Girl: Daddy? You didn’t come find me…

Girl: Daddy? It’s your turn… hello?


Girl: Mummy?

Collin: Go up to bed, sweetheart. I’ll come read you a story shortly.

Girl: But Mummy?
Collin: She’s fine, angel.

Collin: Go back to bed, Charlotte.

Charlotte? Hello? 

Shiro: Charlotte?

Charlotte: Uh, what?
Shiro: You coming? We’re moving out soon.
Charlotte: I spotted blueberries just down the way. Gonna go pick some for Beatrice.
Shiro: All right. Well, don’t be long. You sure you’re OK? You’ve been distant.
Charlotte: Have I?
Shiro: You can talk to me, you know? I know I gave you a hard time to begin with but I…
Charlotte: I’m fine.


Peter: Ready?
Angie: Oh, I was born ready.
Peter: I’m not happy about this either, but Alexis is strong. If we need to take on Eli…
Angie: You don’t need to explain this to me a fifth time.
Peter: I get why you’re mad.
Angie: I’m not mad, Peter. I’m livid. She let Vicky die.

Peter: You gonna stay calm?
Angie: You gonna be there to stop me if I’m not?


Eli: Good afternoon.

Charlotte: What the-!?

Charlotte: Shit. You scared me. What the hell are you doing here? You could be seen!
Eli: I made sure nobody was around. Your friends are busy preparing for their little trip to visit Alexis.
Charlotte: You’re still watching us!?
Eli: I never stopped.
Charlotte: You’re not worried about the risk!?
Eli: They’ve not caught my people snooping before, so no.

Charlotte: Why are you here?
Eli: To make sure everything’s going to plan.
Charlotte: It is.
Eli: No change of heart?
Charlotte: No. I want my mother back.
Eli: And you shall get her.
Charlotte: But there is one thing…
Eli: There always is.

Charlotte: Peter’s girl. Beatrice. No matter what happens. I need to know she won’t be harmed.
Eli: Do you now?
Charlotte: Yes. If … if you kill the others… please… spare her… I’ll even look after her if I have to but please, don’t hurt the kid.
Eli: I guess that’s a reasonable enough request.
Charlotte: So, you agree to it?
Eli: If you keep up your end of the bargain.
Charlotte: I will.

Eli: See you presently.

Are you happy, Charlotte?

Charlotte: What do you mean?
Samantha: Living here, with Daddy, like you always wanted. Does it make you happy?
Charlotte: Sure.

Charlotte: Does it make you happy?

Charlotte: Mummy? Are you OK?

Samantha: I’m fine. Just got a bit of a headache.
Charlotte: But you seem…

Samantha: Your father’s home.

Collin: Evening all!
Charlotte: Hi, Daddy.
Collin: How are my two favourite ladies today?
Charlotte: Great!
Collin: You did your homework?
Charlotte: All of it!
Collin: You know what that means? Ice cream for dinner!
Charlotte: Yay!
Collin: (Laughs).

Collin: You all right there, Sam?
Charlotte: She has a headache.

Collin: Aw, that’s too bad. Don’t worry, baby girl. I’ll look after her. Come here, sweetie.
Samantha: I’m fine.
Collin: Oh, I don’t mind a bit.

Collin: It’s OK… it’s all going to be OK…I’m home now.




Joy: I’m not happy about this, Jai.
Jai: Don’t fuss. It’ll be all right.
Joy: I won’t feel as secure. Not having you here.
Jai: I have to go with them, Joy. If anything happens… they might need a doctor.
Joy: No, I understand. I just haven’t been away from you for an extended period of time. You’ve been my rock.
Jai: And you’ve been mine too, friend.

Jai: You kids ready?
Shiro: As ready as we’ll ever be.
Joy: Be careful out there, all right? I know you can handle yourselves, but I still worry.
Aimi: You sure you don’t want one of us to stay behind?
Joy: No need. I’ve got quite handy with a gun. I can handle things here. Plus, I’ve got Georgie and Bobby with me anyway. We’ll be fine.

