Alexis: Thank you for the hospitality.
Blaine: My pleasure. Sleep well?
Alexis: Remarkably so. My mind was racing last night, but I was exhausted.
Blaine: I’ll be honest, I’m surprised you risked putting your head down. I was sure you were worried I’d slit your throat in your sleep.

Alexis: Should I have been?
Blaine: I’m many things, Alexis. Brutal, ruthless, stubborn, aggressive, short-tempered, unimaginative… but a sly coward? Nay, I say! If I’m going to kill someone, I’m up-front about it.
Alexis: How chivalrous.
Blaine: Right?

Blaine: Lucky you got here when you did. We planned to make tracks and move on within the next couple of days.
Alexis: How many people do you have again?
Blaine: There were five of us after an attack that almost wiped us out, but as Lady Luck would once again intervene, four more joined my band of merry followers just yesterday morning. So, overall, there’s nine of us.
Alexis: That’s a good number. It’ll do quite nicely.

Alexis: Forgive me, for I believe you when you say you have no intention of killing me, but I have to ask, how can I know I can trust you?
Blaine: I meant what I said the first time we met. I’m not suited to be the man in charge. I’ve been there and it was a disaster. And quite frankly, it’s a hassle I can do without. Now that’s settled, when do we get to head to our humble abode?
Alexis: Tonight. There’s a little job I’d like to request of you first.
Blaine: Name it.

Alexis: Yesterday, my complex was attacked by a woman. She caused a number of deaths and murdered someone I care about.
Blaine: That’s rough.
Alexis: She left immediately after, but she can’t have gone far. I’d like you and your people to search the woods in Summerlyn. Smoke her out.
Blaine: I can do that. But what’s our objective?
Alexis: Sorry?
Blaine: Am I setting phasers to stun, or what?

Alexis: I want her head on a spike.
Blaine: Oh, she’s pissed you off good. Can I get a description of some kind? I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but casually decapitating every woman I come across might be a tad unorthodox.
Alexis: She’s very distinctive. You can’t miss her. She’s bald, for starters.

Blaine: Come again?
Alexis: And her weapon of choice is a sickle. A curved blade sort-of-thing.
Blaine: It seems lady cue-ball gets around.
Alexis: You mean?

Blaine: I happen to have a score to settle with her, too.

Aimi: Morning.
Peter: Sleep well?
Aimi: Not a wink.
Peter: Sean?
Aimi: Yeah.

Peter: I don’t know what to say.
Aimi: You don’t have to say anything. It’s not gonna change the fact he’s gone.
Peter: No. But we have to carry on. As tough as it is.
Aimi: Why is it always the people who seem untouchable? Ollie… Joy… Sean… they were so tough. It doesn’t make sense. Why am I still here when they’re gone?
Peter: Don’t underestimate yourself.
Aimi: I’m just saying. The strongest were meant to be the last ones left.
Peter: It’s not just the strong, y’know? Milo was helpless.

Aimi: Oh, Peter, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.
Peter: I didn’t mean to –
Aimi: Honestly, why did I have to open my stupid mouth and talk shit!?
Peter: It’s OK!
Aimi: I’m such an idiot!

Aimi: Oh… I… why are you hugging me?
Peter: I’m hoping you’ll calm the hell down.

Aimi: Thanks, Peter. You’re a good guy.
Peter: You’ve got to be fucking shitting me!
Aimi: What!?

Peter: She’s still here!

Peter: Hey!
Charlotte: Oh, Peter, please. I’ve just woke up.

Peter: I made it clear you were to leave!
Charlotte: I was going to–
Peter: Doesn’t seem like it!
Charlotte: But Henry said I can stay.
Peter: He had no right!
Charlotte: It’s his camp!
Peter: I mean it, Charlotte! Go!

Aimi: Peter, calm down!
Dwayne: The hell’s going on!?
Penny: Some of us are trying to sleep, you know!?
Peter: Get your shit and go.
Lydia-Jean: The hell’s your problem, man?
Peter: Stay out of this!
Lydia-Jean: Not when you’re shouting at my friend!
Charlotte: It’s all right, Lydia.

