I must’ve been more tired than I realised… the adrenaline… the anger… it just took over…

I saw red… once I started… I couldn’t stop…

I wasn’t thinking rationally… I wasn’t being sensible… 

Shiro: And now it’s too late…

Shiro: My knife got wedged in a skull. I thought it was dead. The fucking thing lunged its head sideways and bit my fingers. At first I thought I was lucky… it seemed it failed to break my skin, but then I started bleeding…


Javier: When did it happen?
Shiro: I don’t know… a few minutes ago maybe. It was all just a blur.
Jai: Oh, Shiro.


Shiro: It didn’t feel real. I didn’t stop. I just carried on until I collapsed. When I realised how exhausted I was. I noticed I was bit but there was a part of me which didn’t care… I felt relieved…

Aimi: You selfish bastard.
Shiro: I’m sorry, Aimi. I wasn’t thinking straight.


Angie: Maybe there’s something we can do?
Javier: Once you’re bit, there’s no going back.
Angie: Javier!

Shiro: No, he’s right. I’ve got nobody to blame but myself.


Aimi: I can’t believe you’d be so reckless…

Shiro: I’m sorry.

Shiro: What are you-?



Shiro: ARGH!




Peter: Don’t just stand there, Jai.

Peter: Stitch him up.


Calvin: Hey there.

Georgie: Oh… hello.

Calvin: Sorry, didn’t wake you, did we?
Georgie: No.
Calvin: I’m Calvin, this here’s Rachel.
Rachel: Nice to meet you.
Georgie: I’m Georgie… this is Beatrice.
Rachel: She’s beautiful. She yours?
Georgie: Uh, no. I’m just looking after her until her Dad gets here. He’s a friend of mine.

Rachel: How you finding it here?
Georgie: It’s a little surreal.
Calvin: Everybody thinks that to begin with.
Rachel: I got here about a month ago, but Calvin’s been here since the start.
Calvin: You should’ve seen this place. It was just an empty rooftop with me, Donna and a few others camping in sleeping bags and armed with kitchen knives.

Rachel: We’ve come a long way in a short space of time. You’re lucky to be here.
Georgie: Yeah…
Rachel: Sorry, we’re talking at you. We just like meeting new people.
Calvin: Want us to give you some space?
Georgie: It’s fine. I’m just worried about my group. There’re a lot of us… it’s just me and Beatrice accounted for so far.
Calvin: I’m sorry.

Georgie: Don’t be. They’re fine.
Calvin: It’s dangerous out there. How long have they-?
Georgie: They’re not dead.

Donna: Hey lardass. Henry wants to speak to you.

Georgie: Excuse me.
Rachel: Want us to watch her? It’s cold out there.
Georgie: I got it thanks.

Georgie: Morning.
Henry: Sleep well?
Georgie: Not bad.
Donna: You should be grateful you’ve been given a bed. Most of us are stuck in tents.
Georgie: It’s not about comfort. I’m just worried about my friends.
Henry: Worry no more. We’re on our way to your old camp now. They’ll all be here later.
Georgie: What if they’re not there anymore?
Henry: Then we’ll track them down wherever they are. Don’t fret.

Henry: Ready you two?
Shiloh: Uh huh.

Georgie: Hey, Henry?
Henry: Yeah?
Georgie: The people here… they good?
Henry: Do you think I’d allow them near you and Beatrice if they weren’t?

Henry: Get to know some folks. I’ll be back later.


Bernadette: How’s your breakfast, Daniel?
Daniel: Fine.
Bernadette: Not cold, is it?
Daniel: No.
Bernadette: Shannon?
Shannon: It’s nice.
Bernadette: I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It was my Grandmother’s recipe.

Bernadette: Also, Derrick died yesterday.

Shannon: What!?
Daniel: How!?
Bernadette: He was shot. Isn’t it awful?
Luke: Bernie…
Bernadette: They might just be children, but they deserve to know the truth.
Daniel: Who killed him!?
Bernadette: Alexis.

