We can’t trust him… 

That much is obvious… 

Richard: But what can we do?
Callum: Can we do anything?
Javier: We have to kill him.
Callum: What!?
Richard: (Sighs). I think Javier’s right.

Bob: Kill him?
Callum: Don’t you think that’s a bit?
Richard: What?
Callum: Extreme?


Richard: You’ve seen him, Cal. The guy’s out of control. He was bad enough inside, but not that we’re out…
Javier: And if the idiota figures out we’re turning on him, what do you think he will do?
Callum: We could talk to him…
Richard: We already have. The guy’s psychotic. He robs and kills innocent people and expects us to sit back and do nothing? He’s beyond reason.
Callum: Shouldn’t we talk to the others about this?
Richard: You’re kidding, right? Amar and Sid worship the ground he stands on, Terry’s so fucking dumb he’ll follow anybody who knows more than ten words and Donald’s a coward. He won’t stand up to Eli. Not a chance.
Bob: I think you might be right.
Javier: Si. We have no other choice. It has to be done.


Richard: Alan? Clint? You’ve been a bit quiet. Where do you guys stand on this?
Alan: I…













Cassie: You all right?
Big Pete: No, I’m not. I’m fucking sweating buckets.
Joel: We need to find somewhere more shaded.
Cassie: And risk not seeing the biters around the trees? I’ll take the sun for now thanks.

Big Pete: Shit.
Joel: What?
Big Pete: Incoming.
Cassie: Dead?
Big Pete: Alive.

Eli: Afternoon, friends! Nice day, huh?

Big Pete: Don’t come any closer.
Eli: Hey now, what’s with all the hostility?
Big Pete: Sorry, but we don’t know you from adam. Do you have any weapons?

Eli: The gun really isn’t necessary.
Cassie: Just answer the fucking question.
Joel: C’mon guys, he might be all right.
Big Pete: Shut up, Joel.
Eli: I’m unarmed. You have my word. I’ve just come to talk.

Joel: Talk?
Cassie: About what?
Eli: Why don’t you just put the gun down first?
Big Pete: Not a chance.
Eli: Look, I’m not here to hurt you.
Cassie: You should be careful. It’s not just the three of us.
Eli: I’ve been watching you for a while. I know you’re bluffing.




Big Pete: What is it you want?
Eli: I want to offer you an opportunity.
Big Pete: Opportunity?
Eli: To join me. I have walls. Somewhere safe.

Big Pete: And you want us there why?
Cassie: I’m not buying this. More people just means a strain on your resources.
Big Pete: You better start telling the truth, pal.

Eli: I am. We have plenty of food, water and weapons to go round. But we need more people. Safety in numbers.
Cassie: Pete, do it.
Big Pete: (Whistles). Jesse!

Eli: What are you-!?

Jesse: Make one wrong move and you’re dead, asshole.



Victoria: There are just so many of them.

Alexis: We’ll just do what we did yesterday. Wait around. Someone or something will make a noise somewhere, send them on their way. We’ll clear out then.
Victoria: What if they find us here?
Alexis: They won’t, not if we keep our heads down and stay quiet.
Victoria: I’m starting to think Angie was right.

Alexis: There’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear.
Victoria: Well, she was. This city’s in a shitter state than I thought. It’s infested. To the brink. Maybe I should’ve gone with her.
Alexis: What were you expecting?
Victoria: I dunno… something different…

Alexis: What is it you’re keeping from me?
Victoria: Sorry?
Alexis: The real reason you wanted to stay in Summerlyn.
Victoria: I’ve told you. To stay with you.
Alexis: (Laughs). Don’t give me that. You’re selfish to the core. That’s the one thing we have in common. But you wouldn’t risk your own life just to keep me company. It’s something else. Just be honest.
Victoria: You’re one to talk about being honest!
Alexis: Excuse me?
Victoria: Where’d you get the gun?
Alexis: I told you. Gun store.

Victoria: But what one? They’ve all been looted dry.
Alexis: Well, I found a small one just outside the city when I went out for supplies.
Victoria: I still don’t believe you.
Alexis: I asked you first. When you give me an honest answer, I’ll return the favour.
Victoria: My Daddy, at the time he…
Alexis: Died?
Victoria: Disappeared.
Alexis: Let’s go with died.
Victoria: Whatever. He was working on a housing project in the city.
Alexis: So?

