Charlotte: The first room we stumble into happens to be the one where Eli keeps his weapons! That’s some luck, huh?
Bobby: Yeah.
Charlotte: Everything OK?
Bobby: What do you think’s happening up there?
Charlotte: We haven’t heard any gunshots yet. That’s reassuring, right?
Bobby: How long does it take to kill someone?
Charlotte: Your friend seems like a sentimental guy. He’s probably taking his time.
Bobby: Javier? Sentimental?
Charlotte: I was kidding.

Charlotte: So, tell me about yourself, Bobby.
Bobby: Why?
Charlotte: I just figured, what with a violent confrontation happening above us; we may as well try and pass the time with some casual chit-chat.
Bobby: Well, I was with my sister for a few weeks, but we were separated.
Charlotte: Your parents?
Bobby: They’re both dead. Dad died a long time ago.
Charlotte: Sorry. That’s shit.

Bobby: Thanks. It’s tough. I mean, I never really got know my dad but…

Bobby: ARGH!
Charlotte: Look out!


Bobby: Oh, Jesus… oh god…
Charlotte: That was a close call.
Bobby: I know. Thanks, Charlotte.
Charlotte: Don’t mention it.

Charlotte: Good job it was just the one, huh?

Bobby: Erm…


Sean: Dunno how we got out of that one!
Aimi: We’re not out of the woods yet, Sean.
Shiro: We need to get the fuck out of this city!
Aimi: And leave Peter!?
Shiro: There’s hundreds of ’em! If we don’t get out now, we might not get another chance!

Sean: You feel free to go AWOL all you like, pal. I’m not abandoning Peter.
Shiro: For fuck sake! We’re gonna get ourselves killed!
Sean: In ten seconds we’re jumping down and running for our lives towards that skyscraper.
Shiro: What!?
Sean: Ten… nine…
Shiro: They’ll come right after us!
Sean: Then you’d best run fast! Six… five… four…
Aimi: Let’s just go!


Shiro: Shit!

Georgie: They should be back by now.
Joy: I’m not expecting them to return.
Jai: Joy, please, let’s have some faith. These are our friends.
Joy: I appreciate that, Jai, but being in Summerlyn City is dangerous enough without some madman trying to kill them. Trust me, I barely got out with my life.
Georgie: It might have gotten better?
Joy: I doubt it. The place was heaving with the dead. The amount we faced in Winterhodge look ridiculous by comparison.
Georgie: We can’t just give up on them! Aimi and Shiro are tough, and Sean’s surely immortal. They’ll be fine.

Joy: Against the undead? Maybe, but we don’t know who kidnapped Peter and Charlotte.
Jai: What do you suggest we do?
Joy: Nothing. We just have to take care of Beatrice.
Georgie: I hope Peter’s all right.
Jai: Well, wherever he is…

Jai: I just hope he’s safe…
Peter: Put the gun down, Eli.

Eli: Are you sure, friend? She’s the one holding a gun at you.
Alexis: You both need to back down. I don’t want to shoot you, but if anybody’s earnt the right to kill this bastard, it’s me.
Peter: Oh, yeah, how’d you figure that?
Alexis: He’s been holding us captive, me and my friends.
Peter: Yeah, well, that makes both of us.

Angie: Alexis, this is madness! Just put the gun down.
Alexis: Stay out of this, Angie.
Angie: Our beef is with Eli, not this man!
Alexis: Which is exactly why he needs to put his gun down, if he does, then we’ll have no ‘beef’.

Javier: I’ve been tracking this hombre for weeks. I’ve watched him do terrible things. I understand you’re angry with him, but I’m the one who needs to finish this. He killed my friends. They were good men. He needs to die at my hands.

Eli: Would somebody just put a bullet in me already?

Charlotte: You hear that?
Bobby: Where you going!? It could be the dead!
Charlotte: Unless they’ve taken up talking, it’s not them. C’mon.

