Man: Any updates on the location and status of the pathologists, Anthony?
Anthony: Indeed there is, Sir. And I’m afraid it’s mostly bad news.
Man: Go on.
Anthony: Jeannette Dinklage of Summerlyn was indeed at her last known address, but I’m sad to say there was nothing left of her.
Man: You sure it was her?

Anthony: We conducted tests.
Man: (Sighs). Her loss weakens our chances of beating this considerably. Any others?
Anthony: Roger Dawson was found reanimated at his girlfriend’s address. Likewise, we found Terrence Jones in the basement of his home. He was presumably trapped down there for a while. We believed he must have starved for a few days before picking up his shotgun and well, you know the rest.

Man: Is there any good news?
Anthony: I believe so. Michael Lewis has been located.
Man: That’s not a name I recognise.
Anthony: Well, he was relatively new to the field. Graduated seven years ago from Summerlyn University with advanced degrees. The best seen in years. I’ve read all of the notes from his professors, including Dinklage herself. She raved about him. He’s young, and inexperienced compared to the rest, and he’s certainly no Dinklage, Dawson, or Jones, but he’s talented.

Man: Have you picked him up?
Anthony: That’s the complicated part, Sir.
Man: Meaning?
Anthony: The safe-town we’ve found him at… it’s currently under attack by the infected.
Man: Of course.

Anthony: Do we send a team in?
Man: After losing thirteen men last week? We can’t afford the risk. Not even for this man.
Anthony: So, what do we do?
Man: Do we have eyes on the situation?
Anthony: From afar, yes. We’ve got a drone up.
Man: And how’s it looking?

Anthony: They seem to be regaining control of the invasion. A breach into the compound has been dealt with. The dead inside are lessening.
Man: Then we wait. And when the time is right, we’ll pay this town a little visit.

Man: Keep me updated, Anthony.
Anthony: Will do, Mr. Ashby.


Alexis: Any sign?
Michael: No. I say we make a run for it.

Alexis: Where? Out of town? I’m not leaving this place.
Michael: What part of she wants you dead are you not getting!?
Alexis: I’m not running scared, Michael.
Michael: Then I don’t know what to suggest.
Alexis: If I was armed, I’d feel a hell of a lot better.
Michael: Well, we’re not, so maybe think of a plan B.

Lorna: I’m not in the mood for hide and seek, you know?

Michael: Go! I’ll hold her back!
Alexis: But-
Michael: Just run!

Michael: Look, you don’t want to do this.
Lorna: I don’t?
Michael: I’m sorry about your son. Truly. But…
Lorna: You have nothing to apologise for. The Ice Queen on the other hand…
Michael: She’s a difficult bitch at times, all right? I’m the first to admit it, but she’s got a good thing going here. She’s keeping people safe.
Lorna: Oh, yes. She’s incredibly selfless, which is why she was happy to run away and let you be killed.
Michael: You’re not going to kill me.

Lorna: Step aside.

Michael: No.


Why do men always have to make things so difficult!?

Jenson: That’s it… that’s all of them…
Matt: Fuck. How did we manage this!?
Jenson: I don’t know. I’m just glad it’s over.

Tariq: You should be disgusted with yourselves!

Angie: Excuse me?
Tariq: We’ve lost people because of you!
Javier: Can you not see we’ve lost someone too, puto!?
Tariq: I think it’s about time you left!

Javier: Fuck off.

Donna: Jai? I know it’s shit… but you did the right thing.

Bobby: I can’t believe he’s gone.
Angie: I know. He always seemed, I don’t know? Invincible.
Bobby: Angie, I need to talk to you about Charlotte.

Angie: Not now.
Bobby: She’s a good person!
Angie: Don’t let Peter hear you say that!
Bobby: But it’s true…
Angie: Now’s not the time, Bobby!

Henry: I know he and I didn’t get on over the past week or so, but he was a good man.
Peter: Yeah.
Henry: I’m sorry for your loss.

Aimi: Peter?
Peter: Hm?
Aimi: Maybe we should cover him up? I don’t know. Do something?
Peter: Nothing’s going to change the fact he’s dead, Aimi.

Javier: Jai?
Jai: Help me get Sean in the back. I don’t want him lying here.

Alexis: Hold on…

Alexis: This’ll work.

Bernadette: What are you doing!?
Luke: Checking if the coast is clear…
Bernadette: No! That’s a bad idea…
Luke: Bernie, it’s fine. The gunshots have stopped. The threat’s obviously been dealt with.
Bernadette: But the kids… they need you. Stay with them.
Luke: They’re fine.
Bernadette: Please, Luke, don’t go down there.
Luke: It sounds as if you’re trying to stop me from seeing something?

