Jack: Alexis? How is it out there?

Alexis: Bleak.
Jack: The others aren’t back yet.
Alexis: I’ve noticed.
Jack: What should we do?
Alexis: Nothing. They’re on their own.

Victoria: I’m worried, Jack.
Jack: We can only hope for the best. Angie’s tough. She’ll be all right.
Victoria: But Maddison? I never should’ve let her go…
Jack: We need more food, Vicky. We had to do something.
Victoria: They won’t leave the building, will they?
Jack: No, they’re ransacking the other apartments below. Hopefully they won’t run into any of those… things…
Victoria: What are we even supposed to call them!?
Jack: I don’t know, but they’re not human, babes. I know that much!

Victoria: I haven’t been face-to-face with one of them yet…
Jack: Consider yourself lucky.
Victoria: And I don’t plan to either! I’m never leaving this penthouse. I’m just so glad you and the others got here safely.
Jack: I can’t believe you were here alone when this mess started. I know we’ve been living here for over a week now but there’s something I’ve wanted to ask, but it might a bit of a sore subject…
Victoria: Go on?
Jack: What happened to your family?
Victoria: I hadn’t seen my brother for a while anyway. I saw my Daddy the morning this all began. We had breakfast together and then he went off for a meeting. I haven’t seen him since.
Jack: Life is shit. I mean, it was before all of this, but now it’s worse.

Angie: Hey.
Jack: Angie!
Victoria: You’re back!
Jack: Are you both all right?
Angie: We’re a little shaken up, but we’re fine.
Maddison: We ran into some of those monsters!

Jack: Jesus! What happened?
Angie: I took them out.
Maddison: And I froze… I was useless…
Angie: Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Victoria: We’re just glad you’re safe!
Alexis: You didn’t get any food?
Angie: We must’ve searched at least four apartments. The people living there must’ve taken everything with them when they left.

Alexis: We’re gonna have to move out. Try our luck out in the open.
Victoria: What!?
Jack: Are you crazy?
Victoria: We have security here! We’re high up! They can’t get to us!
Alexis: But what happens if they get in? Make their way up here and we’re forced to barricade ourselves inside? We’ll have two options then: starve or jump out the windows. And unless you’ve got parachutes, we die in both scenarios.
Victoria: We can’t leave! I won’t!
Jack: Maybe we can clear the building out… do something so they can’t get in…

Angie: There’s no point discussing this now. We won’t be able to leave until we have enough supplies to survive on the road anyway. I’ll go and search more of the building tomorrow. There’s gotta be food somewhere. But I really need to get some sleep. I’m exhausted.

Maddison: Fair enough.
Jack: Night, babe.

Alexis: She doesn’t belong with us. You guys know that, right?
Jack: Aw, c’mon, she’s OK. She’s strong and she’s proved how useful she is.
Alexis: Even so, she never liked us before the dead started rising, but now she has nowhere else to go, we’re suddenly her best friends?
Victoria: What point are you making exactly?
Alexis: I’m just saying, can we fully trust her?
Maddison: You may have a point.
Alexis: I think we should keep an eye on her. That’s all.


Angie: I can’t be dealing with these people…



Angie: (Yawns).

Angie: I guess everyone’s in bed.



Angie: What the-!?

Man: Hello there…


Man: How was your sleep?

Angie: Who are you!?
Eli: The names Eli Loche. I’m a friend.
Angie: Yeah, I somehow doubt that.
Eli: Why don’t you come take a seat? Join your companions?
Angie: What do you want?
Eli: That’s a bit of a broad question.
Angie: You’re holding us at gunpoint. I don’t think it is.

Jack: We’re good people! Please don’t hurt us!
Eli: Now, now, now, who said anything about hurting anybody? Believe me, that’s the last thing I wanna do. I’m all about sharing the love.
Alexis: Bullshit.
Maddison: Alexis!
Eli: My, my, you have a mouth, don’t ya? You should be more careful. Someone might decide to cut out your tongue…

Eli: Oh, are you leaving?

Alexis: DICK!


Eli: Now that’s not good hospitality, is it? You should learn to play nice.
Eli: Touch me again and I’ll pull your hair out. Got it?
Alexis: Fuck off!
Eli: GOT IT!?
Alexis: YES! OK! I’VE GOT IT!

