Michael: I knew her quite well back in the day. Used to ride to college on the same bus…

Michael: She always made time for me even when nobody else did. I was a bit of a geek, which I’m sure, will come as a surprise to none of you.

Michael: She was sweet. Privileged in life, certainly, but sweet nonetheless.

Michael: I remember her telling me about her father and how hard he worked for the money he made. I know he did a lot of charity. He was a good man. Devoted Catholic. All the family were.

Michael: I’ve never really believed in the afterlife, but then again I never really believed in man-eating ghouls either. With that in mind, I’ll be the first to admit that I might be wrong. They might be together again somewhere, embracing and enjoying life without having to worry about the shitty world the rest of us have been left with…

Michael: I hope I am wrong. I hope they are there.

Michael: Rest in peace, Vicky.


Shiro: You’re up early considering you were on watch all night.
Aimi: Couldn’t sleep. Bad dream.
Shiro: Wanna talk about it?
Aimi: Not particularly, Shiro, no.

Shiro: Is this about the person who saved your life in the woods by the city?
Aimi: How’d you know about that?
Shiro: Just assumed. You looked shaken up and then you turned around, like you expected someone to be there.
Aimi: It was a guy… he came down from the tree… saved me when I was grabbed. Didn’t even tell me his name.
Shiro: You think it was a guardian angel, or something?

Aimi: Don’t take the piss, Shiro!
Shiro: I’m not! You used to believe in that stuff, right?
Aimi: Used to being the operative word. Not anymore. And that’s not even what I’m thinking about…
Shiro: Then what is it?
Aimi: It was one of two times I’ve been close to being bit. I mean we all have close calls, but this was the second time where I know it was a miracle I didn’t die. The first was when Mum…

Shiro: We can talk about it, Aimi. We can.
Aimi: I’ve never been able to talk about her. Not with you.
Shiro: And I’m sorry for that.
Aimi: It’s not about her anyway. It’s Ollie. It was him that saved me back then. The first time.
Shiro: We can talk about him, too.
Aimi: Why would I talk to you about Ollie? You of all people?
Shiro: What’s that supposed to-?

Aimi: You hated him.

Peter: Everything all right here?
Aimi: Fine. We’re fine.
Shiro: Are we?
Aimi: Drop it, Shiro.

Peter: If it’s about… oh, shit
Aimi: What?

Peter: Are you fucking kidding me!?
Aimi: Don’t come any closer!
Shiro: Or do. Give us the excuse we need to shoot you down, dickhead!

Eli: Good morning to you, too.


Eli: Now, if you’d mind shutting up, I’ll explain what I expect of you next.

Charlotte: I’m not killing any of them if that’s what you’re after. I can’t… I won’t do that.
Eli: I asked you to shut up.
Charlotte: Get on with, then.

Eli: In a few days time, I will make my way into your camp with a few of my men.
Charlotte: What!?
Eli: We will come peacefully. We won’t have our weapons drawn.
Charlotte: Are you mad!? You’ll be shot dead on the spot. Wait, what am I saying? Do it!
Eli: Let me say what I want to say.

Eli: It will be a peaceful visit, Charlotte. An amicable one.

Eli: That’s the plan, at least.



Peter: What the hell are you doing!?
Eli: I’ve just come to talk. Honestly. Nobody has to get hurt here.
Shiro: Bullshit! You think you can just walk in here!?

Joy: What on earth?
Sean: Holy shit in a bucket!
Bobby: What the fuck is he doing here!?
Peter: Georgie, take Beatrice and get in a car. Have it ready in case you need to get out of here pronto.
Eli: That won’t be necessary.
Peter: Shut up. You don’t get to fucking talk.


Jai: What’s going on?

Amar: Uncle Jai?

Amar: What a small, small world.

Alexis: It was nice. What you said at the funeral.
Michael: I meant it.
Alexis: I had to stop myself from smiling at the bus comment though. I don’t think she ever used public transport in her life.
Michael: No, that was made up, but the rest of it was true.
Alexis: How are things going in here anyway?
Michael: Fine.

