Aimi: Georgie?
Georgie: Hey, Aimi.
Aimi: I take it she’s not a happy camper?
Georgie: I can’t get her to stop crying.
Aimi: Is she hungry?
Georgie: She shouldn’t be. She’s had a lot of fruit. I got her to eat some fish last night, too.
Aimi: What’s wrong with her, then?

Aimi: She missing her family?
Georgie: That must be it.
Beatrice: Want my Mummy!
Georgie: It’s all right, Beatrice. We’re going to look after you.
Aimi: Have you had any sleep at all?
Georgie: Not a wink.
Aimi: Let me look after her. You go get some shut eye.
Georgie: Oh, I don’t know…
Aimi: Trust me.

Aimi: See, I told you, she’s fine.
Georgie: You’re supposed to be on watch…
Aimi: I can handle it. Now, go on!
Georgie: Well… if you insist!

Beatrice: GEORGE!
Georgie: (Sighs).

Georgie: Was worth a shot, I suppose.



Alexis: How long do you think we have?
Angie: Sorry?
Alexis: Before Eli gets bored and kills us?
Angie: We can’t let it get to that.
Alexis: I don’t think we’ll have much of a say in the matter.
Angie: If we have to fight back, we will.
Alexis: How’d you mean?

Angie: It may come to a point where we have to try and overpower them.
Alexis: We’d be shot dead on the spot.
Angie: If it’s what’s gonna happen anyway…
Alexis: He has more man power than us. There’s five of them, two of us.
Angie: Two?

Alexis: The others are weak, Angie. It’s about time we acknowledge that.
Angie: They’re weak?
Alexis: Look what happened yesterday, they just sat there. Eli was attacking me, and they did nothing about it.
Angie: They were scared.
Alexis: Which makes them weak.

Alexis: You honestly think they’ll be able to survive out there? In the world? How it is now?
Angie: Can anyone?
Alexis: If you keep your wits about you, then yes.
Angie: I don’t think you should underestimate them…
Alexis: Jack could surprise me, sure. But the other two? Maddison freezes at the sight of the groaners and Victoria refuses to leave the apartment.
Angie: Honestly, Alexis, I don’t understand what you’re getting at?
Alexis: They’re not equipped to deal with the real world. Not anymore.

Angie: And we are?
Alexis: I think so. I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly like you. Never have.
Angie: The feeling’s mutual.
Alexis: But I think we have what it takes. If it comes to taking on Eli then we’ll give as good as we get. We won’t go down without a fight. But the others?
Angie: What are you saying!?
Alexis: They could hold us back! Get in the way! I’m not prepared to let their stupidity get me killed.

Alexis: Are you, Angie?

Peter: It’s getting light now…
Charlotte: How far away to your camp?
Peter: We’re almost there. Shouldn’t be more than half an hour.
Charlotte: Good. I’m beat.
Charlotte: What are the people like?
Peter: They’re nice. We’re a good group… good people.
Charlotte: Glad to hear it. The majority of the folk I’ve come across haven’t been so nice.

Peter: We haven’t encountered any problems with people yet.
Charlotte: You picked a good area to settle down in. It’s completely remote out here.
Peter: Yeah, it’s perfect. The spot we’ve camped at is beautiful. My old man used to take me fishing down this way as a kid. His ashes are by the lake we’re at now.
Charlotte: That’s sweet. They never found much of my Dad.
Peter: Did he die when this mess started?
Charlotte: No, he died in a house fire. I was eight.
Peter: That’s shit. I’m sorry.
Charlotte: Meh, it’s never really bothered me much. He was an arsehole.

Peter: Still, it’s not the nicest of ways to go…
Charlotte: I’d take it over getting eaten alive.
Peter: True that.
Charlotte: Thank you, by the way.
Peter: For what?
Charlotte: Letting me come back with you. Being out here alone… it’s not been fun.
Peter: I can imagine. And forget about it, you saved my life. I should be thanking you.
Charlotte: Let’s just agree we’re both pretty awesome.
Peter: (Laughs). Deal.

Charlotte: So, erm, tell me to mind my own business if you want, but when did you get separated from your wife and son?
Peter: It’s coming up to two days ago now. We were on our way to the lake… the road was infested with the undead. She drove away in a different direction. I haven’t seen her since. I found the car she was travelling in earlier. There’s no sign of them.
Charlotte: Maybe she went into the city?
Peter: Why would she go there?
Charlotte: I’m just saying, it’s only an hour or two away, tops.
Peter: I guess… she does have relatives there. But why wouldn’t she come to the lake? She knew we’d all be there, waiting for her.
Charlotte: I don’t know. I’m just trying to come up with an explanation. Maybe she ran into some trouble? Had to venture out in a different direction?