Aimi: See you when we get back.
Joy: You sure will, sweetheart. Take care, Shiro.

Joy: Oh…



Angie: I don’t like leaving you here without me.
Bobby: I was without you for weeks.
Angie: Yeah, but you had Javier to look after you.
Bobby: I saved his bacon just as much as he saved mine. Right, Javier?
Javier: No.
Bobby: Oh, come on, dude. Just lie.
Angie: (Laughs).
Javier: The kid can take care of himself.
Angie: I know.

Angie: We’ll see you later tonight.
Bobby: Yeah, don’t be late.

Peter: Right, everything seems to be sorted here.
Sean: Shall we make a move then, lad?
Peter: Now’s as good as time as any.
Aimi: Where’s Charlotte? She still not back?

Charlotte: I’m right here.
Peter: Good. Then load into the cars, everyone. I’ll just be a minute.

Peter: Take good care of her, all right?
Georgie: You can trust me.
Peter: I wouldn’t leave her with you if I couldn’t. Thanks for this, Georgie.
Georgie: Yeah, don’t sweat it. Try not to die.
Peter:  I’ll do my best. Joy, can I have a quick word?
Joy: Sure.

Joy: What’s wrong?
Peter: I don’t exactly know how to say this but…
Joy: You think Eli’s gonna turn up at the meeting with Alexis?
Peter: Oh, I don’t just think it, Joy; it’s absolutely going to happen.
Joy: So you think today’s the day?
Peter: Probably, yeah, and there’s no guarantee we’ll all survive.
Joy: If anything happens to you, God forbid, I’ll protect Beatrice with my life.
Peter: I know, but that’s not why I’m having this chat with you.
Joy: Then what is it?
Peter: Well, Joy, and keep a calm expression on your face when I tell you this…

Peter: But I’m pretty fucking certain that Charlotte is a spy.


Alexis: What do you mean there’s nobody on watch on this side!?
Matt: I thought we were just stationing people at the platforms we set up… so I stayed with Jenson.
Alexis: And you were in the military, you amateur!? Set up watch by using this roof, Matt, or I swear to God, I will not responsible for my actions!
Matt: Sorry, I’ll get to it.

Michael: You know, it’s quite rare to witness such brawny men be completely dominated by a woman. We might have to start calling you the new Iron Lady.
Alexis: I’m not in the mood, Michael.
Michael: When are you ever? You’ve always been a glass half-empty kind of gal. What did you end up doing after college anyway? Puppy kicker? Old lady thief?

Alexis: Your jibes are growing tiresome.
Michael: Well, what can I say? You killing an innocent girl pissed me off. And every time I think I’m over it, I look out my window and see her grave outside the walls, and it gets me wound up all over again. So, if I want to console myself by ripping the proverbial shit out of you, then I will do just that.
Alexis: Well, can you save it for another day?
Michael: Lighten up. I’m half joking, if you must know. I liked Vicky and what you did to her was low, but I’m not exactly tying myself a noose over it. Nor do I feel morally superior enough to actually judge you too harshly. We all have to do things we’re not proud of, now more so than ever.

Michael: Why are you so stressed anyway? These people you’re expecting don’t sound like trouble.
Alexis: If they find out… or if Angie finds out… about Vicky…
Michael: Oh, yes. They won’t take that well. And Angie has a temper from what I recall, so good luck with that.
Alexis: It’s not them I’m worried about.
Michael: You expecting someone else?
Alexis: Don’t you have work to be getting on with?
Michael: Not particularly, but I’ll take the hint.


Joy: Charlotte? A spy? That can’t be right…
Peter: I’m pretty certain it is, Joy.
Joy: What makes you so sure?
Peter: How she’s been acting since when went into the city.
Joy: It could be any number of things bothering her.
Peter: It’s not just that. I’ve noticed a lot of things… how she came across me when we first met… it was so strange… so random… I didn’t think much of it then. I didn’t know anything about Eli at the time, but over the past few days, it’s got me thinking.
Joy: Why would he need to infiltrate us? He’s already confirmed he watches our every move.
Peter: Charlotte was the one who suggested I head into Summerlyn to look for Lorna and the others. And who did we happen to run into just minutes after we arrived at the city?
Joy: Eli.

