Javier: Hang on, Richard. Just hang in there, amigo. Please.
Richard: I’m not gonna make it, Javier.
Javier: No, you don’t understand. I can’t be on my own. Not through this.
Richard: You don’t have a choice.
Javier: No…
Richard: Go. In case Eli comes back.

Javier: I knew he was a sick hombre, but I didn’t think he would do this…
Richard: Javier, do you care about me?
Javier: Si. You’re my brother. Of course I do.
Richard: Then you have to go.

Javier: But they’re… they’re coming… I can’t leave you. Not like this.
Richard: Then take me out, brother.
Javier: No!
Richard: It’ll be quick.
Javier: I…
Richard: Please

Richard: I’m begging you.

Javier: All we’ve been through…
Richard: It’s over for me now. You get to live on. Don’t take that for granted.
Javier: I…
Richard: Javier?

Richard: Now.




Beatrice: Hello!

Javier: Huh?

Beatrice: Hi!
Javier: Oh, yeah, hey, kid. Where am I?
Beatrice: George has biscuits.
Javier: Does he? Who’s George?

Georgie: I’m George, well, Georgie actually. I see you’ve met Beatrice.

Javier: I sure have. Hola, cutie.

Beatrice: Dora says hola.
Javier: Si. I know.

Georgie: The others will be relieved to see you up. You OK to stand?
Javier: I feel groggy, but I should be all right.
Georgie: Then go say hi to the gang. Come on, Beatrice. You need a nap.
Beatrice: Bye!
Javier: Adiós, beautiful.

Angie: Well, look who’s up.
Bobby: Javier!

Javier: Easy.
Jai: Mind his stitches.
Bobby: Sorry!

Bobby: It’s just so good to see you up and about.
Javier: It feels good. How long was I out?
Angie: A week.
Javier: A week!?

Jai: It was touch and go for a while; you lost a lot of blood. We had to give you a transfusion. You improved a few days back, but you were still slipping in and out of consciousness. I felt it’d be best to just let your body recover at its own pace. It’s a relief to see you don’t have brain damage, to be honest.
Javier: You saved my life?
Angie: Yeah, he’s the doctor. His names Jai.
Javier: Then gracias, Jai. I owe you my life.
Jai: It’s no problem. It’s what I do.
Angie: Show off.

Angie: You must be starving. Want some fish?
Javier: If it’s not too much trouble.
Jai: Take a seat.
Angie: Bobby, go get the leftovers. Fix him a plate.

Javier: It’s beautiful here.
Angie: I know. It beats waking up to the view of a dead city, that’s for sure.
Javier: It this place safe?
Jai: It has been for us so far. Touch wood it’ll stay that way.
Javier: Any trouble from Eli?
Angie: No. All quiet on the psychopath front.

Javier: Give him time.

Joy: Peter?

Peter: Joy, you frightened me.
Joy: Sorry, that wasn’t my intention.
Peter: What are you doing here?
Joy: It’s been hectic since you got back from Summerlyn. I just thought we could have a talk?
Peter: Sure.

Joy: Seen anything?
Peter: No corpses.
Joy: Good.
Peter: But no Lorna or Milo either.
Joy: I’m sorry, Peter. I don’t know what to say.
Peter: You don’t have to say anything.

Peter: I always think they’re gonna turn up. I tell myself each morning that today will be the day they’ll come wandering into camp. Lorna will tell me why they all vanished, and it would make sense, and I wouldn’t be angry, and they’d all be safe. That becomes more and more unlikely as the days go by.
Joy: I’ve been thinking about it a lot, too. Trying to make sense of it…
Peter: The thought of never finding out what happened… or never seeing them again.
Joy: Have faith.
Peter: I’m trying. I really am.

Joy: I know things have been tense between us.
Peter: Just a little bit.
Joy: But I only ever protested that you stay in camp for the right reasons. I love this group. I want everybody to be safe. Too many people have died already.
Peter: Can you not understand why I left? I mean, it’s my wife and son.
Joy: I’ve been mulling it over the past few days and if it was my Harry? I’d have done the same thing.
Peter: Thank you, Joy. That means a lot.
Joy: I lost him to all of this. I guess losing my husband made me selfish.
Peter: No, that’s the wrong word. You’re the most generous here. You cook and look after everyone, being the mother everybody needs.

