Micah: Ma?
Jacquelyn: What is it, Micah?

Micah: Are you sure we’re doing the right thing here?
Jacquelyn: We don’t have a choice. Any longer out in the open and we’ll starve.

Jacquelyn: You all let me do the talking OK?

Henry: So, where exactly is this place?
Charlotte: Just south of Little Oak. Two miles, tops.
Henry: And we’re sure it’s filled with food?
Charlotte: It’s gotta be.
Peter: It looks untouched. I don’t think anybody’s been in there since this thing started.

Shiloh: Haven’t we discussed this enough?
Shiro: Yeah. Let’s get going.

Blaine: Howdy, Madam President.
Alexis: Where have you been?
Blaine: Out for a drive.

Blaine: You won’t believe what I’ve found.

Tariq: Who are you people!?
Jacquelyn: Excuse me, Sir. We were just wondering if you’d perhaps be so kind as to take us in?
Tariq: Wait here.

Henry: You know, I really wish I was coming along with you.
Peter: There’s no need. We’ve got a strong group. We’ll be fine.
Henry: I’m the leader of this place.
Peter: Exactly. Let your minions do all the grafting for you.
Henry: Being the leader means I should pull my own weight. You know I hate sitting out.
Peter: (Laughs). It’ll be fine. We’ll see you later.

Blaine: You know when we found that supermarket truck a few blocks away a week or so ago? Well, I was rummaging around inside of there and found directions to one of its warehouses. I checked it out. And it looks like it’s been sitting pretty. All this time.
Alexis: Meaning?
Blaine: Meaning we’ve just hit a goldmine. But it’s even better than a goldmine. Because it has food!

Calvin: Please come back with some tinned hot dogs.
Angie: We’ll try our best.
Calvin: And some soda.
Angie: It’s on the list.
Calvin: And cookies.
Angie: Don’t get greedy.

Tariq: Sorry to barge in…
Alexis: What is it, Tariq?
Tariq: There’s a group outside. They want in.

Shiloh: Can we talk?
Charlotte: I don’t think now’s the time, do you?

Alexis: We barely have enough supplies to last the next few months…
Blaine: But we may have a solution to that problem now.
Alexis: What are you thinking?
Blaine: If they want to move on in here, they should earn the right.

Aimi: Lydia said this place had a whole heap of undead outside.
Jai: We can handle it.
Aimi: Still. It won’t be easy.
Drew: Don’t worry. You have me with you.
Aimi: That’s reassuring.

Alexis: I’m Alexis. The leader of this community.
Jacquelyn: I’m Jacquelyn. My people and I were wondering if you could take us in? We’d be ever so grateful?

Blaine: Why should we?

Jacquelyn: Please, it’s getting colder by the day and these past few months haven’t been kind. We’ve lost our number by half. We’re malnourished and exhausted. We won’t last much longer.
Alexis: We have a limited amount of supplies.
Jacquelyn: We’ll pull our weight. Anything to help.
Blaine: I’m pleased to hear it, because if you want to seek citizenship of our fine community, it comes at a cost.
Jacquelyn: Oh?

Peter: Feeling good about this?
Angie: I am. Are you?
Peter: Yeah.

Alexis: Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.
Blaine: I came across a warehouse full of food earlier today. I believe it’s…

Jacquelyn: Consider it done.

Drew: Why are you coming with us? You’ll just slow us all down.
Shiro: You’re hilarious.

Peter: How much further?
Charlotte: Just up ahead.

Charlotte: This is it.
Aimi: Fuck. You hear all that groaning?
Javier: What do we do?
Peter: We’ll take a minute, get our bearings, and come up with a plan.
Shiro: Peter?




Jacquelyn: It looks as if we were beaten to the punch.
Peter: Sure does.
Jacquelyn: Where do we go from here?

Jeffery: They could walk away to save us the hassle of killing them.
Jacquelyn: Jeffery…

Javier: Try it, puto.
Jacquelyn: We don’t want any trouble.
Shiloh: Then you best shut him up.

Peter: There’s no need for the hostility. We’re strangers. We’ve never met, yet alone wronged each other before, so threats are pointless.
Jacquelyn: I quite agree.
Peter: There’s gotta be enough food in there for us all to eat for a long time. Why not work together? Split whatever’s in there fifty-fifty.
Jacquelyn: That makes sense.
Peter: After, we can go our separate ways. We never have to see each other again.