Peter: There was something else, too. On the night we met Javier and confronted Eli, he and I were making our way up to the penthouse. Charlotte and Bobby agreed to stay behind downstairs in case things went wrong…
Joy: Right?
Peter: And she said, and I quote: “good luck, Peter. I mean it.”
Joy: So?
Peter: The way she said it. It made me double take. Why wouldn’t she mean it? Anyway, I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it, but then on the day we all went to Summerlyn to get medicine for Georgie, she disappeared. For a long time. Without explanation. Then she comes wandering back here later that night and tells us she got held up by the horde of dead’uns.
Joy: And when has she has ever had trouble getting past them before?
Peter: Exactly.
Joy: So, you think she was meeting Eli?
Peter: I do.

Peter: Remember, keep a straight face, we don’t want her panicking… thinking we’re onto her.
Joy: All right. Is there anything else?
Peter: She said to me after Eli left her the other day, after Jai killed his nephew…
Joy: Yes?
Peter: She asked if I would trade you all in for Lorna and Milo. Even though we’ve all become close and care for each other… she asked me flat out.
Joy: You think it was a strange thing to ask?
Peter: No, maybe it was just curiosity. It wasn’t the question that rang alarm bells; it was the way she was acting. She had a look in her eye.

Peter: Then she suggested we go to Alexis for help with Eli. She was the one who mentioned it to me. Just like it was her idea to go to Summerlyn and we all know what happened there.
Joy: She seemed so trustworthy… so nice…

Joy: Oh my god… she is a spy, isn’t she?
Peter: I’m glad you see it too.

Joy: What are we gonna do? You could be walking into an ambush, Peter!

Peter: I have a plan.


Alexis: Anything?
Jenson: No, nothing.
Alexis: All right. Keep an eye out.
Jenson: If you told us who you want us to keep an eye out for…
Alexis: Just do it.
Jenson: You’re the boss.

Steph: These people you’re speaking with today…
Alexis: What about them?
Steph: Are you sure they’re trustworthy?

Alexis: Why do you both look worried?
Coleman: We’re just concerned about you, is all.
Alexis: I can take care of myself.
Steph: But-
Alexis: I have precautions in place. I’ll be fine.
Coleman: How and when did this get arranged anyway?
Steph: Yesterday. I was on watch when I spotted an Asian guy wandering up to the front door…
Coleman: Sounds like the beginning of a joke.

Alexis: He just told me that their leader, Peter, wants to meet with me and talk.
Coleman: Why did you agree?
Alexis: I was intrigued. Plus, I think I have an idea on who it’s going to involve…
Steph: So, it’s about a person?
Alexis: If you’ll excuse me. I had best get myself prepared.


Peter: You sure you’re up for it?
Joy: I’m sure.
Peter: Good luck.
Joy: You too.


Bobby: Just the four of us…
Joy: Three.
Bobby: What?

Joy: I’m going after them.


Cassie: This doesn’t make any sense…
Big Pete: What is it exactly you’re asking us to do?
Joel: Isn’t it obvious? He’s making us leave this place!
Eli: Look, I’ve kept you all alive this long. I need you to trust me.

Cassie: You’re asking us to kill people.
Eli: It’s them or us.
Big Pete: But that’s not who we are.
Cassie: Those people looked messed up when we went to their camp, I agree with that, but do they really need killing? I don’t think so.
Eli: That old man. The one with the turban. Looked harmless enough, didn’t he?
Cassie: Yes, but…
Eli: And he killed Amar in cold blood. Put a bullet through his head for no reason. If the old man can do that…

Eli: What do you think the rest of them can do?