Peter: Without a car?
Charlotte: Who’s to know?
Peter: I guess it could be a worth a shot.
Charlotte: Well, wherever you search next. Make sure to take enough ammo with you this time!
Peter: Noted.

Joy: That’s it. You’ve got the hang of it now.
Shiro: When did you ever learn to fish, Joy?
Joy: You sound surprised?
Shiro: I just didn’t take you a fishing type, is all.
Joy: Do you even know what I did before all of this went down?
Shiro: Nope.
Joy: I was a head chef at one of the nicest restaurants in Summerlyn City.
Shiro: Shit. Really? I knew you were a good cook. Why didn’t you tell me?
Joy: You never asked.
Shiro: Fair enough.

Shiro: Can I be honest with you about something?
Joy: Of course.
Shiro: I get reluctant to get close to people. The more I learn about them, the more I don’t want anything to happen to them…
Joy: No offence, but I gathered that from your bad attitude.
Shiro: I just don’t see the point, you know? We’re all gonna be dead before too long anyway.
Joy: Everybody dies, Shiro. I’ve lost a lot of people I cared abou. My husband… my sister.. but I don’t regret loving them. Not for a second.
Shiro: I suppose.

Shiro: It’s hard enough focusing on keeping just one person safe. I don’t know what I’d do without Aimi…
Joy: I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.

Georgie: I need the bathroom, Sean.
Sean: Thanks for the update, lass.
Georgie: (Laughs). No, I’m just wondering, can you keep an eye on Beatrice for me?
Sean: Sure.
Georgie: I’ve made the mistake of giving her hugs. She hates being away from me now!
Sean: I’m sure she can handle a few minutes.


Sean: And there she goes…

Georgie: Oh, for goodness sake, Beatrice!
Sean: (Laughs).

Georgie: Why won’t you leave me alone, eh?


Eli: So, gentlemen…

Eli: What do you make of the new place?

Sid: A little fancy for me tastes boss, but after years on the inside, who am I to complain?
Eli: My sentiments exactly. What about you, Amar?
Amar: It’s a penthouse. What’s more to say?
Eli: I agree. Terry?
Terry: It’s good.
Eli: You’ve always been a man of few words, Terry.
Terry: Yeah.
Eli: How do you think Donald’s finding our new surroundings?

Amar: I don’t think he’s too happy about it.
Eli: What gives you that impression?
Amar: He’s mentioned the posh kids a few times. Wonders if we’re being too hard on them. Whether we should let them go.
Eli: Hmm.
Sid: We’ve all noticed it though, ‘aven’t we, Terry?
Terry: Yeah.
Eli: Has he said anything else?
Amar: He said you’ve gone too far. He wonders if we should keep listening to you.

Eli: Oh, this is so disheartening. I am saddened.
Sid: You want us to do something about it, boss?
Eli: There’s no need to do anything rash. Let me have a think.

Eli: I think I know what to do. Amar, go take over his shift upstairs. Tell him I want to speak to him.
Amar: Should I tell him why?
Eli: Tell him what you wish, my friend.

Eli: As long as he knows he and I need to have a little talk.
Amar: Yes, Sir.

Amar: Hey, Don.
Donald: What’s up?
Amar: The boss wants to have a word with you.
Donald: It’s my turn to guard the prisoners.
Amar: He told me to take over.
Donald: Why?
Amar: Just go down.

Victoria: What’s going on?
Maddison: Is there an argument?
Alexis: Shh!

Alexis: Let me listen.

Donald: What have you said to him!?
Amar: The truth. How you feel about those lot in there. How you feel sorry for them.
Donald: Why would you tell him that!?
Amar: Why not? Our loyalty’s to Eli.
Donald: What’s  he gonna do?
Amar: He wants to talk. That’s all as far as I’m aware.

Donald: You’re a dick for doing this.
Amar: You know Eli, he’ll go easy…
Donald: Yeah, right.

Angie: Nice to see at least one of them has some good in their heart.
Alexis: You know what this means, don’t you?
Jack: What?
Alexis: Don. The big guy. He’s our way out of here.

