This here’s my camp…

Girl: I suggest you leave, lady.

Man: You gonna talk to me?
Lola: What do you want me to say, Ramon? You want me to put up a banner? Lay out a spread?
Ramon: I just thought you’d be happy to see me.
Lola: You’ve been gone a month.
Ramon: I had urgent business.
Lola: With Vicente?

Lola: I want you out.
Ramon: You don’t mean it.
Lola: I do this time, Ramon.
Ramon: Let’s talk about this.
Lola: There’s nothing to discuss. The door’s there.

Ramon: Can’t I see the boys?
Lola: They’re asleep. I don’t think they’d want to see you anyway.
Ramon: What have you said to them!?

Lola: You know, Ramon, when you take off for weeks at a time they don’t really need the reminder that their father’s a dead-beat, waste of space who abandons them at the drop of a hat.

Ramon: Abandons!? Everything I do is for them… for you!
Lola: I used to believe that.


Lola: You expecting a lady caller?
Ramon: Don’t be ridiculous.

Ramon: GET BACK!


Lola: RAMON!?

Lola: Hold on!
Ramon: Lola…
Lola: I’ll call an ambulance! Hang in there! Wait, OK!?

Ramon: Argh… Lola… No me dejes por favour…

Boy: Papa?
Ramon: Get your mother…


Lola: Ramon? You still with me!?

Lola: RAMON!?

Child: What’s going on?
Boy: Back to bed, Miguel.
Miguel: Are you crying?


Javier: Hm?

Georgie: You all right? You zoned out for a minute there.
Javier: Sorry.
Georgie: I asked how you’re finding this place?
Javier: It’s OK.
Georgie: OK!? We never have to worry about being mauled in our sleep again! It’s such a relief!
Javier: There are bigger threats than the dead.
Georgie: I know, but still, after all this time… it feels good. I wish Joy could’ve seen this place.

Georgie: Javier? Oh God, you haven’t spaced out on me again, have you? You taken something? Some dodgy mushrooms?

Javier: Excuse me.

Javier: Can we talk?

Angie: This is a surprise.
Javier: It is?
Angie: You’ve barely said a word to me since I got here.
Javier: It’s only been four or five days.
Angie: We used to talk all the time.
Javier: I know.

Angie: So, what’s up?
Javier: What is it you’re keeping me from me, chica?
Angie: Come again?
Javier: I know there’s something.
Angie: I’m just worried about Bobby.
Javier: I’ve sat back the past few days and hoped you would come to me with it yourself, but you’re still lying.

Angie: Javier…
Javier: What is it, Angie?
Angie: I can’t say.
Javier: I thought we had a connection, or at least a bond. Was I wrong?
Angie: No.
Javier: Then say?
Angie: I made a promise.

Javier: Oh, to Peter? I should have guessed.

Angie: To Henry, actually.


Annette: Sean?
Sean: Hiya. Haven’t seen ya for a while.
Annette: I had a cold. It’s past now.
Sean: Well, I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.
Annette: I came to apologise. The last time we spoke, I was irritable and rude. I’ve regretted it ever since.
Sean: Water under the bridge, lass.
Annette: I wanted to say sorry sooner but my pride…
Sean: Honestly, Annette, I’ve forgotten all about it.

Annette: Room for a little one?
Sean: Absolutely.

Annette: So, word on the grape-vine is you used to be an alcoholic.
Sean: Still am, sweetheart. Doesn’t go away.
Annette: No, I know. I mean, I know better than most.
Sean: You’re-?
Annette: Not an alcoholic, no. Heroin. In the eighties. Almost killed me.

Sean: Well, I’ll be fuckin’ damned. There’s a surprise.
Annette: I’m not just the charismatic, drop-dead-gorgeous chef everyone thinks I am.

Henry: Guys, can I have a word?
Aimi: Sure.

Henry: There was an incident late last night.
Aimi: Oh?
Henry: Food was stolen from the kitchen. Normally, we’d let it lie, but it was almost half of our supply of cheese.
Aimi: What!?
Henry: I know it seems petty, but we can’t let this go of behaviour go unpunished.
Aimi: Too right we can’t. Cheese must be protected at all costs.

Aimi: With that being said, I didn’t see anything. I had an early night last night.
Henry: Shiro?
Shiro: Yeah?
Henry: You were on guard duty.
Shiro: Uh-huh. Didn’t see a thing.
Henry: You sure?
Shiro: Jesus, Henry, you think I’d keep it from you if I knew something?
Henry: Just checking. I’ll keep asking.

Aimi: I know you’re lying.
Shiro: Do you think he could tell?
Aimi: Jesus, Shiro, was it you!?
Shiro: Cut me some slack. When have I ever been interested in cheese!?
Aimi: Then why did you lie?
Shiro: It was Drew.
Aimi: That asshole we went to the bar with?
Shiro: I caught him red-handed.

Aimi: Why didn’t you tell Henry!?
Shiro: Because Drew wasn’t thinking straight. He was drunk.
Aimi: He went to the bar again? Nobody’s allowed to leave camp without permission now.
Shiro: I don’t think he cares much for Henry’s rules.
Aimi: But still, being drunk is no excuse to steal from the group.
Shiro: He made a mistake. It won’t happen again.
Aimi: Honestly, Shiro, why protect him!? He wouldn’t do the same for you.

Shiro: Let me get this straight, if I’m a miserable, cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch then I’m a dick who needs to lighten up, but if I try to be sociable and give people the benefit of the doubt then somehow I’m still a dick. I can never win with you, can I?

Aimi: Touché.