Shiro: Charlotte!
Sean: Shit, it’s good to see ya, lass. Where’s Peter?
Charlotte: Upstairs. Dealing with Eli.
Shiro: Oh, I wanna be there for that.
Aimi: Are you OK? Who’s this?
Charlotte: I’m fine. His men knocked us about a bit, but we’re good. This is Bobby. He’s with Javier.
Shiro: Who the fucks Javier?

Charlotte: He broke me and Peter out. He knew Eli from…
Aimi: We’ll have a catch-up later. We have more pressing matters to attend to.
Charlotte: Like?
Shiro: The city’s infested with corpses.
Charlotte: We kinda knew that already.
Aimi: But we led them in the building.
Charlotte: What!?
Aimi: We had no choice. There were too many. We had to get inside.

Charlotte: Oh…
Bobby: Fuck.
Charlotte: We need to warn Peter. Bobby, go upstairs, tell them we need to get out of the city now!
Bobby: Right.
Charlotte: The rest of us will just hold them back.

Sean: We don’t have long…

Sean: And it’s not gonna be fucking easy…

Eli: I think this has gone on long enough.
Javier: This is between you and me, Eli! Leave these people out of it. Comprende?
Eli: As you wish.


Peter: NO!
Alexis: Put the gun down and I’ll finish this .
Peter: What is wrong with you!?
Angie: Alexis, this is fucking ridiculous! Just let him do it!
Alexis: After he almost strangled me to death!? After Donald’s head!? No! I’m doing this!

Bobby: Peter, we have to move! The undead are moving in on your friends downstairs! We don’t have long!
Peter: Shit.

Javier: Kill him!
Peter: Don’t worry, Javier, I’m going to.
Eli: Ah, ah, ah, that might not be a good idea. Two guns against one, Peter. I’d put that down if I were you.

Eli: Right, here’s what’s gonna happen.
Peter: I’m not doing anything you say!
Eli: Just shut up for a minute and listen to what I have to say. If we start firing willy nilly, none of us will benefit. Half of us will be killed on the spot and the other half will have to deal with the goons the noise from the gunshots will no doubt attract.
Peter: What do you propose?
Eli: A ceasefire. We let each other go.
Alexis: No.
Eli: You want to do this the hard way? Fine by me, but I’ll be surprised if any of us get out of here alive.

Peter: This is just fucking… argh!
Eli: You know it’s the only option that makes sense. Amar, go fetch Sid.
Peter: Fine, we’ll do this your way, but if we ever run into each other again…
Eli: It’s a small world, now more so than ever.
Peter: We’ll settle this then.
Eli: Very well.

Alexis: Angie…
Angie: I’ve got nothing to say to you after that stunt!
Alexis: Isn’t that your brother?

Angie: What the-!?
Bobby: Angie?

Angie: Oh my god! I didn’t even… Bobby!

Angie: I’m so glad you’re all right! Oh, thank god!
Bobby: I thought you were dead!
Angie: Oh, Bobby, I’m so sorry. I should’ve stayed with you! You told me not to go on that run! You were right!
Bobby: It doesn’t matter.
Angie: But we never would’ve been separated!
Bobby: We’re together again now. That’s all that matters.

Eli: Well, isn’t that touching? I’ll be making my leave now. Don’t try anything with my men. If you do, I’ll make things very difficult for you in getting out of here.

Javier: No! You can’t let him go!
Eli: Goodbye, Javier. Was lovely to see you again.

Eli: I’ll be keeping an eye on the two of you.

Eli: Ciao.


Peter: That was your fault!
Alexis: He was mine to kill. If you hadn’t of intervened, he’d be dead, and we’d be going our separate ways. Amicably, I might add.
Peter: Are you fucking high, woman!?

Alexis: No man speaks to me like that. Watch your mouth.
Peter: Get lost! Why would have I any respect for you!? You’re a psychopath!
Alexis: No, I’m not, but that man is, and now he’s got away, thanks to you.

Angie: We haven’t got time for this! You heard Bobby; we need to get out of here.
Bobby: And Javier needs help!

