Peter: This is stupid.

Henry: Not to mention unnecessary.
Shiro: I’m doing what’s best for the group.
Lorna: By killing an innocent woman in cold blood?
Shiro: I’d rather do that than have her single handily take us all down.
Henry: This isn’t the way, Shiro.
Jai: No. It most certainly is not.

Joyce: Please… don’t do this… either of you! There are kids here! Think of them!
Peter: Joyce is right. Put the gun down, Lorna.
Lorna: I will when he does.
Shiro: I’m not backing down. I’m right about this. I’ve seen too many people die because they were too weak to do what needed to be done.

Jai: Shiro, stop this.
Aimi: Point that thing away from her, Shiro.
Shiro: No.
Aimi: Do it. Now.
Shiro: Fine.

Shiro: Is this better?

Georgie: Is he seriously doing this?
Karen: It would appear so.
Joy: Ollie’s just died and we’re already turning on each other!?
Karen: Joy’s right. This isn’t going to solve anything.

Milo: Please stop! Point that away from my Mum!

Jai: This has gone too far.
Sean: Yeah. The kids getting upset, for fuck sake.
Henry: We need to have a discussion, but not with our guns pointed at one another!

Peter: This is absurd. Joy made a good point. Ollie’s just died, and we’re acting like this? Shiro, whether you have a point or not, shooting Joyce isn’t going to solve anything. We can deal with this situation in a way where nobody has to get hurt. Lorna, you put your gun down, too. We’ll talk this through and act like civilised people.

Peter: Good. I’m glad that’s sorted.
Shiro: I only backed down out of respect to Aimi.
Aimi: Oh, shut up, Shiro.
Joyce: I would never hurt anyone, you know? I’ve just lost my husband… I…
Lorna: You don’t have to explain yourself, Joyce.
Joyce: Do I need to die?
Lorna: No.

Shiro: Then she’ll try and kill us all. I hope you know that.
Aimi: Will you please shut up?
Shiro: Whatever. Just keep her away from me, all right?
Lorna: If you don’t like it here, try your luck out on the street.

Lorna: Come on, Joyce. Let’s get you back to bed.


Georgie: Do you feel wrong doing this? Because I do.
Joy: How’d you mean?

Georgie: We’re standing here… watching her sleep… waiting for her to die…
Joy: We have to. If she turns…
Georgie: No, I get the logic behind it, Joy. It’s just strange. It feels… disrespectful. I feel like a creep.
Joy: Well, maybe you are?
Georgie: Thanks for that.
(Joy laughs).

Peter: You handled yourself brilliantly earlier.
Lorna: You think so?
Peter: Definitely. It did make me laugh though.
Lorna: And why’s that?

Peter: Because you have no idea how to use a gun.
Lorna: Hey, my Grandfather used to take me shooting, I’ll have you know!
Peter: And he said you were a terrible shot.
Lorna: Because he was jealous.
(Peter laughs)
Lorna: Do you think I was right doing what I did to protect Joyce? I know she’s our friend but is it worth risking our lives for her during, well, an apocalypse?
Peter: I wouldn’t say it’s worth it, but we couldn’t just kill her or throw her out to the streets. She’d never do that to us if the shoe was on the other foot. Plus, we’ve got people watching her at all times. It’s under control.
Lorna: I suppose. But if anything happens…
Peter: It won’t, honey. Just relax. Think of all those people out there. They’ve lost so many of their loved ones, yet we all have each other. We need to be grateful.

Lorna: I know. I’m so glad he’s home… safe and sound.
Peter: Me too.

Henry: Are you all right?
Karen: I’m fine.
Henry: Are you sure? I know this must be hard for you.
Karen: Because of Ollie?
Henry: Well, no, not just that. Peter’s children. Being around them must be hard.
Karen: Of course. But I’m being strong. I’m glad his kids are all right. It put a smile on my face when Georgie found the boy.
Henry: Come here.

Henry: What we went through… what we saw… nobody should have to go through that.
Karen: Yeah.
Henry: It doesn’t make you weak to admit it affects you. You need to know that.
Karen: I know.
Henry: Get some sleep. I love you.
Karen: I love you, too.

