Shiloh: Charlotte? Charl?
Charlotte: Mm?
Shiloh: It’s almost five.

Charlotte: ‘kay.

Shiloh: You don’t have to do this every time, you know? Sneak out of here so nobody knows we’re a…
Charlotte: What?
Shiloh: Y’know.
Charlotte: We’re not anything, Shiloh. We spoke about this at the start. It’s a platonic release for us both. You agreed.

Shiloh: I’m just saying, it’s been what? Three, almost four, months?
Charlotte: So?
Shiloh: So, you shouldn’t feel the need to rush out of here in the dead of night.
Charlotte: I’d risk leaving later if Felicia didn’t get up at the crack of dawn.
Shiloh: It’s just a bit insulting, is all.

Charlotte: See you later, Shiloh.

Lydia-Jean: BOO!

Charlotte: Fuck! What are you doing up!?
Lydia-Jean: We’re going hunting remember?
Charlotte: Oh. Forgot.
Lydia-Jean: Where have you been?
Charlotte: Just for a walk.
Lydia: So, going for a walk is an acceptable euphemism for sex with Shiloh?

Charlotte: Did you follow me!?
Lydia-Jean: No…
Charlotte: Lydia!?
Lydia-Jean: It was a guess. And you just confirmed it.
Charlotte: Fuck sake.

Lydia-Jean: I didn’t get up early for nothing.
Charlotte: Just let me get dressed!

Charlotte: Bobby not coming?
Lydia-Jean: Refused to get up this early. I’m afraid he fits into the generalised stereotype commonly attributed to teenagers.
Charlotte: You’re a teenager?
Lydia-Jean: But I’m capable of getting up and not sleeping fourteen hours straight.
Charlotte: Right.
Lydia-Jean: Do we have to kill deers?
Charlotte: Oh, don’t start.

Lydia-Jean: But they’re so cute! You have to spare the females, right? That’s the rule?
Charlotte: I’m pretty sure that was just for sport.
Lydia-Jean: But…
Charlotte: We’re running low on food. People are hungry. If I see a buck, I’ll take that over a doe, but I’m not fussy.
Lydia-Jean: How heartless. Did you never see Bambi?
Charlotte: Yes. It was a fucking cartoon.

Charlotte: Off out hunting, Dwayne.
Dwayne: Please be lucky!

Lydia-Jean: It’s bad enough we kill rabbits.
Charlotte: You know they’re feral? They’ll bite your fingers off given half the chance. They’re not the cute little balls of fluff people kept in hutches in their garden.
Lydia-Jean: I suppose. So, what’s my silence with the Shiloh thing worth to ya?
Charlotte: You don’t get punched.
Lydia-Jean: You wouldn’t do that to me.
Charlotte: Don’t push your luck.

Lydia-Jean: I’m the little sister you never had.
Charlotte: You know hunting is normally a quiet thing?
Lydia-Jean: Not with me it’s not.
Charlotte: Out of all the people to still be alive in the apocalypse, I’m stuck with you.
Lydia-Jean: And you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Coleman: Two week overdue and twenty hours in labour. She’s a hero.
Trudy: Was that it? Felt longer somehow.

Catelyn: You can quit with the smug look.

Catelyn: You were right.

Catelyn: It’s a boy.

Coleman: Alexis is on her way over.
Catelyn: Oh, great.

Catelyn: Everyone play nice all right? We don’t want any trouble.

Catelyn: And by everyone, I mean you.

Alexis: Have I gone deaf?
Coleman: It’s a boy.
Alexis: Great.

Alexis: Congratulations, Catelyn.
Catelyn: Thank you.
Alexis: How are you feeling?
Catelyn: Exhausted. But otherwise, good.
Alexis: This is a big day for our community! Our first birth!
Catelyn: I suppose it is.

Alexis: I think this calls for a celebration! A feast tonight, perhaps?
Catelyn: Oh.
Alexis: There’s no obligation or pressure on you to attend. But there’s no reason why everybody else shouldn’t delight over this wonderful day.
Catelyn: That’s very kind.
Alexis: That settles it, then.

Trudy: Would Blaine be OK with that?
Alexis: Blaine’s not in charge.

Alexis: This little history maker got a name yet?
Catelyn: I had a girls picked out, but I could never decide on one for a boy.
Alexis: There’s no rush. Anyway, I won’t intrude any further.
Catelyn: Thank you.

Coleman: That was odd. She barely looked at him.
Trudy: She gives me the creeps.
Catelyn: At least I won’t have to show my face later.
Trudy: It’s a nice gesture, I suppose?
Catelyn: She didn’t do it for the baby.
Trudy: What do you think, Zahra?

Catelyn: That’s more than I ever get out of her.

Hailey: Niko?

Niko: Hailey? What are you doing up?
Hailey: Can’t sleep. Wanna keep me company?
Niko: I’m on watch.