Alexis: Argh!

Eli: That was awfully unpleasant, wasn’t it? I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot, but you really gave me no alternative.
Alexis: You… you fucking…
Eli: Get your breath back and then get back to me.

Jack: Please stop this! You’re scaring people!
Eli: The world’s a scary place, now more so than ever. You may have to man up.
Jack: That’s easy to say when you’re holding a gun!
Eli: I could’ve killed your friend on your spot. I didn’t.
Jack: Why don’t you just kill us then, huh? It’s what you’re gonna do anyway!
Victoria: Jack, shut up!
Eli: Honestly? I think I’m going to enjoy toying with you all.

Alexis: I think you’re full of shit.
Eli: Pardon me?
Alexis: I think you’re just a scared, pathetic, little man with a gun. Even if you did shoot one of us, the rest of us could take down you and there’s not a thing you could do about it. You’re alone. You’re frightened. And you’re weak.

Eli: Well, that’s certainly an interesting theory.


Eli: So, Alexis, remind me…

Eli: What was it you were saying?




Sean: Peter’s going again?
Shiro: Told us not to try and stop him.
Sean: We searched all day today. There’s no sign of them.
Shiro: That’s not going to stop him though, is it?
Sean: I guess not, lad. Can’t say I blame the poor bastard. I’ll go fetch him.
Shiro: He won’t listen to you, Sean.
Sean: I’ve gotta try.
Shiro: Your funeral.
Sean: Not just yet, pal, eh?

Sean: Psst, Peter! Wait up!
Peter: Turn around, Sean. This isn’t up for debate.
Sean: Will you just hold on a second!?
Peter: No.
Sean: Please, lad?  I’m not as fit as I was back in the day!

Peter: I’m not going back with you.
Sean: Just hear me out for a second, all righ’?

Peter: Make your case. Just make it quick.
Sean: We’ve been out looking everywhere, lad. There’s no sign of them.
Peter: They went missing yesterday. The chances of us finding them now is better than what it would be in a few days…
Sean: But –

Peter: There are no buts, Sean! This is my wife… my son…
Sean: I know that, kid.
Peter: Do you? Because you’re looking at me like if I’m crazy!
Sean: I’m just saying, it’s dangerous out here. In the woods in the dead of night… alone…
Peter: I can handle myself, Sean.
Sean: I’m not debating that, lad, but even the strongest of men can be brought down by those fuckers. Remember Ollie?
Peter: Of course I remember Ollie, but I’ve got a family to think about!
Sean: Beatrice is your family. She’s scared and confused, Peter. She wants her Dad.
Peter: And she’ll get me, but she also needs her mother… her brother. I have to try.

Sean: If I can’t twist your arm on this, then at least let me come with you.
Peter: No.
Sean: Why the fuck not?
Peter: You’re on watch.
Sean: The camps in a safe place. We’ve had no trouble since we arrived. Not a single one of those ugly buggers have turned up.
Peter: We never know when that could change.
Sean: Shiro can hold the fort.
Peter: Go back, Sean.

Sean: Peter, hold on a second, pal.
Peter: Just go back.


Joy: So, you let him go!?

Sean: What else was I supposed to do? He didn’t give me a choice.
Shiro: He won’t rest until he finds them.
Aimi: If he ever does…
Joy: Our group keeps getting smaller and smaller…
Shiro: We should’ve stayed in that nice, big house.
Sean: Oh, not this again!
Shiro: I’m just saying! Karen wouldn’t dead, Henry, Lorna, and the kid would be here, and Peter wouldn’t go wandering off every five minutes!
Aimi: Shiro, not now.

Jai: I’m sure Peter will be fine.
Joy: Do you believe that, Jai?
Jai: All I know is that if there was a chance of my wife and daughter being out there somewhere… alive… I’d do exactly what Peter’s doing.

Sean: Do you think two of us should go out looking?
Aimi: I’m up for it.
Joy: I’m going to have to put my foot down. We looked all day yesterday and there wasn’t a sign. They’re not around here. They’re gone.
Aimi: So, we should just give up on them?
Joy: I pray they’re alive, but we can’t risk splitting up. Not now. We’re a small enough number as it is.
Sean: As much as it pains me to say, she’s right.
Aimi: Peter will be back. He will. He’s strong.
Joy: He’s been gone all night. If he’s not back soon we may have no choice but to consider the possibility that he’s…
Sean: Don’t say it, lass.
Joy: I’m sorry, but he might be. And if he is what we fear…

Joy: What do we do, then?