Peter: Last warning.

Charlotte: What you gonna do, Peter, huh? You gonna kill me?

Peter: I might.
Aimi: Peter, no!
Dwayne: Jesus, bro!
Lydia-Jean: What the fuck is wrong with you!?

Henry: What on earth is going on!?

Henry: Lower the gun, Peter.
Peter: Henry, this doesn’t concern–

Henry: NOW!

Henry: This needs to be sorted. My quarters. Both of you.

Luke: Alexis back?
Bernadette: Nope. Looks like the meeting might not even need to happen.
Jasmin: Hell, we can move straight onto the election!
Bernadette: Absolutely.
Jasmin: I was kidding?
Bernadette: Oh. Well, I may be getting ahead of myself. But I believe in this place. And I think I’d make a good leader.

Jasmin: Going to the funeral’s, Luke?
Luke: Of course. You?
Jasmin: I’ve offered to go on watch.
Bernadette: Oh, Luke, I thought you could stay here with the kids?
Luke: They’ll be fine? We’ll only be outside.
Bernadette: Honestly, Luke, what good will come of it? You’ll only upset yourself. I’ll be honest… there wasn’t much left of your friends. Nothing worth burying at any rate.
Luke: Oh.

Bernadette: Stay here, darling. Mourn your friends in your own way.
Luke: I guess you’re right.
Bernadette: Best be going. Wouldn’t look good if I showed up late now, would it? Shouldn’t you be making tracks, too?
Jasmin: I haven’t had breakfast?
Bernadette: We need someone on watch!

Luke: Hey, Bernie?
Bernadette: Yes, Dear?
Luke: Would you say something on my behalf? For my friends?
Bernadette: Of course.

Jasmin: How stupid does she think you are?
Luke: Retarded. Clearly.
Jasmin: It’s like she believes her own lies.
Luke: More fool her.
Jasmin: Whatever it is you’ve got planned, just promise me something?

Jasmin: Let me be there to watch it.
Luke: Sure thing.

Jasmin: Laters.

Blaine: Eyes peeled, boys and girls. She has the advantage here, don’t forget.
Carlos: Am I missing something?
Blaine: More than likely, Carlos.
Carlos: There’s nine of us armed to the teeth against one woman with a blade.
Blaine: Your memory fails you. She killed three of us on our own turf before we knew she had gotten in. She’s fast. Quiet. We’re louder, considerably slower, and in the middle of a woods she’s clearly grown accustomed to. So, I’ll reiterate: advantage Patrick Stewart.

Jackson: Hey, pop?
Steve: What is it, son?
Jackson: There’re tracks here. Someone’s been here recently.
Steve: Groaner?
Jackson: No.

Blaine: I have to say, it’s a blessing you people stumbled across us yesterday. You sure have proved useful.

Jackson: Thanks, Mr. Monteghue. Should we–?

Steve: NO!

Blaine: FUUUCK!
Carlos: FIRE!

Blaine: Where the hell she’d vanish to!?

Steve: Oh, my boy. My boy…
Nate: GET UP! We’ve gotta get her!

Blaine: Give the man a moment! We can do this on our own!

Jenson: Alvin was a good man. He’ll be missed.
Bernadette: That was lovely, Jenson. Richard, would you like say something about Steph?

Coleman: She wouldn’t want me to stand here and be emotional. She was always so bright, so full of energy, so optimistic. Back before we arrived here, she was the leader of our old group, she was the one who motivated us and kept us going. And now it’s just me… it’s weird to think that she’s really gone. Anyway, I’ll carry her in my heart for the reminder of my days. Rest in peace, Steph. I hope you’re with Leah, Jeff, and all the others now.

Bernadette: Monty?
Monty: Monika… she was… she was the perfect daughter and I…

Monty: I’m sorry. I can’t do this.

Bernadette: Poor man. Anyway, we all know how much she was loved. So rest in peace, Monika. Now, I know nobody here was particularly close to Michael, but would anybody like to say something?

Alexis: Yes.

Alexis: I would.

