Alexis: We’re heading out.

Victoria: All right.
Alexis: We should be back in a few hours if all goes to plan. The new guys have been on patrol, they said the horde headed east. That’s good news for us.
Victoria: Terrific.
Alexis: You don’t have to be sarcastic. I’m grateful you looked through the phonebooks to find Michael. We wouldn’t know where to look if it wasn’t for you.
Victoria: Don’t patronise me.
Alexis: I’m not.

Victoria: What makes you think you’ll have a chance of finding him with the city in such shit? You just gonna knock on his door and hope he answers?
Alexis: He’s a brilliant man, Vicky. I don’t have a doubt I my mind that he’s alive.
Victoria: You don’t have to be dumb to get overwhelmed by those things, Alexis. Who’s going with you?
Alexis: Steph… Jenson… a few of the others. I’ll see you shortly.

Victoria: Why are you being nice all of a sudden?
Alexis: Vicky, c’mon, we’ve settled things.
Victoria: Have we?
Alexis: Now that we’ve established and agreed on how things will work around here…
Victoria: We didn’t agree on anything. You just took over.
Alexis: I don’t want us to fall out, OK? I mean it. Can you hold the fort ‘til we get back?
Victoria: Sure.
Alexis: Thank you.


Joy: Anything?
Charlotte: No. Nothing.
Joy: Maybe I was seeing things this morning…
Charlotte: You said you saw a deer, so you did.  You’re not losing your mind, Joy.
Joy: (Laughs). Oh, I saw one all right. I just don’t want you wasting your time out here.
Charlotte: I’m enjoying the peace.

Joy: Can I ask you something?
Charlotte: Uh huh.
Joy: How’d you get so good with the bow?
Charlotte: Did archery as a teen. Almost went to the Olympics.
Joy: Almost?
Charlotte: Didn’t work out.

Joy: Are you all right? You’ve been quiet since we got back from the city a few days ago.
Charlotte: I’m just… thinking. That’s all.
Joy: Do you want me to leave you to it?
Charlotte: If you wouldn’t mind.


Alexis: This is the place.

Steph: What apartment number?
Alexis: Twenty-seven.
Jenson: This is a waste of time.
Steph: Then why come?
Jenson: We weren’t really given much of a fucking choice. It was help out or leave.
Alexis: It’s an arrangement that’s more than fair.
Steph: I agree.

Jenson: Then why are you the only one here out of your people, Barbie? You got more balls than the men?
Steph: Jeff’s having a hard time. He lost a lot of people close to him a few days ago… he watched them all die.
Jenson: Oh, boo-fucking-ho. We’ve all lost people. What’s the other guy’s excuse?
Steph: Coleman’s not much of a fighter.
Jenson: Then why is he allowed to stick around?
Alexis: He’s a doctor. That’s valuable. But I don’t even know why I’m explaining myself to you. If you wanna stay in my compound, you follow my rules.
Jenson: Whatever.
Alexis: Good, glad that’s settled. Let’s get going, shall we?

Alexis: Keep your eyes peeled at all times. You see… hear anything… you let the rest of us know. Keep in formation. Keep quiet. And for crying out loud, don’t break ranks.

Victoria: Coleman? Hello?
Coleman: In here!

Coleman: And please, call me Richard. I’m not used to being referred to by my surname. I’m sad it’s sticking.
Victoria: Sure, all right. What are you up to, Richard?
Coleman: Just trying to put an inventory together of all the medicine we have and some of the equipment we might need if
we wanna get a working infirmary going.
Victoria: Sounds good.

Coleman: Everything all right?
Victoria: I have to do… something.
Coleman: What do you mean?
Victoria: I’m heading out.
Coleman: Of the complex? Oh, I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Victoria.
Victoria: Why? Alexis told you how incompetent I am?

Coleman: No! What would make you say that? Of course not! There are just… hundreds… thousands of those things out there. It’s not safe for anyone on their own.
Victoria: I need a favour, Richard.
Coleman: A favour?
Victoria: If Alexis gets back before I do, I need you to cover for me.
Coleman: Oh, wait, wait, wait! Hold on!
Victoria: Say I was complaining of a headache so I went for an early night. I don’t need her knowing about this.