Victoria: So, I know they were about ten days away from unveiling to the public; a big press party was planned. I figured if we found this place… we could live there.
Alexis: And what makes this place so safe? Compared to everywhere else?
Victoria: Are you not listening? They were still applying finishing touches. The unveiling hadn’t happened by the time all this shit started. That means the construction walls would still be up.
Alexis: Wow, that’s actually not a bad idea. Why didn’t you say anything!?
Victoria: I didn’t wanna get your hopes up… didn’t want to get my own up. What if somebody else got there first? What if it’s overrun?
Alexis: We’ll find it. We’ll know soon enough.
Victoria: OK, so I’ve done mine, it’s your turn now.
Alexis: My turn?
Victoria: To tell the truth. Where’d you get the gun?
Alexis: I stole it.
Victoria: From who?

Alexis: Someone who won’t be needing it.

Eli: This is unnecessary, friends.
Jesse: Yeah, we don’t think so.
Big Pete: Start talking.
Jesse: And tell us the truth this time.

Eli: I have. From the get go.
Big Pete: I’m getting tired of this. Check him for weapons.
Jesse: Already have. He’s not carrying.
Eli: See? I told you. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but if I wanted you dead, I could’ve just taken you out from afar. It’s not why I came.
Jesse: I’m letting him go. Wanna go scout around. See if this nutcase has friends.
Eli: There’s nobody out there. You’ll be wasting your time.
Big Pete: All right, Jesse. I got him.

Eli: I’ll be honest; I’m a bit offended by all of this.
Big Pete: Look, there are some bad people out there taking advantage of this bad situation we’re all in. You can’t blame us if we’re a little on edge.
Eli: I understand that, but it’s as frustrating as I’m here to offer you somewhere safe. A chance to join my men back at our camp.
Joel: Perhaps we should hear him out?
Big Pete: (Sighs). All right.
Eli: Would you mind lowering your gun now, Pete?

Eli: Thank you. I appreciate it.
Joel: Can you tell us your name?
Eli: Eli Loche.
Cassie: I’m Cassie. You already know the names of the boys.
Eli: That’s right. It’s nice to meet you all. Out of curiosity, where did you sneak up behind me from, Jesse?

Jesse: The tree.
Eli: The palm tree?
Jesse: I like to climb.
Big Pete: Boy’s like a squirrel.
Eli: Interesting.

Eli: So, what do you say? Will you come with me?
Joel: I think we should. Guys?
Cassie: I dunno…
Big Pete: We’re just… cautious.
Eli: That’s understandable. I’d be concerned if you weren’t.

Eli: Why don’t you at least come back to my base and take a look around? If it’s not for you, we part ways amicably. You have my absolute word on that.
Jesse: But your word isn’t exactly much to go by considering we don’t know you.
Cassie: Look, let’s just trust in this guy. We’re stuck out here in the open anyway. God knows, I’m sick of it.
Big Pete: I agree. Somewhere safe to lay my head of a night sounds good.
Jesse: Wait, so we’re actually going?
Big Pete: I’m in.
Cassie: As am I.
Joel: I have been ever since I heard the word “food!” (Laughs).
Jesse: Well, all right then. Let’s go, I guess.

Eli: Excellent.

Victoria: What are you doing?
Alexis: Just looking at what faces us in the streets ahead.
Victoria: Oh god, is it clear?
Alexis: For the most part.

Alexis: I really am annoyed you didn’t tell me about this housing complex before today, Vicky.
Victoria: I’m sorry, all right? Like I said, I didn’t want to get your hopes up. Hell, I didn’t want to get too excited myself.
Alexis: But how would you even know where to look?
Victoria: I remember being able to see it from daddy’s penthouse. It was out the window near the lounge, but now that I’m on the ground… it’s confusing.
Alexis: Jesus, do you even know North from South? Shit from clay?

Victoria: Stop being horrible! I’m sick of it!
Alexis: Oh man up, woman. We’re in the god damn apocalypse and you’re going on at me for being mean?
Victoria: It’s just the two of us. We need to get along. Imagine if you had nobody else with you out here. The thought alone makes me wanna jump off this bridge.
Alexis: Speak for yourself.

Alexis: Well, It’s not just the two of us after all.
Victoria: Oh no! Alexis?
Alexis: Yes?
Victoria: Take care of it.
Alexis: No.
Victoria: What!? Why not!?
Alexis: Gunshots attract these things, Einstein. We have to keep quiet.