Alexis: Coleman’s all right with you examining Jeff but he thinks it might upset Steph. So it might be best to keep it from her, OK?
Michael: All right.
Alexis: What have you found so far?
Michael: Nothing. I haven’t had a spare minute. But he has a small bite on his palm, which explains how he hid it so easily.

Michael: Anyway, I’ll get to work shortly.
Alexis: Good. Let me know if you need anything else.
Michael: Uhuh.

Alexis: Are we all right, Michael?
Michael: Why wouldn’t we be?
Alexis: You’ve just seemed a little off with me. Since Vicky died, I mean.
Michael: I’m sad about it. No crime against that, is there?
Alexis: No.

Alexis: Well, I’ll leave you to it.

Peter: You’re related to him, Jai!?
Sean: That’s a fuckin’ turn for the books.
Amar: Happy to see me, Uncle Jai?
Jai: I had such a large family.
Amar: We did, you mean?

Jai: A wonderful wife. A beautiful daughter. Three honest, hard-working, dependable brothers. Seven nieces and nephews who I loved with all my heart. And yet…

Jai: You, Amar, are the one who survives. The monster. The one we disowned. Agreed to never speak of again. You’re still alive when all the others are gone and I’m left alone. That is the most absurd… terrible… unjust thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Amar: So I don’t get a hug?
Jai: I can kill you if you’d prefer it, scumbag?
Amar: That’s not like you, Uncle Jai. What would Auntie Suzanna say if she heard you talk like that?

Jai: Don’t you dare say her name! Don’t you even think it! I’ll kill you, Amar, I swear to God!
Eli: Let’s all calm down here.
Sean: No, I think the old man’s going about things the right way.
Shiro: Agreed.
Aimi: Let’s just end this. Once and for all.
Eli: I didn’t take you all as the type of people who kill others in cold blood.
Peter: It’s not cold blood when it’s you, Eli.
Eli: Still, none of us have our weapons raised.
Shiro: Then more fool you.
Eli: I only came here to talk.

Aimi: We’re not in a talking mood.

Charlotte: Guys, can’t we just hear what he wants to say?
Sean: Are you fuckin’ high, lass?
Peter: You recall him taking us hostage, right? Or have you just decided to completely forget about that?
Charlotte: Of course I haven’t forgotten, Peter. But enough blood has been spilt already and he hasn’t entered with his weapons drawn. If we do anything to them then we’ll be no better… hell, we’d be even worse than what they are.
Joy: Charlotte may a point.
Sean: So, what would you have us do, Joy!? Lower our weapons and let this nutter in even though there’d be nothing stopping him from pulling out his own gun and shooting us!?

Joy: I never said that, but there’s a little girl here and I am not going to let anyone die in front of her, whether they’d deserve it or not is irrelevant to me.

Eli: That’s very fair and gracious of you, Joy. Thank you.

Joy: Shut up.

Peter: Right, Eli, you have five minutes.

Peter: What is it you want?

Javier: I cannot believe you brought a bat for hunting.
Angie: The bat’s in case we run into corpses, smartass.
Javier: Why not ask for a gun? Would be easier, no?
Angie: Guns and I don’t really mix.
Javier: Bad aim?
Angie: Well, there’s that, but my old man was shot in front me when I was a little girl.
Javier: What!? I’m sorry.
Angie: He survived. Thank God. Gunman got taken out by the police before he could attempt a second shot. He was a mad, crazy fan who was infatuated with my old man.
Javier: Infatuated?
Angie: Means obsessed.
Javier: Oh, si.

Javier: Why would he be obsessed? Was your papa famous?
Angie: Yeah, sort of. He was a world class boxer.
Javier: Whoa.
Angie: So, yeah, I’ve never liked guns. They’re made to kill and cause pain. They serve no other purpose.
Javier: They come in handy though, chica. I’d be dead without them.
Angie: Yeah, I get why they’re needed now. But they weren’t necessary when things were normal. I don’t care what anyone says.

Angie: Anyway, we should probably be quiet. Nothing’s gonna appear if keep chattering away like a pair of old ladies.
Javier: Speak for yourself, Ange.