Hailey: Guarding a woman in a coma?
Niko: Noah’s orders.
Hailey: What are the chances of her waking up after all this time!? And even if she did, she wouldn’t be in a state to lift her own head up let alone get through a locked door!
Niko: Maybe I can spare ten minutes.


Luke: Why are you so grumpy?
Jasmin: Because I barely got any sleep thanks to that stupid woman screaming her head off next door!
Luke: She was giving birth!
Jasmin: Oh, boohoo. I got stung by a jellyfish visiting relatives in Thailand and I barely made a peep.
Luke: I find that hard to believe.

Luke: You hear there’s some sort of feast tonight? To celebrate the birth?
Jasmin: Really? And here I was thinking we were living in the post-apocalyptic equivalent of Nazi Germany.
Luke: We might as well indulge ourselves while we can.
Jasmin: I wonder if we can rouse the hermit out of her cave?

Luke: I doubt it. She never leaves the house.
Jasmin: Am I wrong to get satisfaction from that? She’s defeated, isn’t she? Totally defeated.

Blaine: Cold morning, huh? I’m freezing my nuts off.
Jenson: I used to work nights on security. I’m used to it.

Blaine: Hear about the birth?
Jenson: I think everyone heard it.
Blaine: Good one. Christ, it really is nippy. I think I could do with a coffee…

Blaine: Hey, you!
Paul: Hm?
Blaine: Up here, you simpleton!

Paul: Oh, Sir. What can I do for you?
Blaine: What you can do is show some appreciation to this fine man! While you were in a nice, warm bed, he was out here in the bitter cold keeping you safe! Get him a coffee! And I’ll have one, too, while you’re at it!
Paul: Sure!

Blaine: RUN!

Blaine: Oh, that never gets old.
Jenson: I beg to differ.
Blaine: You all right there, James?
Jenson: What do you care?
Blaine: I think you should go get some sleep. There’s a get-together later and we don’t want any party-poopers, do we?

Bobby: I don’t know OK!?
Angie: You used to be good at fractions.
Bobby: Used to be.
Angie: You’ll get the hang out of it again.
Bobby: I figured the one good thing about all of this was that I’d never have to do math again.
Angie: Well, you were wrong.

Bobby: Lydia doesn’t have to do this.
Angie: She doesn’t have an older sister looking out for her best interests.
Bobby: She’s lucky.
Angie: You shouldn’t say things like that. Not when anything could happen to me at any time.
Bobby: I was just joking.
Angie: It wasn’t funny.

Bobby: Sheesh. You can’t take a joke now? You’re becoming more and more like Aunt Roz by the day!
Angie: (Gasps). You take that back!
Bobby: Just stating the truth, sister.

Angie: Extra fractions tomorrow.
Bobby: Dammit!

Javier: You work him too hard.
Angie: I appreciate I’m not exactly the fun big sister I used to be, but it’s down to me to look after him now. This place has given us a sense of normality again these past few months. I won’t apologise for embracing it.
Javier: I didn’t ask you to.

Angie: I get he’s becoming a man. That he’s had to be one in order to survive, but he is just a teenager. I’d rather overwhelm him with the sort of thing he’d be consumed with now if things were normal rather than have him going out every day, stabbing people in the brain.
Javier: You’re a good sister.
Angie: Thanks, Javier.

Henry: You guys seen Elaine anywhere?
Angie: Sorry, no. Wasn’t Peter with you?
Henry: He’s gone down to Sean’s grave to check on Jai.
Angie: Jai’s there? Again?
Javier: Isn’t that every day this week?
Henry: I tried speaking to him. Excuse me…

Henry: Rachel, you seen Elaine?
Rachel: Sorry. No.

Rachel: Might be worth asking Dwayne. His shift ended about an hour ago.
Henry: Thanks.

Peter: Here again, Jai?
Jai: No laws against it.

Peter: What you’ve done to this place is amazing.
Jai: Waylon did the signs.
Peter: The flowers, I mean.
Jai: I always enjoyed gardening. It was something Suzanna and I did together.
Peter: Well, I’m sure Sean and Annette would appreciate it.
Jai: If it were me buried here and not them, they would do the same. Kind of people they were.

Peter: You doing OK? People are worried about you.
Jai: Really? I couldn’t tell with Aimi asking how I am constantly and Shiro tailing me everywhere.
Peter: They do it because they care. We all do.
Jai: I know. I’m doing better. Honestly.
Peter: That’s good, then.

Jai: I get why people were concerned. I wasn’t exactly myself after Sean passed. But I’m managing.
Peter: Pleased to hear it.
Jai: How about you? People seem so concerned with me, they’ve failed to notice you’ve been a bit distant yourself.
Peter: I guess I have.
Jai: Any reason?