Big Pete: I guess you’re right. I didn’t know Amar for long, but he always seemed like a good guy to me…
Eli: He was.
Cassie: It just makes me uncomfortable, is all.
Eli: I agree. It’s a dirty business, but we have no choice. In the world we live in today, it’s kill or be killed. And mark my words, they will kill us. They will ruin what we have going here. Do you really want to risk not acting? Let them make the first move? They could wipe us all out in one go.
Big Pete: I guess that’s true.
Jonny: Well, I’m in anyway.
Cassie: Me too.

Eli: Excellent. Go with Kenneth here. He’ll get you all prepared and ready to move out.

Eli: Not you, Joel.
Joel: Beg your pardon, sir?
Eli: I have a job for you.


Sean: What are you looking at, boyo?
Peter: Sorry?
Sean: I’ve caught ya lookin’ in the wing mirror close to five times now.
Peter: Just looking for corpses. It’s a habit now, I guess.
Sean: I ‘spose.  There something you not telling me?
Peter: No.
Sean: If ya say so, lad.

Shiro: You all right back there?
Shiro: Charlotte?

Charlotte: What the hell are you doing here!?
Samantha: Charming. Is that how you greet your mother?

Charlotte: No, don’t get me wrong! It’s great to see you! But you’re supposed to be in Paris!
Samantha: Eric got food poisoning so we cut the trip short.
Charlotte: Sorry to hear that.
Samantha: Oh, it was only a day or two.

Charlotte: When did you land?
Samantha: About an hour ago.
Charlotte: And you’re already here? What’s got you so eager?

Samantha: I erm… got some news yesterday.
Charlotte: Health related? Everything OK?
Samantha: Oh, I’m fine! It’s…
Charlotte: What?
Samantha: About your father.
Charlotte: Is he dead?
Samantha: No.
Charlotte: Then I don’t want to know.

Samantha: Charlotte, it’s important…
Charlotte: The whole point of the restraining order was that we get to never mention him again.
Samantha: The girl he got with last year…
Charlotte: I’m not interested!
Samantha: That Lesley woman…
Charlotte: Oh, what about her!?
Samantha: She’s dead.

Charlotte: What?
Samantha: She was found in her flat with her head smashed in. He was arrested and charged but he’s pleading innocent… there’s going to be a trial. He managed to get bail.

Charlotte: No… no… no…
Samantha: I had to tell you before you read about it in the paper.
Charlotte: She has kids, doesn’t she!?
Samantha: Five. The youngest is four.
Charlotte: That sick cunt! Oh, I can’t believe this. I should’ve warned her away. I thought about doing it but I never did!
Samantha: You can’t blame yourself, sweetheart. I did when I first found out, but Eric calmed me down and showed me how stupid that was… this was all him. All Collin. Nobody else is to blame.

Samantha: Charlotte? Hon?

Shiro: Are you having some sort of stroke?
Charlotte: Hm?
Shiro: Oh, she speaks!
Aimi: Give her a break, Shiro.
Charlotte: Sorry. Just distracted.
Shiro: I’ll say.

Georgie: Something’s going on.
Bobby: That much is obvious.
Georgie: Why would Joy take off? It’s so unlike her… so out of character…
Bobby: She was talking to Peter for a while. They’re obviously in cahoots about something.
Georgie: Joy said we’re to keep an eye out. If we see anyone we don’t recognise approaching camp, we’re to get in the car and drive away from here as quick as we can.
Bobby: Maybe I should go on watch?
Georgie: If you think it’d be a good idea.
Bobby: Are you all right?
Georgie: No. I’ve got a bad feeling in my stomach, kid.
Bobby: How’d you mean?

Georgie: I can’t shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen.






Joy: Stupid car! For crying out loud! This is all I need!

Joy: Oh, that’s typical.



Joy: What the-!?

Joy: Oh, good heavens…


Jenson: They’re here!

Coleman: Good luck, Alexis. We have you covered.