Henry: You gonna sit down?
Peter: I’d rather stand.
Henry: Sit down, Peter.
Peter: I respect that you’re the leader here, but you can’t dictate what I do.
Henry: I wasn’t telling you as a leader, I was telling you as a friend. Please, just relax.

Peter: I’m sorry if I’m up-tight, but you can’t blame me considering I’m in the company of a traitor and a killer.
Charlotte: Jesus…
Henry: Peter, this needs to be sorted.
Peter: What!? I’m supposed to forget and forgive!?

Charlotte: I’m sorry, do you think I wanted to work for Eli? That it was something I did through choice!?
Peter: There’s always a choice, Charlotte.
Charlotte: Funny you say that. You know who said that exact same thing to me? Eli.
Peter: Well, the two of you were close.

Charlotte: The point is I had no choice! He had my mother…
Peter: Who he killed anyway.
Charlotte: I didn’t know he’d do that. He gave me his word.
Peter: I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m struggling to have sympathy.
Henry: Peter…
Peter: It’s true! Had she told us what was going on, we could’ve helped!
Charlotte: Are you forgetting what he was like!? He used to watch our every move. Had I said anything, he would’ve found out! And my mother would’ve been killed for sure!
Peter: You still betrayed us.

Charlotte: I didn’t want to! You can’t blame me for what I did…
Peter: I can’t?
Charlotte: Who would you put first? A group of people who are practically strangers, or the person you love most in the world?

Peter: Well, one of the people I love most is dead. Thanks to that man.

Charlotte: But she’s alive, isn’t she?
Peter: What?
Charlotte: Lydia-Jean told me she met a woman called Lorna? Said she helped her gain access to Victoria? It’s not exactly a common name name so I assumed…

Peter: Christ, you don’t even know, do you!?
Charlotte: Know what?

Henry: It uh… wasn’t Lorna Eli killed.

Peter: It was Milo…

Charlotte: No…
Peter: My eight-year-old son.

Bernadette: So, you’re back.
Howie: Now that we’ve done all the hard work and cleaning up!
Alexis: I apologise, but considering I had just lost a friend, I’m sure it’s understandable.
Howie: Is it now!?
Bernadette: We should let you know that there’s going to be a meeting tonight, to discuss leadership.

Alexis: Excellent.
Bernadette: Pardon?
Alexis: It’s a great idea.
Bernadette: Really?
Alexis: Of course.

Jenson: Gate-crashers.

Alexis: We have to head back inside, so all I’ll say is that Michael was a brave, kind, compassionate, brilliant man who was taken so soon. He shall be missed.

Alexis: Now, let’s get to safety, shall we?

Carlos: She’s gone.
Blaine: She’s not gone.
Noreen: How can you be sure?
Blaine: Because this chick enjoys killing too much to walk away.
Reginald: But how do we–
Blaine: Shh.

Blaine: What did you two say your names were?
Jim: Jim.
Laurie: Laurie.
Blaine: Jim, Laurie, stay calm but I’m pretty sure the crazy bitch is sneaking up behind you…

Jim: ARGH!

Blaine: Tagged the bitch! You lot help Jim! I’ll wrap this shit up and finish off Ben Kingsley…

Blaine: Hiding, are we?

Blaine: I know where I hit ya, sweetheart. You’re gonna bleed out. Can’t treat yourself. And there’s nobody that’s gonna help ya. It’s over, darling. So, c’mon out, I’ll make it quick.

Blaine: Come out, come out, wherever you are…


Blaine: Knew you wouldn’t go down without a fight. You’ve got more guts than the vast majority of folk. I respect that. Admire it, even. But you want me dead, and I’m quite prone to living, so, yeah. You gotta go.

Blaine: Any last words?

Blaine: Ooft!

Woman: Is he down?
Man: Out cold. She dead?

Woman: No. We still have time.

Man: Let’s get her to base.

Peter: Lost for words?

Charlotte: I… oh, Peter. I’m so sorry.
Peter: I don’t want your sympathy.
Charlotte: I knew he was a sick… I knew he was evil… but I can’t believe…

Henry: Look at her, Peter. Does she look like a bad person to you?
Peter: Henry…
Henry: She was a victim of Eli’s just as much as you were.
Peter: How can you say that?