Eli: Thanks for the hospitality. It’s nice to do this peacefully for a change.
Shiro: Oh, shut the fuck up.
Peter: Shiro, let’s just keep things calm, all right? Nobody will benefit here if bullets start flying.
Eli: Well said.

Peter: This still isn’t going to be polite, Eli.
Eli: I wouldn’t expect it to be. May I query about Javier? Is he alive?
Peter: Yes.
Joy: No thanks to you.
Peter: Tell us what you’re doing here.

Eli: We need to talk about Alexis.

Sean: Well, this is becoming a regular fucking thing.
Eli: Pardon?
Peter: Sean, no…
Sean: Oh, he already shitting knows. He’s been watching us. And Alexis too, I’d wager.
Peter: Have you!?
Eli: Well, watching isn’t the right word. Casually observing might be a better way to describe it.
Shiro: Creep.
Peter: Why?
Eli: Why not? And yes, I do know that Vicky came here yesterday. I also know that she was killed late last night.

Peter: What!?

Eli: And Alexis let it happen.

Alexis: How we doing on meds? Pain-killers? Antibiotics? Vitamins?
Coleman: Plenty. Enough to last us a long, long time. And it’s all thanks to Jenson and his guys raiding the hospital.
Alexis: Yeah, he has his uses, even if he is a pain in the neck.
Coleman: Well, I’ve got paracetamol for that.

Coleman: That joke went down like a lead balloon. You been all right? What happened last night was just… god awful.
Alexis: It was, but I’ll live. We have to, right?
Coleman: Well, I’m sorry anyway. I liked her. And I’m sorry for lying.
Alexis: Water under the bridge, Richard.
Coleman: And About Jeff… I had no idea he was bit… if I had known, I would’ve said. I swear.
Alexis: I believe you.
Coleman: Steph’s taken it hard. Locked herself away…
Alexis: She’ll be all right.

Jenson: Hey, Alexis!
Alexis: Yeah?
Jenson: Got some folks outside. They want in.
Alexis: How many?
Jenson: Five or six. Two of ‘em are kids.
Alexis: Go with the protocol we spoke about. They’re to hand over all weapons. If they comply, we let them inside. If not,
force them away, by any means necessary.
Jenson: Right.

Alexis: I’ll be back.
Coleman: Stay vigilant.
Alexis: You know me.

Aimi: Jai, you OK?
Jai: I’m fine.
Aimi: You don’t seem it. Must have been a shock… seeing him.
Jai: I don’t wish to discuss it.
Aimi: Can I ask why you hate him so-?
Jai: No.

Aimi: Jai, please, I don’t like seeing you like this.
Jai: I’m sorry, Aimi. This is just… incredibly difficult for me, all right?
Aimi: He’s really your nephew?
Jai: You can’t choose your family unfortunately.
Aimi: Actually, you can.

Jai: I… 
Aimi: What is it?

Jai: I can’t be around him, Aimi.

Peter: How did it happen?
Eli: There was a corpse in the compound. I don’t know how, maybe it got in or somebody turned inside. But anyway, it approached Victoria from behind and attacked her. Alexis had a chance to save her, but she didn’t. She just watched.
Sean: Are you fucking with us?
Eli: What would I gain by lying? Go find out for yourself if you don’t believe me. They buried her this morning.
Shiro: She just let her die?
Eli: Indeed.

Joy: Poor girl.
Peter: Angie’s gonna be devastated…
Joy: This still doesn’t explain what you want from us, Eli.
Peter: Yeah, you didn’t come all this way just to tell us this. What do you want?

Eli: I have a proposition for you.
Peter: Go on?
Eli: I have a camp. Somewhere safe and guarded heavily. This place is isolated and discreet, but there’s nothing to keep the dead out. In fact, the tree line would give them cover until they’re already on your doorstep.
Shiro: We manage.
Eli: Clearly. Which is why I’m going to cut to the chase…
Sean: Hallelujah.