Coleman: You’re putting me in an awkward position. Alexis has been good to me. I don’t want to lie to her.
Alexis: Please, Richard. I’m begging you…
Coleman: All right, fine. If it means this much, but please, be back before she is.
Victoria: Thank you.

Coleman: Wait! Where exactly is it that you’re going!? Victoria! Victoria!?

Peter: Charlotte all right?
Joy: No. She’s distant. Same as she’s been for days.
Peter: Shit, I’m real worried about her.
Shiro: You can’t concern yourself with every little thing, Peter. I told you that the other day.

Aimi: It is worrying though. You think something could’ve happened to her when she was alone?
Joy: You mean with the roamers? I doubt she would have had any close calls. She takes them out quicker than what any of us do.
Shiro: Debatable.
Aimi: I didn’t mean the dead’uns. I meant people. What if she ran into a bad group, or something? What if they did something to her?

Joy: Oh, don’t say that.
Shiro: Doubt it. She looks pretty unscathed to me.
Peter: I’m not sure.
Shiro: Why are you so worried anyway?
Peter: She’s a valuable member of the group, moron. We need her at the top of her game.
Joy: She might just need some time.
Peter: Well, whatever it is, I just hope she gets her head together. For her sake.

Angie: Sky.
Javier: Plane.
Angie: Vacation.
Javier: Beach.
Angie: Ocean.
Javier: Whale.
Angie: Free Willy.
Javier: Free what?

Angie: You know the movie? Boy rescues whale, whale rescues boy? That sort of crap.
Javier: Not seen it.
Angie: What!? You kidding me?
Javier: What can I say, Señorita? I did not watch many films as a kid. Didn’t have a TV until I left home. I think I have probably seen… uhh… ten films in my life?
Angie: That’s depressing.
Javier: As depressing as life is now?
Angie: Well, no, maybe not. It’s weird to think about movies… the thought of never watching one again… makes me sad.Pretty Woman was always my favourite.

Jai: Sorry to interrupt, folks, but Javier, you should probably be all right to lose the bandage now. The risk of infection is pretty much gone.
Javier: Great! Gracias, Jai.
Jai: Anytime.

Angie: Looks like you can finally go back to wearing shirts.
Javier: Disappointed, chica?
Angie: (Laughs). Shut your face.

Bobby: Major cringe alert.
Sean: What is, lad?
Bobby: Javier flirting with my sister.

Sean: Hey, Jai.
Jai: Hm?
Sean: Angie and Javier… they flirting, or not?
Jai: I’m not much of an expert when it comes to young people, but if they’re not flirting then I’m not really a doctor nor a fifty-three year old practising Sikh but actually a pink, tap-dancing, hippo wearing spandex gloves and a top hat.
Sean: Quite the fucking image you’ve painted there, old man.

Victoria: North… they said… by the countryside… that’s where Peter mentioned their camp was…

Victoria: Knowing my luck I’m heading South…

Coleman: Jeff? Jeff? You in there?

Coleman: You don’t have to open the door but at least answer me. I’m worried about you. Steph and I… we both are…

Coleman: I made you some soup. You don’t have to open the door now but you can go downstairs and get it when I’m gone. So, please, eat something.

Coleman: I get that you’re devastated about Leah and the others. I am, too. What happened was awful and their deaths are even more tragic considering it happened just outside of here… where we’re safe…

Coleman: I know it’s difficult. But we’ve survived, Jeff. We’ve made it. The others, as hard as it is for me to say, are dead.

Coleman: They’re dead, Jeff.

Jeff: I’m dead, too, Rich.

Jeff: I’m dead, too.

Peter: Joy, how’s she doing?
Georgie: I can speak for myself, you know? (Laughs).
Peter: Of course you can. Sorry, Georgie.
Joy: I think you’re doing better right, hon?
Georgie: Yeah, for sure.
Peter: Glad to hear it.
Beatrice: Piggyback, George!
Georgie: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves eh, kid?

Bobby: I’ll give you one, Beatrice!
Beatrice: (Giggles) Run! Run!
Peter: No, Beatrice, that’s not safe.