Joy: That’s sweet.
Peter: And for the record, you were right.
Joy: About what?
Peter: Going off. Why do you think I’ve stayed put since? Well, aside from when we’ve left for supplies. We almost died in that city and the thought of Beatrice being alone without me… doesn’t bear thinking about.
Joy: You were right, Peter. What’s the point of calling ourselves a group if we don’t have each other’s backs? Yes, putting your life on the line is always stupid, but if it’s to try and help somebody you care about, then surely that makes it worth it?

Peter: I guess we both had points.
Joy: I guess so.

Peter: Can I ask you something? It’s a bit of a personal question.
Joy: Shoot.
Peter: Did you ever have kids?
Joy: No. Harry always wanted them, but my parents were so awful, it put me off for life. Maybe that’s why I didn’t understand why you went off to begin with. I do now.
Peter: What made you change your mind?
Joy: Everyone. All of you. This past week. It’s been, heck, dare I even say it?
Peter: Go on.
Joy: Nice.

Joy: Plus, if little Beatrice fails to bring out your maternal feelings, who on earth possibly can?
Peter: (Laughs). True.

Aimi: Georgie?
Georgie: Hm?
Aimi: Everything OK?
Georgie: I’m fine.
Aimi: Beatrice all right?
Georgie: Yeah, she’s out like a light. Been running around like a lunatic all morning.
Aimi: You look pale, Georgie.
Georgie: I’m always pale.
Aimi: All right, paler than usual.

Georgie: Aimi, please, don’t fuss.
Aimi: Sorry, I’m just worried about you. You’ve looked poorly since yesterday. Have you been eating? Drinking enough?
Georgie: Honestly, I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine. Looking after Beatrice just takes it out of me, that’s all. I feel great!
Aimi: Really?
Georgie: Really.

Georgie: In fact! I feel so good I’m going for a walk!
Aimi: I’ll come with you.
Georgie: I’d rather be alone. Peace and quiet, you know? Can you watch the kid ‘til Peter comes back from watch?
Aimi: Sure, but you shouldn’t go off alone.
Georgie: The woods round here are safe. And even if there are one or two creepers about, I can dash off and lose them quickly. Trees are good for that.
Aimi: If you’re sure…
Georgie: Thank you.
Aimi: Why are you taking your bag?

Georgie: Aimi?
Aimi: Yeah?
Georgie: Get off my back.



Sometime later… 

Shiro: Warning, hungry undead beast coming right for ya!
Aimi: You’re hilarious.

Shiro: What you doing out here?
Aimi: Waiting for Georgie to come back.
Shiro: Where is she?
Aimi: She went for a walk an hour or so ago. I haven’t seen her since.
Shiro: I get why you’re worried but it’s safe round here. She’ll be fine.
Aimi: Be that as it may, I’m concerned.

Shiro: Let’s give her a little while longer. If she isn’t back soon, we’ll do something about it.
Aimi: I dunno…
Shiro: You should come back. Me, Charlotte and Sean picked some blueberries. Got some pears, too. Your favourite.
Aimi: I thought you were hunting?
Shiro: That was the plan but Sean went charging after a deer and went ass over tit. Spooked the thing away.
Aimi: (Sighs). Fruit, it is.
Shiro: Cheer up, will you? Georgie will be all right.
Aimi: I hope so…

Georgie: Yes!

Georgie: This is it! Little Oak! This is the town!

Georgie: I can’t believe I found it so easily.

Georgie: (Gasps).


Georgie: No! No! No!

Georgie: Oh, shit!

Peter: How long has she been gone?

Aimi: Gotta be coming up to two hours now. Maybe more.
Peter: What was she thinking!?
Aimi: It’s my fault. I never should’ve let her go. I’m going after her.
Shiro: I’ll go with you.

Charlotte: Count me in.
Sean: There’s no point wandering off until we get some idea on where she could’ve gone.
Peter: Sean’s right. Any ideas?
Aimi: No, all she said was that she’s going for a walk.
Sean: Shit fuck.