Lorna: You gonna put the gun down?
Girl: Depends. You gonna leave?
Lorna: When I’m ready.

Lorna: What happened to this place?
Girl: Karma.
Lorna: Was it overrun?
Girl: You see any dead bodies walking around?

Lorna: Were you a part of this camp?
Girl: What’s with the questions?
Lorna: I’m curious.
Girl: Yeah, but it got what was coming to it.
Lorna: Did you do this?
Girl: I went out on a run. When I came back, this place was gone.

Girl: Now, if you’d get lost I’d appreciate it.

Lorna: I see nothing wrong with me asking a few questions.
Girl: You got a death wish?
Lorna: This Blaine fella…
Girl: You seen the signs?
Lorna: I’ve been looking for him, as a matter of fact. The signs have just confirmed what I already knew.
Girl: You a friend of his?
Lorna: No.

Girl: Good, ‘cause I you were, I’d kill ya.

Lorna: I’m here to kill him, actually. And I’m starting to think you might be of some help.
Girl: He’s a dick.
Lorna: Yes. That seems to be the general consensus.
Girl: But he’s gone now. Out of my hair. Why should I go through the trouble?

Lorna: Oh, I’m sorry; do you have something better to do with your time?

Lorna: You gonna put that thing down? It’s pretty clear I’m not here to do you any harm.

Lorna: That wasn’t so hard.
Girl: Guess not.

Girl: Want some food?


Alexis: What are you doing here?
Michael: Good morning to you, too.

Alexis: I thought you were heading out early. Those experiments won’t conduct themselves, and I’m eager to discover your findings, which there’s been a disappointing lack of lately.
Michael: I have every intention of heading out.
Alexis: Then why are you here?

Michael: We’ve hit a bump in the road.

Alexis: What exactly is the problem?

Charlotte: It’s too risky for Bobby and I to go out there alone to protect Michael.
Alexis: We had a deal. I let you stay if you assist him in his experiments. If you refuse to carry out your part…
Bobby: We’re not saying we won’t go out there.
Alexis: Then what’s the issue?
Charlotte: We want Luke to come with us.

Alexis: Why?
Charlotte: Extra pair of hands.
Luke: And I can handle myself out there. I’d be useful.
Alexis: I never agreed to this, nor do I like the way this has been brought to me.
Bobby: It just makes sense, doesn’t it? The more people to keep Michael alive, the better.
Alexis: What do you get from this?
Luke: Honestly? Boredom’s a bitch.

Michael: Alexis, can I speak to you in private?
Alexis: I was just about to suggest the same thing.


Luke: Is she ever pleasant?

Alexis: Don’t try and talk me into it.
Michael: What’s the big deal?
Alexis: For a genius you really are an imprudent fool at times, Michael.
Michael: Stop, please. I’m blushing.

Alexis: Those three have been spending a lot of time together over the past few days. What if they’ve come up with a plan to make a break for it and go to Peter’s group? Or what if they decide to take you hostage and hold you for ransom? You’d be totally outnumbered out there.
Michael: I can’t see that being the case. For starters, they have no idea where Peter’s group are. Not only that, but I think you’re forgetting Peter probably hates Charlotte more than he does you. And trust me, Alexis, you’re plenty detestable.

Alexis: Don’t get smart.
Michael: Luke has a little brother here, doesn’t he? Is he gonna go anywhere or risk pulling anything if we have him?
Alexis: I hadn’t considered that.
Michael: You make all the decisions around here. I’m insisting on this one. He can come with us. I’d be safer with him out there and I think he’s a good egg. He tried to talk his pal Derrick down during that failed revolution, remember?

Alexis: Fine. If it means this much to you, I’ll allow it.
Michael: I can’t believe I just demanded this to you and you caved.
Alexis: I’m not unreasonable.
Michael: But still, I told you how it’s gonna be. That’s kind of hot, right?

Michael: OK, so no.

Alexis: I’ve come around to the idea. But next time you want something, you come and ask. Throwing your toys out of the pram and forcing me into something won’t work again. Understand?
Charlotte: All right.
Michael: We leave in five.

Alexis: Jasmin.

Jasmin: What the hell’s she doing here!?
Charlotte: It’s her town. Hadn’t you noticed?
Jasmin: That fucking bitched killed Derrick! Why are you all running around like her lackeys!?
Luke: Look, Jasmin, just calm down. We’ve gotta go.

Jasmin: You not gonna say anything, you interfering old trout?

Jasmin: First time for everything.

Bernadette: Young people…

Henry: I’m sorry, Angie, I don’t see why Javier needs to know.
Angie: He knows I’m keeping something from him. We’ve always confided in each other, and he cares about Bobby.
Henry: I’m sorry. We need this to stay between us. If he tells anyone…
Angie: He won’t.
Henry: Sometimes you need to hold information back for the good of the group. I believe this to be one of those cases.

Angie: Javier’s been good to Bobby and I.
Henry: It’s not just you keeping secrets. I haven’t told Elaine. Peter hasn’t told Sean.
Peter: You say that like he’s my other half.
Angie: I don’t see what the harm is…
Henry: It’s been less than a week since Dwayne had a fight with one of Alexis’s men. We need to keep this to ourselves until I figure out what our cause of action is.
Angie: Have you thought of something yet?
Henry: I have every intention of finding a way of getting your brother back to you safely.
Angie: That’s not what I asked.

Henry: I can’t rush into this.
Angie: Every day my brother spends in that place…
Henry: I understand.
Angie: No. You don’t.