Shannon: Why!?
Bernadette: She wasn’t given much of a choice. For you see, Derrick threatened her. You saw how he turned up with guns, right?
Daniel: He ruined the feast.
Bernadette: He did. He was being dangerous and stupid… he’s the one to blame for Luke’s cuts and bruises.
Shannon: Oh.

Bernadette: I know you both liked him. Are you OK?
Daniel: It’s sad… but if he was being bad…
Bernadette: He was.
Shannon: Is Jasmin OK?
Bernadette: She’s obviously upset, but she’ll come around.

Bernadette: I felt you’re both old enough to be told the truth and you’ve proved me right. Now, be good dears and finish your breakfast.
Daniel: I don’t feel hungry now…
Bernadette: Do as I say please. You’re a growing boy. Eat up.



Howie: Excuse me?
Alexis: Harry, how can I help you?
Howie: It’s Howie, actually.
Alexis: Sorry.
Howie: Can you stop? I have something very serious I’d like to discuss with you!
Alexis: I have somewhere I need to be.

Howie: No, I demand an explanation! Trudy told me about last night… how Jenson killed the young man with the Mohawk!
Alexis: He threatened to kill me. He pointed a gun at Coleman. He had Luke beaten up. He didn’t give me a choice. I had to act.
Howie: Killing him was the answer? You could’ve locked him up!? A town meeting should’ve taken place or something! There should be a committee!
Alexis: Well, there’s not.
Howie: So what you say goes and that’s the end of it?
Alexis: That’s right.

Howie: I’m filing a complaint!

Alexis: Rise and shine.

Alexis: How’s my happy helpers this morning?
Charlotte: Fantastic…

Alexis: Sorry there’s not anywhere more comfortable for you to sleep. The houses are all full but we’re in the process of converting the basements into sleeping quarters. It shouldn’t take long, but you’ll have to stay here for the time being.
Charlotte: It’s fine.
Bobby: Yeah, we’re sleeping in beds. You won’t hear me complaining. I don’t intend on staying here too long anyway.
Charlotte: Any chance of a lie in?
Alexis: Afraid not. You’ve both got work to do.

Charlotte: Work?
Alexis: Michael will explain. He’s in a car just outside the main gate.
Charlotte: Bobby can’t come.

Bobby: Why can’t I?
Charlotte: You were shot less than forty-eight hours ago! You’re not going anywhere.
Bobby: You said the bullet went straight though and the doctor made sure it wasn’t infected. I feel fine.

Charlotte: He’s not coming, Alexis. He can when he starts to feel better and builds up his strength, but not now.
Alexis: It would be easier with more hands, but have it your way.

Alexis: C’mon.

Charlotte: Get some rest, kiddo.
Bobby: I want to come with you.
Charlotte: What sort of teenager are you!? Crawl back into bed and sleep. I know I would if I could. I’ll catch you later.

Charlotte: What’s this involve? Am I guarding Michael, or something?
Alexis: Like I said, he’ll explain.

Michael: Ready to go?
Charlotte: I guess.
Michael: A little enthusiasm wouldn’t kill ya.
Charlotte: I don’t even know what we’re going to be doing.
Michael: You’ll find out soon enough.

Alexis: Good luck.

Charlotte: Where we going?
Michael: Come find out.

Aimi: How is he?
Jai He’s doing… OK.
Aimi: What’s with the pause?
Jai: I don’t have a definitive answer for you, Aimi. The bleeding’s stopped. That’s good, at least.
Aimi: You know what I’m asking you, Jai. Are there any signs of him…

Aimi: Changing?

Jai: He has a slight fever.
Aimi: Oh God!
Jai: But he’s dehydrated, exhausted and just had some fingers cut off. That doesn’t mean anything.
Aimi: He’s going to die. I know it.
Jai: You don’t. Remember Kevin? The guy we met the day after Joy joined us? He was bit a week or so later and it was only a matter of minutes before he was vomiting… sweating profusely… it’s been hours for Shiro and that hasn’t happened yet.