Bernadette: It’s Charlotte, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean… it’s their bodies… Luke, do yourself a favour, sweetheart. Stay up here. You don’t want to see it. It’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

Luke: I can’t believe they’re gone.
Bernadette: I’m sorry.

Bernadette: You have to stay strong. You still have Daniel, and the rest of us. We’ll stick together… like we’ve always done.
Luke: Yeah. You’re right.
Bernadette: Go get some rest.

Bernadette: Yes?
Bobby: I’m here to see Luke.
Bernadette: Why?
Bobby: I wanted to say bye. To thank him for everything. And to see, well, maybe, if he’d like to come with me and my people?
Bernadette: I’m afraid Luke’s pre-occupied. His brother’s very upset. But I’ll be sure to pass on the message, Bobby.
Bobby: But…
Bernadette: You take care now.

Beatrice: Where’s Daddy!?
Georgie: He’ll be home shortly, Beatrice!
Beatrice: Want him now!
Georgie: I think you could do with a nap, don’t you?
Beatrice: NO!
Georgie: Tough.

Calvin: Everything all right?
Georgie: Aside from an over-tired toddler? Yeah. How’s it looking?
Calvin: Spoke to Waylon a minute ago. He said it’s all clear.

Calvin: You worried?
Georgie: Sean said Alexis had a plan to kill Peter. Of course I’m worried.
Calvin: I’m sure he and Donna got there in time to stop it…
Georgie: We can’t be sure of anything, Calvin!

Calvin: Sorry.
Georgie: Don’t apologise. It’s just not looking good. They should be back by now. When Peter turned up here it was such a relief. I knew he was here for Beatrice. If something was to happen…
Calvin: Then it would be dreadful, but you’d be there for her.
Georgie: For how long?
Calvin: What’s that supposed to mean?

Georgie: Nothing.
Calvin: Georgie…
Georgie: I’ve gotta get her to sleep, Calvin. We’ll chat later.

Jai: I’m taking Sean home.
Peter: I’m gonna stay a while… I need to find Lorna. Knock some fucking sense into her.
Henry: I’ll stay as well. If we can get her to spare Alexis, we just might be able to smooth things over.

Angie: I’ll stay, too.
Shiro: Same.
Henry: All right. The rest of you should head on back with Jai. Tell the others what happened.

Shiro: You going?
Drew: Why would I stay?

Shiro: You’re welcome, by the way.
Drew: For what?
Shiro: Busting you out?
Drew: Did I ask you to?

Shiro: Dickhead.

Shiloh: Should I stick around?
Henry: You’ll be needed at home, son. Keep things under control until I get back.

Angie: Bobby, go with Javier, OK? I’ll see you later.
Bobby: Why are you staying!?
Angie: I know Alexis. It’s best if I stick around.
Bobby: OK. I love you.
Angie: Love you, too.

Javier: You all right, amigo? I thought you’d be happy to be back with us.
Bobby: I am. It’s just… my friends… Charlotte…
Javier: She’s tough. She’ll be fine.
Bobby: I’ll just miss her, is all.

Lydia-Jean: That’s impressive. Did you just pick that thing up when all this shit happened and learn over time?
Charlotte: Hell no. I did archery as a kid. Took me years to get this good. I was a little rusty when the dead started walking, but I picked it back up rather quick. It was do or die.

Lydia-Jean: I can barely kill them. Even with a knife. It always gets stuck in their skulls. I’ve had so many near misses. I can handle a gun, but the ammo never lasted long enough.
Charlotte: Yet you survived on your own for a few weeks?
Lydia-Jean: I normally just ran and hid.
Charlotte: Not a bad tactic.

Lydia-Jean: No sign of Luke.
Charlotte: I’m starting to think he never left the complex…
Lydia-Jean: Should we head back?
Charlotte: Too risky. You saw how it was back there.
Lydia-Jean: Thanks to me.
Charlotte: Pardon?

Lydia-Jean: What happened there… it was my fault.
Charlotte: How’s that?
Lydia-Jean: I was working for the bald woman who let the dead in.
Charlotte: I’m confused?
Lydia-Jean: She hated Alexis as much as I did, so I agreed to go in as a spy and then let her know when and how to get inside.
Charlotte: Why would you hate Alexis before you even met her!?
Lydia-Jean: She’s my aunt.

Charlotte: What!?
Lydia-Jean: And she caused me a lot of pain. She obviously did something bad to Lorna too as she seemed desperate to–
Charlotte: Lorna? As in Peter’s wife?
Lydia-Jean: Who’s Peter?
Charlotte: Wow… she’s alive! I thought I had gotten her killed. Oh, thank fuck. That’s such a relief.