Eli: We could work together. Help each other out.
Peter: How?
Eli: You have supplies. We have supplies. You have men. We have men. If we start up an alliance… or at the very least a working relationship, we have all the more chance of surviving this shit storm.
Joy: We’re doing just fine.
Eli: As are my people. Summerlyn’s a big city. There are plenty of resources to last all of us a long time, but inevitably, it’ll dry out. If we’re all still here a few months… years… down the line, we’ll have no choice but to scavenge further afield, and even then they’ll be no guarantee.

Peter: Sorry, no.
Eli: Beg your pardon?
Peter: You heard me. This doesn’t add up.
Eli: It doesn’t?
Peter: You’re the sort of man who kidnaps people for no reason. Holds them hostage. It wasn’t just us. Angie’s told us all about you. How you had a head thrown in the room you kept her and her friends in, to send a message after they tried to escape.
Eli: Peter, I’m afraid you’ve gotten the wrong idea about me.
Shiro: Bullshit.
Peter: No, Eli, I haven’t. I wasn’t incarcerated by you long enough to witness what kind of sick shit you get up to with the poor people you do keep captive, but I know I’m not going to have anything to do with it, or with you.

Eli: Peter, I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed.

Peter: Cry me a river.

Man: You people aren’t thieves or murderers or anything, right?
Jenson: You got any other weapons on you?
Man: No, everything we have is out on display.

Alexis: Welcome. I’m Alexis. I’m in charge of things here.
Man: Hi.
Woman: We really appreciate you taking us in.
Luke: Yeah, definitely. I’m Luke, this is Jasmin and-
Alexis: Nothing’s set in stone so let’s skip the introductions. You’ve agreed to hand over your weapons, which is good, but I’m afraid there’s something else I must insist on.
Luke: Oh?
Alexis: A strip search.

Luke: What!?
Jasmin: You are joking, right?
Alexis: It’s a security precaution.
Jasmin: How is it necessary!?
Alexis: We took in a group recently. Unbeknown to us, one of them was bit. He decided not to tell anybody. He turned and then killed someone in here. Someone very special to me.
Jasmin: We haven’t been bit…
Alexis: I believe you, but we have to make sure. I also want to assure you that you will all be inspected individually and privately by our doctor. If you’re going to stay, it’s for your own safety as well as ours.
Luke: I guess that’s fair…
Alexis: Excellent. If you’d like to follow Jenson here, he’ll take you to the doctor.


Eli: I’m going to give you one chance, Peter.
Peter: To what?
Eli: To agree to put everything that’s happened between us to rest. To let bygones be bygones. If we merged together or at least agreed to help each other out when it comes to supplies and clearing the dead out of the area, then we can make it just that little bit more safe for all of us.
Peter: If I honestly believed you meant it, then I would absolutely agree to let things go, but I don’t. I could never trust you. Not after everything that’s happened.
Eli: Well, that’s a shame.

Joy: You honestly thought we were going to agree to it? After what you did to Angie? To Javier?
Eli: I thought there was a chance, yes.
Sean: Then you’re as fucking loopy as you look, pal.

Eli: Well, let’s just keep out of each other’s way, then.
Peter: Fine by me.

Amar: Hi there, sweetie! Aw, she’s really sweet…
Georgie: Umm, thanks.
Amar: She yours?
Georgie: No.
Amar: Can I hold her?
Georgie: I don’t think that would be appropriate.
Amar: Oh, come on.

Georgie: Bobby, take her away from him.
Bobby: Yeah, with pleasure.

Georgie: What’s your problem?
Amar: Sorry?
Georgie: You think you can just ask to hold her? That’s so creepy.
Amar: Look bitch, calm down.

Georgie: Don’t speak to me like that! What the hell is wrong with you!?
Amar: I didn’t see what the harm was in asking to-




Georgie: Oh…!





Joy: Stand down, everyone! We don’t need a bloodbath here!
Eli: There already is one! Your fucking doctor killed Amar!
Peter: I think it’s about time you left.

Eli: You think you can do this? Lay a hand on me and kill one of my men after I try and put things right?
Peter: You didn’t come here to put things right, you demented prick. You’ve got an ulterior motive. That much is clear.
Eli: You’re going to regret this, Peter. I can promise you that.
Peter: I’m quaking in my boots, buddy.