Sean: Sure I can’t tempt you with a drink, Jai?
Jai: No thank you. I don’t drink alcohol.
Sean: Even now? It’s the end of the world, buddy. If this isn’t the time to drink, when is?
Jai: That’s a fair point, but still, I’ll pass.
Sean: Suit yourself. More for me then, eh?

Jai: (Laughs). I guess so.
Sean: So Jai, tell me about yourself. What’s your story?
Jai: A long and complicated one, friend.
Sean: Aye, pal, know the feeling. How long you been a part of this group for?
Jai: It started off with just Ollie and me. We found the others as we went along.
Sean: You were close with Ollie?
Jai: We were from the same town. I was his family’s GP for many years. I watched him grow up. He was a good man. I’ll miss him.
Sean: It’s a sad loss, for sure. I didn’t know him for long, but he seemed like a decent fella.
Jai: He was.
Sean: So, you’re a doctor?

Shiro: You not gonna talk to me, sis?
Aimi: What’s there to talk about?
Shiro: A lot of things.
Aimi: You proud of yourself for how you acted last night? Threatening to kill an old lady? Really, Shiro? That was necessary?
Shiro: She’s been bitten, Aimi. There’s only one fate awaiting her.
Aimi: So, that means we should put her down? Like a sick dog?
Shiro: Isn’t it the kindest thing to do? Stop her from turning? Would you wanna risk coming back and killing me? Or one of the kids?

Shiro: Aimi?
Aimi: I guess I never really thought about it like that.


Aimi: Honestly, Mum, it’s just a headache.
Yuu: But it’s not like you to take time off from the restaurant.
Aimi: I’m fine. Honestly.
Yuu: Still, I’ll stay home and make you something nice.
Aimi: No, go to book club! You’ve been looking forward to it all week! Plus, you know if you don’t go, Marjorie will pick next month’s book and I know how much you hate those romance novels!
Yuu: You’re more important. I’m staying put and making you your favourite.

Aimi: Oh Mum, you spoil me.
Yuu: It’s my job.
Aimi: That’s sweet.
Yuu: Aimi, I hate to bring this up while you’re ill, but have you heard from your brother, at all?
Aimi: No. And we’re not going to either.
Yuu: You never know…
Aimi: Mum, he’s a lost cause. He’s off doing his own thing. He wants nothing to do with the family. You know what he’s like.
Yuu: I do, which is why I’m perfectly content with just my daughter… that is until he decides to grow up.

Aimi: If he ever does…
Yuu: He will. Boys just take a little longer.
Aimi: I suppose.
Yuu: I’m so proud of you, Aimi. I always have been.
Aimi: I love you, Mum.
Yuu: And I love you, too. Now, get some sleep. I’ll bring you up some food shortly.
Aimi: All right. I’m looking forward to it.


Aimi: Hm?

Aimi: What time is it? Feels like I’ve been asleep for hours…

Aimi: What happened to my food? Mum? You still up?

Aimi: Mum? You down here?

Aimi: Mum?

Aimi: OH!

Aimi: Mum, what’s wrong with you!? Oh my god! What’s going on?

Aimi: No! Back away! I don’t understand… (screams). Your skin… don’t touch me! Are you sick!?


Aimi: Mum, please stop this! This isn’t funny!

Ollie: I’m sorry.
Ollie: She would’ve killed you.
Aimi: You’ve murdered her! Why did you do that!?
Ollie: She was already dead.
Aimi: What!? No, she wasn’t! She was ill or something… but she wasn’t…
Ollie: Is she the first one of those you’ve seen?
Aimi: What? What’d you mean?
Ollie: Let’s get you up and out of here.

Ollie: It’s all right. We’re good people.
Aimi: I… I… need to find my brother…
Ollie: All right. We’ll help you. I’m Ollie, this here is Jai. What’s your name, lovely?
Aimi: Aimi.
Ollie: It’s nice to meet you, Aimi.

Georgie: Gotchya!
(Beatrice giggles)
Milo: You are the cutest doggy in the world!
Karen: Well, it looks like you guys are having fun.
Georgie: (Laughs). Yeah, she’s really taken to me! Don’t you just love kids?