Jai: She took her bag with her though?
Aimi: Right. I asked her about it, but she told me to leave her alone.
Jai: That’s peculiar.

Peter: Has anyone ever seen what’s inside it?
Joy: No. She’s always been secretive about her bag. I’ve always assumed it’s full of personal belongings.
Peter: Has she taken off before?
Joy: Not like this, no.
Peter: I’ll lead a party out to search for her.
Joy: No, Peter, you stay with Beatrice. She’s upset as it is with Georgie not being here. She doesn’t need to be unsettled even more by you going away, too. I’ll take a group out.

Joy: Aimi, you up for it?
Aimi: Definitely. It’s my fault she’s out there by herself.
Javier: You cannot blame yourself, chica. She was determined to go.
Aimi: But I could’ve stopped her…

Angie: I’m going as well.
Bobby: And me!
Angie: Why not have us girls take care of things for a change?
Peter: I don’t have a problem with that.
Angie: Good. Bobby, you’re staying put.
Bobby: What!? No! You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to come with you. I’m going.
Angie: You’re staying.
Bobby: Angie, I’m-

Angie: Don’t push me.
Bobby: Fine.
Shiro: We’re seriously going to let the girls go out there and deal with this?

Charlotte: What are you trying to say, Shiro? That we’re not capable? That we’ll just get ourselves and Georgie killed?

Shiro: Yes.

Sean: What Shiro should’ve said more tactfully, was that between you gals, only Aimi can shoot.

Joy: I’m getting better.
Charlotte: And I could get an arrow in your head before you even got a chance to load that shotgun of yours, Sean.
Sean: I’m not gonna argue with that, lass.
Peter: You sure about this, Joy?
Joy: Positive.
Peter: It’s decided then. The ladies will go get Georgie.
Charlotte: Wahoo!
Aimi: Suits me just fine.
Angie: Same here. No boys to get in the way.
Joy: Get your stuff together, girls. We leave in five.

Georgie: Oh, please, just leave me alone!

Georgie: This is it!

Georgie: Yes!

Georgie: Oh, thank God!

Georgie: All right… OK… I can relax a little now. Had best get out of this room and away from those doors…

Georgie: Oh, c’mon, don’t be empty.

Georgie: There’s gotta be some here…

Georgie: Oh, please.

Georgie: There’s gotta be…


Charlotte: She was here.
Angie: How can you tell?

Charlotte: There are prints, leading the way you’re going.
Aimi: That’s a relief.
Joy: Hold on, you said prints?
Charlotte: Yep, more than one. From the distance between them, it looks like she had some goons on her tail.
Angie: That’s not good.
Aimi: I don’t know if Georgie would be able to defend herself… not against a group of them anyway.
Angie: You sure it’s her, Charlotte?

Charlotte: The prints seem to coincide with the trainers she wears, yeah.
Joy: Impressive. Where’d you learn to do all this?
Charlotte: My father. Used to take me hunting.
Aimi: That’s sweet.
Charlotte: No, the man was an arsehole. Used to beat on my mother.
Aimi: No way?
Charlotte: But he was always so sweet to me. The stupid prick was oblivious; thought I didn’t know what he was doing. Or he thought it didn’t matter if he used to leave my mum black and blue, as long as he was nice to me.

Aimi: That’s terrible.
Charlotte: What were your folks like, Aimi? No offence, but Shiro’s gotta have daddy issues.
Aimi: Yeah, I guess he does. Our dad was a businessman. Rarely made any contact or effort with us. Shiro used to chase him down, beg to be a part of his life. I never saw the appeal. For years I had to comfort him as he cried, but he never learned. He’d call… write… email… turn up at his house in person, but he always claimed to be too busy to see him. Broke his heart.
Angie: That’s rough.
Aimi: I’m pretty sure it’s a big reason as to why he acts the way he does.
Joy: Shiro’s a softy deep down.
Charlotte: Deep deep deep down.
Aimi: He keeps his guard up to protect himself. I can’t say I blame him. He’s been hurt enough.