Jacquelyn: Sounds good to me. I’m Jacquelyn.
Peter: Peter.
Jacquelyn: Like the disciple? Great. Let’s get going.

Alexis: I think we might have made a mistake.
Blaine: With what?
Alexis: Trusting them.
Blaine: Did you not see the look on their faces? They were in awe of this place. They’ll do anything to get in.

Alexis: What if they decide to take the loot and run? Or take up base there?
Blaine: They’re weak. They don’t look like they’ve eaten properly for a long time. And that warehouse might be unusable. The fence is down and it’s in a hotspot of groaner activity.
Alexis: If they try anything…
Blaine: Then I’ll pay them a visit.

Blaine: And from the state of ’em, I doubt I’ll even break a sweat.

Aimi: There’s quite a lot of them.
Jeffery: No shit, Sherlock.
Jacquelyn: How do we do this?

Peter: I think some of us should get in there, get our hands dirty, everyone else can stand by the gate and take some out from afar.
Jacquelyn: All right. You and your people go in. My people and I will cover you from the gate.
Peter: Yeah. Don’t think so.
Jacquelyn: Where’s the trust?

Shiro: Not. Fucking. Happening.
Jacquelyn: Half and half, then?
Peter: Fine.

Charlotte: Peter, should I take position here? I’m better from a vantage point. That OK? Peter?
Peter: Yeah.

Jacquelyn: Ready!

Shiro: Let’s get this show on the road.
Drew: You’re overuse of clichés is embarrassing.

Peter: Let’s do this!
























Charlotte: You’re welcome.

Drew: Let me guess: you’re getting too old for this shit?
Shiro: Bite me.

Jacquelyn: Nice work, everyone.
Peter: I think we should split into packs. Some of each of our people in every group. Just to make sure we really split everything properly.
Jacquelyn: Sounds fair. But first, I think we should move these bodies out and away from here. We’ll need this courtyard to load the crates.
Peter: Let’s do it.

Calvin: You all right?
Henry: Just worried.
Calvin: I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re a tough group.
Henry: I know. I just wish I had gone with them.
Calvin: They’ll be back soon.
Henry: From what they’ve said, that place has more food than we could possibly

Calvin: Which is a good thing.
Henry: When does anything that good come without a cost?
Calvin: Today, maybe?


Jeffery: Jacquelyn’s not the smartest for sticking me in a group with this prick huh, Keith?
Keith: (Laughs).
Shiro: You never know, she might be hoping I put a bullet in you.
Jeffery: You’re fucking hilarious, you know that?
Drew: Enough. None of us like this, but the quicker we get it done, the quicker we can get away from each other.

Jeffery: Even I’m not brave enough to talk back to a guy with a sword…

Peter: You sure you’re gonna be all right staying here with these guys?
Javier: Si. It’s fine.
Peter: Thanks, man.

Javier: Wanna stay with me?
Angie: I would, but I don’t think Peter should be alone with that woman. I’m not sure I trust her.
Javier: OK.
Angie: See you shortly.

Diane: Don’t worry, champ. Rejection happens to the best of us.
Javier: Fuck off.

Larry: Charming.
Diane: Rough round the edges, Larry. Exactly how I like my men.

Aimi: These things are heavy.
Tristan: I’ve got this section.
Aimi: No, it’s OK.
Tristan: I’m not trying to be courteous, lady. I just wanna get this shit done.
Aimi: Fair enough.

Jai: Nice people, huh?
Aimi: Almost make us look good.

Aimi: You know, I was talking to Donna yesterday…
Jai: You have my sympathies.
Aimi: She said something to me that got me angry.
Jai: That tends to be the reaction whenever she opens her mouth. What did she say
Aimi: She thinks I like Peter.
Jai: And do you?
Aimi: I didn’t think so. But why did I get so mad if there was no truth to it?
Jai: They’d be no reason to get annoyed even if it was true. It’s not a crime to like somebody.