Henry: I’m going to have to insist this stays between us. Javier will understand eventually. They all will.

Angie: Peter?
Peter: I think he’s right. We rushed things with Eli. We jumped the gun when trying to deal with him and we ended up playing right into his hands. We can’t afford to make the same mistakes again.

Peter: Angie…


Javier: I’m leaving.
Angie: You’re what!?

Javier: I don’t belong here…
Angie: Bullshit.
Javier: I stuck around for you and Bobby, but part of me thinks I’d best be off out there. On the road.
Angie: That’s no way to live.
Javier: I did just fine before.

Angie: Really? Because Bobby said you considered killing him when you first met.
Javier: But I didn’t.
Angie: Had you been out there alone for much longer before you crossed paths, it might’ve been a different story.
Javier: He was no threat. I trusted my instincts. I still do.
Angie: We have somewhere safe here. We have a good group of people. Walking away from that, Javier, would be lunacy.

Javier: If I told you my reasons…
Angie: Try me?
Javier: I’ve made up my mind on this. And I want you to come with me.
Angie: You’re fucking with me, right?
Javier: We don’t owe these people anything. We can do our thing, we can look for Bobby.
Angie: And then what? Go out on adventures like the three musketeers?
Javier: We’re survivors. We’ll make it out there.
Angie: What if I want to make it here?

Angie: That doesn’t mean I want you to leave.
Javier: I’m going. If you want to join me, I’ll be by the lake where we get water. If you’re not there by sunrise, I’ll take the hint.

Are you mad at me, Javier?

Javier: I’m not mad. Just disappointed. I asked you not to drink.
Miguel: Sorry…
Javier: It’s not me you need to apologise to. Don’t worry about it now. Just sleep.

Lola: Honestly, Gloria, I’m so embarrassed.
Gloria: Don’t worry about it.
Lola: I hope he didn’t spoil Rosa’s night.
Gloria: Are you kidding? She thought it was hilarious. She was the same at Miguel’s age.

Lola: Eighteen, huh? Can you believe it?
Gloria: Not in the slightest. To me, she still feels like the little girl who paraded around the house in my shoes. Seems like yesterday.
Lola: I know the feeling.
Gloria: Javier tried on your heels?
Lola: (Laughs). You know what I mean.

Gloria: Honestly though, you must be so proud.
Lola: I am.
Gloria: Tonight wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for him. Hell, we’d be on the streets.
Lola: I know. How he managed to talk his way into that job at the law firm, I don’t know. I guess he got his father’s charm.
Gloria: Thankfully that’s all he got.
Lola: He’s done more for us than Ramon ever did.
Gloria: Vicente, too.
Lola: Heard from him lately?
Gloria: Yeah, but I make it clear he’s not welcome.

Lola: We’re doing all right though, aren’t we? How did I get so lucky to have a son like Javier?

Jai: Honestly, Felicia, you’re sure there’s nothing I can do?
Felicia: I have a system here.
Jai: Well, if you ever need…
Felicia: Uh-huh. Absolutely.

Angie: Everything all right?
Jai: No, not really. I’m trying to make myself useful with Felicia, but she’s not having it.
Angie: What sort of doctor is she?
Jai: A nurse. I’d figure people might be more comfortable with a GP, but she’s made it clear this is her territory. I just wish she was a bit more diplomatic about it. She was one step away from peeing in a circle around her tent.
Angie: Charming.

Jai: Sorry. I’m just not used to having nothing to do. I like to keep myself occupied.
Angie: I might be able to help on that front.
Jai: Oh?
Angie: I need a favour.
Jai: Name it, my friend.
Angie: I’ve come to you with this because you’re the most trustworthy person here.
Jai: That’s sweet.

Angie: Bobby’s with Charlotte. In Alexis’s complex.
Jai: You’re kidding?
Angie: No.
Jai: Angie, I’m sorry.
Angie: Don’t. I’m not giving up on him.
Jai: Why doesn’t everyone know about this!?
Angie: Henry thinks it’s important that only a few people know.
Jai: Should you be telling me this?
Angie: No, but it’s like I said, you’re trustworthy.

Jai: So, what favour do you need?
Angie: I’m sneaking out. I’m going to that complex and given the first possible opportunity, I’m getting my brother out of there.
Jai: That’s not a good idea.
Angie: It’s not, but I’m smart enough to scout the place out and come up with a way that’ll work. And you’re gonna create a distraction so I can leave.
Jai: You’re not going out there alone. There’s no way I can allow you to do that.
Angie: Then come with me.
Jai: Lord above, Angie. Not only do you want me to be a co-conspirator but you want me to fully participate now!?

Angie: I’d do the same for you.

Jai: I’m going to regret this.

Henry: How’s it going with Felicia, Jai?
Jai: She’s made it clear she doesn’t want me interfering in how things are done here.
Henry: I’m sorry. She’s used to her routine. She’ll come around.
Angie: Javier’s gone.

Peter: What!?
Angie: He left.
Henry: Is he coming back?
Angie: No. He wanted me to go with him.
Peter: Why would he just leave!?
Angie: He’s at the lake where we get the drinking water. He said if I’m not there by sundown, he’ll go on without me.
Peter: We’ll go talk him round.
Henry: Absolutely. You coming, Angie?
Angie: It might be better if it just comes from the two of you. He thinks I’m the only one who wants him here. You two should persuade him otherwise.

Peter: All right. Shall we head out?
Henry: Yeah.


Jai: Was that true? What you told them?
Angie: Yeah.
Jai: I thought you said it so it’d be easier to sneak out with them gone.

Angie: Two birds.

