Man: It’s a good job we didn’t barricade those doors.
Peter: You’re telling me?
Sean: Who are you people?

Man: My names Ollie, this is Aimi, and this here’s Henry and Karen. We’re from towns a few hours from here.
Karen: Hello.
Henry: It’s nice to meet you both. It’s just a shame it’s not under better circumstances.
Sean: Likewise, pal. Anything to drink in this place?
Karen: It’s a library.
Sean: So that’s a no?
Peter: Is your group just the four of you?
Ollie: No. The others are up on the roof.
Peter: Do you guys know what’s going on? What are those things?
Ollie: The dead are rising, bud. If you get bit by one of those goons, you’re gone. That’s pretty much all we know. Your town escaped the brunt of it for a while seemingly.
Sean: Why didn’t we hear about it?
Henry: It was hushed up. The internet was the first to go…

Aimi: As it was the hardest to control and keep tabs on.
Peter: And then the TV’s and radios stopped working.
Ollie: Bingo. And now we’re all being left to rot.
Peter: How can the government just abandon us?
Sean: The government’s never cared about its people before, Peter lad. Now’s no different.
Henry: The government’s collapsed. Everything has.
Aimi: OK, that’ll do for a catch-up. We need to figure out a way out of here.
Peter: We only had a few of them outside. I think if we sneak out the other way we’ll have a chance of getting out the area.
Ollie: That’s not going to be possible.
Peter: Why not? It’s not that bad out there, is it?

Joy: Oh my goodness. Shiro, this is awful.
Shiro: I know.
Jai: How are we going to get out?
Shiro: All of us? Safely? I don’t know if it’s possible, Jai.

Shiro: Tell me, Georgie, how is it on your end?
Georgie: Erm…

Georgie: Not good, Shiro.

Georgie: Not good at all.


Lorna: Joyce?
Joyce: Hmm? Lorna? Is everything OK?
Lorna: I just wanted to check on you. How you feeling?
Joyce: My head still hurts… I’ve been sick a few times but… I’m very sleepy.
Lorna: All right. Sorry to disturb you. Go back to sleep.
Joyce: OK, dear.

Lorna: Oh, what are you still doing awake? You need to get some sleep. Mummy will sit in the room with you, all right?

Lorna: (Whispers). Oh, please be OK, boys.


Henry: Our town was completely over run… I mean… I’ve never seen anything like it… not even in films!
Karen: We lost a lot of people.
Peter: I’m sorry.
Henry: Karen and I hid with a few ladies who worked at our local school. We tried to keep the kids safe but there were too many of them. It only took one to wander off and get bit. And then, before we knew it, the entire place was infected. We had to abandon ship and run. It destroyed us for leaving, the guilt was overwhelming, but we had no choice.
Karen: All those kids gone. Just like that. It’s not right, is it?
Peter: That’s terrible.

Sean: This story doesn’t make me wanna drink at all.

Henry: A few days after we were in pretty bad shape.
Karen: Dehydrated… starving…
Henry: We had the luck of coming across Ollie and the others. They took us in. Kept us safe. We’ve been with them ever since.
Peter: So this was weeks ago?
Karen: It feels like years, but yes, it’s been a few weeks.
Peter: And yet it’s only been a few days for us. I mean tonight’s the first time I’ve seen any of those… things.
Ollie: There’s no official name. We call them the undead.
Aimi: Or groaners.
Sean: Well, I’ve seen far too many of them for my own liking. The resemblance they share with my ex-wife is uncanny.

Henry: When you were coming in, Peter, you mentioned Milo. Who’s Milo?
Peter: My little boy. He’s missing.
Sean: But not for long, lad! We’ll find him!
Ollie: We’ll do everything we can to help, too.
Karen: Absolutely!
Peter: I appreciate it. Thanks.
Aimi: Look, I’m all for saving people, but we still need to find a way to save ourselves!
Ollie: We’ll figure it out, Aimi. We always do.
Aimi: A whole town of fresh undead who’ve turned overnight? We’ve had it bad, Ollie, but not this bad.