Peter: It’s been almost four months since I saw Lorna. I told her I never wanted to see her again.
Jai: I’m sure she knew you didn’t mean it.
Peter: I did mean it. At least at the time. She’s probably dead now.
Jai: You don’t know that.
Peter: No. And that’s what keeps me up at night.

Peter: We should head up.
Jai: One moment.

Peter: Jai, it’s just the one.
Jai: I know.
Peter: So, we don’t need to?

Peter: Thought you said you were doing better?

Jai: I am. This was a threat. So, I dealt with it.
Peter: It was just the one, Jai.
Jai: Only took one to take down Sean. Two or three for Ollie. Half a dozen for Karen. No. It doesn’t matter if it’s one, a dozen, or a hundred. They’re all threats. So, they have to be eliminated. I’ll take this to the ditch.
Peter: Just leave it for now?
Jai: And have it stink the place up?

Jai: Speak to you later, Peter.

Calvin: Hey, lazy. Know what the time is?
Georgie: I was just having a nap. Are Aimi and Shiro back?
Calvin: From where?
Georgie: They went out on a run earlier.
Calvin: Haven’t seen them.

Calvin: Everything all right with you?
Georgie: Why wouldn’t it be?
Calvin: I dunno. You just seem a little…
Georgie: I’m fine, Calvin.

Calvin: You know you can talk about me if there’s something going on, right?
Georgie: Of course.
Calvin: Then talk to me?
Georgie: I have to get dinner prepared.
Calvin: Georgie…

Georgie: Honestly, Calvin, can you quit fussing!?

Donna: This is the fourth pharmacy we’ve dropped by today.
Aimi: Can never have enough medicine.
Donna: Have you not seen Felicia’s hut? Hollywood had less prescription drugs!

Donna: Can you at least explain to me what it is we’re looking for?
Aimi: Nothing?
Donna: Pull the other one. You’re obviously after something.
Aimi: There’s nothing wrong with being thorough.

Donna: Is it something to do with pregnancy? Is someone knocked up? Javier and Angie finally got it on?
Aimi: No.
Donna: Georgie and Calvin? Christ. They’d have ugly kids.
Aimi: Donna!
Donna: Charlotte? She and Shiloh have been bumping uglies.
Aimi: They have!?
Donna: Shit. He asked me to keep that quiet.

Donna: Maybe it’s you?
Aimi: I know the dead are walking around and everything, but even I don’t quite buy a baby magically appearing in a woman’s womb.
Donna: Thought it might’ve been Peter’s. I see the way you look at him.
Aimi: Excuse me?
Donna: You like him, right?
Aimi: I don’t know what gave you that idea!
Donna: I know you were with some guy that died, but nothing wrong with moving on, y’know?

Aimi: It’s none of your business even if there was something going on… which there isn’t!
Donna: Oh, take a fucking chill pill. I don’t give a shit, to be honest with you. I’m just trying to amuse myself.

Donna: Find what you were looking for?
Shiro: No.
Donna: This was the last one. We can’t afford to waste anymore gas.
Shiro: I know.
Donna: Give me a minute. I left something inside.

Aimi: No luck?
Shiro: No.
Aimi: Shit. What do we tell Georgie?
Shiro: The truth.
Aimi: We’re not giving up.
Shiro: Whatever it takes, right?

Lydia-Jean: The stream’s totally out of fish.

Charlotte: For fuck sake, LJ!

Lydia-Jean: What!?
Charlotte: You scared away a deer!
Lydia-Jean: Oh! Sorry!
Charlotte: You did that on purpose!
Lydia-Jean: I didn’t! I swear!
Charlotte: From now on, I hunt alone.

Lydia-Jean: You’re awfully pissy for someone who’s getting laid.

Charlotte: Go home, Lydia.
Lydia-Jean: I was only joking!
Charlotte: Go home!

Lydia-Jean: Naturally.

Charlotte: Elaine!?

Alexis: Today’s a historic day for our community! As you all know Victoria’s population grew by one today after Catelyn gave birth to a baby boy in the early hours of this morning.

Alexis: I understand we have to be conservative when it comes to our supplies, but I think today’s news is a good justification for us to be lenient for one afternoon only. So, enjoy yourselves everyone, and eat up! And may Catelyn’s baby be the first of many to be born in our fine town!

Blaine: Gotta admit, I had doubts.
Alexis: Doesn’t hurt to do this every now and again.
Blaine: Do you wanna risk them getting too big for their boots?
Alexis: If these past few months have taught them anything, it’s that stepping out of line gets them no where.
Blaine: As long as you’re sure.
Alexis: I am. Now shouldn’t you be on watch?

Blaine: Save me some cake.