Aimi: I couldn’t get my mind off it. Barely slept a wink last night. I was lying there, tossing and turning. By the time I got some sleep, it seemed like Shiro was standing over me, telling me it was time to get up. But it was when I was having breakfast with Georgie when it hit me. She was telling me about the diet you’ve put together for her. I noticed she was eying up my cereal. Then I spotted Peter. And the realisation came to me. Just like that. I don’t like Peter at all. He just really reminds me of someone.

Jai: There are similarities. I’ve often thought so myself.
Aimi: I always knew they were alike, but to become blinded to that and grow to look at Peter a certain way, completely unaware it was because he’s like Ollie, is just… I’ve failed him.
Jai: Why would you say that?
Aimi: I try to push him to the back of my mind. I try to not think of him. It’s hard, but I do it to carry on day-to-day. I do it to focus on the group… to stay alive. That’s so fucked up. After everything he did for me. He taught me how to survive, how to shoot, how to fight, and I just try and forget about him?

Jai: You can’t forget. I don’t think an hour passes where Suzanna hasn’t entered my head.
Aimi: And yet I tried anyway. He’d be so ashamed of me.
Jai: You’re still the same person you were when he was here. He spent the entire time you spent together trying to get you to open up, to trust people, to not lose who you are.
Aimi: That’s why I failed him.
Jai: You misunderstand me. You haven’t changed, Aimi. Look at what you’ve done for Shiro. You’re one of the major reasons why he’s softened and calmed down. He was such a temperamental little shit at the start of all this. I used to wake up in the morning and be convinced that day was the day he was going to get himself killed. Hell, there were times when I wanted to ring his neck myself. But look at him now. He’s made friends. He trusts and cares about people. You’re a big cause of that.

Aimi: Maybe.
Jai: And it’s not just him you’ve made an impact on. There’s me, too. And I know both Angie and Georgie have come to see you as a sister.
Aimi: Really? They’ve said that?
Jai: They haven’t needed to. Take it from me, Aimi, as someone who knew Ollie his entire life, as someone who watched him grow from a boy into the incredible man he became I can say this with the utmost confidence…

Jai: You make him proud every single day.

Owen: You idiots just gonna chat all day!?

Heidi: You’ve led us into an office. Nice one, Dom.
Dominic: Do you ever stop moaning!?

Heidi: Maybe if you stopped being such a blithering idiot all the time, I wouldn’t need to moan as much!
Dominic: Oh, like you need an excuse!
Heidi: You’re useless at finding your way around! This is the nightmare hike on our honeymoon all over again!
Dominic: I wished I had taken your sister’s advice and fled the country the night before the wedding.
Heidi: Excuse me!?

Charlotte: Maybe it’s a good job nothing did happen between us? We might’ve ended up like these two.
Shiloh: Not necessarily. My parents got together when they were fifteen and they were always happy.
Charlotte: The same can’t be said for my folks.
Shiloh: Every couple’s different, I guess.
Charlotte: You OK?
Shiloh: I’m fine.

Charlotte: I’m sorry if I upset you yesterday. I didn’t mean to be harsh.
Shiloh: You have nothing to apologise for. I, on the other hand…
Charlotte: I wasn’t offended.
Shiloh: I was wrong to act as if you had led me on. You were right. I knew what this was all along. You didn’t ask me to fall in love.

Charlotte: What!?Are you serious!?
Shiloh: I wouldn’t joke about this.
Charlotte: Shiloh, I…
Shiloh: You don’t have to say anything, Charl. And I’m not trying to guilt-trip you, or garner sympathy. I just figured, anything could happen to us today, and if it did, I’d just want you to know, is all.

Charlotte: Shiloh…

Peter: You people have a community?
Jacquelyn: Actually, we were hoping we could stay here. The fence is down but it wouldn’t take much to reinforce it. Do you have a safe-base?
Peter: Yes.
Jacquelyn: I won’t bother asking anymore about it.
Peter: Good.

Micah: You don’t need to be rude, man.
Peter: Who said I’m being rude?
Micah: Your tone.
Jacquelyn: Micah, it’s OK.

Micah: You know what my mother did before this? She worked for humanitarian aid. Soldiers would enter the most dangerous places in the world armed with guns and tanks, and she’d go in with food and medicine.

Peter: And I was a firefighter. Didn’t stop me putting a bullet in a man after I lost my son.
Angie: Maybe we should just get on with it?
Micah: I’ll get started over here.
Peter: I’ll help.