Charlotte: Care to join our therapy session, Joy?
Joy: It’s pretty much the same thing here, sweetheart. My daddy was a mean old man. Always miserable. Nothing made him happy, not a thing. The day he had that stroke and got put in a home, my life became a happier place.
Angie: Jesus, this has taken a turn for the depressing. Am I the only one who had a good childhood?
Charlotte: Not the same for you then, Ange?
Angie: Hell no. I’ve never loved anyone more than I’ve loved my pa. Bobby comes close, of course. I love my little brother to the moon and back, but I idolised my old man. He was just good, inside and out.
Aimi: What was he like?
Angie: Oh, he was a tough guy. All macho. One of the best boxers of his time. Taught me how to defend myself and not take shit from anyone. But he was a teddy bear. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, not really. Bobby never got to know him. He died when he was just a baby. Collapsed dead of a heart attack. It was so quick.

Joy: My mother went the same way. Not that I loved her much. She was a vicious cow.
Charlotte: My dad was killed in a house fire. Passed out drunk when he was cooking. Idiot left the stove on. I was having nothing to do with him this happened, but still, wasn’t very nice.
Aimi: And your mother?
Charlotte: What about her?
Aimi: Did she die then, too?
Charlotte: Uh, no, she died when this mess started.
Aimi: I know how that feels; like your heart has been ripped out of your body and crushed right in front of you. Horrible way to lose your mum. I’ll never get over it.
Charlotte: Yeah…

Angie: Well, this got morbid.
Aimi: We can’t exactly do our nails and talk about boys, can we?
Charlotte: Can’t we? I say we should. Right, out of the guys back at camp: fuck one, marry one, feed one to the undead – GO!
Joy: (Laughs). I’m drawing the line here, Charlotte. Let’s just concentrate on finding Georgie, shall we?
Charlotte: Spoilsport.

Jai: Right, that should about do it.

Javier: Gracias, Jai.
Jai: No problem. I should have changed your bandage yesterday, I’m sorry.
Javier: Don’t apologise. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for you.

Sean: We all have a lot of love for Jai.
Jai: Oh, please. You’re embarrassing me.
Javier: I’m embarrassed I can’t even change my own bandages.
Shiro: Aw, has the poor criminal lost his masculine pride?
Sean: Erm, I wouldn’t, lad.
Javier: Si, you had best be careful. I might blow your head off or something.

Peter: Erm, just for the record, you are joking, right?
Javier: Of course I am. You think I would be capable of such a thing?
Peter: Well, the first time I saw you, you shot that Terry in the head. Then you made it clear you were planning on killing Eli, not that I can judge you for that, of course. And we know you were in prison but we don’t know what for?

Javier: Grand theft auto.
Shiro: Man, I miss that game.
Jai: Shiro, please. Let him talk.
Sean: You stole cars, lad?
Javier: Si, from the rich, to give to the poor.
Peter: What do you mean?
Javier: I targeted the very wealthy. I’m not proud of it, but I took their cars, and gave them, as you English speaking people say “the once over” and sold them. I had younger brothers to support… little cousins. Most of the men in my family were hot-tempered idiotas who got themselves killed young. My papá for example. There were lots of widows for me to provide for.
Shiro: All hail Robin Hood.

Javier: I know I’ve done many things bad, but please, do not mistake me for a killer. I never killed, not in my last life anyway.
Jai: You’ve killed since then?
Javier: Only because I had to.
Peter: So, you were inside with some pretty rough guys, I take it?
Javier: Si, Eli being one of the worst. There were some twisted hombres in there. Muggers, thieves, serial killers, rapists, child molesters…
Jai: Are you OK, Bobby? You’re awfully quiet.

Bobby: Oh, I’m fine. Just a bit worried is all.
Sean: That sister of yours is one tough lass, son. I wouldn’t be too concerned.
Peter: They’ll be back, Bobby. All of them. Safe and sound.
Bobby: I hope so…
Shiro: To be completely honest, it’s Georgie I’m worried about.

Georgie: This can’t be happening! How much more bad luck can I get!? Please, no! Stay out!

Georgie: No! SHIT!

Georgie: Someone… someone help! I… I can’t… I’m too…

Georgie: No… no… please… just leave me alone… please!

Angie: This is it.
Joy: She’s definitely here?
Charlotte: Well, her tracks lead to this place.
Aimi: It was a good idea to circle round from the back, we don’t know if there’s trouble in there with her.
Joy: Oh, don’t say that.