Peter: Right, yeah. You said my friends are downstairs?
Bobby: They’re gonna try and hold off the dead for as long as they can.
Peter: We had best get down there, then.
Alexis: I’ll go and fetch the others.
Angie: Tell them to hurry, and for the love of God, if Vicky tries packing a bag, punch her. Hard.
Alexis: Can I punch her even if she doesn’t try?

Amar: C’mon, get up! Weneed to move!
Sid: What the fuck happened?
Amar: The prisoners must’ve knocked you out.
Sid: The stole my gun, too! Fucking cunts! I’ll end ‘em! I will!

Alexis: No, you won’t.
Amar: Put the gun down, bitch.
Alexis: Call me that again and a bullet will enter your ball sack, you piece of shit. Get your friend and leave, before I’m forced to end Eli’s little plan of letting each other go peacefully.

Amar: Don’t threaten me.
Alexis: Then move it.
Sid: That’s my fucking gun!
Alexis: Mine now. Get going.

Jack: Alexis, is everything OK? We heard a gunshot. The girls are freaking out.
Alexis: Everything’s fine, Jack. These gentlemen are just leaving.
Amar: This isn’t over.
Alexis: Oh, I know. I’ll be seeing you.

Jack: What’s going on? Why’d you let them go? Is Eli dead?
Alexis: Get the girls. Quickly. The building isn’t safe anymore. I’ll explain as we go.
Jack: Right.

Javier: Dios mio. This hurts.
Peter: You’ll be all right, man.
Bobby: Shit, Javier…
Javier: Don’t give up on me yet, amigo. It’ll take more than this to kill me.
Peter: You gonna be able to move?
Javier: Sí.
Peter: Then we need to get moving. You’re Angie, right? Take his gun.
Angie: I wouldn’t be able to shoot water if I were standing on a boat.
Peter: Take it anyway. We can’t have you unprotected; just use it if you have to.

Javier: Stop them!
Bobby: Hey, get back here!
Peter: Just let them go. You heard what Eli said.
Javier: You can’t trust a word that comes out of that putos mouth..
Peter: Regardless, my friends are in this building. I’m not risking it.

Alexis: We’re ready to go.
Jack: You all right, Ange?
Angie: Fine.
Maddison: Wow, it’s Bobby! Hiya!
Bobby: Hey.
Victoria: Who are these people?
Angie: Friends. We need to go. Now.
Victoria: Are you sure we can’t stay?
Alexis: Shut up, Vicky.

Sean: Oh, where the fuck are they!?
Shiro: We can’t keep this up!

Aimi: There’s too many of them!
Shiro: And we’re using up far too much ammo.

Aimi: You wanna get in there with a knife?
Shiro: You know what I mean!
Charlotte: Oh, Christ alive, this is never ending!



Charlotte: Right, on cue!
Aimi: Peter! Thank god!
Victoria: Oh no! How did those things get in!?
Shiro: They’re here for the party. Didn’t you get the invite?
Peter: I’m glad you guys are all right.
Sean: We might not be for long, Peter lad. You OK, are ya?
Peter: I’m fine, but we need to leave.
Angie: There’s gotta be another way out of here. Vicky?
Victoria: I erm, I dunno…

Alexis: Well, think! Our lives depend on it!
Victoria: OK, erm, there’s a back entrance?
Peter: How far away is it?
Victoria: Not far. I’ve never used it, but I’m pretty sure I know where it is.
Peter: Good, but we have to be quick. We can’t risk these catching up…


Victoria: No!
Maddison: It’s got me! It’s fucking got me!

Alexis: Shit.
Peter: What do we do!?
Javier: There’s nothing you can do. She’s bitten.
Jack: We can’t just leave her!

Shiro: They’re not slowing down!
Peter: I hear ya, big man. LET’S GO!

Maddison: Help me! SOMEBODY PLEASE! ARGH!