Henry: You may have lost your son, Peter, and as someone who’s lost two of my children, I understand how painful it is, but Charlotte lost her mother. She didn’t walk away from Eli scot-free.

Charlotte: Nobody ever did.
Henry: I wasn’t there that night, but Shiro told me what happened. She didn’t know what killing Eli would cause. How could she? She probably thought she was redeeming herself… doing you all a favour.
Peter: Argh. I know you’re right, it’s just…

Peter: I get it, OK? It’s not fair to blame you for what happened.
Charlotte: Well, I understand why you have. Why wouldn’t you? You lost your son. And I caused it. I’m so sorry.
Peter: I know you are. I guess it was just easy to hate you… to think of you as this monster… to have someone to blame…

Henry: If I’ve learnt anything these past few days it’s that no matter our differences, we need to stick together. I knew Sean had his demons, yet I wasn’t understanding. Or patient. Or compassionate. If I were, he might be here today.  I wish I had told myself this a few days ago, but that’s why hindsight’s a bitch.

Bobby: Aimi told me what happened! You can’t banish Charlotte! She’s not a bad person!
Henry: Bobby…
Bobby: If she goes then I do, too!

Peter: Don’t worry, Bobby. It’s been sorted.
Henry: She’s staying put.
Bobby: Oh. Well, good!

Bobby: Are you OK?
Charlotte: How can I not be with a friend like you?

Peter: I best be getting back to Beatrice.
Charlotte: Peter…
Peter: I’m sorry I raised my gun at you.
Charlotte: It’s OK.

Peter: And I’m sorry about your mother.

Shiloh: You seen Donna, man?
Shiro: Supply run.
Shiloh: I thought we were doing all right for food?
Shiro: Medicine.
Shiloh: Was hoping to speak to her. I’m worried.
Shiro: Why?
Shiloh: What happened yesterday. She blames herself for taking Sean to Victoria.

Shiro: Was nobody’s fault.
Shiloh: I’ve tried telling her that.
Shiro: If I’m worried about anyone, it’s Jai.
Shiloh: What he did couldn’t have been easy. Taking out his own friend.
Shiro: Here’s hoping we’re worrying for nothing.


Javier: Stop! We have all we need! We should go!

Jai: Donna… Jai… you don’t need to do this!


Drew: And here I was thinking I had a bloodlust.
Javier: What’s gotten into them?
Drew: They’ve lost it.

Reginald: Blaine, please, wake up!

Blaine: The fuck happened?
Reginald: I dunno! I just had to kill a groaner who was right on top of you! He was seconds away from taking a bite.
Blaine: About time you did something useful. Where’s the girl?
Reginald: I dunno.
Blaine: Someone crept up behind me and knocked me out.
Reginald: Who!?
Blaine: What part of creeping up behind me do you not get?

Reginald: What do we do now? Should we keep looking?
Blaine: She’s long gone. Let’s head back.

Laurie: Did you get her?
Blaine: No. Where’s Noreen?
Carlos: She’s taken Jim back to camp to cauterize his arm.
Blaine: Poor bastard. Rather him than me.

Blaine: Steve? Pal? I know this is a dreadful time for ya, but we need to get a move on.
Steve: I’m not leaving him.
Blaine: I’m not asking you to. We’ll bury him somewhere nice and get back to Noreen.

Carlos: What happened with the crazy lady? She really got away?
Blaine: Don’t worry, Carlos. She’ll get hers.

Noah: You know our policies about taking in strangers, Diego.
Diego: I couldn’t just leave her out there to die, Noah!
Noah: I understand, and if it were feasible I’d be agreeing with you right now, but we’re wasting resources to keep her alive. She’s a stranger. What we have down here needs to be for us.
Diego: She’s from that complex you mentioned.

Noah: She is?
Diego: She must’ve been. Claire and I spotted her around there. It works in our favour to help her, right?
Noah: You have a point.

Noah: What did the doc say?
Diego: She’s lost a lot of blood. The good news is the bleeding’s stopped, but she’s comatose. We don’t know if there’s any damage to the brain.
Noah: We’ll wait and see.