Noah: What exactly is the problem, Anthony?
Anthony: It’s Beckett, Sir. She’s threatening to stop her work because of Cheung. She doesn’t care for his methods. She calls them cruel, detrimental, and extremely unorthodox.
Noah: Keep her happy. Whatever she wants, she gets. If Cheung is in the way, he’ll have to be moved.
Anthony: Yes, Sir, I’m just contemplating the best way to achieve that.
Noah: Beckett is the key to all of this. We can’t do anything without her.
Anthony: And Mr. Cheung?

Noah: We used to have to keep him sweet because he was one of the largest benefactors, but things are different. His money is useless. He’ll have to get used to it.
Anthony: So, she’s the priority?
Noah: Can’t stress that enough.
Anthony: And Cheung?
Noah: Can suck a lemon for all I care.

Gwen: Sir? Sorry to bother you…
Noah: What is it, Gwen?

Gwen: It’s the woman, Sir.

Gwen: She’s awake.

Lorna: Who are you?
Cecilia: I’m Dr. Cecilia Martinez. I’ve been looking after you.
Lorna: What happened? Where am I?
Cecilia: You were shot in the leg. You lost a massive amount of blood. Your body almost shut down. You’ve been comatose for a while.
Lorna: How long?
Cecilia: Almost four months.
Lorna: What!?

Cecilia: We tried waking you up for a few times, but you were never ready. Every time was an improvement over the last, so we knew it would just be a matter of time. But we weren’t sure you were going to recover properly.
Lorna: What is this place?
Cecilia: You’re in an underground facility.
Lorna: I am?
Cecilia: Take it easy. You’re very weak and I’m sure this is a lot to take in.

Noah: I hear Sleeping Beauty is finally awake?

Lorna: Who are you!?
Noah: I’m Noah Ashby. I’m the leader of this community. What’s your name?
Lorna: Lorna.
Noah: It’s nice to finally meet you properly, Lorna.
Lorna: Where am I exactly?
Noah: That’s classified. But two of my people found you several months ago. They brought you here for medical attention.

Lorna: Why?
Noah: Excuse me?
Lorna: Why would you do that? Take me in and use your own medicine to keep me alive? Hell, why would you waste time, energy, and resources on me when I’ve been in a coma for four months? That doesn’t make any sense. Nobody does that for a stranger.
Not anymore.

Noah: Go grab a bite to eat, CeCe. I need a private word with the patient.

Charlotte: Elaine!? What the hell are you doing?
Elaine: I’m just out for a walk.
Charlotte: Alone?

Elaine: I can take care of myself just fine.
Charlotte: You almost got an arrow to the face.
Elaine: My lucky day, I guess. Anyway, I’ve found something you might be interested in.

Charlotte: Oh? And what’s that?

Daniel: I’m so full!
Shannon: Because you’ve ate so much!
Luke: Oh, wow.
Jasmin: What?
Luke: Look what the cat dragged in.

Jasmin: Well, I’ll be damned.

Bernadette: Alexis?
Alexis: Hello, Bernadette. Haven’t seen you around for a while.
Bernadette: I’ve been too ashamed to show my face. I hope it was OK for me to come?
Alexis: Of course.
Bernadette: I’ve been wondering for a while on how best to explain this to you, so I’ll just come out and say it: for the first month or so after Blaine arrived, I was furious. I sat in that house thinking leadership was snatched away from me unfairly. But that’s not true. It was never mine in the first place. It took me a long time to swallow my pride and get over that.

Bernadette: I got bored of hating you. I spent so much time wallowing in jealousy and hatred that one day I just snapped. I was forced to admit that I was exhausted by it all. And it went away. Just like that. Then I started to think of what you had done for this place. You were here right at the start. You and your friend. The one this place is named after. You let people in even though you didn’t need to. You could’ve just kept all this for yourselves. You didn’t. That’s selfless. I never gave you enough credit for everything you’ve done. And I mean that sincerely, whether you buy it or not.
Alexis: Thank you, Bernadette. That means a great deal. Go help yourself to some food.
Bernadette: I will. Thank you.

Jasmin: And the Oscar goes to…

Blaine: Couldn’t help but overhear.
Alexis: I’m not surprised. She delivered her monologue loud enough.
Jenson: Maybe she meant it?
Blaine: Are you really as stupid as you look?
Jenson: Excuse me!?
Alexis: Not here. My office.

Alexis: She’s still plotting against me.
Blaine: I thought as much myself.
Jenson: What!?
Alexis: I’m confident on this, Jenson.

Jenson: By what she just said? That’s literally all you have to go on.
Alexis: I trust her less when she’s being nice. It means she’s up to something.
Blaine: Want me to have a word?
Jenson: Have a word about what!?
Blaine: I’ll just make sure whatever plot she’s conjuring up is nipped in the bud. Permanently.

Jenson: So, you’re going to punish her for something she might not have even done?
Alexis: She’s doing something.
Blaine: What do we do?
Alexis: Watch her. Like a hawk.
Blaine: I can do that.