Jacquelyn: Sorry about that.
Angie: Don’t apologise. He’s only defending his mother.
Jacquelyn: He’s a sweet boy. Always has been. I adopted him when he was five. He was the same then. Troubled, but kind. I’m glad this new world hasn’t changed him.
Angie: I think it changes everyone.
Jacquelyn: Not Micah.
Angie: Has it changed you?

Jacquelyn: I lived my life thinking there was a diplomatic solution to any problem. I never saw violence as a reasonable method of accomplishing anything. But sometimes it’s the only viable way. If you want you and the people you care about to survive.
Angie: Doesn’t mean you can’t try other options first.
Jacquelyn: Have you changed?
Angie: I’m not sure. I take out the dead with no hesitation now. It wasn’t always that way. I’d always avoid it. Even to my own detriment.
Jacquelyn: But what about the living?
Angie: I haven’t killed anybody.
Jacquelyn: Would you? If the opportunity called for it?
Angie: I don’t know.

Jacquelyn: Never for a second did I think I’d be capable of being violent. But I also never thought I’d see dead people coming back and ripping people they once loved to shreds.
Angie: I’ll never forget the first time I saw one. I was rushing to the supermarket to buy some coffee before work. I walked in and it was… carnage…
Jacquelyn: Everyone assumes they’ve seen it all. Until they haven’t. I spent time with women who had their children snatched away to join militias. I witnessed the aftermath of massacres… the use of chemical weapons on civilians. Yet the one image that keeps me awake at night is my husband lying peacefully at rest on his deathbed for three hours only for him to jump up and bite into the jugular of my ninety-year-old grandmother.
Angie: That’s awful. I’m sorry.
Jacquelyn: I’m just grateful Micah didn’t see it.

Jacquelyn: Do you have someone you care about?
Angie: Yes. My little brother.
Jacquelyn: What about Peter?
Angie: I care about him.
Jacquelyn: Just as a friend?

Jacquelyn: I didn’t mean to pry. I’m curious, is all. I noticed something between the two of you.
Angie: It’s complicated. We’re just friends.
Jacquelyn: The Hispanic guy seemed to have a thing for you, too. Is that the complication?
Angie: It’s not that. They’re both troubled… been through a lot. It wouldn’t be the best thing for either of them right now.
Jacquelyn: But what about you? Your feelings?
Angie: It’s irrelevant.  I have my brother. He’s all I need.

Jacquelyn: Best get back.


Lou: Think we should help?
Diane: Looks like he’s got it, Lou.


Diane: You know there are other ways to let off steam?
Javier: Qué?

Diane: Wanna fuck?
Javier: No!
Diane: Shame.

Diane: You know where I am, if you change your mind…

Micah: So, you were a firefighter?
Peter: We don’t have to talk.
Micah: Why not? I mean, we are taking a break.
Peter: I was a firefighter.
Micah: Tough job. You must’ve seen some traumatic stuff.

Micah: I was training to be a doctor. I was in my fourth year of training when all this started. All that hard work for nothing.
Peter: Must come in handy now though.
Micah: I guess.
Peter: And you must have got used to the sight of blood.
Micah: Sure. Guts? Not so much.

Micah: Mind if I ask you something, man?
Peter: Depends what it is.
Micah: That guy you said you killed. After you lost your–
Peter: What about him?

Micah: Do you regret it?
Peter: I don’t know. He might have been a good guy. All I know is he worked with the psychopath who killed my little boy. So, my sympathy is somewhat limited. What’s done is done.
Micah: Brutal.
Peter: It was a learning curve. If it ever looks like I may have to kill again, I’ll make sure it’s the right thing to do.

Micah: I’m glad you don’t beat yourself up. I do whatever it takes to keep my ma safe. My learning curve was sitting back and doing nothing as a limper went for my Dad. And then when he died, he killed my Great-Grandma. I could’ve prevented that. I won’t make the same mistake again. I’d do anything to keep her safe. That’s what I live my life by now. I recommend you do the same.

Micah: Anyway…

Drew: How’s it going?
Shiro: Yeah. Only a few more to sort out.



Drew: You just gonna stand there!?
Jeffery: Why not?

Drew: Thanks for the help!
Jeffery: You survived. More’s the pity.