Victoria: It’s getting closer!
Alexis: I’m not taking it out.
Victoria: What!? Why not!?
Alexis: You need to do it.
Victoria: But I…
Alexis: Imagine if we did get separated. If it was just you alone. You need to learn. You still have the knife I gave you, right?
Victoria: Uh huh.
Alexis: Take it out.

Alexis: Go. Stab it in the head as hard as you can.
Victoria: I can’t!
Alexis: The first one’s always the toughest. Get it out of the way now. I’ve got you covered.

Victoria: I hate you for this.
Alexis: You won’t if it saves your life in the future.
Victoria: OK, here I go.

Victoria: I… don’t know if I can…
Alexis: You can, Vicky. You’re faster and at least a little bit smarter. You have the upper hand. Just about.
Victoria: Yeah, thanks for your vote of confidence.
Alexis: Now! Get it! Get it!

Victoria: OH GOD, I CAN’T!
Alexis: For crying out loud!
Victoria: It’s gonna grab me!
Alexis: Move back and just go for its head! It’s too slow! You’ll get him before he gets you.
Victoria: (Screams).

Victoria: It’s grabbing me… oh god! No! Get it off of me! Kill it, Alexis! Please!

Victoria: ALEXIS!



Amar: Hey, Sid!
Sid: What do ya want, kid?
Amar: Just seeing how things are looking out there.
Sid: It’s not pretty, but we’re safe here. As long as the boys are keeping quiet as Eli asked?
Amar: They are. Speaking of the devil, any sign of Eli?
Sid: Nope, still out looking for men to join our merry fucking band.
Amar: What do you think he has planned?
Sid: Eli?
Amar: Yeah. Reckon he wants us to go hunt down those brats we had hostage?
Sid: Maybe. But then again…

Sid: When you look at those ugly gits…

Sid: I think we might need all the men we can get.

Eli: You guys did well back there with that big crowd. We snuck past without incident. I’m impressed.
Big Pete: We’ve never really tried just being quiet.
Cassie: We always take them on…
Joel: Maybe that’s why we’ve lost so many people? (Laughs).
Cassie: I’m not ready to joke about that, Joel.
Joel: Sorry.
Big Pete: At least we’ll have somewhere safe… secure. We’ve not had that since this shit started.

Joel: How many people do you have with you?
Eli: A fair few. We’re a strong bunch.
Big Pete: Had any problems with people?
Eli: A little bit, but you don’t have to worry about that.
Cassie: We don’t?
Eli: If we have to cross that bridge, then we will, but for now, we’re good.
Big Pete: Sounds great to me!
Cassie: Hold on a second… where’s Jesse?

Eli: He’s not here?
Cassie: I don’t see him…
Big Pete: Wasn’t he right behind us?
Joel: I swear he was.
Eli: We didn’t lose him as we snuck past the undead, did we?
Big Pete: No, no, he was definitely with us just a few seconds ago.

Eli: I’m sure he’ll turn up.










Eli: Welcome!
Cassie: This is it? The old swimming centre?
Eli: It’s been kind to us. Strong doors. Walls surrounding the entire perimeter. We’ve not lost a single person in this place.
Joel: Wow. This seems too good to be true!
Big Pete: It sure does. But where’s Jesse?
Eli: I don’t know, but I always have several people on watch. I hope for his sake he doesn’t try and sneak in. They won’t know who he is. They might panic.
Joel: He wouldn’t go behind our backs like that.
Big Pete: Wouldn’t he, Joel? Where is he then, eh?

Jesse: Right here.

Eli: Jesse, glad you could join us.
Cassie: What the hell are you playing at!?
Jesse: Sorry I’m not as naive as you guys. I preferred to scout around myself rather than endure what I’m sure would’ve been a well-rehearsed tour.
Cassie: Jesse!
Eli: No, it’s quite all right. Let me ask you something, Jesse. Did you see anything that concerned you? Anything abnormal going on here?
Jesse: I guess not, no.
Eli: Then hopefully I have your trust? For now, at least?
Jesse: Sure, whatever. I feel a bit better, I guess.
Eli: Then can I ask you for a favour?