Aimi: If there is, we deal with them and get her out.
Angie: You mean… kill people?
Aimi: If we needed to. Would you have a problem with that, Angie?

Angie: I’m not a cold-blooded killer, so I’m not gonna stand here and pretend I’d be all right with doing it.
Joy: We don’t know what we’re facing yet.
Aimi: I’m just a saying, a doctor’s surgery would be a good place to set up a base.
Charlotte: Let’s just get round there and look.

Angie: Crap.
Joy: Well, that’s definitely trouble.

Angie: (Sighs). They’ve seen us.
Aimi: Well, we weren’t gonna get in without avoiding them, were we?

Charlotte: I’ll get us started.


Angie: Never enjoy doing this…




Angie: Oh, just stay dead!

Angie: Stupid, disgusting things…
Joy: Some help here, Charlotte!?

Joy: Thanks!

Angie: Oh, hurry up and die already!
Joy: Aimi, take the one closing in!

Aimi: Got it.


Charlotte: And a bullseye to finish!

Angie: Well…
Charlotte: That was fun.
Joy: Let’s get inside.

Aimi: It doesn’t look like people have been staying here.
Joy: But no Georgie either.
Angie: We should split up and check the rooms. It’s a small clinic so it shouldn’t…

Charlotte: Erm, girls?


Angie: Urgh.
Charlotte: That’s not pretty.

Aimi: Oh, Georgie! Hang on!


Joy: Georgie, sweetie!

Joy: Darling? You haven’t been bitten, have you?

Joy: Georgie?
Georgie: No, but…
Aimi: You can tell us.
Georgie: I…

Joy: What is it?
Georgie: I’m all out of medicine…
Joy: Medicine?

Georgie: I’m diabetic.

Javier: Are you OK, Peter?
Peter: Oh, shit, Javier, you spooked me.
Javier: Sorry, amigo. Your girl not sleepy?
Peter: Nope, she keeps asking for Georgie.
Javier: Bless her heart.
Peter: You should join the others, get some sleep.
Javier: I’ve been asleep the past week. (Laughs). I’m wide awake.

Peter: I’m worried about Joy and the others. I’m tempted to go out looking for them.
Javier: That will upset your girl even more. The ladies can take care of themselves. They’ll be back.
Peter: Hopefully.
Javier: I want to say thank you to you, Peter. For taking me in. For trusting me. For not judging me for being in prison when this all started.
Peter: What can I say? We’ve all done stuff we’re not proud of, but I get a good vibe from you.  I think the others feel the same.
Javier: That means more than you know, amigo. I don’t know what to say.
Peter: You don’t have to say anything.

Joy: Are you sure you’re all right, sweetie?
Angie: Want me to carry your bag?
Georgie: Honestly, stop checking up on me. I’ll be fine… for now, at least.
Aimi: Why didn’t you tell us your diabetic?
Georgie: I was worried you’d think I was a burden or that I was a waste of resources and shouldn’t be kept around if I’m just gonna die eventually anyway.
Joy: How could you possibly think we would ever treat you like that?
Georgie: I dunno. I didn’t, not really, but it was always a worry. I told Karen. She knew. It was nice to confide in her but after she died… I’ve dealt with it alone.
Charlotte: Not anymore. We’ll find you some medicine. We won’t stop looking.
Aimi: Absolutely. You’re gonna be all right, Georgie.
Georgie: Even if you do find some, it’ll only be a temporary solution.

Joy: Do you not see the world we’re living in now? None of us get any guarantees. For all you know, we could come across a lifetime supply of food and medicine tomorrow. We don’t know what’s coming next. We never do. Even before the world went to pieces. The future’s never been ours to know. But if I know one thing for sure, it’s this: we’re all going to die sooner than what we’d like. Aren’t we all just doing enough to get by? Each bit of food we find, each animal we hunt, each safe place we discover, it’s all just for a while. All of our lives are temporary. I’ve made my peace with it. You should, too.
Georgie: I guess when you put it like that…

Aimi: Hold up.

Aimi: We’ve got a dead one.