Michael: Are you sure you guys are ready for this?
Charlotte: We’ve talked about this enough.

Michael: Everyone remember your positions.
Bobby: Shit…
Charlotte: It’ll be all right, kid.
Michael: Three… two… one… NOW!

Luke: This feels so wrong…

Charlotte: Hey, over here! Come get me! HEY!


Michael: Shut the front gate, did that just work!?
Luke: It did!
Michael: Stay still, Charlotte! Let’s try again!

Charlotte: Bobby, c’mon…

Charlotte: Jesus…

Michael: Well, that’s fascinating.

Girl: How was the food?
Lorna: Not bad.

Girl: I ate a cat a week ago… I used to have three. They meant everything to me.

Lorna: You do what you have to do to survive. Feeling guilty is a waste of time. You killed anyone?
Girl: No.
Lorna: Then you’re doing better than most.
Girl: So, you’ve killed people?
Lorna: Me? Of course not. I’m a pacifist.
Girl: I don’t believe that.

Girl: Why you want Blaine dead?
Lorna: He worked with a man who caused me a hell of a lot pain. He has to pay for that.
Girl: You’re after revenge?
Lorna: That’s only half the story. He’s a despicable piece of shit from everything I’ve heard. He needs to be taken out before he hurts anyone else.
Girl: So, you’re what? Some sort of vigilante?

Lorna: I just do what needs to be done… what others are too afraid to do. Wanna help?
Girl: With what!?
Lorna: Killing him.

Girl: You serious?
Lorna: Yep.
Girl: I don’t think so.
Lorna: You hate him, right? You’ve said as much as yourself.
Girl: Well, yeah.
Lorna: Why?

Girl: I’ve lost a lot friends because of him. They were good people.
Lorna: Don’t you owe them? Do they not deserve to be avenged?
Girl: It’s not that simple.
Lorna: Why isn’t it?

Girl: You don’t know Blaine.

Lorna: You wanna be a coward? Fine, but at least tell me where he is.
Girl: Who says I even know?
Lorna: No bullshit.

Girl: I saw a few of his men from afar the other day. I followed them back to their camp to see if it was worth sneaking in to steal some supplies. They’re about thirty minutes south of here… by an old restaurant.
Lorna: How many people he got?
Girl: Around eight or so. Too many for me to risk going in.
Lorna: Eight, huh? That’s doable.

Lorna: Thanks for the food.

Lorna: Oh, and can I offer a piece of advice? You wanna survive? And I’m talking long-term?
Girl: Yeah?

Lorna: Then you best get used to killing a lot worse than cats.

Henry: What’s Javier really like? I try not to judge by appearances, but my initial impression was that he’s trouble.
Peter: I thought the same at first.
Henry: He was in prison when all this started, right?
Peter: Not for murder, rape, or anything that might make you think twice about closing your eyes of a night with him in the sleeping bag beside you.
Henry: But still. Makes you double-take.


Javier: You don’t have to worry anymore, amigos.

Javier: I’ll be going my own way now.

Vicente: I have to say, this is quite a shock.
Javier: A good one?
Vicente: Of course. I just never for a second thought I’d see any of the family again. You know, after everything.

Vicente: I’m sorry, by the way. About your papa. I wanted to come to the funeral but I was out of the country at the time and…

Javier: You don’t have to lie. I know mi madre stopped you from coming.
Vicente: Lola never liked me. She thought I was a bad influence. Ramon was a big boy, though. He made his own decisions.
Javier: Is that how you make yourself feel better, tío?
Vicente: Is that why you’re here? You blame me? Like everybody else?
Javier: No.
Vicente: His death had nothing to do with our work. He got into a bar fight with the wrong guy. It’s as simple, and as tragic, as that. Lola won’t hear it, but it’s the truth.
Javier: That’s not why I’m here, Vicente.

Javier: I recently lost my job.
Vicente: I’m sorry.
Javier: I don’t want your sympathy. I want you to teach me.
Vicente: What?
Javier: I’m no idiota. I know the kind of things you both got up to.
Vicente: And what? You want to follow in our footsteps? No, you’re better than that. Avoid this path, amigo. Avoid it like the plague.
Javier: Not everything you did, but the cars. How you got them without making a sound. How they were unrecognisable once you did them over. It was magic.
Vicente: Are you out of your mind!? You want Lola to hate me even more than she already does!?
Javier: She won’t find out.

Vicente: I’m not oblivious to the damage I’ve caused. I got Ramon into this mess when he was just a kid.
Javier: It’s like you said: he made his own decisions.
Vicente: He was my little brother. I always regretted involving him …

Vicente: I’m not stupid. I know hell is waiting for me when my time eventually comes. You think I want to heighten my odds of eternal damnation by setting my teenage nephew down the same path?

Javier: Vicente…
Vicente: It was good to see you, Javier. But don’t come looking for me again.
Javier: Natalia needs braces.
Vicente: Qué?
Javier: And Rosa’s the only one from her college class who can’t afford a trip to Paris.
Vicente: What are you doing!?
Javier: Marco’s needed surgery on his bad arm for over a month.
Vicente: Are you trying to torment me!?
Javier: No.

Vicente: Then why the fuck are you bringing up my children, hermano!?
Javier: I look after them. Or at least, I try to.
Vicente: That’s not your responsibility.
Javier: Somebody has to step up. Gloria’s struggling to put food on the table.
Vicente: What can I do!? I’ve offered her money! She won’t take it! She won’t even let me see them anymore!