Alexis: I can’t help this feeling she’s taken these past few months to build up a master-plan against me.
Jenson: You sound paranoid.
Alexis: I am when it comes to her.
Blaine: Think she’s recruited some of those friends she lives with?
Jenson: They can’t stand her!
Blaine: Might be an act.
Alexis: I won’t pursue this. Might give her what she wants if I do. But you’re to keep an eye on her, Blaine. If she shows any indication…

Blaine: Then she’ll regret it.

Noah: Are you all right? Do you want anymore water?
Lorna: I’m fine.
Noah: Good. Well, I’m going to give you the respect of cutting right to the chase. We saved you, and kept you alive all this time, for momentary gain.

Lorna: Oh?
Noah: You’re from a community I wish to befriend. And by keeping you alive and letting your people know we saved you and will return you, that will put us in good standing with them immediately.
Lorna: I don’t understand?
Noah: I know you’re a human being and you shouldn’t be used in such a way, but considering we actually saved you when you were on death’s door, I don’t think you can be too mad at us.

Noah: You are from the community in Summerlyn, right?
Lorna: Yes.
Noah: Thought so. Like I said, my people found you near there.
Lorna: Why do you want to befriend them exactly?
Noah: There’s a man there. One my associates and I are very keen to meet with. It’s of paramount importance actually.
Lorna: Who?

Noah: His name is Michael. Michael Lewis. You know him?

Noah: Lorna?
Lorna: I know him.

Georgie: I understand you tried your best.
Shiro: Don’t give up, Georgie. We’re not.
Georgie: Any medicine out there is long gone. That’s just a fact.
Aimi: We don’t know that.
Georgie: I’m not holding my breath.
Shiro: We’ll sort this, Georgie.

Georgie: We all knew this day was coming. I’ll just have to deal with it.
Aimi: You can’t give up.
Shiro: We’ll head out tomorrow. Expand the search.
Georgie: I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but that’s it now. You’re not putting your lives at risk for me. Not anymore.

Shiro: Georgie…

Aimi: No way are we throwing in the towel.

Charlotte: How much further?
Elaine: We’re here.

Lydia-Jean: Holy shit.

Charlotte: What is this place?
Elaine: A warehouse. It’s where supermarket chains picked up food.
Charlotte: You sure?
Elaine: There are trucks parked round the block.

Charlotte: What if someone’s in there?
Elaine: I watched this place for a while. It’s dead.
Lydia-Jean: Quite literally.
Elaine: That’s another point though. If anyone was living in there, how stupid would they have to be to let that amount of groaners gather right outside?
Charlotte: True.

Elaine: So, what do we do?
Charlotte: We head back home and tell Henry. Come back tomorrow with a group.
Lydia-Jean: What if someone gets here first?
Charlotte: This place stood untouched for this long. It can last one more night.

Alexis: The feast was a success.
Blaine: Let’s just hope they don’t get too comfortable.
Alexis: I think you and your people walking around with your big guns will prevent any possibility of that happening.

Blaine: Shouldn’t you be on watch, Reginald?

Reginald: There’s a stranger at the door.

Noah: Hello there.

Carlos: You try anything…
Noah: I won’t.
Blaine: What do you want?

Noah: I’m from a like-minded community.

Noah: And I’m about to make your day.

Beatrice: I WANT MUMMY!

Peter: Beatrice, honey, please.
Beatrice: GET MUMMY!
Peter:  Just go to sleep.
Beatrice: NO! YOU GET MUMMY!
Peter: I can’t.

Beatrice: I WANT MUMMY!

Peter: I… I can’t do this anymore.

Penny: Hey, Peter!

Penny: Rude.

Mark: Going somewhere, man?

Mark: Hey!?

Lorna: Where did Noah go?
Cecilia: He went out.
Lorna: He’s gone to speak to Alexis, hasn’t he?
Cecilia: Is that the leader of your community?

Lorna: Can you let me go please?
Cecilia: No.
Lorna: I shouldn’t be held against my will!
Cecilia: You’re not. You’re in no fit to travel anywhere anyway.
Lorna: When I want to leave, I should be able to.
Cecilia: We have every intention of letting you return to your people.
Lorna: You don’t understand.

Cecilia: We saved your life.
Lorna: I never asked you to.
Cecilia: This conversation’s over, Lorna. Let me know if you need anything, OK? I’ll be around.
Lorna: And what am I supposed to do?
Cecilia: Rest.

Cecilia: And maybe show a little gratitude when you wake up?

Georgie: That’s a hideous stench.
Jai: I’ll have you know I showered earlier.

Georgie: Got a minute?
Jai: For you? I have several.