Jai: We’ve lost Milo and Joy. We have no idea where Bobby, Georgie and Beatrice are. Surely we’re due some good luck? You need to be strong, Aimi. But above all, you need to have faith.
Aimi: I know. You’re right. I’ll try.
Jai: Good.

Angie: Peter? You OK?
Peter: My son’s dead, there’s a chance my wife might be too, and Beatrice is missing and in the care of a woman with a death sentence. Why ask stupid questions?

Angie: Shiro seems to be doing all right though. I mean it’s early days, but you might have just saved him.
Peter: Good.
Angie: It was clever what you did… ingenious actually. Removing the area where the bite is. None of us have ever considered that, but when you think about it. It makes sense. It’s surely where the infection starts, after all.
Peter: Can you just leave me alone?


Javier: Amigo…
Peter: What?
Javier: I get you’re hurting and we understand…
Peter: I don’t think any of you could possibly comprehend how I’m feeling right now.
Javier: That’s not true. And it’s not fair.

Peter: What did you say!?
Javier: Jai lost his wife and daughter, yes? And Joy’s dead. And Aimi might lose her brother. And Angie and I are worried about Bobby. We’re all counting up our losses.
Peter: I think my case is a bit fucking different.
Javier: Of course it is. We are not debating that for a second, but we all suffer. We are all grieving. Angie… I think she’s the nicest girl I’ve ever met. She cares about you. She cares about everybody. I know it is difficult… and I know you want to lash out… but don’t take it on her. Or you and I will have a problem, amigo.


Felicia: Hi. You the new girl?
Georgie: I’m Georgie.
Felicia: Nice to meet you. I’m Felicia, the doctor.
Georgie: Oh.
Felicia: Mind if I ask you some routine questions?
Georgie: Sure.

Felicia: How are you and the child? Eating well? Getting enough water?
Georgie: We’re doing OK.
Felicia: Sleeping all right?
Georgie: Fine.
Felicia: Any allergies? Make sure you have a good think and let me know, I’ll have to alert Annette if you are. She’s the chef here.
Georgie: Yeah, we’ve met. I’m allergic to cats…which sucks. I have all the makings for a crazy cat lady.

Felicia: (Laughs). You best be careful. A few wonder about this place from time to time.
Georgie: As long as I don’t touch them I’m fine… but if cat stews a speciality here…
Felicia: We’re not that desperate. What about the child?
Georgie: I don’t know… I don’t think so anyway. Her Dad never said… she eats fish… fruit… most things.
Felicia: OK.

Felicia: Do you have any underlying health conditions?
Georgie: Have you spoken to Henry?
Felicia: No. Why?
Georgie: Just wondering. No’s the answer. I don’t.


Donna: No way in hell did you beat me.
Shiloh: You’re such a sore loser, Donna

Donna: Are you blind as well as retarded!?
Shiloh:  I hit the sucker in the eye. That’s five points.
Donna: No, you hit the forehead. Don’t make me walk all the way back there…
Shiloh: All right! Can you blame me for wanting a win? I can never get you beat.
Donna: Practise makes perfect. It’s not my fault you’re lazy.
Shiloh: I’m a good shot, but it’s a bit hard to meet your standards! Who taught you? Clint Eastwood?

Shiloh: Look alive.

Donna: Time for round two.










Donna: Reed ‘em and weep, bitch.
Shiloh: Fuck.
Donna: I get your slice of Annette’s cheesecake tonight.
Shiloh: Have mercy.

Henry: I wish you wouldn’t play this game.
Shiloh: It’s just something to keep us occupied, Dad.
Henry: They were like us once.
Shiloh: They’re dead.
Donna: And in case you hadn’t noticed, they try to kill us.
Henry: Through no fault of their own. Whatever this sickness is…it doesn’t just kill them, it uses them. Corrupts them. We need to take them out, there’s no disputing that, but don’t you think we at least owe them the respect to be quick and be dignified about it?
Shiloh: What’s the point? The world’s gone to shit.