Aimi: Fucking hell.
Charlotte: What is it?
Aimi: It’s…

Aimi: Karen.

Joy: Oh, Georgie. If that’s not a sign, what is?

Georgie: I can’t… I don’t… Karen… it’s… I’m…









Georgie: Umm… everything all right in there?
Georgie: Hello? Karen? Henry sent me to check on you. You OK?
Karen: (From afar). I’ll be fine!
Georgie: Can you let me in?
Karen: No! I’m throwing up! You don’t want to come in here.
Georgie: Oh. Well, if there’s anything I can…
Karen: No, there’s nothing you can do, Georgie. Not in this life.

Karen: We live in hell now.




Georgie: All right, it’s been an hour. One of us has gotta say something. We might as well pass the time as we wait for the others to clear the streets outside.
Karen: What’s there to say?
Georgie: Going anywhere nice this year?
Karen: Can you ever be serious?

Georgie: Hey, everything’s serious. All the time. If I can’t lighten the mood now and again, life just wouldn’t be worth living.
Karen: I’m not sure it is anymore anyway.
Georgie: Oh, c’mon, don’t say that.
Karen: What have we got to live for? We survive just to risk getting eaten tomorrow? I don’t see the point.

Georgie: You killed your first one earlier, right? That’s why you were throwing up…
Karen: I just… I dunno…
Georgie: I know it’s hard to kill them at first. It goes against everything you believe in. I mean, stabbing, hitting or shooting
a human in the head… I know they’re not human anymore, but you know what I mean. It feels so wrong at first.
Karen: That wasn’t why. I was sick because I…
Georgie: What?
Karen: Felt guilty.
Georgie: Guilty? About what?

Karen: Not being able to go through with killing them when they were ripping dozens of children to shreds right in front of me.

Georgie: I… oh my god, Karen. I’m so sorry… Henry said you were at a school for a while but I had idea.
Karen: It’s all right. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I have.
Georgie: It’s not your fault. Those… monsters… they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do whether you’re capable of stopping them or not.
Karen: I know. It’s just hard.
Georgie: I’ve, well, been struggling with something, too. It’s not as bad as yours, but hey.
Karen: You don’t have to tell me just because I confided in you.
Georgie: No, to be honest, it will be nice to take the weight off my shoulders.
Karen: Try losing the bag?
Georgie: The bags a part of it. It’s filled with my medicine. I’m… diabetic.

Karen: No? Really? Oh, that’s terrible.
Georgie: I know. It’s as if those undead goons aren’t enough of a death sentence as it is, huh?
Karen: Do you have enough to last?
Georgie: A few months maybe, if I’m lucky. After that? I guess I don’t know what I’ll… well, I do, I suppose. I’ll die.
Karen: You should tell the others.
Georgie: No, please, keep it to yourself.
Karen: They’ll understand. Jai will be able to help.
Georgie: Karen, please.
Karen: All right. I’ll keep zipped, but there is something I want you to do.
Georgie: Oh?
Karen: Stand up.

Georgie: Erm, all right. What’s this about?

Georgie: Oh…

Georgie: Thanks, Karen.










Georgie: Hmm?

Beatrice: Yay! Georgie, wakey wakey!
Georgie: Hi… Beatrice… how did I get here?

Javier: Take it easy, chica. Joy explained everything. Don’t worry about a thing. They’re getting you help.
Georgie: What do you mean? I saw Karen and then I…
Javier: That was last night. Joy took her out. They brought your friend back, this Karen.

Javier: Put her to rest.

Georgie: Javier, where are the others!?
Javier: Just relax, everything will be OK.
Georgie: Just tell me where they’ve gone!
Javier: To find medicine.
Georgie: Yes, but where!?
Javier: They’ve gone back to the city. To Summerlyn.

Georgie: Oh, no! No! No! No!
Javier: What is it?
Georgie: I didn’t tell the girls. I was so absorbed about myself that I never even mentioned it.

Javier: Mentioned what?
Georgie: Yesterday, as I was trying to find the clinic nearby, I saw an army of those things.
Javier: You mean?
Georgie: Dozens upon dozens. Maybe even hundreds of ‘em.

Georgie: Heading right for the city.

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