Georgie: Shiro and Aimi are back from the run. It was bad news. I’m about to run out.
Jai: I’m sorry.
Georgie: I knew this was coming. I guess I just put it to the back of my mind.
Jai: We won’t cave in on this. We’ll have to go out and find some more.
Georgie: We know that’s becoming more and more unlikely to manage. Finding that sort of valuable medicine now is like finding Shiro at a hippy love-in. I’m done with medicine anyway. I’m not going to let it have this hold over me anymore.
Jai: I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand?

Georgie: I can survive with it. If I eat the right food… if I look after myself.
Jai: That’s not exactly how it works.
Georgie: But it might. If I take more control, if I give my body exactly what it needs. Nothing more, nothing less.
Jai: Georgie…
Georgie: It’s possible, right? I read about it in the past.
Jai: It’s not impossible, but there’s no guarantee it would work. You have to take in a lot of factors.

Georgie: Such as?
Jai: How long you’ve had diabetes, what you eat, the amount you eat and drink, your psychical activity…
Georgie: Most of that is within my control. If you help me put a diet in place, it might just work.
Jai: Possibly, but you were taking medicine daily for a reason.
Georgie: I know my body, Jai. I think I can do this.
Jai: I’m going to remain skeptical.

Georgie: But you’ll help me?
Jai: Of course. I just want you to go into this with your eyes open. Like I said, there’s no guarantee…
Georgie: It’ll work.

Charlotte: Shh!

Charlotte: Oh, Peter.
Peter: Hey.
Charlotte: Where are you off to?
Peter: For a walk.
Charlotte: Want some company?
Peter: I’m fine.

Charlotte: I honestly don’t think he’s ever going to be normal with me again.
Lydia-Jean: Give him time.
Charlotte: It’s been months.
Elaine: I don’t mean to pry, but what exactly happened between the two of you?
Charlotte: It’s a long and complicated story. I don’t want to get into right now.

Charlotte: C’mon.

Noah: Are the guns?
Blaine: Necessary? Yes.

Noah: I didn’t realise you people were so hostile.
Blaine: We have good reason to be.
Alexis: So, what is it you want?
Noah: Like I said, I’m the leader of a community myself.
Alexis: Where is this community?

Noah: I can’t say.
Alexis: So, it’s OK for you to know where we are?
Noah: If this all works out, I have every intention of allowing you and your people to come and visit my community.
Alexis: You can’t even give us a general idea of where it is?
Noah: It’s an underground base.
Blaine: Like some sort of crappy nuclear shelter, or something?
Noah: It’s a high-tech facility. We have power. But the generators will run out of fuel eventually. It’s a sad inevitability.
Alexis: We have to limit the amount of power we use, too.

Noah: But unlike us, this place will still be usable when the lights go out. My facility will be worthless. This is why I’m here. I believe we can combine our forces and work together to create a large community, right here in Summerlyn. With our united number of people, and with our technology, and this place here as a starting block, we can re-take this city and give it back to the living.
Alexis: I’ve always intended on having Victoria grow, but what do you get from this exactly?
Noah: My top priority is my people. We need somewhere safe. We can’t stay underground forever. If we help to expand your community and merge, the results could be extraordinary.

Blaine: No offence, but what’s to stop us from taking your place and keeping everything there for ourselves?

Noah: Let me make one thing clear: I’ve come here to seek a friendship, but I’m no fool. I knew it was a risk. If I do not return to my facility within four hours time, my people will come and trust me, they’ll be getting inside, whether you’ve killed me or not.
Blaine: Is that a threat, pal?
Noah: I’m merely stating a fact. You can hold me captive, you can kill me, but my people will be arriving regardless. And you will be outmanned, and outgunned.

Blaine: Sounds like a threat to me.
Noah: I put a plan in place to protect myself. I’m sure you’d do the same thing. In fact, you are, by keeping your weapons raised at me. And frankly, I’d be concerned if you didn’t.
Alexis: I’m going to talk this over for a moment. Please excuse us.
Noah: Sure.
Alexis: Jenson, Blaine…

Noah: You can lower the guns, y’know? Two of you, one of me.
Carlos: No.
Noah: Suit yourself. Get an arm ache.

Alexis: I believe him.
Blaine: You serious!?
Alexis: I can smell BS a mile away. He seems genuine.
Jenson: I agree.

Blaine: I’m sure it’s awfully nice in cuckoo land this time of year, but you might want to consider leaving, James. It’s starting to cloud your judgement.
Jenson: Oh, fuck you!
Alexis: Enough.

Alexis: I’m intrigued by what he’s said. And I believe his intentions.
Blaine: Are you sure that’s wise?
Alexis: I’m not an idiot, Blaine. I’m aware of the risk, but I like what I heard. I’m giving him a shot.

Angie: I’m still not keen on having my hair this way.
Javier: Why?
Angie: Dunno. I’m just so used to having it up.
Javier: I like it.
Angie: Can you hear that?

Angie: Is that Beatrice?