Eli: Hello, Donald. Glad you could join me. Fellas, give us a second.


Eli: Take a seat, friend.
Donald: Can I not stand?
Eli: Why would you when we have these lovely, comfortable sofas? Take the load off, Don. You’ve been standing all day.
Donald: Well, all right.

Donald: So, erm, Amar said you wanted to speak to me?
Eli: Are you all right, Don? You look worried.
Donald: I’m fine.
Eli: And why wouldn’t you be? Look where we are!
Donald: Is there something you wanted though, Sir?
Eli: I just think we need to have a talk, is all.

Eli: Are you not pleased with all I’ve done for you, Don? Keeping you safe inside, keeping you safe out here. Could I have done more? Has it not been good enough for you?
Donald: No! I’m really grateful for everything! Honestly!
Eli: Yes, I may ask for some favours in exchange for your protection, but I don’t see the problem with that. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Right? And yet I hear you’re questioning my leadership? Doubting my decisions?
Donald: It’s not so much that, it’s just…
Eli: We’ve spent many years together, Don. Bonded over our pasts. You were inside for fraud. Me? For, well, other reasons. But I thought the time we spent together meant we got each other? That we have a mutual understanding and respect for our roles?

Donald: We do, but…
Eli: I hate to bring this up, but need I remind you what happened to our old fiends who disapproved of me taking charge once we broke out? Have you forgotten about Bob?

Eli: Richard?

Eli: Cal?

Eli: Javier?

Donald: I haven’t forgotten them. I’m with you. I swear.
Eli: You sure about that?
Donald: Positive.
Eli: That’s so good to hear.

Eli: I’m glad we’ve straightened things out.

Jai: Are you OK? You’ve been a little quiet.
Aimi: I’m just worried.
Jai: About Peter?
Aimi: He should be back by now.
Jai: He’s a survivor.
Aimi: I thought the same about Ollie.

Jai: Oh, wow.
Aimi: He’s back!
Jai: And he’s not alone…

Peter: Home sweet home.
Charlotte: Are they gonna be all right with me?
Peter: Yeah, I mean, they should be. I won’t let them kill you. Don’t worry.
Charlotte: That’s reassuring.

Aimi: Peter, you’re all right!
Peter: You guys miss me?
Charlotte: Would be awkward if they didn’t.

Aimi: I’m so glad you’re all right!
Peter: Thanks, Aimi. It’s good to see you.
Jai: You had us worried there, Peter.
Peter: Sorry, Jai. How’s everyone been? Beatrice?
Jai: Fine.
Peter: Good.

Joy: Peter’s back!
Sean: Thank the Lord, eh?
Shiro: But who’s that with him!?
Sean: Go easy, boyo.

Sean: I’m glad you’re back, pal!
Peter: Thanks, Sean. It’s good to see you.
Joy: I didn’t think I’d see you again.
Peter: Thanks for the faith, Joy.
Aimi: We’re just glad you’re back.
Shiro: But who’s that with you!?

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte. And I’ll skip the hug, if you don’t mind.
Shiro: Funny.

Georgie: Somebody’s missed you!
Beatrice: Daddy!
Peter: Hello, beautiful!

Peter: Oh, I’ve missed you so much!
Beatrice: I love you!
Peter: I love you, too!
Charlotte: She’s gorgeous, Peter.

Shiro: Are you sure you want her near your kid?
Aimi: Shiro…

Charlotte: You’re a bag of charm, aren’t you?
Peter: You get used to him. Don’t worry.
Shiro: Is that a compliment or a dig?
Peter: Take your pick.

Peter: Georgie, thank you so much for looking after my girl.
Georgie: Ah, don’t mention it. I love her! She’s great!
Peter: Well, she’s certainly been well looked after. I really appreciate it.
Jai: No luck with finding them, Peter?
Peter: No. I hate to do this to you guys again, but I’m going out to check the city.
Aimi: You’re going again?
Peter: I’m afraid so.

Peter: Oh, Joy, hold on.
Sean: Are you sure that’s wise, lad?
Peter: It’s worth a shot.
Aimi: But why would Lorna go into the city?
Peter: She has family there.
Jai: I think Henry said he had, too.
Peter: All the more reason to look there.

Aimi: When are you leaving?
Peter: Later today. I’ll take a few hours to rest up first. Charlotte can come with me.
Charlotte: I can?
Peter: You handle yourself well.
Charlotte: Or you just want to keep an eye on me?
Peter: I’d be stupid not to. It’s not personal.
Aimi: I’ll come, too.

