! I haven’t even decided on a name for him yet! I know this place isn’t safe… this feels like such a big risk.

Catelyn: You know, now would be a perfect time to say something!

Zahra: I’ll be there.

Catelyn: Yeah. I know you will. Without you, me the little guy wouldn’t even be here. I’m so grateful for that. And I trust you. If you think this is what we’re supposed to do… then I’m with you every step of the way.

Catelyn: I think you should speak more, you know? You probably won’t like me saying this, but you have a nice voice.

Catelyn: Went too far.

Georgie: We have to talk.
Calvin: I’m not going to apologise for worrying about you. So, if that’s what you want to talk about, you’re wasting your time.
Georgie: Even though you’re practically harassing me? Checking up on me near enough every hour?

Calvin: Because I love you. Like I said, I’m not sorry for that.

Georgie: You really are an idiot.
Calvin: I know. And you are, too, for the record.
Georgie: Guess we’re a pair of idiots, then.
Calvin: Can you honestly say if the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing I am?
Georgie: I suppose not.
Calvin: We can be idiots, Georgie. But let’s refrain from being hypocritical idiots.

Calvin: So, you’re really feeling OK?
Georgie: I want to punch you so bad sometimes, Calvin Cutler.

Catelyn: I hope this goes by without a hitch.
Trudy: I’m sure it will.

Luke: Well?
Catelyn: Still waiting on Tariq.
Luke: What’s taking him so long!?

Tariq: You know, I could cover for you if you wanted an early night?
Jason: I would, but I’d have to check with Blaine, man.
Tariq: Oh, I get it.
Jason: Get what?
Tariq: You’re scared of him.
Jason: What!?
Tariq: It’s all right, bro. He’s an intimidating guy.

Jason: I ain’t scared of shit!
Tariq: Then prove it.
Jason: I don’t have to prove anything! He’s just in charge, is all. I have respect for authority.
Tariq: Oh? Is that why you took no persuading from me to join in with the coup Derrick planned against Alexis way back when?
Jason: That was a mistake. Derrick got himself killed. He wasn’t the right person to run this place.
Tariq: Jason, dude, just go to bed. I can see how you’re tired you are.
Jason: I’ll be fine.

Tariq: Trust you to make it so fucking difficult.

Daniel: I’m scared, Bernie!
Bernadette: Quiet! I won’t tell you again!

Tariq: I know I should feel bad, but if I’m honest I never really liked you all that much.

Tariq: Hope your head’s not too sore.

Blaine: What you doing up?
Steve: Can’t sleep.
Blaine: Dreaming about Jackson again?

Steve: I’m pathetic.
Blaine: A little. But hey, you lost your son. You’re allowed to be emotional.

Tariq: Not too late to change your mind.

Tariq: Your funeral.

Blaine: As you’re up anyway, mind doing me a favour?

Bernadette: Oh, come on…

Luke: Finally!

Alexis: I meant what I said earlier.
Jenson: I’m not here to lecture you, I just wanted to give you an update. There’s still no sign of Noah.

Blaine: Would you mind covering for Jason in the armoury? He was on watch most of the day and he’s exhausted.
Steve: Sure. At least I can get out of the cold.
Blaine: That’s the spirit.

Luke: My turn…


Alexis: He’s got cold feet. He’s not prepared to turn Lorna over. I knew this was too good to be true.
Jenson: Maybe he just ran into some trouble?

Jasmin: Oh, come on…
Tariq: It’ll be OK, babe.

Steve: What-!?

Alexis: If he thinks he can offer me some other deal, he’s mistaken. He hands us Lorna, or everything’s off the table.

Luke: Here goes.


Blaine: And they’re fucking moving!

Alexis: C’mon!


Luke: QUICK!

Steve: No, you don’t!

Blaine: Where are they!?
Coleman: I don’t know!
Coleman: There’s nobody here!

Jenson: You should get inside!
Alexis: I can handle myself!

Luke: GO!



Zahra: NO!

Trudy: You shot her!
Catelyn: I’m hit!
Luke: Hang in there!
Catelyn: I dropped him!
Trudy: I caught him! He’s fine!