Angie: Oh, bless her!
Javier: I’ve got her…

Javier: She’s really upset.
Angie: Maybe she was asleep and Peter thought he could get something to eat or take a shower?
Charlotte: You talking about Peter?

Angie: You’ve seen him?
Charlotte: Just passed him on my way back. He said he was going for a walk.
Angie: Oh. I’ll go find him.
Javier: Want me to come with you?
Angie: I’ll be OK. You stay. Look after Beatrice.

Angie: She has a soft spot for you, after all.

Charlotte: And she’s not the only one.
Javier: Qué?
Charlotte: Angie. She’s fond of you, too.
Javier: We’re just friends.
Charlotte: Sure.

Bobby: I swear to God, I’m done with math for at least a week. I don’t care if Angie kicks up a fuss. Javier?

Bobby: Everything OK?
Javier: I’m fine.
Bobby: You don’t seem it.
Javier: Do you think your sister likes me?
Bobby: Yes.

Javier: I meant –
Bobby: I know what you meant, Javier.
Javier: Really? You don’t think she likes Peter?
Bobby: I dunno. We haven’t spoken about it. I know she’s fond of you both. But I see the way she is with you.

Bobby: If you like her, tell her.
Javier: I wouldn’t want to risk losing her as a friend.
Bobby: Angie’s too loyal to turn her back on anyone she cares about. You’ve got nothing to lose by expressing how you feel.
Javier: I’m not sure how I feel.
Bobby: Come on, bro. We both know that’s not true.

Henry: I’ve been worried.
Elaine: There was no need. I just went for a walk.
Henry: Alone?
Elaine: Henry, I can’t stay in one place for too long or I go stir-crazy. I’ve told you this. I go on walks almost daily and I always come back in one piece. Anyway, I have some great news. You know that food shortage problem we currently have?
Henry: Yes?

Elaine: Consider it over.

Noah: I’m glad this all worked out.
Alexis: Me and you both.
Noah: Now that we’ve agreed to work together, I have a confession to make. I have one of your people. She was severely injured several months ago. We took her in, helped her, but she’s been in a coma for a while. She woke up today.
Alexis: I’m confused? As far as I’m aware, all our people are encountered for?

Noah: Her name is Lorna.
Blaine: Lorna!?
Noah: Yes. We were always going to return her to you alive, but I hope you understand I was prepared to use her as leverage in case you decided to try and kill me.
Alexis: Noah…
Noah: She’s not in a state to travel now, but in a few days…
Alexis: She’s not one of my people.

Alexis: She attacked my town. She allowed the dead to pour in and killed several of my people, including a friend of mine. If you’re serious about us working together, I want you to hand her over to me as you planned. Alive.

Alexis: So we can kill her.

Charlotte: Good news! Elaine found a warehouse! We think it’s full of food!
Shiloh: Cool.
Charlotte: Looks like our food problem will be over.
Shiloh: Great.
Charlotte: Are you being short with me over this morning?
Shiloh: So, what if I am?
Charlotte: That’s pathetic, Shiloh.

Shiloh: What do you care? I mean, we just fuck for the sake of it, right?
Charlotte: Don’t make out I’ve led you on! We both knew what this was! You were more than up for it… it was your idea to keep things causal!
Shiloh: Yeah, well, I’ve changed my mind.
Charlotte: And I’m in the wrong because I haven’t!?
Shiloh: Just leave me alone, Charl.

Charlotte: Happy to.

Georgie: I’m gonna see if someone else can cover for me in the kitchen tomorrow. I’m exhausted.
Calvin: Are you sick?

Georgie: What’s made you ask that?
Calvin: Are you?
Georgie: Of course not.
Calvin: Don’t lie to me, Georgie. If you do, we’re over.

Calvin: Shiro and Aimi went on a run for medicine and when they got back, they looked as if they were giving you bad news.
Georgie: I have diabetes.

Calvin: I knew it was something like that.
Georgie: I’m sorry.
Calvin: Why didn’t you tell me!?
Georgie: I didn’t want it to change anything?
Calvin: Why would it?

Georgie: It doesn’t define me.
Calvin: I never said it does. But you saw how it tormented Sean when Annette kept him in the dark about her cancer. What made you think it was a good idea to keep this from me?
Georgie: These past few months, being with you. It’s been amazing. I embraced the ignorance. I just wanted to put it to the back of my mind and enjoy life.
Calvin: You think I wouldn’t have stayed with you?
Georgie: It crossed my mind.

Calvin: You really think that little of me? I’m the sort of guy who would do that?
Georgie: Of course not.
Calvin: I’m not angry you’re ill. I’m angry you kept it from me.
Georgie: I know. I’m sorry.
Calvin: But I’m going to do whatever it takes to help.
Georgie: I’ve spoken to Jai. He’s going to put a diet together for me. See if that works.
Calvin: I’ll support you.