Georgie: Karen, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.
Karen: It’s fine, Georgie. Don’t worry.

Henry: Something has to be done about the bodies outside.
Sean: What do ya propose?
Henry: Burning them, perhaps?
Sean: Would it attract more of those things?
Henry: Not if we do it at night… the smoke shouldn’t be visible. Plus, the majority of the corpses are in the town center.
Sean: And what are we going to do about supplies?

Henry: You mean alcohol?
Sean: Only partly.
Henry: No, you do have a point. Peter doesn’t have much food here and there are a lot of us. Eventually, we’re gonna have to stock up.
Sean: Do you think maybe we should stay put for the time being and wait for Joyce to kick the bucket?
Henry: Yes, we all need to be here for when she turns. We don’t want things getting out of control.

Peter: How’s she doing?
Lorna: She’s not responding at all now, Peter. And she’s burning up.
Peter: Dammit.
Lorna: It’s like she’s in a coma.
Peter: It won’t be long now.

Lorna: I’m starting to get cold feet… what do we do? Should we do it now?
Peter: Wait until she passes. Henry said you don’t turn straight away.
Lorna: Oh, Peter, what are we gonna do? How can we raise kids in this world? This is the new norm!?
Peter: Come here.

Peter: We’ll figure this out, all right? We’ve gotta take it one day at a time.
Lorna: I guess you’re right.
Peter: You should get something to eat.


Aimi: Oh!
Joy: Hm?

Joy: Everything all right, honey?
Aimi: Yeah. Fine. Just had a bad dream, is all. Go back to sleep.

Sean: How’s Joyce, Peter?
Peter: Still comatose. Jai’s been keeping a watch over her.

Shiro: Why’s it taking so long? It normally only takes a couple of hours at the most.
Henry: It might depend on where they get you. She said her husband bit a few of her fingers before she managed to get away. Might be why it’s taken a while.
Shiro: Can’t you just do it now? Put a bullet in her head? It’ll be quick and painless.
Sean: She’s not a fucking dog with rabies!
Shiro: I realise that, but the longer we leave her in that state, the bigger the threat she’ll be.
Peter: There’s always someone in there with her. Once she’s passed, we’ll deal with it.
Shiro: You can never be too careful…
Sean: She’s an old lady, lad! We’re not touching her while she’s still breathing!
Peter: She also happens to be a wonderful woman. She deserves to die with a bit of dignity. So why don’t you pipe down? I’ve had it up to here with you!
Shiro: Is that so?
Peter: And for the record, if you ever raise a gun at my wife again, it’ll be the last thing you do.
Shiro: Oh, go fuck yourself.

Aimi: Are you guys seriously still arguing?
Peter: No. We’re fine.
Shiro: How you feeling?
Aimi: I’m going back to the library.

Shiro: I’m sorry!?
Sean: Are you out of your mind, lass?
Aimi: I’m going back to see Ollie. Let me past.

Shiro: Like hell you are!
Aimi: It’s not up for discussion!
Peter: Let’s just slow down for a minute and talk about this.
Shiro: Why would you want to go back there? We barely got out alive!
Aimi: I have to go and take Ollie out. I should’ve done it when they got him, but I didn’t. That was a mistake… and I’m going to fix it.
Peter: Aimi, he’s gone.
Henry: Peter’s right. If he’s turned, it won’t be him anymore.
Aimi: I’m putting him down. I’m not leaving him as one of those things.

Shiro: Aimi, stop!
Peter: Just hang back a few minutes!
Aimi: I’m going.

Ollie: It was a great idea to come to the coast, Aimi.
Aimi: It made sense, I guess. The town was filled with those things. We used to come down here during family breaks. It’s always pretty much deserted this time of year.
Ollie: Well, it was a good call. I’m glad you’re with us.
Aimi: Thanks.
Ollie: Is your brother OK? He doesn’t seem very chatty.

Aimi: He wasn’t on good terms with my mother and now that she’s gone…
Ollie: That’s understandable.
Aimi: How about your friend? Is he all right?
Ollie: He’ll be fine. He’s just exhausted. All of this running around is a bit much for him. He’s getting on a bit.