Shiro: This back exit better be fucking clear!
Charlotte: It can’t get any worse, can it?
Aimi: Oh, don’t tempt fate, Charlotte, for goodness sake.
Victoria: I can’t believe we just left Maddison!
Sean: There was nothing we could do for her, lass.
Alexis: Just keep moving, Vicky.
Jack: She was a good girl…


Sid: We need to find a car and get back to base.
Amar: Do you think Eli got out?
Sid: How the fuck do you expect me to know?
Amar: Will you calm down!?
Sid: Sorry. I’m just mad we didn’t get to kill those brats.
Amar: We’ll get our chance. Eli will make sure of it.
Sid: If he gets out alive.

Eli: Oh, dear, sweetheart. Are you stuck?

Eli: Well, seeing as you’re not going anywhere. Mind if I take a load off and join you?

Eli: (Sighs). It’s been a hectic day, that’s for sure. Nasty business all of this. Very nasty, indeed. I’m sure you sympathise. You’ve had it rough too, I imagine? Wanna talk about it? No? That’s a shame. I’m an awful good listener. Bet you think you’ve got bad luck, huh? I used to think that as well. I thought the world was against me. Funny, isn’t it? How self-absorbed people can be, thinking the world revolves around them. I was guilty of that. I was the only one from my firm who got arrested. We all did it. Took care of people who got in our way, people who cost us money, filed lawsuits to try and fuck with us, but I was the only one that had to suffer. Used to think someone was out to get me.

Eli: It’s funny, really. Being inside when all of this started could’ve been what saved my life. My colleagues? They must be dead. Anyway, that’s the thing, nobody has it in for any of us. The world’s just the way it is. I suppose I’m taking advantage of that now. I guess you could say how I’ve acted is wrong, but I like things done a certain way. That’s understandable, isn’t it?

Eli: You look tired. You’re not even making an attempt to get me. Maybe you know it’s pointless. How intelligent are you things, anyway? Does your brain work at all? Or are you just hardwired to look for food? Is there even any of the old you left in there? Sorry for all the questions, it’s all just one big mystery for us folks who are still in the land of the living.

Eli: Oh, you hear that?

Eli: We’re not alone. I was hoping to lie low for a while, wait for things to settle down and then sneak out of here before those dead friends of yours even realise I’m here, but I guess that’s not possible with all the noise Peter and company are making.

Eli: I know you probably think I’m being evil to them. I am, but I’ve crossed the line so many times I don’t even know what’s right anymore. And to be honest, in a world like this, does it even matter? It’s kill or be killed, right? Or in your case, eat or not eat… what even happens to you if you don’t get food? No undead restaurants, or anything I take it?

Eli: Well, they’re making far too much racket, so I’m gonna have to go. Try my luck fighting my way out. Good luck with getting free and everything.

Eli: And thanks for the chat.

Peter: Are you all right?
Javier: I can stand.
Shiro: What do we do now?
Sean: We take a minute, catch our breath.

Shiro: But the more we wait, the more of them there are!
Sean: We don’t know where we’re going yet anyway. We need to have a breather!
Angie: The front and back entrances are fucked. I don’t know what we’re gonna do…
Aimi: But there must be another way out of here! Is there not an underground parking lot?
Victoria: No. We have garages.
Aimi: Dammit.

Jack: Come on, Vicky, think!
Victoria: I’m trying, all right!?
Shiro: How can you not know the ways out of here!?
Victoria: Give me a break! My father only brought the penthouse earlier this year, and I’ve only been here a few months!
Shiro: Must’ve been nice to have everything handed to you on a plate.
Victoria: Oh, fuck you!
Jack: Leave her alone and let her think!

Peter: Eli!?

Alexis: What the-!?
Charlotte: Bye then.

Alexis: Get back here!
Jack: Alexis, no!
Alexis: I’m not letting him get away again!
Jack: Wait up!

Victoria: No guys! Come back!
Angie: Leave them, Vicky.
Peter: There’s no time to go after them, or Eli, for that matter.
Victoria: I can’t leave them!
Sean: Sorry, sister, but we need you. You’re staying with us.

Shiro: Shit! They’re here!
Aimi: We can’t catch a break!
Bobby: Can’t we just fight our way through them?
Aimi: I like your spirit, kid, but there’s just too many.