Georgie: You’re amazing.
Calvin: It’s what you do when you love someone.
Georgie: What!?
Calvin: You have diabetes, not a hearing impairment. You heard me just fine.
Georgie: You love me?
Calvin: I do.

Georgie: I love you, too.

Angie: Peter?

Angie: Javier and I found Beatrice crying.
Peter: Is she all right?
Angie: She’s fine.
Peter: I’ve never left her before.
Angie: I know.
Peter: I told her I never wanted to see her again…
Angie: Beatrice?
Peter: Lorna.

Peter: And now she’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere…

Peter: I’m never going to see her again, Angie.

Alexis: Did you see him off?
Blaine: I did. He seemed a bit shell-shocked after your demand.
Alexis: I’m not surprised. She clearly lied to him… said she was part of this place to keep herself alive and useful.

Blaine: You think he’ll do it?
Alexis: If he wants this alliance to work out. And I believe he does.
Blaine: I don’t mean to be such a pessimist, but you honestly think we can expand this place? Take back the city?

Alexis: More than anything.

Cecilia: Diego said you were back.
Noah: Hi, CeCe.

Cecilia: How did it go?
Noah: Well.
Cecilia: Any sign of Michael Lewis?
Noah: No. But I only saw the leader and her guards.

Noah: How’s the patient?
Cecilia: She’s fine. Although she did ask me to let her go.
Noah: That doesn’t surprise me.
Cecilia: She request the same of you?
Noah: She’s not one of their people. In fact, she attacked them several months ago.
Cecilia: What!? Why!?
Noah: Because she’s crazy. That’s what their leader says anyway.
Cecilia: So, what do we do?
Noah: We hand her over.

Cecilia: Sir, that’s barbaric.
Noah: I quite agree, but I don’t have much a choice. If they’re to believe this fable that I want our communities to work together, then I have to do as she asks. If not, extracting Lewis from there safely won’t be possible.
Cecilia: I’ve kept her alive, used our resources all this time, just for us to hand her over to inevitable death anyway!?
Noah: The irony isn’t lost on me, CeCe.
Cecilia: We can’t do this, Sir! This isn’t who we are!

Noah: What other option do we have?
Cecilia: There’s no other way?
Noah: Our hands are tied. It’s done.

4 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 13 – Stranger at the Door

  1. Rob says:

    Great episode; the best of this half of the season so far. I love the new Midway with the wooden huts, both inside and out. You’ve used the time jump very well in advancing both the environment and the story. I like the quiet, reflective tone of the episode, but the sense that a lot seemed to happen. Noah is very interesting and I’m guessing that his community is looking for a cure. I’m very keen to find out who this woman they were discussing is, not to mention his reaction when he finds out that Michael is dead and he’s holding his killer.

    Alexis and Blaine feels like something that isn’t going to last forever. At some point he’s going to want to be running the show and her control over him probably has a shelf life. I like the conflict in her leadership team with Jenson, although I wonder how long he’ll get away with talking to Blaine like that. I’m interested to know what Bernadette is up to, although I can’t think what options she really has at this point. Surprise me!

    I like the realism of Georgie’s story and the last scene between her and Calvin was touching. I also liked Peter reflecting upon his last encounter with Lorna, and Jai dealing with his Sean-related demons. This is a show which doesn’t forget characters and move on, which helps keep it believable and compelling.

    The discovery of the supermarket warehouse could be the best thing that’s ever happened to Midway, although I almost wonder if it’s going to throw up more complications – is there somebody else who’s been watching it? It was nice to focus on Elaine a bit, since I feel like we don’t see a lot of her.

    Small note: I did wonder why the communal/eating area at Midway is still outdoors. Surely it’s worth enclosing that as well given the winter season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samjpeck says:

      Thank you so much, Rob!

      I’m really glad you liked the time jump! I felt it was needed as the characters have been through a lot and were in some need of a respite otherwise they’d all start losing their minds! Plus, from a writing standpoint it helped freshen things up a bit and give characters a new look, and introduce some new storylines and help with the process of Victoria and Midway becoming more established communities. As for Noah, I’m very pleased you like him! He and his people are very mysterious, but there will be some answers where they’re concerned in the seven episodes left of the season.

      Victoria/Bernadette/Blaine take center stage in an upcoming episode, so maybe I’ll surprise you then? As for the warehouse. Hm. Episode fourteen might shed some light on that. 😉

      Yes, I see your point about the kitchen area being outside, and what you said is definitely more practical with it being autumn/winter, but to be honest, I really like the view of the mountains and the surrounding area and I didn’t want every single scene to be indoors! Haha! Maybe they just ran out of wood for a roof? Let’s go with that.

      Thank you so very much for your comment, Rob! It’s much appreciated!

      Sam James.


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