Eli: You know what I find funny, Alexis?
Alexis: Please tell me. I’m dying to know.
Eli: You have a wicked tongue, young lady. Anyone ever told you that?
Alexis: Just say what you have to say.

Eli: This world. I find it astonishing at how quick it was to fall.
Alexis: I guess that happens when half the population starts eating the other half.
Eli: But don’t you think it’s strange? How secure the government must’ve thought they were… only for it to collapse. In such a short space of time?
Alexis: I’m bored.

Eli: Hm?
Alexis: I’m done with this. Start answering my questions.
Eli: You’d think you were the one with a gun.
Alexis: Why aren’t I being held upstairs with the others?
Eli: I figured we could use some alone time. I wanted the chance to pick your brain.
Alexis: Consider me picked. Can I go now?
Eli: No, Alexis, you can’t.

Alexis: What do you want with me?
Eli: I’ve just been thinking about something. Something I find quite intriguing.
Alexis: Spit it out.
Eli: You’re not scared, are you?
Alexis: Excuse me?
Eli: You act it sometimes, but looking at you now, I don’t think you are. I can see it in your eyes.  I could lift up this gun… point it at your face…

Eli: And you wouldn’t care, would you?

Eli: Well…

Eli: That’s something we have in common.



Peter: Fuck off.


Peter: What…!? The car!

Peter: Oh, god…

Peter: Lorna? Milo? You’re not… you’re not here…

Peter: Where are you!?



Victoria: What do we do!?
Jack: Vicky, stop pacing! You’re making me feel ill!
Victoria: This is unbelievable! The world’s fallen to hell and we’re being held hostage!
Maddison: Jack’s right. We need to calm down!
Victoria: How can we? They’re gonna kill us!
Jack: We don’t know that.
Victoria: Don’t we!?
Jack: They might just want the place.
Victoria: Well, that’s the thing… this is mine!

Victoria: And I want it back.
Maddison: Do you guys think Angie’s all right? She’s acting a little strange.
Jack: Shh!

Jack: She’ll hear you.


Peter: Oh, you’ve got to be joking.



(Gun clicks)
Peter: Dammit…

Peter: Out of ammo.

Peter: WHA-!? FUCK!

Peter: Huh?


Peter: I don’t…

Peter: … understand

Woman: Yeah. You’re welcome.
Peter: Who the hell are you?
Charlotte: Charlotte. Charlotte Layton. And you are?
Peter: Peter.
Charlotte: What did you do before the world went to hell, Peter?
Peter: What’s that gotta do with-?
Charlotte: Just answer the question.

Peter: Firefighter. I was a firefighter.
Charlotte: And what’s your status now?
Peter: Sorry?

Charlotte: Where are you set up? Are you alone?
Peter: I have a camp.
Charlotte: And how many of you are there?
Peter: There’s eight of us, but there should be eleven.
Charlotte: Should be?
Peter: My wife and son and another man… they’re missing.
Charlotte: Is that why you’re running around like a headless chicken?
Peter: I’m looking for them.

Peter: And… I’ll find them… I will.
Charlotte: The odds are against you.
Peter: I’m determined.
Charlotte: I guess I can put my bow down now…

Charlotte: You’ve run out of ammo anyway.
Peter: That’s why I was…
Charlotte: Screaming?
Peter: I wasn’t screaming. I just panicked.
Charlotte: You almost got yourself killed.
Peter: Who are you with? Do you have a camp?
Charlotte: I’m alone.
Peter: And you’re alive? Where have you been living?
Charlotte: Here.
Peter: In the woods?
Charlotte: Plenty of water around. The land gives you enough food. I sleep in the trees. Katniss Everdeen style. You done with your questions?

Charlotte: C’mon.
Peter: Where are you going!?
Charlotte: Back to your camp. This is the way, yes? You were heading in this direction?
Peter: Who said you could come back with me?
Charlotte: I just saved your life. You kinda owe me.
Peter: Well, yeah, but I just… I mean, what are you-?

Charlotte: You coming, or not?
Peter: Well, yeah…

Peter: All right.

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