Henry: That doesn’t mean we have to become heartless.
Shiloh: Heartless!?
Henry: I get we’re all becoming desensitised to the violence… but these were people. They had lives, families…. Your mother’s likely one of them now. If she wandered over here, you wouldn’t find it so funny.
Shiloh: What the fuck!?
Henry: I’m just saying. There’s nothing fun about any of this. It’s not a game.
Shiloh: Screw you!


Henry: Don’t say it.
Donna: What?
Henry: For someone who’s trying to fix their relationship with their son, I have a funny way of going about it.
Donna: I was just gonna say that I was hungry, but now that you mention it? Yeah. You fucked up, bro.


Charlotte: You gonna tell me where we’re going?
Michael: We, my chirpy little assistant, are off to conduct an experiment.
Charlotte: Why are we going so far away from the complex?
Michael: Victoria.
Charlotte: What?
Michael: It has a name now. Victoria.
Charlotte: After Vicky? Alexis killed her, for fuck sake. That’s just creepy.

Michael: Yeah, well, this is Alexis we’re talking about.
Charlotte: She’s a psychopath.
Michael: She’s stepped up to the plate, created a safe-place for people. That’s got to be commended.
Charlotte: That doesn’t give her the right to act like a murderous dictator.
Michael: That’s a bit extreme.
Charlotte: I don’t think so.
Michael: So, you’ve never done something you’re not proud of? You worked for Eli, right?

Charlotte: Thanks for bringing that up.
Michael: If you hated him so much, why-?
Charlotte: He had my mother.
Michael: Did he give her back?
Charlotte: What do you think?
Michael: I’m sorry.

Charlotte: What’s on the agenda anyway? What are we doing?
Michael: To answer your earlier question, we’re heading quite a way from the complex as we don’t want to draw any of the dead towards it.
Charlotte: We’re going to be drawing them!?
Michael: Conducting experiments would be a bit pointless without them. I say that grudgingly, of course. I hate the rotten bastards.
Charlotte: What is it exactly that we’re doing?
Michael: All will become-
Charlotte: If you finish that sentence, I swear to God, I’ll feed you to the dead myself.

Michael: Such violence shan’t be necessary. We’ve arrived.

Daniel: Sharks!
Shannon: I thought we were in the desert!?
Daniel: There’s been a flood!
Shannon: In the desert?
Daniel: Jeez, Shannon, it’s just pretend.

Luke: They don’t seem affected at all.
Bernadette: Would you prefer it if they were?

Luke: I’d rather know my little brother isn’t growing cold, yeah.
Bernadette: They’re getting used to losing people, Luke.
Luke: That’s not a good thing.
Bernadette: No, but it’ll make them stronger.

Luke: I know what Derrick did to me was wrong…
Bernadette: It was inexcusable.
Luke: But I didn’t want him to die. I thought we were friends. After everything we went through together. He saved our skin when we first met. Picked us all up with that bus of his. I thought he was a hero. I looked up to him.
Bernadette: People change. Now more so than ever.

Luke: It was you, wasn’t it?
Bernadette: Hm?
Luke: You warned Alexis about Derrick’s plan.
Bernadette: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Luke: If it wasn’t you-?
Bernadette: You honestly think I’d do that to him? I loved him like a son. How could you think that of me?
Luke: Sorry.

Bernadette: C’mon, kids. Time to go home.
Daniel: Aw.


Alexis: How are we doing on supplies, Monika?

Monika: We have enough tinned food to last us a long time.
Alexis: That’s all very well and good, but we need to start preparing for a time when we can’t ransack. We need to start growing vegetables. I’m sure we can find some seeds around?
Jenson: My ex-girlfriend and I used to go to a gardening place. It’s not even ten minutes away by car. Me and a few of my boys could be there and back in no time.
Alexis: They’ll have seeds for vegetables?
Jenson: Absolutely. We used to grow our own cucumbers, runner-beans, all sorts.
Alexis: So you know what you’re doing?
Jenson: With the actual farming itself? Not really. That was always Shell’s area of expertise.