Javier: I’m the eldest. It’s my job to look after them. And I’m going to do it, Vicente. With or without your help. I’ll get caught eventually if I don’t learn how not to. You want that to happen?

Vicente: I’m not about to be blackmailed by a boy whose balls haven’t even fucking dropped.

Javier: Then Marco better get used to that cast.



Peter: What are you talking about? Nobody wants you to go.
Javier: But nobody wants me to stay. You’re all indifferent, no?
Peter: You’re one of us.
Javier: Did Angie send you?
Henry: She wanted us to talk you round.
Javier: But didn’t care enough to come herself?

Peter: I didn’t realise you were such a needy man.
Javier: Excuse me?
Peter: You’re acting like a spoilt child who’s not getting enough attention. And with everything that’s going on? It just makes it all the more ridiculous.
Javier: Wanna take that back, amigo?
Peter: Not really.

Henry: This doesn’t have to get nasty, gents.

Javier: You think you’re the only one who’s been through shit?
Peter: Did I say that?
Javier: You don’t get to stand there and judge me, amigo. You’ve not earned the right.
Peter: We’ve treated you like one of our own.
Javier: And I’m grateful.
Peter: Then why do you want to walk away?

Javier: I’m better off on my own.
Peter: Where the fuck is this coming from!?
Javier: It’s none of your business.
Peter: It’s my business when you try and get my friend to leave with you.
Javier: I offered her the choice.
Peter: And she said no.

Javier: Si. She said no.

Peter: Javier… I’m not trying to upset you.

Javier: Just go. Leave me be.

Sean: We shouldn’t be doing this, lass.
Annette: I work hard enough in that kitchen. If I want a walk, I’ll damn well have one.
Sean: But still, Henry’s been very clear about he feels about people leaving camp.
Annette: Oh, don’t be such a prude. I didn’t have you down as one. Don’t disappoint me now.
Sean: Sorry.

Sean: Jesus Christ…

Sean: We should get out of here.
Annette: Why? Poor bastards aren’t in any position to do as any harm.

Sean: Well, at least it’s given us a good laugh, at least.
Annette: Or a near-perfect set-up for a groaner shooting range.
Sean: That’d be fun.
Annette: But stupid.
Sean: And pointless.
Annette: And plenty immature.
Sean: Aye.

Sean: Should we?
Annette: Oh, hell yeah.


What in God’s good name gave you the impression you could sneak into my camp and I wouldn’t catch your skinny little ass?

Prisoner: Listen, Blaine…
Blaine: I’m done listening when it comes to you, Frank. I should’ve killed you the night I took you in. You talked your way out of that, and a thousand and one other things, but not today, my friend. No Sir.
Frank: Blaine, whatever you think I’ve done…
Blaine: I don’t think you’ve done anything.
Frank: So, you don’t think it was me that took out your camp!?

Blaine: You!? You’re telling me an insignificant, incompetent waste of space such as yourself would be able to take out my camp? You believe yourself capable of such a feat? I hate to break this to you, Frank, but you’re nothing. A worthless piece of shit who should’ve been the first to die when all this started.

Frank: I…
Blaine: Allow me to amend this.


Man: Pardon me, Sir, but I’m confused.
Blaine: Of course you’re confused, Reginald. You’re seventy-five.
Reginald: No, it’s just, if it wasn’t Frank who took out our camp-?
Blaine: A bunch of scavengers we were stupid to cross. Fuckers must’ve been military, or something.
Reginald: We dealt with them though?
Blaine: You were busy sleeping at the time, but yes. Eli was supposed to take care of it, but the moron went and got himself killed.

Noreen: Can we be sure of that? Eli enjoyed his games, who’s to say faking his death wasn’t his pièce de résistance?
Blaine: I had a good hard look at his burnt, crusty body. It was him. I could tell by the eyes.
Bailey: Ew.
Blaine: Looked like the poor bastard didn’t just endure an arrow to the heart, but someone set him on fire sometime after the fact just to add insult to injury.
Man: Damn.
Blaine: Damn indeed, Austin. He obviously fucked with the wrong person.

Carlos: He did a lot to help us out. It’s a shame.
Blaine: I won’t be losing sleep over it. The man creeped me the hell out. Reminded me of my Uncle Joe.
Bailey: That’s bad?
Blaine: Considering he’d stop round once a week to grope my sisters? Yeah, I’d say the resemblance wasn’t pleasant. Austin, take Frank’s body round the back and see it goes the same way as Eli’s.
Austin: Sure, boss.

Blaine: The rest of you, keep it down. I’m catching some Z’s.

Austin: For a scrawny son-of-a-bitch, you sure are heavy.


John: Done already, man?


Bailey: Jesus, John. Blaine’s gonna be furious if you’re pissed again.

Bailey: John!?



I’ll give it to you, lady. You’re damn good at this.

Blaine: You’re just not as good as me.

Charlotte: I hate to be too much of an optimist, but this changes everything, right?
Michael: In what way?
Charlotte: Those things pay more attention to sound than they do sight.
Michael: Not necessarily. They still respond to movement.
Bobby: But when we didn’t move, they didn’t attack.
Michael: Only because they were more aroused by the noise behind them. If I were you, I wouldn’t adopt that tactic in future. Still or not, those bastards will bite ya.

Bobby: They’re like T-Rex’s. They lose interest or get confused if you don’t move.
Michael: Maybe, but we’ve just tested one subject. We’ll have to get more, a lot more, and carry out similar tests… see if they all respond the same way.
Charlotte: What about the one we’ve been using?

Michael: He’s the first one, the most important. From him, we can see if there are any changes in his behaviour over time.