Lydia-Jean: OK, now I’m confused?
Charlotte: It’s a long story.
Lydia-Jean: We’ve got time.

Charlotte: How much do you know about Eli Loche?

Eli: You’ve fucked it up. She’s gone.
Lorna: She’s not gone.

Eli: Oh, Lorna, you and that bald head of yours are mighty intimidating. If she has any sense, she’s long gone.

Catelyn: Hello?
Lorna: Hello.

Catelyn: I… please… I don’t want any trouble.
Lorna: Where’s Alexis?
Catelyn: She’s not here.
Lorna: You sure about that?
Catelyn: I wouldn’t lie. I can’t take the risk of getting myself hurt… in case you couldn’t tell, I’m pregnant.

Lorna: I’m sorry.
Catelyn: Pardon?

Lorna: I’m sorry you’re going to love that child. I’m sorry for how much it’s going to hurt when you lose it. Because you will. Children… they can’t survive in this world. They can’t live.

Lorna: You’ll feel as if somebody’s ripped open your chest and sucked the soul right out of you. And yet you still have to live. To carry on. It’s unspeakably cruel.

Catelyn: I… uh….
Lorna: Piece of advice?

Lorna: I’d say try not to love it so much when it’s here… but I know that’s not possible. If I were you, I’d just end it all now. It might seem extreme, and you’re probably thinking “why is this complete stranger telling me to kill myself?” but it’ll spare you so much agony. A quick death would be the kindest thing.

Zahra: Out.

Eli: That was fucking cold! Even for me!
Lorna: Shut up.
Eli: Kill herself and the baby!? Damn, Lorna, you’re making me look like a pussycat.


Lorna: Gotchya.
Eli: Ooh! Here we go! So exciting!

Peter: Lorna! LORNA!
Lorna: Stay away from me, Peter.

Lorna: You think those fences will stop me?

Alexis: Haven’t you done enough!?

Lorna: Not until I tick you off my list.

Bobby: Wait… stop!
Javier: Why?
Bobby: Stop the car! Pull over!


Donna: The fuck is he doing?

Javier: Bobby…
Bobby: Charlotte!

Charlotte: You OK?
Bobby: I’m fine! Are you?
Charlotte: We’re good.

Javier: Bobby… c’mon.
Jai: We need to go.
Bobby: Hold on just a second.

Bobby: Come with us.
Charlotte: What?
Bobby: They have a safe-town! Javier was just telling me all about it. It’s on a roof-top of an old mall! It’s safe!
Charlotte: I don’t think it’s a good idea.
Bobby: You’re not a bad person, Charlotte. They need to see that. They will. I’ll make them.

Jai: Bobby…
Bobby: Jai, just let her come back with us?
Jai: I don’t think it’s wise.
Charlotte: It’s OK, Bobby. You don’t have to do this.

Charlotte: I’ll be all right on my own. But if this place is as safe as you say it is, maybe Lydia can go, too?
Lydia-Jean: I’m not just going to leave you.
Bobby: And neither am I.

Bobby: If she’s not coming back with us, then I’m not either.
Charlotte: Bobby, no!
Javier: Don’t be stupid.
Jai: If it were up to me…
Bobby: I’ll talk to Henry.
Jai: It’s not Henry I’m worried about.
Bobby: Peter, then.

Jai: Fine. But we all know what Peter’s going to say.
Bobby: I’ll convince him.
Javier: You still have to convince me, amigo.
Jai: And me for that matter, but we can discuss this later.

Charlotte: Aimi.
Aimi: Charlotte.

Jai: Let’s go.

Peter: Lorna?
Lorna: I told you to go away, Peter.
Peter: How can I just go after what you’ve done here? People are dead… Sean’s dead… because of you!
Lorna: I asked you to leave. You didn’t listen to me. Sean’s death is on you.

Angie: That’s such bullshit.
Lorna: Brought your new girlfriend along for support?
Peter: What!?
Lorna: Just leave. Alexis and I have some things we need to sort out.

Alexis: I’m not coming out of here.

Lorna: That’s fine. I’ll just wait you out. I’ve got all the time in the world.
Peter: Not that I even need to explain myself to you, but nothing’s going on between me and Angie.

Eli: Liar.
Lorna: Peter, our marriage is over. I told you that. You can do what you want.
Angie: Jesus…
Lorna: I’m here for one thing and one thing only.
Peter: Alexis isn’t at fault. Eli killed Milo, Lorna. Not her.

Eli: Damn straight.

Lorna: The simple fact is, had she given you a car as you requested, Milo could still be here today.
Peter: We can talk about if and but’s until the cows come home. What’s done is done!
Lorna: No. She has to pay.
Peter: She didn’t even know it was Milo in danger! She thought it was you! We all thought it was you! Had she known it was a child was in danger…
Lorna: Don’t kid yourself, Peter. She still wouldn’t have given you a vehicle.