Peter: Vicky, please, focus. Is there another way out of here?
Victoria: I’ve only ever used the front entrance!
Angie: Give her a break!
Victoria: Hold on! I think there’s a fire exit!
Aimi: You think? How sure are you?
Victoria: Oh, yes! I’m sure! I just remembered someone broke into Mrs. Leary’s through her fire exit and stole a necklace! It was worth five grand! It’s all we could talk about for weeks! There has to be one!

Sean: Hallelujah for the necklace thief! Take us to the fire exit!

Javier: Argh.
Peter: We need to hurry; Javier’s losing too much blood.
Javier: Can I get a hand, amigo?

Shiro: They’re gonna get through! This door doesn’t have a lock! We need to run!


Alexis: I know you’re in here. I saw you.

Alexis: You think you can just leave without us settling our differences? I don’t think so. You put your hands on me. You made your pathetic lackey throw a fucking human head at us. You’re sick. You need to be taken out. We’re finishing this now, Eli.

Eli: If that’s how you want it.
Alexis: Ohh!

Eli: This is comfy.
Alexis: Get off me!
Eli: Isn’t this what you wanted? This final confrontation?
Alexis: I wanted to fight you, not have you leer over me like a creep!
Eli: Well, you can try and fight if you like, but I’m afraid you’ve got the losing hand here.
Alexis: Kill me, then. Go on. Get it over with.

Eli: Now why would I kill you? You’re a magnificent creature. I thought I’d get bored of you after a day or two, but you fascinate me. You’re more like me than anyone I’ve ever met.
Alexis: I am nothing like you!
Eli: Oh, now, don’t fight it. Accept it. Embrace it. We have what it takes to survive and conquer in this world, my sweet. We should be pulling strings together, not locking horns. We could do extraordinary things. Imagine all we could accomplish. Our very own world to play with. What do you say?
Alexis: Go fuck yourself.
Eli: That’s a shame.

Eli: Oh, would you look at that. Looks like the cavalry’s arrived.
Alexis: No!
Eli: I’ll be taking this gun, returning it back to its rightful owner. I’m sure Sid’s been missing it.

Eli: How you gonna get out of this one?
Alexis: I’ll just follow you.
Eli: No can do. I have the keys to this lobby unfortunately. But I’m a reasonable man; I’ll give you another chance. You and I together. Hand in hand.
Alexis: I’d rather gauge my eyes out with a spoon.
Eli: Pity. But if that’s how you want it. Goodbye, Alexis. I’ll never forget you, that’s for sure.

Alexis: No… no… oh god, no…

Alexis: I can’t… I don’t… no… I can’t go out like this… I need to fight… I have to…




Sometime after:

Eli: Nice evening for it, huh?
Jack: What the-!?

Eli: How are you, Jack?
Jack: What do you want?
Eli: The same thing you do. Out of this mess. Why are you alone?
Jack: I got separated from the others when I went after Alexis. I couldn’t find her. She was determined to get you.
Eli: Oh, Alexis. I have some news on that front.
Jack: Is she dead?
Eli: I’m afraid so.

Jack: Did you kill her?

Eli: The dead got to her. I saw what was left.
Jack: Shit.
Eli: What do you say we put our differences aside and help each other through this, Jack?
Jack: We can’t get down. There’s too many of them.
Eli: We’re smart cookies. I’m sure we’ll figure out something.

Eli: What we need is a distraction.
Jack: But how will we-


Jack: Wha-!? What the fuck are you doing!?
Eli: Careful, Jack. It’s dangerous down there! Now’s not the time to lose your footing!
Jack: Stop kidding around! Help me up!
Eli: I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Jack: Eli, please! I’ve never done anything against you!
Eli: That’s all very well and true, but I’m afraid I have no choice.
Jack: No!
Eli: If there was any other way…
Jack: Please!

Eli: It’s unfortunate.

Jack: NO!



Peter: How is he, Sean?