Eli: Let it be said to all of you here, I tried to put things right. I tried to resolve this peacefully.

Eli: Well, that’s hard luck on all of you…

Eli: Because now I have to do things the ugly way…



Georgie: I… oh my god…
Joy: Are you all right, sweetie?
Georgie: I’m fine, just a bit, uh shaken…
Joy: Let’s get you cleaned up.

Peter: Jai?




Alexis: I’m gathering everyone outside. There’s something I’d like to say.
Michael: I’m busy.
Alexis: It’s not negotiable, Michael. It’ll only take a minute.
Michael: What if I refuse?

Michael: Will you kill me?

Michael: Like you did with Vicky?

Coleman: I think you’ll be more than comfortable here.
Luke: Considering we spent the last two weeks in a broken down bus, I’d say this is paradise.
Derrick: Hey, I was driving that old girl when I picked you suckers up! You’d be dead if it wasn’t for Ol’ Shelia.
Luke: (Laughs). Whatever, man.
Coleman: So, what’s your story, Bernie?
Bernadette: Only friends call me Bernie.
Coleman: Oh, right. Sorry. Bernadette.
Bernadette: We’ll have time to exchange anecdotes later. Would you mind if we settled in first?
Coleman: Of course. I’ll come check on you in a bit.
Luke: Thanks, Sir.
Bernadette: We appreciate it.

Derrick: Bit harsh wasn’t it, Bernie?
Bernadette: We don’t know who these people are yet. The less we tell them about ourselves, the better.
Shannon: They seem nice.
Bernadette: I know they do, darling, and they probably are, but we need to be sure, is all.
Jasmin: I agree. We haven’t survived this long by trusting strangers right away.
Derrick: I don’t know if there’s a need to be so cynical in this case, but you’re the boss, boss.

Luke: If only we found this place sooner.
Daniel: Mummy might still be with us…
Luke: I know, bud. But at least we have each other, eh?
Daniel: Yeah.
Bernadette: We can’t do what if’s. We’ve done the best we can. That’s all we can ever do.

Alexis: What?
Michael: You heard me.

Alexis: No, I heard utter nonsense so I thought I’d better ask what the hell you meant.
Michael: So, you’re denying it?
Alexis: No, I’m just refusing to dignify what you said with a response.
Michael: Cut the crap, Alexis, all right? I saw through the window. That thing grabbed Vicky and pulled her to the ground. She was screaming for help, you raised your gun…
Alexis: But Jeff bit her and I was too late.
Michael: No. You had enough time, but you just stood there and watched. You lowered your gun before she was bitten.

Michael: You going to keep denying it?
Alexis: Fine. I let her die, but she deserved it.
Michael: Why?
Alexis: She betrayed me. After everything I did for her. She went behind my back and jeopardised everybody’s safety by going to a man I don’t trust and giving him the exact location of this place.
Michael: So, she deserved to die?
Alexis: As far as I’m concerned, yes.

Alexis: Is this going to affect things?
Michael: No. As much as what you did sickens me, I know leaving this place would only result in my death.
Alexis: If it makes you feel any better, I feel remorse. I regret it. If I could go back and time and save her, I would.
Michael: I don’t believe you, but fine. I’ll just have to take your word for it.
Alexis: You’ll keep this between us?
Michael: I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

Joy: You sure you’re OK?
Georgie: Honestly, Joy, I’m fine. Just a bit shocked is all.
Joy: I can’t believe Jai did that…
Georgie: He must have had his reasons.
Joy: Well, that goes without saying.

Peter: About what happened earlier…
Jai: We don’t need to discuss it, Peter. What’s done is done. I’ve apologised to Georgie. I have nothing else to say on the matter.
Peter: But why did you-?
Jai: I couldn’t have him near Beatrice.

Peter: If you’re hinting at what I think you are, then thank you.
Jai: I should’ve done it sooner. A long time ago. The man shamed my family. We were never the same after the trial.
Peter: Are you gonna be all right?
Jai: I’m fine. We all are. The world’s a better place without him in it.
Peter: What should we do with the body? I guess we could bury him next to Karen…
Jai: No. He’s not going anywhere near her.
Peter: Then what do you suggest?
Jai: Dump him.