Joy: Weird, isn’t it?
Peter: What is?
Joy: How much happier Beatrice is now that Georgie’s on her feet again.
Peter: Imagine how happy she’d be if Lorna and Milo were here.
Joy: Oh, sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t mean…
Peter: No, I know! It’s all right, Joy. I was just saying…

Jenson: He wasn’t in his apartment!
Alexis: He’s alive.
Jenson: Like shit he is! Most people are fucking dead. What makes you think this guy’s so special?
Alexis: Because he is.
Jenson: We should turn back around. Head home.
Alexis: He’s here. I know it.
Jenson: You know fucking shit!
Alexis: You want out of the complex, pal? Keep talking to me like that and you’ll be thrown out on your ass!

Jenson: Look, me and my guys are grateful you took us in, all right? We are. But this is a waste of time. We’re risking our lives and resources out here! For nothing!
Alexis: It’s not for nothing.
Jenson: I’m done with this.

Alexis: You turn back around or don’t bother going back to my compound.

Jenson: It’s pointless!
Alexis: We continue looking.
Jenson: For what!?
Alexis: I’m not explaining myself further.

Alexis: Anybody who doesn’t follow me: consider yourself homeless.

Victoria: Stay ahead, Vicky. They won’t catch you if you keep up the pace…





Charlotte: What the hell are you playing at!?
Victoria: Whoa! Hold up! I come in peace!
Charlotte: You don’t if you bring those things right to us, genius!
Victoria: I was going to take them out… I just… I wanted to know if I was heading in the right direction first. I guess I was.
Charlotte: What do you want? That Alexis chick isn’t with you, is she? From the way Peter’s spoken about her, I doubt she’d be welcome.
Victoria: No, it’s me. Just me. She doesn’t even know I’m here.
Charlotte: She’s alive, then?
Victoria: Unfortunately so. She’s why I’m here.

Charlotte: All right. You’ve intrigued me. What is it you want?
Victoria: Angie.

Victoria: I need to speak to Angie.

Steph: There’s so many of them!
Alexis: There’s no point turning running! We’ve come this far, so let’s fight!
Jenson: Are you fucking mad, woman!?

Jenson: If any of us die because of this, I will not be responsible for my fucking actions!

Alexis: Look at the staircase leading up to the top apartment!
Steph: What about it?

Alexis: It’s been barricaded! Which means there’s probably someone up there who wants to keep these things out!

Jenson: That’s one hell of a gamble, woman!

Steph: Maybe Jenson’s right… maybe we should go back!?
Alexis: Not happening!

Jenson: Shit…
Steph: I think that’s all of them.

Man: What’s all the God forsaken racket!?
Alexis: I knew it.
Man: Alexis? Jesus Christ, that you down there?
Alexis: I knew it, Michael.
Michael: Knew what?
Alexis: That you’d still be alive.
Michael: Heh. Right back at you, black widow.

Michael: A nuclear bomb couldn’t take you out.

Angie: Everything OK?
Peter: Yeah, I’m fine.
Angie: You sure? You haven’t seemed right since, well, since I’ve met you.
Peter: (Laughs). I guess I haven’t been. My wife and son…
Angie: I understand.

Angie: You know if it makes you feel any better, Bobby and I found each other again, against all odds. That’s something, right?
Peter: Miracles don’t come around twice, Angie.
Angie: That wasn’t your miracle. Way I see it, you’re still owed yours, right?
Peter: I hope so.

Sean: Oi, blond and blonder, look alive.

Angie: Is that… Vicky!?

Angie: Oh my god! Hi!
Victoria: I’m glad you’re pleased to see me. (Laughs).
Angie: Of course I am! What are you doing here?
Victoria: I travelled from the city. I needed to talk to you. Urgently.

Peter: What’s all this about?
Charlotte: Dunno. Found her just under a mile from here. She had goons on her tail. I took ‘em out.
Peter: Good.
Shiro: What exactly does she want?

Victoria: She can hear you, you know?
Shiro: Well, I said it loud enough, lady.
Angie: What’s this about, Vick?
Victoria: Alexis.

Peter: What about her?

Victoria: She has to be stopped.

Michael: Well, out of all the things I expected to see today, your face wasn’t one of them.
Alexis: Disappointed?
Michael: On the contrary, my friend. It’s a refreshing change.
Alexis: How long you been living up here?
Michael: Since it became apparent that my grubby little apartment wasn’t going to keep the bastards out. I use the fire escape to get around the building whenever I need to get supplies or fresh air.
Alexis: So, you barricaded the stairs and stayed up here?
Michael: Affirmative.