Jesse: Depends what it is.
Eli: There are two people I wish to find and you seem to be an expert at making your way around without making a noise or being spotted.
Cassie: You can say that again! He’s practically a ghost. Scared me half to death more than once in the past.
Jesse: Yeah, I have my strengths. What is it you want exactly?

Eli: There are two women I’d like you to find. Old friends of mine. I spotted them from afar the other day. I tried to follow but I lost them as the dead got in the way. I’m concerned about them, you see. I’d like them to be returned home to me. Safe and sound.
Jesse: Any idea where they are?
Eli: I know they’re somewhere in the city. One’s black, one’s white, they both have dark hair. if you If you find them, don’t make yourself known. They’re extremely hostile to strangers. Just come back and tell me where they are, and I’ll go and approach them myself.
Jesse: All right. I’ll try and find them.
Eli: Thank you. I’m so relieved.

Sometime later…

Alexis: You not talking to me?
Victoria: Screw you, Alexis.

Alexis: Look, I know you’re mad…
Victoria: Mad!? MAD!? I almost died because of you! That thing… it fucking had me… and you just let it!
Alexis: You got it in the end though.
Victoria: Yeah, no thanks to you.
Alexis: I didn’t do it to be cruel. You needed to learn.
Victoria: Just don’t speak to me, all right?

Alexis: It’s not my fault you’re pathetically weak.

Victoria: Weak!? You have no idea what I’ve been through!
Alexis: What everyone has, Victoria. Hell.
Victoria: Exactly! So don’t stand there and call me weak!
Alexis: I thought you were, but you managed to take out one of the creepers, so maybe you stand half a chance.
Victoria: What the fuck has happened to you, Alexis?

Alexis: Sorry?
Victoria: You get married, leave Summerlyn to start a family, we don’t hear from you in years, and yet you return after the dead start walking with a personality change! You’re a fucking ice cold bitch!
Alexis: Watch it.
Victoria: Don’t get me wrong, you were always the most stuck-up, the least out-going, but you never would’ve just stood there and watched as a friend was in trouble.
Alexis: It’s a different world now.
Victoria: No, it’s the same world, it’s just the people who are changing, and what’s happened to you scares me more than anything!
Alexis: Drop this. Now.
Victoria: What would Stephen say if he was here? If he saw you acting like this?

Alexis: Do not bring him into this! Don’t you dare!
Victoria: He was your husband! Yet you never talk about him! You act as if he didn’t exist. What kind of person does that make you!?
Alexis: I’m warning you…
Victoria: Yeah, go on! Threaten me! Kill me, if you want! You’ll just be proving me right!
Alexis: You’ve had it easy all your life, Vicky! People doing things for you even though you were perfectly capable of taking care of yourself! You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth! And even now, as the world’s gone to pieces, you still have someone covering your ass!

Victoria: Then don’t! Leave me! Go on!
Alexis: I will if that’s what you want, but I’m still going to your father’s housing complex.
Victoria: Without me? I don’t think so.
Alexis: You don’t own it.
Victoria: If my daddy’s dead, it belongs to me.
Alexis: Those rules don’t apply anymore.
Victoria: Let’s just see if it’s even standing.

Alexis: You gonna apologise?
Victoria: You’ll be lucky.




Victoria: I think it’s near here.
Alexis: You said that half an hour ago.

Victoria: If you have nothing nice to say…
Alexis: I don’t.
Victoria: Then say nothing at all.
Alexis: We’re going to drop dead of dehydration at this rate, Vicky.
Victoria: Oh my…

Victoria: It’s here! I’ve found it! I found it.
Alexis: About time.

Victoria: It’s here! It’s actually here! It looks like the walls are still standing strong.
Alexis: I’ll be damned.
Victoria: Maybe daddy will be here?
Alexis: Don’t get your hopes up.
Victoria: No, I guess you’re right, but can you believe it? It’s here.

Alexis: It is good news. Doesn’t sound like anybody’s in there either.
Victoria: Oh, we’ve just hit the jackpot!
Alexis: Try not to speak too soon. How will we even get inside? I can’t see us just-

Alexis: The hell!?
Victoria: I picked up daddy’s key for the shutters before we left the penthouse. It’s an electric thing. Clever, isn’t it?
Alexis: Maybe you’re not as incompetent as I thought.
Victoria: Is that a compliment?
Alexis: It’s as good as you’re gonna get.
Victoria: I’m just glad this place has a back-up generator for power; otherwise we never would’ve gotten in.
Alexis: A back-up generator?
Victoria: Yeah, but it’s only temporary, it won’t last long. C’mon in, take a look.
Alexis: All right. All right. You’re like a broken rec-

Alexis: Oh…

Alexis: … my God…

Victoria: It’ll do, huh?