Shiro: That was fucking close. You all right?
Drew: Fine.
Shiro: You sure?
Drew: I’m good.


Jeffery: Oh, get a load of this, Keith! Looks like we’ve got ourselves a pair of fags.

Shiro: What did you just say!?
Jeffery: You heard.
Shiro: Say it again.
Jeffery: Make me.

Shiro: Say. It. Again.

Jeffery: Faggot.



Drew: HEY!

Drew: Stop!


Drew: Fuck these assholes.



Jeffery: YOU FU-!?

Drew: Shiro…
Shiro: What?
Drew: You OK?
Shiro: You should see the other guy.

Shiro: Careful. You almost look worried.


Shiro: Oh.
Drew: Sorry…
Shiro: I’m not.


Drew: So, what now?
Shiro: Well, I hate to ruin the party, but we don’t exactly have total privacy…
Drew: I meant regarding these dickheads, Romeo.
Shiro: Oh.

Drew: You hear that?
Shiro: The dead are coming.
Drew: There was nothing we could do.
Shiro: More’s the pity, right?
Drew: We should go.

Javier: Going for a piss.

Diane: That’s my cue…

Diane: Hey?
Javier: Leave me alone.
Diane: That’s not very civilised.

Javier: If you’ve come to change my mind, you’re wasting your time.
Diane: Oh, lighten the hell up. I get you’re hung up on blondie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Way I see it, with the dead growing by the day, it’ll be a miracle if we’re both still alive a few months from now.
Javier: Speak for yourself.
Diane: So why not take each and every opportunity to grab life by the horns? To stop and smell the roses?
Javier: Stop.

Diane: I won’t say anything. And I’m not asking for your hand in marriage. Just some harmless, no-strings-attached, euphoric fun to help us forget how shitty the world is for a couple of minutes.
Javier: I’m not interested.
Diane: You sure about that?
Javier: Yes.
Diane: Then tell me to stop.


Jai: I often think about Ollie myself.

Aimi: Oh?
Jai: I wonder how he would feel, if he could see me now.
Aimi: Why would you wonder that?
Jai: Because I’m not the same person he knew.
Aimi: I beg to differ.
Jai: I’m telling you, Aimi. I’m not. I lost so many people I came to care about. Ollie… Joy… Sean. Their deaths were preventable. I could’ve stopped  them.
Aimi: You weren’t even there when Ollie and Joy died!

Jai: I never should’ve left the library without Ollie. I should have stayed at camp the night Joy died. She would have had back-up against Eli’s men. And I never should’ve left Sean drinking alone in that pub…I knew at the time I was making a mistake…
Aimi: You can play what-if’s all you like. But it doesn’t work like that, Jai! You were hardly to know more groaners were going to sneak behind Ollie and kill him! You weren’t to know Eli had sent his goons to our camp! And who would’ve foreseen Sean burning down the pub and driving to Summerlyn!? You can’t prevent what you can’t predict! It’s not like you were directly involved in any of it! None of them died thinking you let them down! And they certainly wouldn’t want you feeling responsible! Hell, you know damn well Joy would put you in your place immediately if she was here right now!
Jai: Be that as it may, it’s changed me. And I’ve tried to pretend it hasn’t… I’ve tried to get this new mentality out of my head…

Aimi: What mentality?
Jai: When we spotted Jacquelyn and her group earlier… I wanted to kill them. I wanted to raise my gun and end them all. And why? Because of the threat I thought they posed, and as it turns out, they haven’t been one. And because I wanted this gargantuan amount of food just for us.
Aimi: But you didn’t do it. Isn’t that the point? Thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things.
Jai: Maybe. But part of me thinks I held back only because I had faith Peter would make the right call, that he had it under control.
Aimi: Jai…
Jai: Ollie would be so surprised. And scared of me.

Aimi: How can you say that?
Jai: Because I scare myself.

Dominic: Why don’t you take a day off from being a bitch!?
Heidi: Oh, I’m sorry you’re as useless as central heating in the desert!
Dominic: Well, considering the desert gets cold of a night…
Heidi: I wish you’d go and get stranded in the desert!
Dominic: I’d welcome it. Anything to get away from you.