Alexis: Consider me impressed.
Michael: Likewise. You seem to have your own army of merry men.
Alexis: I wouldn’t exactly call them merry…
Michael: How’d that come about? Who are they?
Alexis: Survivors I allowed into my complex.
Michael: Complex?
Alexis: There’s a housing compound just a few miles away from here.
Michael: The one owned by Franklin and Groves? Yeah, I know of it.
Alexis: You do?

Michael: It became obvious rather quickly that I needed to plan ahead and decide on somewhere sheltered to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of dying, but being eaten alive? Ripped to shreds? Call me prudish, but that doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.
Alexis: If you knew about it, why didn’t you go there? It’s safe. It has walls.
Michael: I’m one man. I can take a few of them down at a time, but a whole crowd? Not a chance. I’m more brain than brawn unfortunately. Anyway, there was no guarantee  I’d get there alive, especially not with the past week or so. They’re growing by the dozens. Daily.
Alexis: That’s true, but you can come back with us now. In fact, I’m rather insisting on it.
Michael: You are?
Alexis: Why else do you think I came here?

Michael: What’s your motive?
Alexis: Who says I have one?
Michael: This is me you’re talking to.
Alexis: You’re a pathologist, Michael. Need I say more?

Michael: You think I know what caused this mess?
Alexis: Don’t you?
Michael: Could be a wide number of things. Bacteria… pathogens… parasites…neurotoxins…a very pissed off God with a wicked sense of humour…
Alexis: So, you haven’t got a clue?
Michael: No, Alexis. I haven’t the foggiest.

Alexis: You haven’t done any research?
Michael: How could I?
Alexis: I just figured what with the corpses we took down downstairs…
Michael: What about them?
Alexis: You left them there on purpose.
Michael: Indeed, I did.
Alexis: Why?
Michael: Defence more than anything. Put looters off from trying to move about the building. Call me selfish, but I wanted this place to myself.

Alexis: What would you say if I told you that you can come with me, somewhere a hundred times safer as this, where we have weapons, medicine, and water?
Michael: I’d say what’s in it for you?
Alexis: I’m trying to put a community together and it needs someone like you.
Michael: Let’s cut to the chase: you want me to try and find a way of coming up with some sort of cure or a way to fix this thing, right? Because if your place comes up with a cure then you’ll have more power than you can shake a stick at.
Alexis: I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get the equipment and everything else you’ll need.

Michael: What makes you think there aren’t other scientists out there? Bigger, better and smarter ones than me, who haven’t already tried and failed?
Alexis: That’s the lazy man’s way out, Michael. You’re better than that.

Michael: Well, admittedly, I have turned into quite a sloth these past weeks. And I’ve grown oddly fond of this place… I don’t really want to leave. (Sighs). But it was never going to last forever anyway, was it?

Michael: All right, black widow. You’ve twisted my arm.

Jai: You sure you don’t want anything to eat or drink?
Victoria: No thank you. I’m fine.
Shiro: Can we just get to the bit where we discuss what the fuck you’re doing here?

Victoria: It’s Alexis… she needs to be stopped.
Angie: From what?
Victoria: The real reason I stayed in the city was because I knew of a housing complex my father had built. I knew the construction walls would still be up. And we found it just under a week ago. It’s standing. In one piece. Completely solid and protected from the rest of the city.
Sean: Jesus, thanks for fucking sharing, lass.
Victoria: I don’t owe you people anything.
Shiro: We kept you alive that night in the city. I think you do!
Angie: Guys, back off, all right?

Angie: Maybe you didn’t owe these guys as you didn’t know them, but me? I thought we were friends?
Victoria: We are, Angie, but I knew your mind was made up about leaving the city. Not only that, but back then, I had no idea if the place had fallen or wasn’t already occupied…
Peter: Can we get to Alexis needing to be stopped?

Victoria: She’s let other survivors in…
Angie: Is she feeling all right!?
Victoria: It’s for her own gain. She knows there’s safety in numbers so she’s building up what she calls a community… but it’s a lie… it’s her own army. People that she can blackmail and exploit into doing what she wants. She’s cast me aside. Trying to order me around and belittle me, thinking she owns the place.
Angie: She’s never been right in the head.