Michael: Everything we do next going forward, will involve him.

Charlotte: Uh, Luke?

Luke: What?

Luke: I’ve fucked up, haven’t I?

Angie: You don’t have to look so nervous.
Jai: I’m sorry. I just know this won’t go down well with Henry.
Angie: Quite honestly, Jai, I couldn’t give a shit. My little brother’s in that complex. How can I continue to sit around and do nothing?
Jai: But we have no plan for when we get there.
Angie: I’ll think of something.

Jai: Tensions between Henry’s camp and Alexis’s are hostile.
Angie: We have nothing to do with that as far as Alexis is concerned. She knows of Dwayne, nobody else.
Jai: In case you’ve forgotten, you and Alexis aren’t exactly the best of friends.
Angie: We hate each other.
Jai: Then what exactly do you hope to achieve from this!?
Angie: I need to look, Jai. I need to be close to my brother. I want confirmation that’s he all right.
Jai: Angie…
Angie: Jai, please. I’ve left Javier behind. I might never see him again and I’m going directly against Peter’s wishes. I need a friend right now.

Jai: I am your friend, sweetheart.
Angie: Then please, just humour me.
Jai: If we’re going to do this, we do it smart. We’re almost in Summerlyn. We take it on foot the rest of the way. Alexis can’t see us coming.







Sean: Well, shit.
Annette: That was fun.
Sean: We wasted so much ammo…
Annette: Oh, who gives a shit? I mean, seriously? These fuckers would’ve got loose eventually.

Sean: What’s gotten into you?
Annette: Nothing.
Sean: You’re acting strange.
Annette: I’m just tired of being shacked up on that rooftop all day, cooking and cleaning and not much else. Maybe I want to remind myself that I’m alive?
Sean: I get that.
Annette: No, Sean, you don’t, but I appreciate this. It’s been fun.


Sean: Was that because it meant something, or because you wanted to feel alive?
Annette: Both.
Sean: Well, I’m happy to oblige with whatever’s next.
Annette: Moment’s over, champ.

Sean: Aw…
Annette: Let’s head back.

Blaine: Why?
Lorna: That’s a bit of a broad question.
Blaine: It’s not when you wander into my territory and start killing my fucking people.

Lorna: They deserved what they got.
Blaine: Is that so?
Lorna: Like Eli deserved what he got.
Blaine: You killed him?
Lorna: Someone got there before me.
Blaine: So, you’re coming after me and my people why?
Lorna: Because you worked with him, because you helped him.

Blaine: Sorry, sweetheart. I admire a chick with balls, but you’ve picked the wrong camp.

Noreen: DON!
Blaine: WHAT THE-!?

Blaine: NO!

Carlos: There could be loads of them!
Nate: Fall back!

Lorna: FUCK!

Girl: C’mon, before they realise it’s just the two of us!


Jai: You hear that?
Angie: What?
Jai: Hide!

Luke: Michael, I said I’m sorry!
Michael: And I said it’s fine!
Luke: But you’re still mad.
Michael: You’ve set my work back several days and I’m the one who’s going to have to explain that to Alexis.
Luke: You said we were done for the day. I just assumed we wouldn’t need it anymore.

Michael: Look, just don’t worry about it, all right? It’s done with now.
Charlotte: It’s our fault. We didn’t tell Luke we’ve been keeping that groaner alive.
Bobby: We’ll do double the work tomorrow if that makes Alexis feel any better.

Angie: Bobby…
Jai: Angie, you can’t.
Angie: Don’t tell me I can’t!
Jai: Charlotte’s there. We don’t know how chummy she’s gotten with Alexis.
Angie: It’s my brother!

Jai: You know he’s alive.
Angie: But he’s right there…
Jai: I’m begging you to think about this. We don’t know how the complex are towards outsiders after what happened with Dwayne.

Jai: You smacked Alexis with your bat the last time you met. You think she’s just going to forget that?

Michael: Look, I’m being overly-sensitive. I need to speak to Alexis about something which will make all of this a heck of a lot easier anyway. You’re good. Don’t worry.
Charlotte: Thanks, Michael.
Luke: And I’m sorry again.
Michael: Forget it. Let’s go get some dinner.
Bobby: Good idea. I’m starving!


Jai: Angie…


Alexis: How was it?
Michael: Enthralling and fascinating.
Alexis: How so?
Michael: We found that this one particular subject responded more to noise behind him than a person standing completely still, just inches ahead of him.
Alexis: You’re kidding?
Michael: It’s not what I expected at all, but we’ve still got a way to go.
Alexis: Where’s the beast now?

Michael: Luke kinda dropped the ball on that one.
Alexis: So, you have to start over!? I told you it was a stupid idea to get him involved!
Michael: There’s more to it than that anyway. I need a proper working environment. Somewhere within these walls.
Alexis: We’re not bringing those things inside.
Michael: Then we can build it directly outside the walls. But it’ll need guarding.
Alexis: What are you suggesting exactly?

Michael: A lab.


Javier: Angie?
Peter: What are you doing here?
Angie: We went to the complex in Summerlyn.
Henry: You did what!?
Angie: We weren’t seen, but we spotted Bobby with Charlotte and Michael, the pathologist Alexis and I went to college with.
Henry: You went directly against my orders! Jai, I expected better of you!

Angie: Jai talked sense into me. We weren’t seen. Bobby didn’t even know I was there.
Henry: Still, that was too much of a risk!
Peter: He’s right, Angie.