Peter: Alexis.
Alexis: Peter.
Peter: You not going to invite us in?
Alexis: I think here will suffice. So, what is it you want?
Peter: I’m here to speak to you about Eli.
Alexis: I thought as much.

Angie: Forget about Eli. Is it true?
Alexis: Is what true?

Angie: Don’t play coy. Did you kill Vicky?
Alexis: No.
Angie: I don’t believe you.
Peter: Angie, I completely get why you’re mad, but that’s not why we’re here.
Angie: Speak for yourself.

Angie: You gonna deny it?
Alexis: Vicky’s death was a tragedy.
Angie: You’re avoiding the question.
Alexis: And why would I do that?
Angie: Because you’re guilty, as well as a cold hearted bitch.
Alexis: Back off.
Angie: Or what?

Jenson: Or we’ll be forced to shoot, lady.

Steph: You heard her. Back up.
Peter: Angie, listen to them.

Angie: She was a good girl… despite all her faults…
Alexis: Can get back to talking about Eli?

Angie: I hope she haunts you in your sleep.



Joy: You going somewhere?

Cassie: Put your hands in the air!
Big Pete: And don’t come any closer!
Ken: Try anything stupid and you’re dead.
Joy: I’ll play ball.

Jonny: She’s one of them, right?
Ken: Yeah. She is.

Joy: Can I ask why you’re approaching our camp?
Cassie: That’s none of your business.
Joy: Actually, I think you’ll find it’s directly my business, what with it being my camp and everything.
Cassie: Don’t get smart.
Jonny: Got any weapons?
Joy: Just a gun.
Jonny: Hand it over.

Cassie: What are we gonna do?
Ken: We’re going to follow Eli’s orders and kill her. And then we’re going to storm the camp and kill anyone we find there.

Cassie: I don’t wanna do that…
Big Pete: If Cassie’s not doing it, then you can count me out, too.
Ken: Right, hang on, I need to talk some sense into these fools. Jonny, you got her?
Jonny: I got her.

Big Pete: I don’t feel right about it. She’s an unarmed woman.
Cassie: I have to agree…
Ken: What’s the matter with pair of you!? You heard Eli, these people are monsters. If we don’t kill them, they’ll kill us.
Big Pete: But she’s just an old lady.
Joy: (From afar) Less of the old please!
Cassie: Shut the fuck up!

Jonny: If you have any prayers, I’d say them now, lady. Once Kenneth’s done persuading them, and he will persuade them, you’ll be meeting your maker.
Joy: I’ve never asked the big guy for anything. I’m not gonna start now. Thanks anyway.
Jonny: Suit yourself.


Alexis: He turned up at your camp?
Peter: A few days ago. He knows what you’re doing here.
Alexis: What do you mean?
Peter: We knew about the complex because of Vicky, but he knew as well. He also knew that Vicky died and that you buried her outside your walls. Here.
Alexis: How?
Peter: He’s been watching your every move. Ours, too.

Alexis: I had a feeling he was…
Peter: I know we might not see eye-to-eye on things, and if you did kill Vicky, then that’s just vile, but Eli is a problem. For both of us.
Alexis: You think he’s gonna prepare a nasty little surprise for us?
Peter: I think he already has.

Eli: Bravo, Peter. And yes, you are absolutely right.

Alexis: You have a lot of weapons pointed at you, Eli. So, I’d be very careful about what your next move is, if I were you.

Shiro: Or you know, be stupid. I think I speak for everyone here when I say it’ll be a pleasure to see a dozen or so bullets propel through your body.
Eli: Always the charmer, Shiro.
Shiro: You got that right.
Peter: Did you expect him to turn up?
Alexis: Of course. Did you?
Peter: Naturally.
Eli: Sorry I’m so predictable.

Sean: What the hell you keep looking sideways for, lad? Try and focus on the psychopath, yeah?
Peter: Joy.
Sean: Eh?
Peter: Sheshould be here by now.
Sean: Ya what!?
Peter: Just forget it.