Ollie: Good, you guys are back.
Shiro: What the hell? Who are these people!?
Sean: What’s with the hostility, pal? We’re from this town. This is our library.
Ollie: They’re survivors, Shiro. Just like we are.
Georgie: Hi! I’m Georgie.
Henry: Give it to us, guys. How bad it up there?
Joy: As bad as it could be. Corpses all over the place. A big group like us trying to sneak past? It’s not gonna happen.
Shiro: And yet we take in two more people!? Ones we don’t even know? I saw these two clowns running around like amateurs! Should’ve left them outside!
Jai: Shiro, come on.
Joy: That’s not fair.
Shiro: No, I’m sorry, but it’s every man for himself!

Sean: Well, you’re a charming little fella, ain’t ya?

Aimi: Excuse my brother. He has… people issues.
Shiro: I say we kick ‘em out! Let them fend for themselves.
Ollie: That’s not your call to make, Shiro.
Shiro: Yeah? Well maybe it should be!

Ollie: Well, I’m in charge. And I say they stay.
Shiro: What makes you think you’re fit enough to keep making decisions? It was your idea to come to this damn town!
Jai: It wasn’t just him, Shiro!
Aimi: We all thought this place would be safe.
Shiro: It doesn’t matter! I didn’t want come here but you made me, Ollie! That’s on you!
Ollie: Yes, it is. And it’s on me to get everyone out, which I will.
Shiro: This is ridiculous! We can barely look after ourselves. Why are we taking on more people?

Sean: You’re not ‘taking on’ anyone!
Peter: We’re here to find my son and that’s it.
Sean: Plus who are you to threaten to kick us out? This is our town! I’ve lived here most me life!
Ollie: Shiro, this isn’t up for discussion. They’re staying with us and we’re helping each other out.
Shiro: But…
Joy: We’re doing as Ollie says.
Henry: So let it go.
Shiro: So whatever stupid idea Ollie comes up with, we just follow like submissive lapdogs? Next thing you know he’ll be bringing in the groaners and keeping them as pets!
Aimi: Shiro, you’re being childish.

Ollie: This is my call, whether you like it or not.
Shiro: You’ll get us killed!
Ollie: Drop it.
Shiro: Whatever, man!

Shiro: This is lunacy! Don’t you people blame me when half of us are wiped out because of his inability to lead.
Ollie: Having another temper tantrum, Shiro?
Shiro: Fuck off!
Joy: Language!

Aimi: I’ll go calm him down.
Ollie: So, you’ve met Shiro, guys. What’d you think?
Peter: He’s lovely.
Sean: Yeah, a right charmer, so he is.
Ollie: We’ve got a big day of ahead of us tomorrow. I think we need to get some sleep.
Sean: Amen to that, lad.
Georgie: I’m exhausted.
Karen: I think we all are!
Ollie: Aimi and I will go on watch.

Sean: Aye, I see the problem.
Peter: Do any of you guys have any ideas on how to get out of this?
Sean: Take ‘em all down from the roof?
Henry: You’ll end up wasting ammo on ones we don’t even need to kill.
Ollie: And we’re short on ammo as it is.
Henry: Plus the noise we’ll make will attract more of them, so by the time we’re done, they’ll be a whole new group closing in.
Jai: (Sighs). It’s a shame we don’t have much food here. We could lie low for a few days. Wait for them to clear the area.
Peter: That works?
Jai: We’ve done it before.

Peter: That wouldn’t be an option for me anyway. The longer my son is out there…
Jai: I understand.
Henry: I think I have an idea.
Ollie: Well, it’s always you that gets us out of tricky spots, Henry. I’m hoping now won’t be any different.
Henry:  I think the strategy I have might just work.
Ollie: Then let’s hear it.

Shiro: Look at them over there. It’s ridiculous.
Aimi: You need to chill, baby bro.
Shiro: Why should I? Ollie’s gonna get us killed.
Aimi: No he won’t. We’ll get out of this. You’ll see.
Shiro: I’m not holding my breath, Aimi. You have too much faith in that boyfriend of yours.
Aimi: He’s not my boyfriend.
Shiro: Yeah, yeah.

Karen: The water in this town still works.
Georgie: Yeah, but remember what Ollie said…
Karen: Don’t drink it. I know.
Georgie: Argh!
Karen: Everything OK in there?
Georgie: Yeah, it’s just a bit painful, is all.
Karen: Does it always hurt?
Georgie: Sometimes, but I’m used to it.