Diego: You better be worth all this hassle, lady.

Bobby: Look who it is!
Charlotte: Hello, Beatrice!
Beatrice: Hello!
Charlotte: Aren’t you getting big!?
Bobby: Wanna hold her?
Charlotte: It’s best if I don’t.
Bobby: You and Peter are all right now. Plus, how can you resist?

Charlotte: Aw, Beatrice. That’s really sweet.

Peter: Hey.
Charlotte: Oh, Peter, I’m sorry! I was just…
Peter: It’s fine. I was just gonna give her some dinner so she’s not crabby for Penny later. She’s gonna watch her while we go down for Sean’s funeral.
Charlotte: Oh, OK.

Peter: See you guys.

Charlotte: I don’t know if he’s ever gonna be normal with me again.
Bobby: Baby steps.

Shiro: How’d it go?
Javier: Dios mío. Don’t ask.
Shiro: That bad?
Javier: Jai and Donna were reckless. Took out groaners even though we didn’t need to.
Shiro: Did Jai say much?
Javier: Not a word all day, amigo.
Shiro: Damn.

Jenson: I’m glad you’re back.
Alexis: Thank you.
Jenson: You know what Bernadette’s planning, right?
Alexis: Of course.
Jenson: I’ll back you up.
Alexis: Your loyalty is noted and much appreciated. But I need you on watch. A group will be arriving sometime soon, and when they do, you let them in immediately, OK?
Jenson: OK…

Bernadette: Should we get started?
Coleman: Alexis isn’t here yet.
Howie: If she didn’t care enough to come then perhaps that says it all?

Coleman: That’s not fair.
Howie: Oh, please! She’s been completely inept at a leader! I always thought so!

Alexis: Don’t beat around the bush, Howie. Say how you really feel.

Howie: Nice of you to turn up.
Alexis: I’m here now. Shall we get to it?
Bernadette: Absolutely. I’ve gathered us all here because I think this place needs an official election.

Coleman: Is that necessary?
Bernadette: Of course!
Coleman: I don’t see why. What happened yesterday wasn’t Alexis’s fault.
Bernadette: Then vote for her.
Coleman: Fine. I vote for Alexis.

Alexis: Thank you, Richard, but it’s not necessary.
Bernadette: So, you reject his nomination and concede?
Alexis: I just don’t think this is going to amount to anything.
Bernadette: We’ll see about that.
Alexis: Then carry on.

Bernadette: Let’s begin proceedings, shall we? I nominate Howie.
Howie: And I nominate you.
Bernadette: Thank you.
Coleman: I nominate Alexis.
Bernadette: Very well. Anyone else willing to stand? No? Then we have the candidates.

Trudy: I think this is a waste of time. I’m for Alexis remaining leader.

Yvonne: Me too.

Paul: Agreed.

Bernadette: I didn’t want to do this, but given the circumstances I’m afraid I don’t have a choice: Alexis was directly to blame for what happened.
Alexis: Excuse me?
Bernadette: The other day I over-heard a conversation between her and Lydia-Jean. Who was her niece. Yet Alexis decided to keep that a secret.
Coleman: What!?
Bernadette: And Lydia-Jean was the one who let that crazy lady into the compound.

Alexis: I didn’t know what she was planning.
Bernadette: Then maybe you shouldn’t have sent her into my house to spy on me!

Bernadette: From the looks on all your faces, I can assume this vote can go ahead?

Trudy: Maybe it would be for the best…
Howie: Absolutely.
Bernadette: Then let’s vote. I’ll kick things off by voting for Howie.

Howie: And I vote for you.
Jason: My votes for Bernadette.

Catelyn: Howie.
Bernadette: Zahra?
Catelyn: I don’t think she cares.
Bernadette: Fine.

Paul: Howie.
Matt: Alexis.
Lawrence: Bernadette.

Tariq: Bernadette.
Yvonne: Bernadette.
Mel: Howie.
Trudy: Bernadette.
Casey: Bernadette.

Monty: Howie.
Coleman: Alexis.
Howie: That’s it. You’ve won, Bernadette.