Aimi: Thank you so much for everything, Ollie. You didn’t have to risk your life to come and save me when you heard me scream…
Ollie: You’re more than welcome. We’re a group. We’ll help each other out. It’s the only way we’re going to get through this.
Aimi: You’re right.

Aimi: I’m glad you found us.

Lorna: Isn’t she beautiful when she sleeps?
Georgie: Joy? She’s all right.
Lorna: (Laughs).
Georgie: Just messing. Yeah, your kids a cutie.

Lorna: She seems to have a soft spot for you.
Georgie: Yeah, it’s a bit odd, that. I tend to terrify kids usually.
Lorna: Beatrice is a good judge of character. If she likes you, it’s a good thing in my book.
Georgie: Aw, well, consider me flattered.

Lorna: Thank you, by the way.
Georgie: For what?
Lorna: For finding my son. For having the brains to look where we didn’t.
Georgie: It’s no biggy, but yes, I am hero. Please bear that in mind if we ever run low on food.
Lorna: (Laughs).

Karen: Lorna?
Lorna: Hey, Karen. What’s up?
Karen: Sorry to interrupt, but Peter says he needs to speak to you.

Lorna: You can’t be serious!? You’re going back out there!? Again!?
Peter: We have the dark on our side this time. We’ll be in and out. No fuss.
Lorna: We’ve only just got everyone settled. What if you come back bitten… or what if what happens to Ollie happens to you!?
Peter: Lorna, we’re all armed and we’re going in without making a noise. Nothing bad will happen.

Lorna: If she’s stupid enough to go out there alone then let her!
Peter: We can’t. We’re a group now, Lorna. We need to stick together.
Lorna: I don’t want you to go!
Peter: Aimi and Shiro are brilliant fighters. You should’ve seen them at the library. I can take care of myself, but with them? I’m in good hands.
Lorna: Just get back here alive, all right?  Be no more than an hour.

Peter: I love you.


Karen: Your boy’s struck up a friendship with Ben.
Peter: So it would seem.
Karen: Sweet, huh?
Peter: Absolutely.

Peter: All right, let’s go.
Aimi: I don’t need babysitting.
Peter: It’s not babysitting, Aimi. I guess I wanna do this for Ollie as well… he took me in when he didn’t have to. And he took a lot of stick for doing so, yet he stuck by his decision anyway.
Shiro: Is that a dig at me?
Peter: Yes.
Shiro: Wow. Kitty’s got claws.
Aimi: Will you both shut up? We’re not going to make any noise on the way there.

Sean: So, it looks like it’s up to us to run the fort.
Henry: And that’s not all. We have a job to do.
Sean: And what would that be?
Henry: Burning the bodies. They’re starting to smell.
Sean: Starting?
Henry: Now’s a better time than ever.
Sean: Now I’m regretting finishing the whisky…

Lorna: Any change, Jai?
Jai: No. Her pulse continues to grow weaker but she’s hanging in there. She’s a fighter.
Lorna: Does this make any sense to you?
Jai: Pardon?
Lorna: As a medical doctor… what’s happening to us right now. This… disease… how is it possible?
Jai: I have to say, I have no idea. It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It defies belief.

Lorna: Do you think they’ll ever be a cure?
Jai: My guess is as good as yours. We can only hope.
Lorna: Would there be anyone working on it?
Jai: I’m sure there is… somewhere. But for the time being, it looks like we’re on our own.

Sean: Well, that should be enough gasoline.
Henry: Why are we leaving that one out of this?
Sean: It’s Joyce’s husband. I think Lorna wants to bury him with Joyce once she hits the proverbial bucket.
Henry: Light it up, Sean.

Sean: We might have over-done it with the gasoline.
Henry: You think?

Shiro: There doesn’t seem to be as many as there were yesterday.
Aimi: That’s a good thing, right?
Peter: Not if they’re lurking anywhere near my house it isn’t…
Aimi: Let’s just find Ollie, OK?

Peter: He’s not here.
Shiro: Do you think they ate him whole? It can happen. Not everybody turns.
Aimi: I’m going to keep looking.
Shiro: Aimi, it’s obvious he was consumed.
Aimi: Do you see any bones?
Shiro: No…
Aimi: Then we keep looking.