Karen: You should tell the others, you know?
Georgie: I guess I should, but I don’t want to.
Karen: Why not? You trust me enough to know, why not them?
Georgie: Because you don’t judge.
Karen: I don’t understand?

Georgie: Oh c’mon, Karen, I know what people think of me.
Karen: Go on?
Georgie: I’m always the burden that slows everyone down.
Karen: Don’t be ridiculous!
Georgie: I feel as if I’m in the way sometimes. What if my incompetence gets someone killed?
Karen: Give me a hug!

Karen: You are in no way incompetent! We’re a group… a family… we stick together.
Georgie: Thanks, Karen.
Karen: You’re being silly, you know? You’re the person everyone likes the most!
Georgie: Even Shiro?
Karen: Well, no, but Shiro doesn’t like anyone.
Georgie: (Laughs). True.


Lorna: How are you feeling, Joyce?
Joyce: Disoriented… dizzy… very thirsty. Could I trouble you for a drink, petal?
Lorna: You don’t even need to ask.
Joyce: Your Peter… is he back yet?
Lorna: No.
Joyce: I’m sorry, dear.
Lorna: Don’t be. He’s fine. He’ll be home. He and Milo both will be. And you’ll be feeling as right as rain when they are.
Joyce: Sounds like a plan.
Lorna: I’ll go fetch your water.

Ollie: So everyone’s aware of the plan? Sean’s going up on the roof to take down any groaners that get too close. Then we all head out in our allocated groups, OK?
Joy: We’ve been through this, Ollie. I think we’re ready.
Peter: Just a reminder, my house is five streets down. Number fourteen. There’s a treehouse right outside.
Shiro: We got it.
Henry: We need to get a move on.
Ollie: Sean, head up to the roof. Let’s get started.
Sean: You got it, pal.
Ollie: Remember nobody is to run off alone or break groups. We stick together as planned.

Sean: Right, let’s get this show on the road. I hope me aiming’s as good as it was back in the army…

Sean: Who’s first, eh? Think it’s gotta be you, briefs!

Sean: That’s for not having the decency to put some clothes on, ya ugly git!

Shiro: At least someone’s having a good time.
Ollie: Three more gunshots and then we move…
Joy: Doesn’t matter how many times we do this, I never get used to it.
Jai: We’ll get out of this, Joy.
Ollie: That’s two… one more and then we-
Peter: OK, the first four of you! Go!
Joy: Good luck!
Ollie: And remember to stick together!

Shiro: Move out!
Karen: Oh, Henry, there are so many of them!
Henry: We’ll be fine, Karen! Keep Ben close!
Aimi: We’ve got you covered but you have to move quickly!

Henry: There’s some up ahead of this road, Aimi.
Aimi: OK… hold on…

Karen: But there’s another!
Henry: I’ve got it, honey! Just keep moving!

Shiro: All right, Ollie! The first group are clear… we’re ready for the next one!


Ollie: Go!
Joy: I don’t know if I can do it!
Ollie: You’ll be fine! I promise! Now go!
Jai: C’mon! The quicker you are the quicker this is all over!
Ollie: Be careful, Jai.
Jai: You know me, friend.

Joy: Oh Jesus, help us!
Aimi: It’ll be fine, Joy! Just hurry!
Shiro: Less chatting… more running!

Joy: C’mon Aimi, it’s time to go!
Shiro: You heard her.
Aimi: I’m staying.
Shiro: Excuse me!?
Aimi: Change of plan – you’re their escort!
Shiro: No way! I’m not bailing just ‘cause you wanna be with Ollie!
Aimi: Do you wanna leave Jai and Joy unprotected? Because I’m not going anywhere!
Shiro: ARGH!

Shiro: C’mon, you two!
Joy: Why are you coming instead of Aimi?
Shiro: Because my sister’s a huge pain in the arse!
Aimi: And that’s why you love me!
Jai: Henry’s cleared the route to Peter’s! Once we’re out of the library grounds it’ll be easy!


Sean: Well if it isn’t Donna Hadlow. Never liked her.

Sean: That’s for banning me from your bar, ya stuck up cow!

Ollie: Right, it’s our turn.
Georgie: Crap. I always worry about this part. Me running never tends to go well.
Peter: We’ve got your back all right? You’ll be fine.
Ollie: Let’s go!