Eli: There’s no need for alarm. I’m here alone.
Angie: Knowing you, that is very much a reason to be alarmed.
Javier: Si, you have a plan, cabrón. That much is clear.
Alexis: Nobody lower their weapons. If he makes one move out of line, take him out.
Eli: Not to worry, friends. I’m not going to try anything, but Charlotte, I think you can go ahead and stand down. No need for your cover anymore.

Shiro: Charlotte?
Angie: What’s he talking about?
Peter: I knew I was right, but I’m still disappointed.
Charlotte: You?
Peter: Knew? Yeah. I have for days.
Aimi: Knew what!?
Sean: Yeah, what the shitting hell is going on!?

Eli: Charlotte here has been working alongside me the entire time you’ve known her, I’m afraid.

Jai: What!?
Aimi: You serious?
Charlotte: Not through choice.
Angie: Charl, what the hell!?
Shiro: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?
Charlotte: He has my mother. I’m sorry. I really am.
Shiro: And to think I actually started to trust you?
Jai: Even if he was blackmailing you, you why didn’t you just tell us!? We could’ve helped!
Charlotte: He watches everyone’s every move. If he found out, he’d kill her. I couldn’t risk it.

Eli: Sorry to break this up as this has been very informative and everything, but I’m about ready to get to the main point of why I’m here. So Charlotte, you may go.
Charlotte: Where is she?
Eli: At the shack where I first found you both.
Charlotte: Has she been there the entire time!?
Eli: You had best go. It’ll be dark before you know it.

Charlotte: Please, don’t hurt them.
Shiro: Don’t fucking pretend you give a shit!
Sean: Plus, I don’t think he’s in a position to be hurting anyone.
Charlotte: Remember what I said earlier… (mutters) Beatrice…the kid…
Eli: I remember.

Shiro: We’re just letting her go!?
Charlotte: I’m sorry you guys. Really, I am.
Peter: Hey, Charlotte?

Peter: If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you.




Charlotte: Hello?

Charlotte: Jesus, this is quite a sight…

Collin: Charlotte, is that you? Wow… I… can’t believe it. Thank God you’re here anyway. My back’s gone out… does it all the time, remember? Was about to make dinner when it … argh Christ, this hurts…
Charlotte: I just assumed you were lying on the floor because you belong there.
Collin: Sorry?
Charlotte: What with you being a piece of shit and everything.

Collin: Darling, be fair. I’m in a tremendous amount of pain. I can’t move.
Charlotte: Remember when I came home from school and found Mum at the bottom of the stairs?
Collin: Charlotte…
Charlotte: She’d been lying there for hours. Cracked ribs and a broken leg. The doctors were mistrustful but you talked away any suspicions they had, didn’t you? You always did.
Collin: What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you for years but now all of a sudden you…
Charlotte: I heard about Lesley.

Collin: Oh…
Charlotte: Yeah, “oh.”
Collin: It’s awful what happened, but I swear to you, it wasn’t me. I had nothing to do with it. She owed a lot of people a lot of money. It could’ve been her brother… they never got on… he’s in with the wrong crowd…
Charlotte: Seriously, Collin? You’re going to deny it?
Collin: Don’t call me that. I’m your Dad.
Charlotte: No. You’re not.

Collin: If you hate me so much, why did you come?
Charlotte: To try and talk to you into confessing the truth so that those poor kids will be spared the trial. Having it all dragged out in front of them again… having to hear about their mother’s death…
Collin: Charlotte, do you honestly think I would-
Charlotte: Yes.
Collin: But I didn’t do it…
Charlotte: I’m starting to think you actually believe your own lies.

Charlotte: This was a mistake.
Collin: Wait, hold on! Can you help me? Honestly, I can’t move when this happens… please… I need an ambulance.

Charlotte: You are joking, right?
Collin: You don’t have to call them, just hand me the phone…



Charlotte: I’ll give you one last chance. You not gonna admit you did it?

Collin: Charlotte, I swear, I didn’t. Just help me, sweetheart.