Bernadette: I don’t know what to say!
Alexis: Oh, I’m sure you do.
Bernadette: I’m humbled. Truly. Thank you all for electing me as the first official leader of Victoria!

Alexis: Impeccable timing.
Bernadette: Beg your pardon?

Blaine: Howdy, folks.

Peter: Sean was a good man

Blaine: Am I interrupting something? A campfire sing-along? Did I miss kumbaya?
Bernadette: Who are you!?

Blaine: I’m the crazy son-of-a-bitch who’s about to play the main antagonist in all of your nightmares from this moment forward. My friends call me Blaine.

Peter: He was there for me at the time when I was the lowest. He was a shoulder to cry on. I’ll never be able to thank him for that.

Blaine: Have I missed something?
Howie: We’ve just had a leadership vote.

Bernadette: Which I won.
Blaine: Is that so? Then congratulations are in order?
Bernadette: I’d like you to leave.

Peter: I understand some of you had a negative opinion of him, and for good reason, but that wasn’t Sean. He had his demons. But he was a good man. And he had a heart a gold.

Blaine: Well, I’m sorry to shit all over your cereal, but I have some news.

Peter: Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t perfect. Hell, at times he was more of a handful than my infant daughter, but he did his best considering everything he was going through.

Blaine: Me and my fine friends here were invited by Alexis before this little vote of yours was arranged. Meaning it was null and void.

Peter: So please, try not to judge him. He was a great friend. And I’ll miss him more than I could possibly put into words.

Bernadette: How does it make it null exactly!?
Blaine: Because the vote was never official. Alexis is the only one in charge. If she wasn’t before, then this woman is God to you all now. Understand?

Peter: That’s all I really have to say.

Bernadette: You can’t do this! This is a democracy!

Blaine: No democracy, I’m afraid. This here’s a dictatorship.

Peter: Rest in peace, Sean.

Blaine: From now on things are going to be a little different around here. For starters, there’s a curfew. Nobody’s allowed out after dark without permission.

Blaine: I can see you’re not exactly thrilled by this prospect. But if you don’t like the rules, you can hit the road.

Henry: I don’t think I’ve earned the right to speak here, but I hope Sean would appreciate what I have to say.

Blaine: There’s a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rules. If you break them, then you will be punished accordingly.

Henry: I was wrong to act the way I did. I let my temper get in the way of my compassion. I should’ve been more understanding.

Blaine: So maybe you get a time out?

Henry: If this has taught me anything, it’s that everybody should have say on how things are run here.

Blaine: Or maybe I shoot you in the face.

Henry: It can’t just be down to me. Not anymore. That doesn’t work.

Blaine: The number one rule you must take away from tonight is this: what Alexis says, goes. And that’s the end of it. If she asks you to wipe your asses with a cactus plant, then you grab that thing, shove it back there and think of England!

Henry: Maybe we can set up a government system of some kind? Or maybe I just need to get better at taking advice?

Blaine: So, if Alexis says jump…

Henry: Either way, this has been a learning curve. I’m just sorry it’s taken Sean dying to make me realise that.

Blaine: What do you do, lady?
Trudy: What!?
Blaine: If Alexis says jump, you-?
Trudy: Ask how high?


Henry: I’m sorry we never got to make amends, Sean. Truly, I am.

Blaine: That’s the new world order for you folks. You don’t have to like it, but if you’re living here, you stay in line. You step out of it, and the consequences won’t be pretty. Nor will any of your pretty faces.

Henry: Rest in peace.

Blaine: I trust this fine establishment has a doctor?

Blaine: RIGHT!?

Coleman: I… uh… that would be me, Sir.
Blaine: A friend of mine had an unfortunate accident. Lost a hand. I trust you’ll take care of it, right? I mean, what sort of doctor would leave a fellow in such a sorry state?
Coleman: Absolutely. I’ll do my best.
Blaine: He’s in the car over there. Get going.

Blaine: The doctor has an excuse, but what about the rest of you, huh!? Can’t you see it’s dark!? Scram!