Georgie: Oh, shit!
Ollie: Christ. How many of them are there!?
Peter: Henry was right about the noise!
Aimi: It attracts them!

Sean: I don’t need telling twice, lad!

Ollie: What the hell are you still doing here? You were supposed to leave with Jai and Joy!
Aimi: It doesn’t matter who stayed and who left.
Ollie: It did because I wanted you away from this!
Aimi: I don’t need protecting, Ollie!
Ollie: I never said you did.

Aimi: Nice shot!
Ollie: Likewise.

Sean: All right, I’m here!
Ollie: Good! We need to go and now!
Aimi: Well c’mon then!
Sean: OH, SHIT!
Ollie: What is it?

Aimi: NO!

Ollie: Where’d they-! NO! GET OFF OF ME!

Aimi: No, please no!
Georgie: Oh, Ollie!
Peter: They came out of no where!

Ollie: ARGH!
Aimi: OLLIE!

Peter: What can we do!?
Ollie: There’s nothing you can do! Move now! While they’re distracted! Go find your son, Peter! ARGH! Get back to the others!


Ollie: ARGGH!
Aimi: I’m not leaving him!

Aimi: We can’t leave him!
Sean: I’m sorry, lass. There’s nothing we can do. We need to move.
Aimi: No! Please!
Georgie: Guys, more are coming!
Sean: I’m sorry but he’s gone. We have to go!


Karen: This is it! This is the place! There’s a tree house!

Lorna: Did you hear that?
Joyce: Sounded like a gunshot.
Lorna: Wait here. I’ll check it out.
Joyce: Be careful!

Henry: I’m sick to death of these bastards!
(Ben whimpers)
Karen: It’s OK, boy.

Lorna: Who are you!?
Henry: Let us inside!
Karen: We’re with your husband!
Lorna: Peter!? Where is he!?
Henry: Let us in! We’ll explain!

Lorna: What’s going on? Where’s my husband?
Henry: We were swarmed last night. Had to stay in a library until this morning. There was a huge crowd of them.
Lorna: Why isn’t he with you? Did he find my son?
Henry: Your husband’s on his way back, but we haven’t found your boy.
Lorna: Oh…
Karen: But we will! We’ll do everything we can to help! I’m Karen, by the way, and this is my husband Henry.
Lorna: I’m Lorna.

Karen: The next group!

Henry: It’s good to see you, guys!
Jai: You too!
Shiro: There’s one right behind us that’s been on our trail the last few minutes. I’ve ran out of ammo!
Henry: Got it covered.

Henry: Get inside!

Lorna: It’s OK, baby! Mummy hasn’t forgotten about you!

Karen: I’m so glad you’re both all right!
Jai: Thank you. We’re happy you are, too.
Joy: That was horrifying!
Karen: I know, but it’s over, Joy. We’re safe.
Joy: For now.

Karen: Oh, Jai, what would we do without you, huh?
Jai: It’s good we’re OK, but there’re still more to come.
Lorna: Including Peter?
Joy: Yes, including your husband. He’s with our leader Ollie. He’ll be fine.
Lorna:  I’m Lorna.
Joy: I’m Joy. This is Jai.
Jai: Hello!
Lorna: It’s nice to meet you both. Are you a couple like Henry and Karen?
Joy: No. We’re just friends. I lost my husband.
Jai: And my wife passed, too.
Lorna: I’m sorry.

Henry: Shouldn’t the last group be here by now?
Shiro: You must be psychic, Henry.

Sean: I hope you’ve got some alcohol in your place, Peter! I need a stiff drink!
Peter: We have some whisky. We were saving it for a special occasion but that’s gone to hell like the rest of the world so consider it yours.
Sean: Attaboy.

Henry: The others are here.
Jai: Fantastic!
Joy: That’s great!
Henry: Yeah, but–
Lorna: So Peter’s OK?
Henry: Yes. He’s fine.

Shiro: Aimi, are you all right?
Aimi: Yeah, fucking fabulous.
Shiro: What’s wrong?

Sean: Georgie? What are you doing, girl? We need to get inside!
Georgie: Just hold on a second.

Georgie: Gotta check something.