Monika: I could ask my Dad to run it?
Alexis: Sorry, the numbers are growing here and I’m terrible with names, your Dad is?
Monika: Monty.
Alexis: Would he know what he’s doing?
Monika: Absolutely. Our garden was practically a farm thanks to him and my ma. I bet it would put a smile on his face. He misses her and he’s been itching for something to do.
Alexis: That’s settled then. Coleman, how are we on medicine?

Coleman: Fine. We may need some more aspirin soon though. There’s been a lot of headaches lately, what with this weather and people being outside a lot.
Alexis: Try and be more restrictive when handing out drugs. If people have a headache they’ll have to grin and bear it. We can’t be wasting medicine on headaches.
Coleman: Noted.
Alexis: All right. That’s all for the time being. Richard, Monika, you’re excused.

Jenson: We gonna talk about last night?

Alexis: We need to tighten up security.
Jenson: And keep tabs on the weapons?
Alexis: We left them unmanned. That was a ridiculous mistake and I’m embarrassed by it. We need them moved to a basement and guarded twenty-four seven.
Jenson: Couldn’t agree more.
Alexis: How are Jason and Tariq today?
Jenson: People are giving them the cold shoulder for what they did to the ginger kid and for taking Derrick’s side. They’re feeling quite sheepish.
Alexis: Befriend them.

Jenson: What!?
Alexis: Become their buddy… someone they can rely on… look up to. Try and talk me up. Get them to see me as a good leader.
Jenson: What makes you think they’ll come round?
Alexis: You did, didn’t you?

Steph: Hello?
Alexis: Oh, Steph. Come on over. Thanks, Jenson.

Steph: Can we talk?
Alexis: Of course.

Steph: I’m angry, OK? Real angry.
Alexis: What about?

Steph: Seriously!? You even need to ask? You give me the order to shoot that kid… this Bobby… and then I get the wrap for it!?
Alexis: I thought we had spoken about this?
Steph: We did but I’ve been mulling it over and came to the rightful conclusion that it’s so fucking unfair!
Alexis: Steph, calm down.
Steph: No, I won’t calm down! I’ve been kicked off watch duty and stripped of my weapon and for what!? Following orders!?

Alexis: I needed that boy to be injured so we could save his life, so that he and Charlotte would be indebted to us. They’re going to assist Michael on some things which are of paramount importance.
Steph: But to have me blamed for it!?

Alexis: I trust you the most. You will be back on watch duty eventually. I promise you.
Steph: When?
Alexis: We have to bide our time properly with this one. Charlotte… Bobby… they’re from another group. One I consider very dangerous. If I was going to let them in, I needed a plan. A way to keep them in check. I trusted you more than anyone to help me with this. I still do.
Steph: Oh…

Alexis: You’re a good girl, Steph. You’ve been the friend I’ve needed since I lost Vicky.
Steph: That’s sweet. Thank you. I’m sorry I-
Alexis: No need to explain. I understand.



Sean: How is he, old man?
Jai: I think I can say with some confidence: he’s gonna be all right.
Aimi: Oh, thank God!
Peter: Is he awake?
Jai: No, not yet, but his fever’s gone down and he’s stable. If he was infected, we would’ve known hours ago. I think you may have just saved his life, Peter.

Aimi: Thank you so much!

Javier: Shit…
Angie: We’ve got trouble.

Peter: Oh my god…
Aimi: No way!

Aimi: HENRY!

Henry: Hey, Aimi.
Aimi: This is unbelievable!
Henry: Happy to see me?
Aimi: Of course!

Sean: I think you can put the weapons down, kids.
Angie: Oh, this is Henry? That Karen’s husband?
Sean: That’s right.
Javier: Is he a good man?
Sean: One of the best.

Jai: It’s so good to see you!
Henry: Likewise, Jai. I heard about Joy. I’m so sorry. She was a great woman. I always liked her.
Jai: We’re putting her to rest soon… if you’d like to attend the funeral?
Henry: Please.
Peter: Wait, how did you know about Joy?