Jai: Leave him to the dead.

Alexis: Thank you all for joining me. It’s important that you’re all here for what I need to say.

Alexis: We’ve been given an unbelievable blessing with this place we have here. The vast majority of people out there are either suffering or dead. But we have safety. We have shelter. We have walls.

Alexis: We need to be grateful for that. We have an opportunity here, an opportunity to thrive. We have to take it by both hands and embrace it. We can grow and become self-sufficient. Then, eventually, we can expand. Grow in numbers, enhance and increase the compound. Build more walls.

Alexis: I’m no fool. I know it’s going to take time, patience, blood, sweat and tears, but I truly believe we can accomplish it. We can do remarkable things here.

Alexis: While we need to be thankful to God, or to fate, or to whoever or whatever higher power you may or may not believe in, we also need to acknowledge my friend. Vicky.

Alexis: I wouldn’t have known about this place if it wasn’t for her. She was the one who inspired me to come here. To open up and allow others inside. Because, I’ve got to admit, I was reluctant.

Alexis: Her death was a terrible tragedy but we must carry on in her absence. We must turn this place into a community that she would be proud of. Over time, people are forgotten. But I never want that to happen with her. Therefore, I think, it would be apt… fitting… to name this place after her.

Alexis: Victoria.

Peter: It’s been a weird day today.
Charlotte: You can say that again.

Peter: Javier’s not happy.
Charlotte: I didn’t think he would be. Eli was here. And we let him walk away. He was never going to take that well.
Peter: We couldn’t exactly kill him. They would’ve fired back… and then there would have been a massacre. On both sides.
Charlotte: I know it. You know it. Hell, even Javier himself knows it. Doesn’t mean he has to like it.
Peter: And neither do we.
Charlotte: Right. 

Charlotte: Mind if I ask you something?
Peter: Course not.
Charlotte: Well, I’ve just, you know, been thinking about my family a lot lately. And then I think about all of you. How we, in a way, have become a family of our own.
Peter: Yeah?
Charlotte: I think I already know the answer to this, but would you give it all up? To get your wife, your son, your other family members back? I know it might seem like an obvious choice, but… I’m not too sure I would. I care about everybody here too much.
Peter: Yeah, it’s hard but… my wife and son. Every time.
Charlotte: Yeah. I guess you’re right.

Peter: Anyway, I’m gonna go help myself to some squirrel. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say…
Charlotte: All right.


Eli: I’ll ask Peter to join me. To form an alliance.
Charlotte: He’ll never agree to that.
Eli: No, especially if Javier is there.
Charlotte: So why bother?
Eli: He will still be given the choice. If he agrees, then perhaps we can settle things peacefully. Our little deal will come to an end, and you’ll get your mother back.
Charlotte: Why would you want to ally with Peter?
Eli: Because above all else, I want to survive. And having people there to help you out is the way to do it.
Charlotte: You say you’re giving him a choice, but you know he will never agree to it. So, it’s not a choice at all.

Eli: Oh, but it is.
Charlotte: So, what happens when he turns you down?
Eli: If he says no…
Charlotte: Which he will.
Eli: After me and my people have left, you’re going to persuade the others to visit Alexis. She has a compound. I’ll be sure to bring it up.
Charlotte: Why?
Eli: Because I need the two groups to meet. There’s something I’d like to share with them both.

Eli: Think you can do that?
Charlotte: I don’t have much of a choice.
Eli: Oh, Charlotte…

Eli: There’s always a choice.

Charlotte: Hey, Peter…
Peter: Yeah?

Charlotte: Eli…
Peter: What about him?
Charlotte: It… uh… won’t be the last we hear of him.
Peter: I know.
Charlotte: If we’re gonna deal with him, once and for all, we might need help…
Peter: Alexis?
Charlotte: There’s nobody else. And she hates him just as much as we do.

Peter: I’ll think about it.


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