Angie: You’re both hypocrites of the highest order.
Henry: Sorry!?
Angie: You’re telling me, you’d sit back and do nothing if the person you loved most in the world was in that complex? And you had no idea if they were in danger? If they were even alive!?

Angie: Didn’t think so.
Henry: If you were seen…
Angie: Well, I wasn’t. You can sleep easy, Henry. You have your girlfriend. You have your son. And you have Beatrice, Peter.
Peter: That’s not fair.
Angie: No? You two have it better than the vast majority of us. Yet you don’t seem to fucking get it. Take a look at these two. Everyone they ever knew and loved is gone.

Angie: Jai found nothing of his wife and daughter.

Angie: And Javier, having been in prison when this started, well, I can’t speak for him but I imagine he never knew what happened to his-
Javier: No.

Javier: I know.

Javier: I didn’t think you’d come.
Lola: I don’t know why I’m here.
Javier: You didn’t come to the trial.
Lola: You blame me for that?

Javier: How is everyone?
Lola: I wanted to tell you that both Natalia and Miguel have got into college.
Javier: They have?
Lola: They’re going to make something of their lives. They’re going to live like normal, civilised human beings. That’s all I ever wanted from you. You knew that. You saw what I had to go through with your father. How it was my worst fear for you to follow in his footsteps.
Javier: I just wanted to look after you all.
Lola: You did.

Javier: Because I had the money! Because I went out there and got it when I was fired and couldn’t land another job and my whole world came crashing down!
Lola: I’m not talking about the money. I’m talking about how you used to clean the house… made sure Miguel did his homework… cooked when I was too tired… helped Gloria keep it together when the kids would run riot. None of that, Javier, involved money. Yet you still don’t get it, do you?

Javier: I’m sorry.

Lola: Enjoy the next decade in here.

Lola: I hope the money was worth it.

Javier: After prison, when this all… I didn’t intend to stick with Eli and the others. I left them at the first chance, headed home, to see if any of my family were…they had all turned. My mother… brother… aunt… cousins… every single one of them. I took them all out, one-by-one. I couldn’t stay after it was done. I couldn’t even bury them.
Henry: I’m sorry.

Angie: It’s not just you two that have been through it. Yes, you lost Karen, and you lost Milo, but you still have something worth fighting for. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. I just needed confirmation… I needed to know that my brother was alive.

Henry: We’ll figure this out. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but I promise we will get your brother back to you.

Angie: Thanks.
Jai: The others are probably wondering where we are.
Henry: Yeah, we should go.

Angie: Don’t even think about not coming with us.



Girl: I killed Don.

Lorna: Don’t beat yourself up about it. You killed him to save me.
Girl: Is that better?
Lorna: Maybe not.
Girl: No. Don was an asshole. They all are. It’s just… not the same as the dead.

Lorna: Would you believe me if I said I had it under control?
Girl: He was seconds away from putting a bullet in your skull.
Lorna: I know. I’ve never come that close before…
Girl: I told you not to try it with Blaine.
Lorna: I’m sure we’ll meet again. I’ll be more prepared the next time.

Lorna: But thank you.
Girl: It’s nothing.
Lorna: I’m Lorna, by the way.
Girl: I’m Lydia. Lydia-Jean Norton.
Lorna: Pardon?

Lydia-Jean: What?
Lorna: Norton? Your surname’s Norton?
Lydia-Jean: Yeah, why?
Lorna: Shot in the dark here, but any relation to Alexis?


Sean: You’re a gifted shot, y’know?
Annette: That’d be Grandpa Seth’s doing. He wasn’t blessed with any sons or grandsons, so I got dragged along to hunting.
Sean: You’re wasted in that kitchen.
Annette: Maybe.

Annette: I’m heading to bed.
Sean: All right.
Annette: Goodnight, Sean.
Sean: Night, love.


Sean: Hey, kids.
Georgie: And where have you been?
Sean: Just for a walk.

Aimi: You look mighty pleased about something.
Sean: Not a crime, is it?
Shiro: Sean and Annette, sitting in a tree…
Sean: Oh, behave.


Elaine: Where’d you vanish to?
Henry: It’s personal, hon.
Elaine: Oh, I’ll just piss off, then.


Henry: That’s me in the dog-house.
Peter: Good luck with that.

Angie: That’s for today.
Jai: It’s like you said, you’d do the same for me.
Angie: Absolutely.

Javier: Angie…

Javier: Did you send Peter and Henry after me because you wanted me to stay, or because you needed a distraction to sneak out?
Angie: What do you think?
Javier: You tell me.

Angie: I’m not here to baby you and your insecurities, Javier.

Angie: Figure it out.

Lydia-Jean: You know Alexis?
Lorna: We haven’t exactly had the pleasure of meeting, but let’s just say she’s fully on my radar.
Lydia-Jean: So she’s alive?
Lorna: She’s not just alive, she’s thriving. She’s in charge of a safe-town in Summerlyn. She has her own community. And last I heard, it’s growing.
Lydia-Jean: She’s in charge?
Lorna: That surprises you?
Lydia-Jean: I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Lorna: You don’t seem very happy for someone who’s just discovered they have a relative alive in the apocalypse.
Lydia-Jean: I hate her. With every fibre of my being.
Lorna: Why?
Lydia-Jean: It’s a long story.
Lorna: What relation is she to you anyway?

Lydia-Jean: Aunt. There was quite an age difference between her and my Mum.
Lorna: I was gonna say.
Lydia-Jean: Mum had a difficult up-bringing. Something Alexis never had to endure as she wasn’t born yet. My Mum, long story short, was raped by her father. For years it went on. My Gran was a sweet woman, but a bit on the dumb side. It was only after he died that Mum came clean. Gran felt bad, of course, but by then Mum had started drinking to deal with the nightmares.