Shiloh: I think I might actually miss these two.
Charlotte: Shiloh, I…
Shiloh: We don’t have to talk, Charlotte. I know how you feel. I think the others are done…

Alexis: Where are you going?
Blaine: To pick up our new friends and the shit-load of food.
Alexis: Alone?
Blaine: I’ll be fine.

Alexis: Tariq?

Tariq: Yes, ma’am?
Alexis: I want you to go along with Blaine to pick up the new group and the supplies.
Tariq: Now?
Alexis: Now.
Jasmin: But he’s only just finished his shift?
Alexis: Then go with him if you can’t bear to be apart.

Blaine: I don’t think it’s necessary.
Alexis: I’m insisting.
Blaine: Clearly.

Blaine: Come on, gang. Let’s get our grub.

Jacquelyn: It looks like we’re done here.
Peter: Thanks for the help, Jacquelyn. We’ll load up our half and get out of your hair.

Aimi: About time you turned up.
Shiro: We hit a bit of a snag.
Jacquelyn: Where are Jeffery and Keith!?
Shiro: That’s the snag.

Drew: They’re dead.
Jacquelyn: Excuse me?
Peter: What the hell happened, guys!?
Shiro: The dead got them.
Jacquelyn: Is that so?
Shiro: You can go look if you want. It’s not a pretty sight, though.

Micah: So, they were killed by limpers, yet you two make it back unharmed? How miraculous.
Drew: It’s not a fucking conspiracy. They snuck up and grabbed us. They were mauled. We weren’t. That’s all there is to it.
Micah: I’ll go check.
Jacquelyn: Be careful, darling.

Jacquelyn: This changes things, Peter.
Shiro: It don’t change shit. We’re telling the truth.

Larry: Jeffery’s an old friend of mine! If you killed him…

Shiro: Jeffery was a prick.
Peter: Shiro…
Shiro: But the dead did it. Not me.
Jacquelyn: And we’re supposed to believe that?
Peter: Jacquelyn, I understand how this looks, but if they claim this is how it went down, then it’s how it went down. They’re not liars. Once Micah’s back and confirms their story, my people and I will take what’s ours and get going.

Jacquelyn: I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Peter.


Shiro: Of-fucking-course.


Peter: Jacquelyn, what the hell!?
Jacquelyn: I’m sorry, Peter, but I can’t let you take any of the food.
Angie: What are you doing, Jacquelyn!?

Jacquelyn: I take no joy from this. You’re a good woman, Angie. I respect you. I don’t want things to get ugly here.
Shiro: Little fucking late for that!
Jacquelyn: You can gather your people and go. There doesn’t need to be any violence.
Peter: We had a deal!
Jacquelyn: And I hate to go back on it. But I’m afraid I already made a deal with somebody else. We’re to prepare all this food for transport so we can buy our way inside their community. I understand what this food means to you, but my people and I, we can’t live out in the open anymore. We wouldn’t survive. I’m sorry, Angie. It’s like I said to you, you have to do whatever it takes. Violence is a viable option. But you had a point, sometimes there are other ways. Which is why I’m asking you one final time to leave.

Angie: Fuck you.

Jacquelyn: I didn’t want it to come to this.

Jacquelyn: Jeffery!?




Javier: What the hell was that!?

Javier: Are you serious!?
Diane: No hard feelings.


Charlotte: C’mon! We need you!


Shiro: Fuck!




Peter: We got company!










Dominic: HEIDI!

Angie: On the ground or you’re dead!





Tristan: Bye-bye.





Angie: I tried to spare you, asshole!
Angie: She was being mauled! I put her out of her misery!
Angie: To hell with this!


Owen: OK! I give up!

Aimi: Jai…
Owen: Wait a-!




Peter: It didn’t have to be this way, Jacquelyn.
Jacquelyn: You people… I didn’t think you were capable!
Peter: You caused this. Not us.
Jacquelyn: I was… just looking out… for my own…

Shiro: And how’d that work out for you?

Jacquelyn: You think… you’ve won… huh? You won’t… get… away with…
Peter: Looks like we have.

Jacquelyn: I… I don’t deserve… but please…

Jacquelyn: My son… Micah…


Angie: Where are you going?
Peter: To find Micah.