Shiro: Hmm. A car. The keys are still in the ignition, too.
Peter: This wasn’t here before… which means it’s recent.
Shiro: Well, there doesn’t seem to be anybody around.
Peter: Finders keepers, right?
Shiro: And here I was thinking you were a goody-two-shoes.

Shiro: Do you not have a car yourself?
Peter: I did, but it happened to be in for repairs when this mess started.
Shiro: Typical.
Peter: What about you guys?
Shiro: We had a few vehicles but we ran out of fuel. There were a lot of survivors from the towns around us, so anything lying around got looted pretty quickly.

Aimi: Ollie…

Peter: What the-!?
Shiro: Aimi!?

Shiro: Aimi…
Peter: Let me…
Aimi: No. I’m doing it!


Shiro: Hurry!

Aimi: Thanks for volunteering for me to go on watch.
Ollie: You’re not much of a sleeper and neither am I. So, it sorta made sense.
Aimi: If you want to spend time with me alone, you only have to ask.
Ollie: I’ll bear that in mind.

Aimi: I’m sorry about Shiro.
Ollie: I can handle him. Don’t sweat it.
Aimi: You know, I’ve been thinking…
Ollie: About what?
Aimi: A woman I saw a few days ago. One who’d turned. I swear I recongised her.
Ollie: Oh? Who was she?
Aimi: I’m not sure exactly. Maybe she worked at the supermarket I used to go to? Maybe she was an old school teacher? I don’t know for sure, but it made me wonder… what do you think happens when you become one of them?
Ollie: I’ve tried not to think about it.
Aimi: All I know is I’d give anything to stop myself becoming one. I really… I dunno… I guess this whole thing just makes you think about life.
Ollie: Come here.


Aimi: I’m sorry.



Sometime after… 

Peter: Home sweet home.

Shiro: Horray…
Peter: I tell you what, it sure felt good being behind the wheel of a car!
Shiro: I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t allowed to drive.
Peter: Do you ever stop complaining?
Shiro: No.
Peter: Honestly, I once got called out to help a ninety-six-year-old woman who fell down a flight of stairs and she whined less than you!
Shiro: You make me want to throw myself down a flight of stairs.
Peter: Let me know if you need a hand.

Aimi: We can put you to rest now, Ollie.

Henry: Are you all right, Aimi?
Aimi: Yeah, fine.
Lorna: I’m so pleased you’re back!
Peter: And in one piece. Didn’t I tell you?

Henry: You brought him back?
Aimi: I thought it would be for the best. I didn’t want to leave him there to rot. He deserved better.
Henry: I agree. It’ll be nice to give him a burial… allow people to pay their respects.


Peter: Are you all right?
Lorna: It happened a few minutes ago.
Peter: Joyce?
Lorna: She’s gone.
Shiro: Then you know what needs to be done.

Peter: Don’t start.
Lorna: No, Peter. He’s right.
Peter: We should go and take care of it, then.
Lorna: Yeah.

Peter: Any sign of changing?
Jai: No. She’s at peace for the moment.
Lorna: And we’re keeping it that way.
Jai: It would be better to do it with a knife. A gunshot will attract the groaners.
Lorna: I’m going to do it.
Peter: But Lorna–
Lorna: I’ve gotta do it sometime. Can we have some privacy please?
Jai: Sure.
Sean: I’ll be right outside, lass. Call out if you need me.

Peter: Are you sure you want to do this?
Lorna: It has to be me. If I wanna survive… protect the kids… I’m gonna need to learn to do it, right?
Peter: Fair enough.
Lorna: Hand me the knife.





One thought on “Season 1, Episode 3 – Every Inch of Life

  1. Rob says:

    Another stellar episode, Sam. 😀

    The way you followed on from the cliffhanger last time was really good, as was the ending, where Lorna decided to be the one to kill Joyce. Half of me agreed with Shiro because of the potential devastation that just one zombie could bring upon the group, but of course nobody wants to put down an elderly woman, even if it is the end of the world. Aimi’s backstory, with the death of her mother, and meeting Ollie and establishing the group, was very interesting and was incorporated into the episode well. As usual, the pictures were excellent.

    I liked the moment between Sean and Jai too.


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