Lydia-Jean: Then Gran met and fell in love with someone else. He wasn’t made of money, but they lived well. Alexis was born not long after. They didn’t live with my Mum. Instead, they just kept her separate from them in a flat where she lived alone. Eventually, I was born.

Lydia-Jean: Alexis always turned her nose up at us… always tried to stop Gran from visiting. We became estranged when Alexis put it into Gran’s head that my Mum was lying about the abuse.
Lorna: She believed her?
Lydia-Jean: Not at first, but with Mum becoming more and more difficult to deal with, yeah, she did. Like I said, Gran wasn’t the smartest of people. A lovely woman and everything, but oblivious… naïve. I imagine she felt relief in a way… she didn’t want to believe it in the first place.

Lydia-Jean: Anyway, with Gran gone my Mum only got worse all the more quickly. She lost the only support she ever had. I was just a kid… I tried to help… she died only a few years later. Alexis was who she blamed. She’s who I blame, too.

Lorna: What are the chances of me coming across you like this!? It’s like it’s meant to be! This just keeps getting better and better.
Lydia-Jean: Excuse me!?
Lorna: Oh, not about your mother and what happened to her. I’m just glad I no longer have to take you hostage and use you against that Aunt of yours!

Lorna: It would’ve sucked. I like you, Lydia. You’re a survivor. I’m glad that’s a road we no longer have to venture down.

Lydia-Jean: You were gonna do that to me!?
Lorna: But now we can work together instead. Cool, right?
Lydia-Jean: Uh…
Lorna: So, what do you say, kid?

Lorna: Wanna make the bitch pay?

5 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 7 – El Lobo Solitario

  1. Colin says:

    Alright, I think I’m done for the night. The first season was great in I loved how I started off with them simply trying to survive and then moved to them dealing with Eli.

    I love the Lorna storyline of the second season and it reminds me of the Kerry storyline from Sim Street, not sure if you remember that show? Out of curiousity, does the second season pick up because right now it seems like there’s a lot of talk but not much has happened, like I was excited about Lorna possibly trying to kill Alexis and then Angie revealing herself to her brother but neither ended up happening. Is season 2 intended to kind of be a calm before the storm season or does eventually a bloodbath happen, or is that not until season 3?

    I’m rooting for the side with Georgie, Peter, Beatrice etc. Although I feel like that side almost has too many people on it and a lot of them aren’t getting a lot of content this season. Alexis’s side has the perfect number of people IMO and I feel even the more minor characters on that side get a good amount of contact, like Luke.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Karen’s husband as I just find him to be kind of a dull character. Aimi also kind of bores me, although I do love her brother. Peter is my favorite character and I love the dynamic of that family, my favorite set of characters. I’d probably like for Sean to have more content like he did the first season. Him and Karen’s husband have a similar storyline this season with them developing a love interest but I only think one of them needs that storyline tbh.

    I also love Drew lol.

    So overall great job with this series. My only small request is that I simply feel like there’s too many characters on Karen’s husbands side to keep up with and therefore all their storylines are more simple and not as fleshed out as the people on Alexis’s side.


    1. samjpeck says:

      Hey, Colin. Thanks so much for your feedback! 🙂

      Yes, there are a few episodes in the first half of season two that are more talky, but they’re necessary to set things up for the rest of the season. I think from episode eight/nine/ten onward things really start to pick up and all of the things you mention are definitely addressed and there is pay-off to all the build-up. I would suggest and hope you carry on reading as season two is definitely not the calm before the storm. Not at all. LOL. But I understand why with the point you’re at, you’re concerned it might be. Keep going! 😀

      As for the number of characters, yes, there are a lot, especially at Midway, but I hate shows and stories where you have so many people in the background you never get to know. I think it’s important to write every character with the rule that they would consider themselves the main character, because that’s how people are in real life. But you should definitely only concern yourself with the group you’ve already come to know and a few other Midway residents (Shiloh, Donna, Elaine, Calvin, Drew). Don’t worry too much about getting to know and appreciate the others. As for people getting more content, there are some episodes where various characters are going to take a back-seat, but that’s the nature of an ensemble cast. Sean definitely has A LOT more “screen-time” coming up in the next few episodes you have to read, so get ready for that.

      Again, thank you so much for your feedback, Colin! It really means a great deal! You’re awesome!


      1. Colin says:

        Oh yeah, I’ll definately finish watching. I’m going down memory lane right now with Sim Tv lol. I didn’t know you were the creator of Outbreak, I remember the island storyline being probably my favorite of all Sim Tv storylines. Out of curiousity, what was going to be the ending of the island (Johnny, Sarah, Susie etc.). Did anybody else die, did they all survive?

        Also, I found some great shows via the wayback machine. I’ve been watching Sim Tv for ten years, not sure how long you’ve been on it but love to share some memories of it lol, not sure if there’s a discussion box somewhere on here we can do that. It seems that quite literally we’re “The Last Ones” still on/watching Sim Tv lol.


      2. samjpeck says:

        Aw good! And to be honest with you, I really can’t remember. It was such a long time ago! I’ve moved on now! TLO is my priority and the only thing I’m working on. 🙂


      3. Colin says:

        Oh, you didn’t save the Outbreak script 😦

        I also need to rewatch Crystal Town lol, you really were the MVP of Sim Tv. Haven’t been on it in forever and now I need to rewatch all the shows lol

        Liked by 1 person

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