Drew: You OK?
Shiro: I get shot and yet you’re all unscathed. Not my day, is it?
Drew: Don’t be a whiner. It doesn’t suit you.
Shiro: I thought I might get a little sympathy from you now we’re… y’know…
Drew: Together?
Shiro: Yeah.
Drew: I still think you’re a pussy. But I’ll get Jai to look at your leg.

Shiro: Part of me thinks I might be better off bleeding out for a while and taking my chances with Felicia back at camp. Jai’s got some serious bloodlust going on right now…

Angie: What took you so long to get here? Where’d you go?
Javier: Got lost.

Shiloh: You good?
Charlotte: Yeah. Are you?


Shiloh: Don’t you fucking dare!
Micah: You heard me! Do it now! I mean it… I’ll kill her!
Jai: There’s no way out of this for you. If you kill her, we’ll just put you down anyway.
Shiloh: Exactly. Let her go, we let you go.
Micah: You killed my mother!
Angie: She didn’t give us a choice. The last thing she did was ask us to let you live. If you put that gun down, we’ll grant her that wish. You have my word.
Micah: You think I want to live after this!? No! If I can make you assholes feel even an ounce of how I’m feeling right now… dying will be more than worth it!

Shiloh: Please. Don’t.

Charlotte: Shiloh…
Micah: NO! You don’t get to say your goodbyes! I didn’t! You took that from me!

Micah: You people are monsters! You know that!?



Shiloh: Are you OK!? For a second there, I thought…

Shiloh: Hey? Charlotte? You all right?
Charlotte: I love you, too.


Shiro: Safe to say we won, right?
Aimi: There are no winners here, Shiro.

Angie: You OK, babe?
Aimi: How can I be after this? We slaughtered these people…
Angie: We had a deal. They broke it.
Aimi: So, we kill them!?
Angie: They were going to kill us.

Aimi: Even so, I don’t feel good about this.
Javier: None of us do.
Aimi: I just didn’t think this is who we are.

Peter: We’re a group who look out for each other. If someone tries to harm any of us, we take them down. That’s who we are. And that’s the way it’s gotta be.
Aimi: Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Shiro: Give it to me, pops. How bad is it?
Jai: You’re going to be fine. Bullet went straight through.
Shiro: Thank fuck. I can just about pull off the missing three fingers look. Losing the leg would’ve been a step too far.

Shiro: You all right?
Jai: Why wouldn’t I be?
Shiro: You’ve just killed quite a few people…
Jai: You disapprove?
Shiro: Was just worried you…
Jai: I’m fine.

Charlotte: Peter, you didn’t have to do that.
Peter: Micah said you should do whatever it takes to protect the people you care about. I took his advice.

Peter: Come on. Let’s load up and head home. I think we’ve seen enough of this place to last us a life-time.



Jasmin: Oh my God…
Tariq: What the hell happened!?

Jasmin: Are these the people you mentioned?

Blaine: They were.

Tariq: There are tire tracks leading away from here. If we head in that direction, we might find where they went…

Calvin: Well? Did you get the cookies?
Angie: We ate them on the way over.
Calvin: Be careful how you joke, Angie. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.
Angie: Not to worry. You’ll have more cookies than you can ever dream of.
Calvin: Hallelujah!

Henry: Well?
Peter: We got the food.
Henry: But?
Peter: It came at a cost.
Henry: Let’s get everything upstairs and then we can talk.


Tariq: Those bastards!
Jasmin: These are the people who attacked us before… with the bald chick!
Tariq: Think she’s with them?

Blaine: She’s somewhere else. Meaning these assholes did this off their own back.

261Alexis: They killed all of them!?
Blaine: Each and every single one.

Alexis: And Peter has the nerve to act so holier-than-thou. I knew we hadn’t seen the last of them.
Jenson: How can we be sure what happened?
Blaine: We know what fucking happened!
Jenson: Not necessarily.

Blaine: They found out Jacquelyn’s people were getting the food for us, so they took them out and stole everything!
Alexis: We can’t let them get away with this.
Blaine: I quite agree.
Jenson: We should talk to them. There might be an explanation as to what happened.

Blaine: Jesus Christ. You’re deluded.
Jenson: You’re just looking for an excuse to get blood on your hands! I won’t apologise for being sensible and not jumping to conclusions!

Alexis: I’m with Blaine on this, Jenson.