Bernadette: Where are the others!?
Tariq: Catelyn was shot!
Jasmin: We have to go!

Jenson: Where are they!?
Blaine: That’s a very good question, James. I think we should look into it.

Alexis: Find them! Nobody leaves!

Tariq: Shit!
Bernadette: What?
Tariq: They’re all spreading out! If we don’t go now, we don’t get out!
Jasmin: But so many of them are heading toward the gate!
Bernadette: What we need is a way of luring them here.
Tariq: Yeah, but how do we–?

Jasmin: NO!

Luke: Shit! They’re coming!
Catelyn: Just go, Luke! Get out while you can!
Luke: I’m not abandoning you! This was our idea!
Catelyn: GO!
Luke: Trudy?
Trudy: You heard her.


Carlos: On the ground now!
Trudy: We’re not moving.

Bernadette: A necessary evil.
Tariq: Jasmin…
Jasmin: Stay with me!

Bernadette: C’mon, Daniel!

Luke: Where’s Jasmin and Tariq!?
Bernadette: It’s just the three of us now!
Luke: The hell happened!?
Bernadette: I haven’t got time to explain!

Jasmin: Tariq… Tariq… please…
Tariq: Thank you…
Jasmin: For what!?
Tariq: Making the past few months so…

Jasmin: Tariq!? TARIQ!?

Blaine: Looks like karma caught these two!
Jasmin: That fucking bitch killed him…
Blaine: Who did?
Jasmin: Bernadette!

Blaine: Let me know where she is, and I’ll try my utmost to avenge him for you.


Jasmin: Front gate.

Jenson: What are you guys doing!?
Bernadette: Open the gate, Jenson! Please!
Jenson: I can’t.
Bernadette: Say we held you at gunpoint!
Jenson: (Sighs).

Jenson: I’m only doing this to prevent anymore violence.

Bernadette: Thank you!
Jenson: Go!


Luke: Where’re the cars!?
Bernadette: They knew we wanted out! We’ll have to go by foot until we can find a vehicle!

Trudy: Is she gonna be OK!?
Carlos: Don’t know, don’t care.

Trudy: This was a mistake! Such a terrible, awful mistake!

Blaine: Where are they!?
Jenson: Gone.

Blaine: Because you let them out!
Alexis: Blaine…
Jenson: They had me at gunpoint.  What was I supposed to do?
Blaine: Be a man and take one for the team! That’s what you were supposed to do!
Alexis: Lower your gun.

Alexis: Now.



Noah: What the-!?
Bernadette: Who are you!?
Noah: I could ask you the same question?

Noah: I don’t want any trouble!
Bernadette: We don’t have time for this! Luke, knock him out!



Blaine: Nice of you to join us.

Noah: What happened?
Blaine: You were almost just eaten is what happened. Lucky I found you when I did.
Noah: But how-?
Blaine: Some bad people from our community stole from us and escaped about an hour ago. I’m guessing you had the misfortune of running into them.
Noah: Oh…

Blaine: You good?
Noah: I think so.
Blaine: Excellent. Now, I’d like to ask you a question, if you don’t mind?

Blaine: Where the shitting hell is Lorna?

Noah: You mean she’s not here!?

Alexis: Take Steve and Tariq’s bodies out for burial. People don’t need to wake up and see them lying in the middle of the street.
Noreen: Yes, ma’am.
Carlos: What should we do with these three?
Alexis: Two people are dead and one’s in a bad way. They are just as much as to blame as Bernadette.
Trudy: Alexis, please…

Alexis: Lock them up.



Blaine: Alexis?
Alexis: Well?

Blaine: No sign. How’s the girl?
Alexis: Coleman’s seeing to her. He’s not sure if she’s going to make it.
Blaine: Damn tragic. And two dead as well. Where do we go from here?
Alexis: Gather a group and track them down. This isn’t over.



Alexis: Didn’t you hear what I said?

Blaine: I have bad news.
Alexis: Whatever it is, I’m sure it can’t make tonight any worse.

Blaine: Wanna bet?

Cecilia: Back so soon?