Sean: I think the fella will be all right for the time being. The bullet went straight through. I’ve managed to slow down the bleeding. The sooner we get him to Jai the better though.
Peter: Good, that’s one less thing to worry about, at least.
Charlotte: I don’t know how we made it out of that.
Peter: We stuck together as a group, that’s how.

Victoria: But what about Alexis and Jack?
Shiro: What about them?
Victoria: They’re our friends!
Shiro: They’re the ones who decided to run off.
Victoria: They’re good people.
Peter: Jack, I can believe, but Alexis?
Victoria: She can be difficult, but she does what she needs to do.
Peter: She could have got me killed back there. The woman’s a nutjob.
Angie: We have to go back to their camp, Vicky. We can’t wait around. It’s not safe.
Bobby: And Javier needs medical attention.

Victoria: Maybe we can just have a drive around the city? Just have a quick look?
Shiro: What’s the fucking point of endangering our lives? They’re dead. There’s no way they made it.

Alexis: Don’t rule me out so soon.

Victoria: Alexis!
Alexis: Hello, Vicky.

Victoria: Are you all right!?
Angie: What’s with all the blood?
Victoria: Were you bit!?
Alexis: I’m fine. I just had to fight my way out, is all.

Shiro: Well, I’ll be damned. You’re tougher than you look.
Victoria: Where’s Jack? Why isn’t he with you?

Alexis: He’s dead.
Angie: What!?
Victoria: No!
Alexis: I saw his body by the garages. I’m sorry, Vicky, I know he was your best friend.
Victoria: Since pre-school…

Peter: I’m sorry for your loss, but we have to get going. I’m eager to get to Beatrice.
Angie: Is your camp safe?
Peter: We’ve had no corpses wander in since we got there.
Angie: You’re kidding?
(Peter shakes his head)
Angie: Wow!

Angie: So, we can come with you?
Peter: Of course.
Bobby: Awesome!
Angie: Thank you, Peter. I appreciate it.
Alexis: I’m not going.
Angie: What!? Why not?
Alexis: I’m going to find somewhere else, thanks.
Peter: You weren’t invited anyway, but Vicky, you’re more than welcome.

Victoria: I think I’m gonna go with Alexis.
Angie: You can’t be serious? They have somewhere safe! Just come with us!
Victoria: Sorry, Angie, I’d rather stay close to the city. It’s my home.

Angie: That’s suicide!
Victoria: Not necessarily. There are plenty of places that might be safe.
Angie: But it’s a long shot.
Victoria: I’ve just gotta go with my gut on this.
Angie: If it’s about leaving Alexis? You don’t owe her anything.
Victoria: It’s not that.
Angie: I can’t twist your arm?
Victoria: Sorry.

Angie: Take care, all right?
Victoria: You too.
Shiro: Can we get going now?

Peter: This is goodbye, then?
Alexis: Looks like it.
Peter: Good riddance.
Alexis: My sentiments exactly.

Alexis: Thanks for coming with me.
Victoria: Sure, yeah. Don’t mention it.

Angie: Thank you, Peter.
Peter: For what?
Angie: Taking me and my brother in.
Peter: It’s no problem. You’re good people. We could use you.

Bobby: When we get back to their camp, I’m gonna sleep for three days straight.
Angie: What else is new? (Laughs).

Angie: God, I missed you, Bobby.

Sean: I guess we can call this mission accomplished?
Aimi: Eli isn’t dead.
Shiro: Not yet.
Aimi: And we haven’t found Henry, Lorna, or Milo either.
Charlotte: But still, I guess we make a good team, huh?
Shiro: You’re helpful in your own way, I suppose.
Charlotte: Aw, Shiro, are you growing to like me?
Shiro: Just get in the fucking car.
Aimi: (Laughs).

Peter: Time to head home.




2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 9 – Overrun

    1. samjpeck says:

      Aw, Colin! I’m sorry! You may have to get used to losing characters you really like sadly, as it’s the apocalypse and people are definitely going to die. I’m glad you liked Jack, though!

      Have any other favourite characters?


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