That night:


Cassie: Will you sit down? You’re making me feel queasy with all your pacing.
Big Pete: I’m just over excited, is all. This place… it’ll hold an army of those things away.
Cassie: Don’t jinx it, Pete.
Big Pete: I’m so glad we trusted this guy.
Cassie: Speaking of him, he’s coming over.

Eli: Hey, friends. Just thought I’d check how you’re settling in.
Cassie: Well, thank you.
Big Pete: I was just saying to Cassie, this place is unbelievable.
Eli: I’m glad you like it. Joel looks comfortable.
Big Pete: Yeah, he’s been out like a light for hours.
Cassie: I’m not far behind him.
Eli: Well, I’ll let you guys rest. I’ll see you in the morning.
Big Pete: Thank you, Eli.

Amar: You sure they’re all right? They won’t try anything?
Eli: No, they’re just happy to be here.
Sid: Good. I’ll keep an eye on ‘em though, boss, yeah?
Eli: Whatever, Sid. I honestly couldn’t care less.

Amar: Is everything OK?
Eli: It’s this Jesse guy. He’s sly. I’m not sure I can keep him around.
Amar: Isn’t he useful?
Eli: More than you know, but that makes him a threat if he won’t join us.
Sid: What makes you think he won’t?
Eli: I’m a good judge of character, Sid.

Eli: I can just tell.
Sid: Eli…
Eli: What?
Sid: Behind you.

Eli: Jesse, there you are!
Jesse: Here I am.
Eli: Come down, take a load off. You must be exhausted.
Jesse: Where’s Pete and the others?
Eli: Just over there. They’re coming over. Come join us.

Cassie: Are you all right, Jesse?
Jesse: Yeah, fine.
Big Pete: You didn’t run into any trouble?
Jesse: No.

Jesse: I found them, Eli. The friends you’re trying to find.

Eli: Excellent. Where are they?
Jesse: There’s a housing complex less than two miles north of here. They seem to have taken up residence there.
Eli: They’re alone?
Jesse: Yeah…
Eli: Excellent.
Jesse: Hold up, they’re not friends of yours at all, are they?
Eli: Sorry?
Jesse: I can see it in your face. You want to hurt those women.
Eli: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jesse: We need to go.
Big Pete: What? Why?
Cassie: This place is safe.
Jesse: I don’t trust this guy! He is fucked up. He’ll get us all killed.
Big Pete: I don’t wanna go anywhere, Jesse. We just got here.
Jesse: He wants to hurt those women!
Cassie: You seem to be jumping to conclusions.

Jesse: Joel, c’mon man, you gotta be with me on this. I can’t be the only one who sees straight through this guy!?
Joel: Sorry, Jesse. I can’t go back out there. I just can’t. We’re being given protection here… food… water… I’m not gonna pass that up.
Jesse: Cassie and Pete I thought the worst of, but you? I never realised you were such a coward.
Joel: Dude, c’mon.

Eli: Sorry, Jesse.

Eli: I’m afraid you’ve given me no…

Eli: …alternative…
Amar: Where’d he go!?
Sid: He moves fucking quick.

Big Pete: You’ll never catch him.

Sid: Want us to go after him, boss?
Eli: No, Pete’s probably right. He’s too slippery and clever to get caught.
Amar: What if he warns those bitches you’re after them?
Eli: He won’t. Not now we know where they are. He’ll want to get as far away from this city as possible.  I have somewhere else I need to be anyway.

Eli: So, let’s just let him go.



Shortly After:

Victoria: Amazing, isn’t it?
Alexis: The houses are fully furnished and everything. Sure, there’s no water and limited amount of power, but we can work
something out. Find some propane…
Victoria: I bet you’re glad I didn’t die now, right?

Alexis: Look about that, I was wrong. You’re clearly not useless. I obviously underestimated you…
Victoria: Let’s just forget about it. I said stuff I didn’t mean, too. We’re friends; we’re bound to clash sometimes, especially with how intense life is now.
Alexis: Well, I think we’re gonna be a lot less stressed from here on, Vicky.

Alexis: This place is a goldmine.





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