Cecilia: It couldn’t have gone well, then?
Noah: I got knocked out.
Cecilia: What!?
Noah: By some people escaping from her complex.
Cecilia: Are you OK?
Noah: I’m better than OK. I’m glad it happened. And I’m glad Lorna escaped. I never felt right about using her as some sort of transaction.
Cecilia: I don’t understand?

Noah: Alexis knows Lorna escaped… but she thinks it happened when I was knocked out. We’re in the clear.

Eli: This is it. About to be reunited with your beloved family. Nervous?

Eli: I have just the memory to corrupt for this jubilant occasion!

Eli: Do you Peter, take Lorna to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in heath…

Eli: In good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both shall live?


Peter: I do.

Eli: Do you Lorna, take Peter to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Eli: To have and to hold, in sickness and health, to love, honour and cherish, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto him for as long as you both shall live?

Lorna: I do.

Eli: If there be anyone present who may show just and lawful cause why this couple may not be legally wed, you should speak now or forever hold your peace.

Eli: By the authority vested in me by Lorna’s insanity…

Eli: I now pronounce you husband…

Eli: … and wife.

Eli: What God has joined together…

Eli: Let no man put asunder.

2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 15 – No Democracy

  1. Rob says:

    Brilliant episode. I liked the way you started with a flashforward and then built up to it. I actually liked Bernadette in this episode and her storyline was gripping. It was nice to finally hear Zahra talking – is this the first time? It’s a shame it went wrong for her and some of the others. Bernadette shooting Tariq was rather shocking, but perhaps it was her retribution for him beating Luke up, which was touched upon again in this episode. One thing that did confuse me about the breakout scene is why Steve’s gunshot wasn’t heard by Alexis and Blaine. The whole misunderstanding with Blaine and Shannon was rather genius and it was interesting to see the limits of Blaine’s misdeeds, in his unwillingness to leave a child out on her own.

    Lorna’s storyline was interesting and it was cool to see the return of Eli as her personal demon. I like the continuing mystery surrounding the place she was being held, and that we still don’t know much about it even now that Lorna has busted out. Lorna’s breakout itself was pretty good and the extent that she went to for realism, inflicting injuries on herself, was quite something. Her reunion with Peter at the end juxtaposed with scenes of her wedding (with Eli as reverend, no less) were very well done and made me wonder if perhaps she will come back down to Earth again now. The short scenes at Midway with Georgie and Calvin were good and touching, even if there wasn’t much story to be told there this time. Shiloh’s remarks about Elaine were interesting and made me wonder if she is up to something.

    I really liked the way you filmed the Victoria breakout scene, with various shots of the different characters and slowly building up the tension. Brilliantly done. The scene with the slow zoom out of Blaine discovering Noah was good too. I also liked the way you initially reintroduced Eli, with that shot over his shoulder that didn’t immediately reveal his identity. I also liked the scene at the beginning, with shots of all the characters around Victoria, before Paul was beaten up. Blaine’s remarks about a sunny autumn day were amusing too.

    Once again, keep up the fantastic work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samjpeck says:

      Wow, what a great comment! 🙂

      – This was the first episode I think I’ve ever wrote where I was about halfway through and then scrapped it all because it wasn’t working. The pace was all off and I thought I had fixed it by coming up with the flashback at the start and then leading up to it as you mentioned, so I’m really glad you liked it! 😀
      – Zahra has spoken before. But not much. I think since she first appeared in episode nine, she’s probably spoke no more than twenty words. It can be tricky as a lot of how she feels has to come across from her facial expressions and that can be difficult.
      – I don’t think Bernadette shooting Tariq had much to do with anything. She probably didn’t like him all that much, and she’s certainly never cared for Jasmin, so she just did it. I think some of it may have been that he was quite a strong character and felt he could’ve threatened her in that regard. There may very well be repercussions for killing him though!
      – As for the Steve gunshot thing, I think you’ve got me there! I didn’t think of that. There was a lot going on at once, so I could maybe argue that Alexis and Blaine gathered in the town and decided to split up at the same time Steve fired his gun, but never mind! I hope it didn’t take you out of the moment.
      – Elaine? Up to something? Not sure what’s given you that idea.

      Thanks SO much, Rob! Really appreciate it! 😀


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