Alexis: What kind of person do you think I am!?
Lorna: The worst kind.
Alexis: You’ve got me wrong.

Angie: Has she?
Peter: Angie!
Angie: Oh, come on, Peter. We’re kidding ourselves. She wouldn’t do the same for us.
Peter: You’re not helping!

Eli: Ooh. Trouble in lover’s paradise.

Angie: Why waste your energy?
Peter: Because it’s the right thing to do!
Angie: Maybe she would have given you a car if she knew Milo was in danger, but what about Vicky, huh? Where’s her justice?

Alexis: Oh, change the record, Angie. This is beyond tiresome now.

Angie: You don’t get to stand there and act as if what you did to that girl doesn’t matter! She let you in the penthouse! And when we had to leave… after Maddison and Jack died… she stuck with you!

Angie: She trusted you! And you killed her! She might not have been the most likeable of people. Hell, she used to drive me insane. But she didn’t deserve what you did to her. And you don’t deserve to get away with it.
Alexis: You finished?

Angie: Fuck it. Just let Lorna do it, Peter. She’ll be doing the world a favour.
Shiro: Agreed.
Henry: My God, what is the matter with all of you!? You’re actually condoning cold-blooded murder!?
Angie: In this case, yes. The people here… they’ll be better off without her. That I can guarantee.

Michael: You’re wrong.

Alexis: Michael…

Michael: She’s not perfect. She’s made mistakes.
Angie: Murdering your own friend is a mistake?
Michael: But she’s come around. She’s changed.
Angie: Oh, please.

Michael: It’s true. She’s given people a home here. She’s letting them have a say in what happens in the community. Just a few days ago she turned away a group who offered to work for her because they meant bad news for the people here. She’s being a good leader. And if you kill her, you’ll have to kill me, too.


Lorna: If that’s what it’ll take.

Alexis: No!

Calvin: Georgie?
Georgie: Shh! Just got her off!

Georgie: What is it?
Calvin: They’re back.
Georgie: You don’t look happy, Calvin?

Calvin: They’ve brought a body back.

Rachel: For a while there it didn’t seem like I was gonna see this place again.
Shiloh: Tell me about it.

Georgie: Drew. You OK?
Drew: Fine.

Georgie: Oh, thank God!
Aimi: You OK?

Georgie: I am now I’ve seen you two!

Georgie: Where are the others!?
Jai: Peter’s with Angie, Henry, and Shiro. They’re fine.
Aimi: It fell apart back there. They’ve stayed behind to try and stop Lorna from killing Alexis.
Georgie: What!?
Aimi: Long story.

Georgie: Calvin said there’s a body…

Jai: Sean.

Shiloh: You did everything you could.
Donna: Shouldn’t have taken him there. He was pissed… in no state to look after himself.
Shiloh: He was going with or without you. He stood a better chance with you by his side. Maybe if you hadn’t of been there, he would’ve died sooner. He might not have been there to save Peter.
Donna: I didn’t do enough, Shiloh.
Shiloh: How can you say that?

Donna: Because he’s dead.

Georgie: He died saving Peter?
Aimi: Pushed him out the way when a groaner grabbed him.
Georgie: Oh, Sean…
Calvin: He went out a hero, Georgie.
Georgie: Sean seemed unstoppable. I just can’t–

Georgie: Bobby!?

Bobby: Hey!
Georgie: I’m so glad you’re OK! When you went missing that night, I thought the worst! Have you–?

Charlotte: Hi, Georgie.

Georgie: What is she doing here!?

Peter: Lorna…
Angie: Don’t hurt him, Lorna! He’s wrong about Alexis, but he’s a good man…
Lorna: He’ll be fine. But only if Alexis stops hiding.

Alexis: You mean it?
Michael: Don’t do it, Alexis.

Lorna: Shut up!
Alexis: You promise you’ll let him live?
Lorna: You have my word.
Michael: Alexis, no!

Alexis: Let him go.

Alexis: So, this is the part where you kill me?
Lorna: Almost. First I want you to acknowledge that you killed the girl Angie mentioned. And I want you to acknowledge that my son might still be alive if it wasn’t for you.

Peter: And what about the people you’ve killed?
Lorna: Excuse me!?
Peter: You don’t think it’s hypocritical to call her a murderer when you’ve killed yourself?
Lorna: You’re defending her?
Peter: No. She’s abominable. I’m just saying it’s not all black and white, Lorna.
Lorna: I don’t have to listen to this…

Alexis: Just make it quick.

Eli: Um, HELLO!? What are you waiting for, Lorna?