Aimi: Sorry, but what exactly does this have to do with us?
Georgie: I was thinking the same thing. No offence. I’m Georgie, by the way. (Laughs).
Victoria: You think she won’t get stronger and cause problems for you guys eventually? She threatened to kill me the other night.
Angie: What!?
Victoria: She’s out of control and I know for a fact, if she gets power and a big enough group of followers, she will become more of a threat then the undead. Mark my words.

Joy: Look, Vicky, I understand your predicament and I sympathise, but this really doesn’t have anything to do with us.
Victoria: Yet.
Joy: What would you have us do? March down there and kill her?
Shiro: I’d be game.
Victoria: I didn’t say that.

Peter: Then why did you come here? Don’t get me wrong, I think Alexis is a psycho who would be better off dead, but there’s literally nothing we can do.
Angie: Was it advice you were after? Because that’s fine, I’m happy to help you with that, Vick.
Victoria: No, I just need your word that if she does carry on down this path and my fears become realised, that you’ll support me? Help if you need to?
Joy: Sorry, but we can’t do that.
Jai: Let’s just hear her out.

Victoria: You guys don’t know what she’s like.
Peter: I think I got a decent enough idea of what type of person she is when she raised a gun at me because she wanted to be the one to kill Eli.
Victoria: No, what she’s really like. There’s something wrong there. Unhinged.
Joy: Sorry sweetheart, but you seem to be leaping to conclusions, as far as I’m concerned.

Victoria: I’m not! Tell ‘em, Angie!
Angie: (Sighs). She’s right.
Peter: What do you mean?
Angie: With enough power and men at her disposal… she could become a problem.
Jai: Even for us?
Angie: Yeah.

Peter: Then I’m gonna have to take your word on that, ladies.
Victoria: So, you mean?
Peter: If she gets any worse… you can come back here. Keep us informed. And we’ll try in any way we can to help.

Victoria: Thank you! That’s great! I just needed assurance that I had friends out there somewhere who would be willing to help.
Angie: Of course you do!

Angie: Look after yourself, all right? Try not to anger her.
Shiro: And I think you should keep it discreet about meeting us.
Victoria: I will.
Jai: And please, if you feel like your life is in danger in any way, don’t hesitate to come back.
Peter: Jai’s right. You’ll always be welcome.
Angie: Absolutely!
Victoria: Thank you all. Truly. You’re good people.

Jenson: About fucking time…
Alexis: Ready to move?
Steph: He’s coming with us, then?
Michael: He is indeed.

Michael: So, black widow, tell me, this compound. You heard about it because of Victoria?
Alexis: Yeah. I did.
Michael: How long has she been gone?
Alexis: She’s not. She’s alive. Back at the complex. Waiting for us.
Michael: Wow, pardon my mistake, but I just assumed she’d be dead. She used to cry and declare her life over if she did as much as break a nail.
Alexis: Yeah, I’ll hand it to her, she’s survived much longer than what I thought she would.
Michael: So, you took the complex from her?
Alexis: In a manner of speaking.
Michael: Oh, Alexis, you never cease to surprise me.

Steph: All right. I’ve gotta ask. What’s with the black widow nickname?
Michael: Well…
Alexis: No, Michael.
Michael: It has nothing to do with race, I hasten to clarify. We used to have this private joke that Alexis consumed her partners after intercourse.
Alexis: Jesus…
Steph: (Laughs).
Michael: It was a joke that unfortunately has a completely different meaning now what with this cannibalistic pandemic.
Steph: I’ll say.
Alexis: Let’s just get back.

Jeff: I need… to… leave… can’t be here… if I… turn…

Jeff: Need… to get… out! I… urgh!

Jeff: Rich! Richard, help!

Jeff: Get me out of here, Richard… please…

Jeff: Get me… Rich…  

Victoria: Oh… oh… I… get away! I…

Victoria: No… I have to face it…

Victoria: I have to face them…


Victoria: Argh…

Victoria: I did. I… I can survive…I can…

Victoria: I will.