Alexis: As far as I’m concerned…

Alexis: … we have no choice but to retaliate.

6 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 14 – Quid Pro Quo

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Don’t know if I’ve commended beforehand, which probably means I haven’t, but this is frikken brilliant! It’s like the Walking Dead for people who don’t have cable/satellite or enough data to stream (or pirate if that’s their thing) like me!! And, of course, the fact that you’re using The Sims 3 for this is just one more cherry on the cherry cake! I can indulge in both my love for Sims and my love of horror/sci-fi/apocalyptic shows!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!


    1. samjpeck says:

      Wow, Magpie! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really pleased you like the show! I hope you continue to watch and let me know what you make of the series as it goes on!

      Honestly, thanks again! That’s made my day!

      Sam James


      1. magpie14031983 says:

        Like is too mild a word! When I got the notice that the latest episode was up, I couldn’t remember what the heck it was for lol (I’ve been under the rock called tons of work recently). So, I reread the first episode and then quite promptly binged all day 😀 even the ones I’d already seen!

        I love how some of the characters have grown so much from this (Georgie for one). And, how some that should have grown, have just continued their idiotic and self absorbed ways (guess who comes to mind with that one lol). I wept for all the freinds we’ve lost along the way. And cheered for every murderous creature (both undead/dead and human) that has been put down like the rabid animals they are!

        Zahra intrigues me, and I have a suspicion about Cat’s baby. But, I want to wait and be surprised when I’m probably wrong lol if I’m not, though, I’m totally gonna say I KNEW IT! You can ask anyone I follow (and you should totally read their Simlit) that I don’t say that unless I really REALLY did know what was going down lol

        Also, I use CAPS and lol a lot.

        Have to admit that I’m still a bit choked up about Sean, that Irish bugger really wormed his way into my heart!

        Anyhoo… 22:00 here now (I’m in South Africa, in case you were wondering) so I should probably hit the sack before I start some incoherent mumbling ;-D
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. samjpeck says:

        Wow! You read everything in one day? That’s awesome! Thanks a lot!

        I’m glad you find Zahra intriguing. There’s a lot more to come from her. As for Catelyn and her baby? I’m saying nothing.

        Aw! I’m still sad about Sean! I really miss writing for him! But unfortunately his story definitely came to an end.

        Cool! South Africa seems like an awesome place. Get some well deserved sleep!

        Thanks so much again!

        Sam James


  2. Rob says:

    Great episode. Probably beats out the last one for best this half-season so far. I loved the buildup at the beginning with the scenes of Midway and Victoria both readying for the raid, and the scene where the two groups came face to face was very dramatic and sudden. The episode was structured brilliantly, with the characters getting to know each other and letting their guard down, only for Jaqueline to turn at the last minute and announce that they were taking all the food. That it was Jaqueline was unexpected given that she was set up as a peacemaker type, but it tied into her conversation about doing what needed to be done.

    Jai’s story was perhaps the most interesting this episode and I really liked his and Aimi’s reflection on how Ollie (nice for him to get a mention again) would view them now. The bit where he told Aimi that she makes Ollie proud every day was very touching. The story also led very nicely into Jai jumping the gun and firing on the group, before killing the last surrendering member. I liked how you put characters together who had common ground to talk about. The Shiro and Drew story was good and that antagonistic bigot Jeffery was particularly unlikable. I feel a love triangle coming on between Peter, Angie and Javier, which could cause tension between the two guys. Diane was entertaining, in her frank way.

    The sets and the shots were brilliant. The arrangement of boxes made the shootout at the end all the more exciting and I loved all the near-misses where people were almost got by zombies or other characters, only to be saved. I particularly liked that Peter saved Charlotte, and that Charlotte finally returned Shiloh’s feelings. I also liked Aimi’s reflection on who the group had become. The ending nicely sets up a building conflict between Midway and Victoria and amps up the excitement for episodes to come. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samjpeck says:

      Thank you very much, Rob! That’s very high praise indeed!

      This episode was a big task to film. I was stalled on this episode for at least a month and it was quite frustrating. The shoot-out scenes were tricky and I had to go back and re-do some things that didn’t quite work, but I’m pleased with the outcome! I’m really glad you liked it all!

      Thanks so much again! 🙂

      Sam James.


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