Eli: You’ve come this far. Do it! Kill her! Make her pay for what she did!

Eli: This is what you’ve been waiting for…

Eli: What’s the matter with you!? Do it, Lorna!

Eli: NOW!

Lorna: She doesn’t care.
Alexis: What?
Lorna: You don’t care, do you? Whether you live or die?

Lorna: What really matters is this place… you know you’ll leave a legacy. People will admire you for what you’ve done. That’s what matters to you, isn’t it?
Alexis: If you’re gonna kill me, just get it over with.

Lorna: Maybe I don’t have to. Maybe you’ll cause your own downfall eventually…
Alexis: You think so?
Lorna: I know so. You’re poison. Why do you think Lydia-Jean was so eager to work against you?

Alexis: What?
Lorna: Oh, you hadn’t figured it out? How I knew when and how to gain access to this place? How I picked the exact moment when I knew you wouldn’t be expecting me? She told me everything.
Alexis: No… she wouldn’t…
Lorna: Of course she would. She loathes you.

Lorna: She was working with me. The entire time.

Michael: You sick bitch.
Eli: Damn. You just gonna take that?
Michael: You manipulated a teenage girl into doing your bidding!? And now people are dead because of you! Good people!
Lorna: My doing? I think you’ll find Alexis brought all of this onto herself.

Michael: You think that all you want. But I know the truth.
Lorna: Do you, Michael? And what’s the truth?

Michael: That you’re no different than Eli.

Alexis: NO!


Alexis: No… please…
Michael: Don’t let her… you have to…
Alexis: Hang on! I’m gonna get you help! Someone… get Coleman! Hurry!
Michael: Re… mem…
Alexis: Michael, save your energy! WOULD SOMEBODY GET HELP!?

Peter: It’s no use.

Alexis: Michael… MICHAEL!?

Alexis: No, he can’t be…

Alexis: He’s dead… you killed him… YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM!

Lorna: Hurts, doesn’t it?

Lorna: I’ve got what I came for.
Peter: You were right.
Lorna: About what?

Peter: Our marriage being over. The woman I loved is dead. I don’t ever want to see you again.

Eli: Even I didn’t see that coming!

Angie: Alexis… he’s gone…
Alexis: You think I don’t know that!?
Angie: I’m sorry. I never wanted this…
Henry: None of us did.

Alexis: Leave. All of you. Don’t come back. Stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours.

Alexis: Just get out of my sight!

Georgie: She’s not seriously been forgiven!?
Charlotte: I didn’t work with Eli through choice.
Georgie: And that’s supposed to make it all OK?
Bobby: He had her mother! What else was she supposed to do!?
Georgie: She could’ve told us the truth! We would’ve helped!
Charlotte: Eli would have killed her.
Georgie: From the fact she’s not here, I assume that’s what he did anyway?

Charlotte: Yes.
Georgie: I’m sorry. I am. But I still don’t think it’s right you being here.
Bobby: Georgie, please.

Georgie: I’m not giving this anymore of my attention today! We should be thinking about Sean!

Charlotte: Sean?
Bobby: He died earlier.

Charlotte: Fuck…

Shiloh: Welcome to Midway. I’m Shiloh. My father Henry is the leader here.
Charlotte: Oh. Hi.
Bobby: Hey.
Lydia-Jean: Nice to meet you.
Shiloh: So, uh, would you guys like a tour?

Bobby: I guess so.
Shiloh: Follow me.

Javier: Jai?
Jai: Hi, Javier.
Javier: Where is your–?
Jai: It turns out, Javier, that faith is a fickle thing.

Jai: I focused so much of my energy… I prayed for Sean… he was the one thing I believed in.

Javier: Sean wouldn’t want you to lose faith.
Jai: No. But that’s pointless now. He doesn’t want for anything anymore.
Javier: Jai…
Jai: It wasn’t just Sean. Having nothing left but mere limbs and guts of my wife and daughter set these wheels in motion.

Jai: Then I lost Ollie. Then Joy… and then what happened with Milo. And now this. There’s no reprieve. Any God who would allow this to happen is a God who doesn’t deserve to be worshipped.

Jai: And you know what’s funny, Javier?
Javier: What?
Jai: Lorna seems to be the only one who sees this world for how it truly is.

Jai: And if that’s not enough reason to give up hope then I don’t know what is.

Jenson: Alexis? JESUS!

Jenson: Oh, fuck. Is he-!?


Jenson: We have three dead including Michael. Monika… Alvin… they’re gone, too.

Alexis: Steph…
Jenson: Make that four.