Collin: Please.

Peter: What is it exactly you want?
Eli: I’m here to offer you all a choice.
Alexis: A choice to what?
Eli: I want both of you to surrender to me.
Peter: I’m sorry… what!?
Eli: Lay down your weapons and allow me and my men to take you into custody.
Alexis: If I had much of a sense of humour, I’d be wetting myself right about now.
Peter: You seriously think you’re in a position to make demands for surrender?

Eli: Absolutely.

Cassie: Maybe we don’t have to kill them?
Ken: What!?
Big Pete: Cassie’s right. Can’t we just take them to Eli? Let him do it himself if he wants it done so badly?
Ken: You all need to get a– what the fuck!?
Cassie: What?

Ken: Shit… shit… SHIT!
Cassie: Oh my god. Jonny!?
Ken: She slit his throat! Bitch had a fucking knife! The car’s gone too! FUCK!

Cassie: Why the hell would she do that!?
Ken: I don’t care what you guys say, I’m going to that camp and I’m going to kill every fucking person I find there.
Cassie: We’ll help…
Big Pete: Absolutely. Eli was right… these people… they’re sick!
Cassie: She can’t have gone far.

Ken: Let’s go.



Charlotte: Mum? You here?

Charlotte: Mum… it’s me…

Charlotte: Who is that?! Has she escaped!?


Charlotte: WHAT THE-!?

Charlotte: No! No! Please, no! No! Mum!

Charlotte: I can’t… Eli said he’d… no… he lied…




Charlotte: This is because of me… because of what I did…

Charlotte: This was me! It wasn’t his back or his drunkenness that got Dad killed… I… I… he was… just lying there… pleading with me… I just did it and ran… towel on the stove… whole place was ablaze by the time I left the street…

Charlotte: I told myself I did it to spare that woman’s kids from having to deal with the trial. That wasn’t true. I just wanted him to suffer.  I wanted to kill him. I did kill him. And now I’m being punished, Mum. This is because of me.

Charlotte: This is all my fault.

Alexis: You might just be the most deluded person I’ve ever met if you truly think you have any type of power or control in this situation, Eli.
Peter: I agree. I thought you were a smart man. Despicable, revolting and evil and everything, but smart nonetheless. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you’re just a stupid maniac.
Eli: Oh, I’m afraid not. For you see, even if you kill me right here, right now, you’re all going to pay the price tonight.
Alexis: Really? How’d you figure that?

Eli: Well, oh glorious leader, I’ve had a bomb planted directly next to your compound for a good while now. If you refuse to give yourself over, it’s going to detonate.
Alexis: Liar.
Eli: You prepared to take that risk?
Alexis: We would’ve seen you.
Eli: (Whistles).

Shiro: SHIT!
Sean: Jesus-fucking-Christ!

Eli: That small explosion, Alexis, was to prove that the bomb in question absolutely exists. And let me tell you, it’s powerful enough to flatten your compound in less than a second.
Alexis: We would’ve…
Eli: You didn’t see us plant that smaller one, did you? As for you, Peter.

Eli: If you and your people refuse to surrender…


Eli: I’ll put a bullet in your wife’s skull.

Jai: Oh my god.
Peter: Lorna!?
Angie: Oh, Peter…
Shiro: You’ve got to be fucking kidding.
Sean: You all right there, lass!? If he’s fuckin’ hurt ya…

Lorna: Peter… please… don’t do as he…
Eli: Shut up. You were told not to say a word.
Peter: Milo… is he…?
Lorna: No, Peter.
Eli: Milo?
Peter: Forget it.

Peter: I’ll save you, baby, I swear to God. I will.

Eli: No rescue or ambush attempts. You know I’d see them all coming. I want all of you to meet me at a restaurant two minutes South of here. Ludovico’s. Big Italian place. You can’t miss it.

Eli: You have three hours.



Charlotte: All right, Eli. You’ve had your fun.

Charlotte: My turn now.

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