Lorna: Oh Peter, thank goodness!
Peter: I told you I’d be back, didn’t I?
Karen: Where are the others!?
Shiro: Georgie and Sean are outside.
Henry: Ollie? I noticed he wasn’t with you.

Jai: Ollie’s not here? Why? What’s wrong? Oh no…
Henry: Aimi?
Aimi: The groaners…
Jai: No!
Aimi: They got him.
Shiro: Shit…
Aimi: He’s dead.

Jai: No! Not Ollie!

Karen: This is terrible. He was such a good man!
Joy: The best…
Henry: I should’ve been there. It’s my fault. Splitting up was a mistake.
Peter: It wasn’t anybody’s fault. They snuck up on us. It could’ve been anyone they got.

Shiro: Aimi, I know I never really saw eye-to-eye with him but–
Aimi: Don’t.

Jai: I can’t believe he’s gone!
Karen: Neither can I. It doesn’t feel real.
Joy: He was in charge… he kept us safe… what are we gonna do without him?
Henry: We’ll carry on and look after each other, Joy. It’s what he’d want us to do.
Lorna: I’m real sorry about your friend.
Henry: Thank you.

Lorna: Sean!?
Sean: All right, lass? It’s good to be inside! Getting a bit chilly.
Karen: Yeah because the weathers the worst thing out there…
Peter: Why’s it taken you so long to come in?
Karen: And where’s Georgie?
Sean: She’s right outside. She found something.
Henry: What?

Lorna: (Gasps).
Peter: MILO!
Georgie: I find it astounding you guys didn’t even bother to check the tree house. Do you know kids at all!?

Lorna: Are you all right, honey?
Milo: I’m fine, Mummy!
Lorna: You’re freezing! Oh, I am so sorry!
Milo: It was my fault. I snuck out!
Lorna: Oh, I’m just so glad you’re OK!

Milo: Dad!
Peter: Oh, I was so worried. Why didn’t you tell us you were in the tree house!? Why didn’t you call down!?
Milo: I was too scared!
Peter: I’m so sorry I didn’t check up there! That was so stupid of me! I love you so much, son.
Milo: I love you, too!

Joyce: Is that Milo’s voice?
Lorna: Yes, he’s fine!
Joyce: That’s great! I’m so relieved!
Peter: It’s good to see you, Joyce.
Joyce: And you, Peter. And you too, Sean, I suppose.
Sean: Careful Joyce. You’ll set me off.
Peter: Why was she in Milo’s room?
Lorna: She’s been resting.
Shiro: Resting?
Joyce: I’ve been feeling unwell. My Gilbert bit me.
Joy: What!?
Georgie: Oh, crap.

Shiro: Sorry.
Joyce: OH!
Lorna: What the hell do you think you’re doing!?
Henry: Shiro, no!
Karen: Put the gun down!
Shiro: This is for everyone’s own good.
Lorna: What are you talking about!?
Shiro: There’s no going back from being bitten. She’ll turn. Into one of those things! She can’t be around us when she does.
Joyce: I… I don’t understand…
Shiro: No.

Aimi: Shiro, do as she says!
Lorna: Give me that!
Peter: Lorna, wait!

Lorna: Point that thing away from her or I’ll shoot.
Henry: Oh, c’mon guys. This is stupid!
Shiro: I’m not backing down. She has to be taken out. What if she bites one of your kids?
Lorna: You have ten seconds.
Jai: Everyone just calm down!
Joyce:  I don’t mean any harm!
Lorna: Five seconds…
Peter: Lorna, wait!
Shiro: I’m doing this to keep everybody safe. How many times have we seen people die because we were lenient when dealing with the infected!?
Joyce: I’m not infected… I feel all right!
Shiro: Sorry, but we need a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this shit. You get bit, you get taken out.
Lorna: Put it down or I’ll shoot you, you son of a bitch! What do you not understand?
Shiro: Then go ahead, red.

Shiro: What you waiting for?

One thought on “Season 1, Episode 2 – Fight For Survival

  1. Rob says:

    Another great episode, Sam! The whole library escape sequence was very exciting. Sean continues to be all kinds of amazing. Shiro is a great antagonistic character right off the bat and the whole group is filling out nicely with an interesting assortment of characters. The ending is very dramatic and I can see both sides’ points of view. Ollie’s death so soon in the series is very shocking. Keep up the great work! 😀


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