Bernadette: What do we do?
Howie: Alexis seems to be in shock. I suggest the committee take over for the time being.
Bernadette: Agreed. Where’s Monty?
Howie: It might just be the two of us. He’s inside… in a state. Poor man just lost his daughter.

Bernadette: Well, I think it might be wise to start sorting through the bodies. We can’t leave them lying around.
Howie: Good point.
Bernadette: Make a pile of the corpses. Then when it’s clear outside we can take them out and burn them.
Trudy: Not our people. They should be buried.
Coleman: Who have we lost?
Trudy: Steph… Monika… Alvin…

Jenson: Michael.

Catelyn: Michael’s dead!?

Bernadette: We’ll have time to grieve later. I know it’s hard, but we have to carry on. It’s what they’d want us to do! C’mon. Let’s get to it.

Luke: That fucking liar.

Jasmin: What’s wrong?
Luke: Bernadette… she told me Charlotte and the others died.
Jasmin: They didn’t?
Luke: They’re bodies aren’t outside. She lied to me.
Jasmin: Why would she do that?
Luke: Because she’s a psychopathic control-freak.

Jasmin: I’ve been saying it for weeks. It’s about time you got on my wave-length.

Luke: Yeah, well, if she wants to play mind-games then I’ll just play them right back.

Shiro: Well, that was something, huh?

Henry: Shiro…
Shiro: Oh, come on. Someone had to break the silence. It was unbearable.

Angie: I can’t believe she did that.
Peter: I knew she was going to the second he compared her to Eli.
Angie: You’re saying it’s his fault?
Peter: Not at all. I’m just saying, out of all the things to get her angry, comparing her to Eli is the equivalent of poking a bear with a stick.
Shiro: Hell, he was right there in the cage poking the thing in the fucking eye.

Angie: He was a good man.
Peter: I know. That’s why I’ll never forgive her.

Henry: It’s my fault. All of this. Had I not sent Dwayne to monitor the complex. If I trusted my gut and not allowed Drew to go in as a spy…
Peter: This isn’t down to you, Henry. The meeting was going well.
Angie: Peter’s right. There’s one person to blame here and that’s Lorna.

Shiro: Monsters are made.
Peter: Meaning?
Shiro: She’s responsible for her own actions, but she’s this way for a reason.

Shiro: For a man who’s dead, Eli’s still causing all sorts of trouble.

Georgie: Bobby, Beatrice is up from her nap if you’d like to come say hello?
Bobby: Come on, Lydia. I’ll introduce you.
Lydia-Jean: Sure.

Lydia-Jean: You gonna be OK?
Charlotte: You know me.

Charlotte: You’re not here to give me another tour, are you?
Shiloh: To be honest I only did that because I didn’t know how else to be useful. What with how everyone’s feeling.
Charlotte: Makes sense.
Shiloh: So, how good are you with that bow?

Charlotte: Get on the wrong side of me and you’ll find out.

Lorna: Oh, God… what did I do?
Eli: Come now, Lorna! You’re being such a ruthless badass! I’ve never loved you more! Don’t start feeling guilty now!
Lorna: I shouldn’t have killed him.
Eli: You did the right thing! Alexis is broken! You’ve ruined her!

Eli: That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

Lorna: More than anything.

Lorna: So why hasn’t it made me feel any better?

Jai: I’m sorry I let you down. I allowed myself to be distracted. I took my eyes off you at a time when you needed me the most.

Jai: Forgive me, my friend.

Aimi: Jai? It’s getting dark. Georgie’s made soup.
Jai: I’m not hungry.
Aimi: You have to eat.

Jai: I don’t have to do anything.
Aimi: What’s wrong?
Jai: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve just had to shoot my best friend in the head!?

Aimi: I’m sorry, Jai, but I’m upset, too. You don’t have to take it out on me.
Jai: Why not? You’re a perfect punching bag, the way I see it.
Aimi: Oh, really!? And what is that?

Jai: It was you who told me to come along!
Aimi: Sorry!?
Jai: I wanted to stay with Sean! To make sure he was all right, but you practically forced me to go to Summerlyn!
Aimi: I didn’t know he was going to follow and get himself killed!
Jai: He needed watching! I knew that! Yet I allowed myself to be guilt-tripped into going along with you.

Aimi: I didn’t guilt-trip you, Jai!
Jai: Keep telling yourself that.
Aimi: Sean dying is not my fault!
Jai: Whatever helps you sleep tonight.
Aimi: I don’t have to stand here and listen to this bullshit!

Shiro: Aimi, what’s wrong?

Jenson: I’m exhausted…
Matt: We did good.
Jenson: Yeah. This place almost looks normal again.
Coleman: I don’t think it’ll ever be the same.
Jenson: No, you’re right there, Doc.