Alexis: Well, you certainly know how to make an entrance.
Blaine: Why thank you. Too harsh?
Alexis: They got the message.

Bernadette: They can’t do this! I won fair and square! How did this happen!? How did she know!?
Luke: Because I warned her.

Bernadette: What!?
Luke: You think I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t know when you’re telling malicious lies right to my face!? I know my friends didn’t die! I’m stuck in this hell hole because of you! And it would be a whole lot worse if you were in charge, so I made sure that didn’t happen.

Bernadette: I can’t believe you’d do this.
Luke: Not nice, is it?
Bernadette: You’ve ruined everything!

Luke: Your mind-games will be the un-doing of you, Bernie. Maybe this has taught you a lesson.

Bernadette: You’ll regret this!
Jasmin: Have the decency to cry into your pillow! We don’t deserve to be keep up by your pathetic sobbing!

Jasmin: Oh, that felt good.
Luke: Wish I could say the same.
Jasmin: Come on! Sticking it to her must’ve felt satisfying.
Luke: But at what cost? I didn’t know things were going to turn out the way they have now. I’ve made things worse…
Jasmin: I’m sure they’re just doing it to scare people.
Luke: Regardless, we might need to consider our options.
Jasmin: What do you mean?

Luke: We should stay put for the time being. Follow their rules and be model citizens. But when the time is right, we get the hell out of dodge.

Alexis: Is she dead?
Blaine: I’m afraid I’ve failed you on that regard.
Alexis: You didn’t find her?
Blaine: Oh, we found her. And I’m a man down and Jim’s missing a hand because of it.
Alexis: She got the better of all of you by herself!?
Blaine: There’s more to it. I shot her in the leg and had her pinned to the round. I was about to deliver the finishing blow when someone knocked me out.
Alexis: It was her people, no doubt. Her husband…

Blaine: I’m sure we’ll come face-to-face with her again. I’ll get her then. That’s if she hasn’t bled out. I messed her up pretty bad.
Alexis: Good.
Blaine: I hope you’re not too disappointed.
Alexis: How can I be after what you’ve done for me tonight?
Blaine: So, you’ll see me and my friends to one of these lovely houses, then?

Alexis: This way.

Henry: I’m not bothering you, I hope?
Peter: Of course not.

Henry: Getting cold, isn’t it?
Peter: Summer’s over.

Henry: Your speech went over well.
Peter: So did yours.

Peter: Did you mean it? What you said? About us all deciding things together?
Henry: I did. I mean, I’m still the leader for a lack of a better word. But this can’t all be run by me. It won’t work. So, my first piece of advice I ask from you is what do you think comes next?
Peter: What do you mean?
Henry: What should our agenda be the next few weeks? What shall we work on?

Peter: It’s going to get cold real soon. Sleeping in tents isn’t going to suffice.
Henry: There’s a construction site close to here. Plenty of different materials we could use to make ourselves some huts as living quarters.

Peter: Sounds good to me. We won’t survive winter unless we get on top of things.
Henry: Looks like Midway is moving up in the world!
Peter: It sure does.

Peter: Is it a good time to mention I worked with my uncle’s carpentry firm as a kid?
Henry: Music to my ears, my friend!

Henry: Midway is going to be a utopia by the time we’re done with her!

One thought on “Season 2, Episode 12 – Seconds Out

  1. Rob says:

    Another great episode. I’m not too sorry that things blew up in Bernadette‘s face. She’s nakedly power hungry and manipulative. But I think Blaine is going to be bad news indeed. I think Alexis will find that she’s in over her depth with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he removes her at some point.

    I found it slightly hard to believe that Lorna would get the better of a group of nine armed people by herself, armed with just a melee weapon, but it was a good scene and I suppose she had cover from the forest. I’m very curious to know what that place is that she’s been taken.

    The ending was excellent and the juxtaposition of Sean’s funeral and Henry’s speech about democratic leadership, with Blaine’s hostile takeover and speech about Victoria as a dictatorship was very effective.

    I couldn’t help but take Peter’s side with Charlotte, but I’m glad they’ve made things up. I also like the focus on realistic things like preparing Midway for winter.

    Once again, keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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