Shiro: Yeah. Not happening.
Aimi: It’s not up to you.
Shiro: I’ll go instead.
Aimi: Why?
Shiro: You’re best off staying. I’ve tried contributing but I’m useless around here. I’d rather be out there. Proving useful.
Aimi: Fine.

Shiro: Glad that’s settled.
Sean: Want me to come too, Peter lad?
Peter: I think it should just be the three of us. We want to go in quietly. Plus, with Shiro away, we could use you here with Aimi, just in case something happens.
Sean: Understood.

Eli: Evening all.
Victoria: What are you going to do to us!?
Maddison: Are you letting us go?
Alexis: Don’t be so naïve, Maddison.
Eli: I just wanted to let you all know that I’m leaving.
Alexis: Leaving?
Eli: I’ve got some errands to run.

Alexis: You’re coming back?
Eli: Yes, but I just thought I should let you know in case you take the silence as an opportune moment to try and escape.

Alexis: What makes you think any of us give a shit about what you do?
Jack: Alexis…
Alexis: No, seriously, as if any of us care!? You’re a small, pathetic man with a superiority complex and if you think I intend to bow down to your every beck and call, then you’re terribly mistaken. I’d rather take orders from a chimp.

Eli: Aha. Hmm… well…

Alexis: Argh!
Jack: Let her go!

Eli: I think you and I are overdue for a chat!
Angie: STOP! Get off of her, you dick!


Sid: Nah ah.

(Alexis choking)
Eli: I have been more than patient with you! And not to mention perfectly friendly! Yet you insist on giving me attitude… belittling me… this cannot go on, Alexis.
Alexis: Let… me… go…
Eli: You seem to be ignorant to how this all works. So, I’ll fill you in. In case you haven’t realised, I’m what stands between you spending your time in here, and you spending some quality time with some of boys. For you see, they were inside for a very long time, and a lovely looking lady such as yourself proves almost irresistible to their warped, twisted desires.

Eli: I might seem like the devil to you, but I have no desire for any such behaviour to take place. I find it unseemly. But if you continue to belittle me, they might decide to go over my head and do whatever they like when my back’s turned. And like I said, they’ve been inside for a long time. You understand what I’m saying?
Alexis: Go… to… hell…
Jack: Please stop it!
Maddison: You’re killing her!

Alexis: Yes, OK! I under…

(Alexis coughing violently)
Eli: Sorry you all had to see that. It was most unpleasant.
Victoria: Please, just let us live. We’re good people.
Eli: If you do as I say, you’ll be kept alive. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to see a man about a dog.

Amar: Do you think the bitch will cause you anymore problems?
Eli: I think she got the message.Donald…
Donald: Yes, Sir?
Eli: How’d you feel about holding the fort? Can you do that?
Donald: I sure can.
Eli: Good.


Eli: (Mutters). Stick around, Sid. But don’t let him see you.
Sid: You think he may go against us?
Eli: He’ll be sorry if he does. Just keep an eye out.
Sid: Will do, boss.
Eli: Excellent. Now, Amar, Terry, let’s go.

Peter: Is she still asleep, Georgie?
Georgie: Out like a light.
Peter: Hopefully she’ll sleep right through and we’ll be back by the time she wakes up.
Jai: You’re going now?
Peter: We’re gonna grab the truck Lorna was driving. Take that into the city.
Jai: Well, best of luck. Get back here safe.
Peter: We’ll be back, Joy.
Joy: I hope so, Peter.
Peter: Even if we don’t find Lorna, we’ll be able to pick up some supplies. This journey won’t be a waste of time.
Joy: All right.

Aimi: Be careful, OK?
Shiro: Eurgh! Public displays of affection! Gross!
Aimi: Shut up! Just get back here, all right? Alive! I love you.

Shiro: Yeah, whatever. Love you, too.

Angie: Hey guys. What you watching?
Victoria: I just put on a DVD of one of my favourite films. We couldn’t stand the silence… or the boredom.
Angie: Fair enough. How’s Alexis?
Jack: She’s sleeping, but she’ll be all right. I think, anyway. I’m no doctor.

Jack: Angie, are you OK?
Angie: Yeah.
Jack: You’re not. Talk to me.
Angie: It’s this man, Jack. It’s only a matter of time before he kills us.