Sean: What did you guys make of that earlier, then?
Shiro: Can we be sure Alexis didn’t send her out here?
Jai: If Angie trusts her, I think we should, too.
Shiro: But if she’s loyal to Alexis…
Bobby: My sister’s a good judge of character.
Javier: Si, she is.

Joy: I just hope it doesn’t bring trouble to our door.
Aimi: We wouldn’t let that happen, Joy.
Shiro: Not a chance.
Georgie: I think Victoria looked pretty sincere as well. What do you think, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Uh, yeah, I agree.

Peter: You all right?
Angie: Yeah, just didn’t think I’d see her again, is all.
Peter: How far back do you go?
Angie: Years. I met them all in college. Didn’t particularly like any of them aside from Jack. He was the only one I considered a friend before all of this. I never liked Alexis. She was always a cold bitch who seemed to delight in other people’s misfortune.
Peter: What you said about her, did you mean it? Or were you just trying to support Victoria? I won’t be mad if you were.
Angie: No, I meant it.
Peter: She could be a problem, then?
Angie: Yes. She could.

Angie: I just hope Vicky watches her back for Alexis’s knife…

Michael: This place is unbelievable.
Alexis: Told you so.

Michael: I very almost said no to you, you know?
Alexis: Well, I’m glad you didn’t.
Michael: That Jenson character doesn’t seem to be a fan of yours.
Alexis: He’s not. By any means.
Michael: You might want to keep an eye on him. If you catch my drift…
Alexis: I do.

Coleman: Welcome back.
Alexis: Hello, Coleman. This is Michael Lewis, a friend of mine from college. Michael, this is Dr. Richard Coleman.
Coleman: Oh, hello, there! Nice to meet you.
Michael: Pleasure’s all mine, doc.
Alexis: Where’s Vicky? I haven’t seen her since I got back.
Coleman: Umm, dunno.
Alexis: You haven’t seen her?
Coleman: I don’t recall.
Alexis: She’s not here, is she?

Victoria: Looking for me?

Michael: Vicky, it’s nice to see you!
Victoria: Yeah, likewise, Michael. You look… well.
Michael: (Laughs). I haven’t exactly have access to shaving cream or a shower, but thanks for lying.

Alexis: You’ve been out the compound?
Victoria: So what if I have?
Coleman: I’m sorry for lying, I just… oh, please don’t put me in the middle of this!

Michael: This is obviously a private matter and I could do with a snooze. So, I’ll just go see myself into one of the houses. Catch up tomorrow, Vicky?
Victoria: Sure.

Alexis: Where did you go?
Victoria: Just for a walk.
Alexis: Why didn’t you tell me she had gone out?
Coleman: She said she was desperate and needed a favour! I didn’t want to be rude! But I didn’t want to lie either! I just… I wanna go get some sleep… OK? Is that OK?
Alexis: It’s fine. Where’s Jeff, by the way?
Coleman: He’s still locked away in his room. Hasn’t been out all day.
Alexis: He needs to get a hold of himself. You may go, Richard.

Steph: Jeff, everything OK?

Steph: Hello?

Victoria: I’m going to bed…
Alexis: You gonna tell me where you went?
Victoria: I told you. For a walk.
Alexis: I can see straight through you, Vicky.

Victoria: So you know I went to see Angie and the others, then?

Alexis: You did what!?

Victoria: I told them everything about what you were up to. How you’re becoming a problem. They said if I ever need a place to go, I can go to them. They’d help me out.
Alexis: You two-faced cow! Why did you do that!? They know about this place now! How fucking stupid can you be!? Peter could be making his way here right this second!
Victoria: I’m sick of you talking down to me, underestimating me, thinking I’m useless! I’m not useless! I’m strong! Much stronger than what even I gave myself credit for!

Victoria: You think you can rule over me? Tell me what to do? Beat me down? Well, you’re wrong! I’m not gonna take it anymore! I’m not!
Alexis: Vicky, hold up!
Victoria: Now you want to compromise? Talk to me like a decent human being?

Alexis: Stop a second!
Victoria: I don’t want to hear what you have to-
Alexis: LOOK OUT!


Victoria: Alexis! Help!




Victoria: Alexis! Alexis, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE!

Victoria: ARGGH! NO! ARRGH!



Victoria: Alexis… please… I…





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