Bernadette: It’s all being sorted outside. You can probably let the kids downstairs now.
Luke: OK.
Jasmin: Where’s Alexis?
Bernadette: Locked herself in her office. It’s safe to say she’s doing me an almighty favour.
Jasmin: What do you mean?

Bernadette: People are angry at her for how she’s reacted. And they’re blaming her for what happened today. All I’ll have to do is suggest a meeting to discuss leadership, and then her days of playing Queen will be over. Now, I best get back outside. I want to be seen pulling my weight, after all.

Luke: Bernie?
Bernadette: Yes, sweetheart?
Luke: Promise me you’ll be gentle with their bodies? I know I didn’t know them long, but Charlotte… I liked her.
Bernadette: Of course.

Luke: She is unbelievable.
Jasmin: Told ya so.
Luke: She’s actually lying to my face about my friends being dead just so I stay here and she can control me.
Jasmin: So, what’s your plan? How you gonna ruin her?

Luke: I have something in mind.

Peter: How’s Beatrice?
Georgie: She’s playing with Bobby. She was so happy to see him. Honestly, the smile on her face.
Peter: That’s sweet. I should go say hello. I saw him but after what happened with Sean…
Georgie: Nobody’s judging you, Peter. He was your best friend.

Georgie: I’m so sorry.
Peter: Me too.

Javier: Angie? What’s wrong?
Angie: Michael… he’s dead.
Javier: What!? How!?
Angie: Lorna killed him.
Javier: Jesus…
Angie: We went to the same college. I didn’t know him that well, but he was a sweet man. I keep seeing the fear in his eyes when she… he didn’t want to die…
Javier: Come here.

Javier: It’s all right. I’ve got you.

Henry: You must be Charlotte?
Charlotte: Hi.
Henry: I’m Henry. The leader here.
Charlotte: Nice to meet you.

Charlotte:  So, from this awkwardness I can only assume you know the vast majority of people hate me?
Henry: Come with me.

Henry: There’s someone I think you need to speak to.

Shiro: Aimi…
Aimi: Shiro, for the last time! I don’t want to talk about it!

Drew: Shiro?
Shiro: Oh. What!?
Drew: I just wanted to say… I’m sorry.

Shiro: Really?
Drew: And thank you.
Shiro: Oh, I uh… don’t mention it.

Luke: Hello?
Alexis: I said I wanted to be alone, Jenson!
Luke: It’s Luke.
Alexis: My point still stands.

Luke: I need to talk to you.
Alexis: Whatever it is, save your breath. I don’t care.
Luke: I think you’ll care about this.
Alexis: I don’t think I will.

Luke: Bernadette’s had a vendetta against you since we got here. She’s plotted and stirred at every available opportunity.
Alexis: You think I don’t know that?
Luke: I think now’s the time when she’s going to become a threat to you. A real one.
Alexis: I don’t care, Luke.

Luke: You don’t care? How can you say that?
Alexis: I just watched Michael… the one person I actually…
Luke: I heard he died. I’m sorry.
Alexis: He didn’t just die. He was murdered.

Luke: He wouldn’t want you to give up.
Alexis: Don’t speak for him.
Luke: I’m not. I barely knew him. The most I ever spent with Michael was one afternoon where I cocked up his research, but if there was one thing I know he cared about, it was you.

Alexis: Don’t…
Luke: He believed in you.
Alexis: I don’t know what to do without him.
Luke: You pick yourself up and carry on! I’ll be honest with you, Alexis, I don’t particularly like you.
Alexis: Some pep talk…
Luke: But the alternative to you is Bernadette! And having spent weeks living under the control of that psychotic witch, I know she’ll be hell on earth!

Alexis: But what can I do?
Luke: You remind everyone who’s boss. You really want to lose this place after everything you’ve gone through to get Victoria this far? You think Michael would want that?
Alexis: No.
Luke: And do you really want Bernadette to win? Envision her smug, goading face as she has you stripped of your power and banished. You really want that to happen?
Alexis: Not in the slightest.
Luke: Then stop wallowing in self-pity.

Luke: If you want to stop Bernadette you’ll need help.
Alexis: Manpower, you mean? I’d like to think Jenson would be loyal to me but the others…
Luke: Lydia-Jean told me about the group you turned away. The one led by a man called Blaine.
Alexis: Do you know where he is?
Luke: Earlier this morning, we went on a run. We walked past the place where Lydia-Jean last encountered Blaine and his people. They’re still there. They’re at a restaurant about three quarters of a mile West of here.

Alexis: If I leave, there’s no guarantee…
Luke: I’ll let you back in myself, if I have to.
Alexis: Why have you told me this?

Luke: Because I want to see Bernadette’s face when you wipe that smile right off it.