Angie: And we can’t let that happen!

Several minutes later…

Angie: Hello? Who’s out there?
Donald: What do you want?
Angie: You’re Donald, right?
Donald: I’m not supposed to talk to you.
Angie: Please, we’re desperate. And scared. Is anyone with you?

Donald: I’m alone.
Angie: You’ve gotta get us out of here.
Donald: I can’t.
Angie: Please! We’re innocent people! We’ve done nothing wrong!
Donald: Stop talking to me.
Angie: He’ll kill us!

Angie: You know he will.
Donald: There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry.
Angie: That’s not true, Donald. You’re better than taking orders from a man like him!
Donald: You don’t know what Eli is like… what he’s capable of…
Angie: And that’s exactly why we need your help! We may never get this opportunity again!
Donald: He’ll find us.
Angie: We’ll flee. Far from the city. Miles away from here.
Donald: You seem to be mistaking me for a decent man. I’m not. I never have been. I’m a liar, a cheat, and a coward.
Angie: It’s never too late to change! Please, Sir! We’re desperate!

Donald: Let’s go now before I change my mind!
Victoria: (Gasps).
Jack: YES!
Angie: God bless you, Donald!
Donald: Hurry up!

Alexis: What’s going on?
Jack: We’re getting out of here!
Victoria: Have I got time to pack some stuff?
Donald: Seriously!?
Victoria: Are you aware of how much my wardrobe is worth!?
Alexis: Don’t be an idiot, Vicky.
Donald: Get your friend up. Eli could be back any second. We need to go now!

Donald: We need to be quick!

Donald: All clear down here. C’mon!
Maddison: Where are we going to go?
Donald: Anywhere but here!

Donald: OK, here we go…



Sid: Did you honestly think Eli would leave you with these brats and not have a back-up!?
Donald: Get out of my way!
Sid: Sorry, Donald, you’re not going anywhere.

Donald: No, Sid, I’m the one that’s sorry.
(Gun clicks)

Sid: We emptied your guns when you were sleeping.

Sid: It’s game over for you, Donny boy.

Peter: This is it. Summerlyn.

Charlotte: How are the lights still on?
Peter: It’s a clean city. Uses solar power, I think.
Charlotte: That’s so eerie.
Peter: We should get moving.
Charlotte: Will you be able to find where your wife’s relatives live?
Peter: I’ve got a good memory.

Several minutes later…

Peter: Keep your eyes peeled. It seems quiet but the city’s crawling with the dead.
Shiro: Oh, it’s a good job you told me as I was gonna run around and make lots of noise!
Charlotte: Is he like this all the time?
Peter: Absolutely.
Charlotte: Might take my chances back in the woods.

Charlotte: If all else fails tonight, we could take some of those mattresses back.
Shiro: Not a bad idea.
Peter: Let’s focus on sensible stuff like food and weapons, OK?

Man: Hello, fellow travellers.
Shiro: What the!?
Peter: Who are you!?

Eli: My names Eli Loche. I’m a friend.

Peter: Where’d you come from?
Eli: That’s a bit of a broad question.
Shiro: It’s not considering you’re leering in the shadows like a creep!
Eli: I don’t mean any harm.

Peter: Woah! Easy!
Charlotte: Don’t come any closer!
Shiro: Back the fuck off!

Eli: What’s with all the hostility? Can’t a guy walk down the street nowadays?

Peter: Tell us where you’re from.
Charlotte: And what you want.
Eli: Put your weapons down. It’s unnecessary.
Peter: Why don’t you let us be the judges of that?

Eli: I’m afraid you don’t have much say in the matter.

Eli: Are you going to come quietly?

Several hours later…

Donald: Eli. You’re back.
Eli: Indeed I am. Hello, Donald.

Donald: Look, about what happened earlier…
Eli: There’s no need to explain. But you have to understand that I can’t let it go unpunished.
Donald: There’s no need for…
Eli: I had Amar go and grab you a present.


Eli: I know it’s not a special occasion, but I think you’ve earned it.

Donald: No, wait, c’mon, Eli! Let’s talk about this!
Eli: There’s nothing to discuss. You’ve made your stand. Now I’m making mine.

Donald: ARGGH!

Donald: Please! No more!
Eli: According to the ID we found on her, her name was Jennifer Jenkins, but I don’t think it suits her.

Eli: I prefer ‘bitey’.

Donald: NO! PLEASE! ARGH!!




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