Jai: Aimi…
Aimi: Jai, please, don’t shout at me again. I couldn’t bear it.

Jai: I’m so sorry. Blaming you… I was out of line. It’s not your fault. Of course it’s not. Can you ever forgive me?
Aimi: Oh, Jai!

Peter: Thanks for helping protect Beatrice the night Eli’s men attacked. I heard you took one out.
Bobby: Hell, it was mostly Joy. I can’t believe she’s gone… and now Sean, too. They both died protecting others. They’re heroes, aren’t they? Actual heroes.

Peter: Absolutely.

Dwayne: Hey, Peter?
Peter: What’s up?
Dwayne: Henry wants a word.

Bobby: Mind if we discuss something after?
Peter: Sure. I’ll come find you.
Bobby: Cool.

Howie: And where is she going!?
Jenson: Alexis?

Bernadette: Just let her go.

Bernadette: We don’t need her.

Shiloh: Donna?

Donna: He’s dead because of me.
Shiloh: That’s not true.
Donna: I knew it was a stupid idea taking him to the city. The guy could barely stand let alone fight off the dead. I went because I wanted to be there. Because I had blood-lust… I didn’t want to miss out. What sort of sick cunt does that make me?

Peter: Dwayne said you–

Henry: Take a seat.

Charlotte: Hi, Peter.

Reginald: Hmmph!?

Alexis: Sleeping on the job? Remind me to not let Blaine put you on watch.
Reginald: I wasn’t sleeping!
Alexis: Where’s your boss?
Reginald: Inside.
Alexis: Take me to him.

Blaine: Alexis, what a pleasant surprise.
Alexis: Hello, Blaine.

Blaine: So, what do I owe the pleasure?
Alexis: You were right. About everything you said.
Blaine: What made you realise?
Alexis: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that offer you made.

Alexis: Does is still stand?
Blaine: Reggie, get that bottle of whisky we’ve been saving.

Blaine: We’ve got a partnership to be toasting!

3 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 11 – The Stand

  1. Rob says:

    Great episode!

    I liked how much this episode dealt with the human element of the aftermath of the attack in the previous episode. The stand-off with Lorna and Alexis was very well done. Michael’s death was unexpected and shocking. Lorna is a very interesting character because it’s easy to understand the pain driving her actions, but the actions themselves are terrible. The continued visions of Eli in her head are particularly good.

    I also liked how Sean’s death affected different characters, particularly Donna dropping her tough mask and Jai losing his faith. It’ll be interesting to see how Peter deals with the return of Charlotte and how she integrates back into the group, if she does.

    It’s difficult to say who would be a worse leader out of Alexis and Bernadette. Alexis has actually murdered somebody, but she’s been fairly good at running things and Bernadette seems like she could be very bad news if she got her hands on power. That said, I don’t think that Alexis enlisting Blaine will end well.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. officialnathanbanks says:

    YAY It’s back!!! Absolutely loved this episode; even if it was quite sad. The whole episode was gripping from start to finish. I’ll start with my first topic:

    LORNA – Wow! What a transformation. She’s taken a really dark step now; I’m not saying there’s not good in her, you can clearly see killing Michael ate her up inside and that’s always a half-sign that someone is slightly redeemable. However I’m not sure she’ll be able to recover because it appears that the people she cares about have ditched her and I doubt anyone will care enough now to go out there and try and help her. So the longer she’s left alone, the more she’ll just spiral out of control. I thought the scenes with Eli were great though, it really showed how someone’s mind can play tricks on them psychologically after experiencing something traumatic. Now it’ll just go worse for her.

    The scenes with Alexis prove yet again just how she’s my favourite character. There’s so much depth there – she has this huge ability to be a cunning bitch, but then on the flip side of the coin, she’s got that way with her where you actually root for her. I thought her reaction when Michael was killed was heartbreaking and I did genuinely feel sorry for her. What’s worse? I would totally be on her side for taking down Beatrice and Lorna right now – that’s what is scary about Alexis. She makes you root for her, even though she’s clearly capable for being cold-blooded herself. It’s perfect writing though, you should be so proud. She’s one of my favourite Sims show characters ever!! I can see her lasting until the end as well to be honest.

    Charlotte coming face-to-face with Peter again – FORGIVE HER! It’s always upset me that Charlotte was cast away after everything that happened with Milo.I hope Peter will forgive her for everything because the only person that should be blamed for Milo’s death was ELI! The prick!

    Overall; brilliant episode. Very action packed. I felt a sense of sadness throughout because it was quite a heavy episode on the emotional front. It was very tense and a lot of key characters were involved; it was great to see, but the stakes were high and you displayed that perfectly! I’m so happy this is back!! Keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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