Henry: Georgie told me.
Aimi: Georgie… she’s OK!?
Henry: She’s fine. Beatrice is with her back at my camp. They’re OK, Peter. You can relax.

Peter: Thank fuck.
Angie: What about Bobby?
Henry: Pardon?
Angie: There should be a teenage boy with them…
Henry: No, it’s just Georgie and Beatrice.

Angie: Oh.
Henry: Sorry.

Henry: What happened to him?
Peter: I cut off some of his fingers.
Aimi: You’re probably wondering why.
Henry: If it’s the same Shiro I knew then no explanation necessary.
Shiro: Fuck you… 

Aimi: Shiro! You’re awake!
Shiro: It would appear so.
Jai: How you feeling, son?
Shiro: Like I’ve lost a little bit of weight.
Aimi: Don’t even joke about that!
Shiro: Relax, sis. I’m fine. Honestly.

Aimi: I was so worried. Don’t ever do anything so stupid again.
Shiro: I won’t.

Peter: He was bit on the fingers.
Henry: So you took them off to try and stop the infection? That’s smart.
Shiro: It’s good to see you, Henry. I’m glad you’re OK.
Henry: Yeah, you too. Nice sleeping bag, by the way. Suits you.
Shiro: Up yours.

Peter: What happened on that day you all went missing? Is Lorna with you?
Henry: I’ll explain, but first I better introduce you to some people. This is Donna. She helps keep my camp safe. She’s a heck of a shot. This young man, I’m proud to say, is my son. Shiloh.
Shiloh: Good to meet you all.
Jai: Your son? I thought he-?
Henry: Like I said, I’ll explain everything.

Michael: How good are you with that thing?
Charlotte: My bow? Exemplary.
Michael: Even when they move?
Charlotte: Uh-huh.
Michael: Excellent. This should go well then.



Michael: Neat. I’m getting better.

Charlotte: What the fuck are you doing!?
Michael: We can handle a few roamers, Charlotte.
Charlotte: I’m on about the people that could attract! Dangerous people!
Michael: Out here in the woods? I’d say the chances of that are slim at best.
Charlotte: What’s the point in all of this!?
Michael: There doesn’t seem to be any in near vicinity. I want to put their hearing to the test, that’s assuming they can hear at all.

Charlotte: They can.
Michael: I think so too, but how exactly? And if they can hear, see and smell, what other bodily functions remain intact? Is there a limit to what they can sense? Does it decrease over time as they continue to rot? Does decomposing slow down for them? We don’t know, so it’s down to me to find out.
Charlotte: This could go bad. You know that, right? I’m handy with my bow but it doesn’t do much good if a big group of them get attracted here.
Michael: We’re staying near the car. It’ll be fine.

Charlotte: So, we wait?
Michael: We wait.

Henry: The day I got separated from you… the day Karen… did what she did.
Shiloh: Don’t sugar-coat it, Dad. She killed herself.
Henry: She never would’ve done had she known you were alive, son.


Henry: Sorry. This is hard for him.
Aimi: That’s understandable.
Henry: They were so close… him and Karen. Had such a strong bond. I’ve always found it hard to connect with Shiloh… with the other two it was easier. It kills him knowing how close he came to seeing her again.
Sean: Poor lad.

Aimi: I thought he died?
Henry: Karen and I did, too. A few days after this whole thing started, we and the kids were barricaded in our home. It was so dark inside, even during the day as we kept all the blinds closed.

Henry: A glass accidentally got smashed and it alerted the attention of a few groaners passing-by outside. Before we knew it, the house was overrun. We were out of ammo so Karen and I had to fight them off with knives. We ran upstairs to try and rescue to kids but…

Henry: Our daughter Louise was being mauled. Our youngest, Joey, tried to help her, but he ended up being grabbed, too. I had to leave them and get Karen out. I had no choice. I dragged her kicking and screaming with one hand and as I fought off the dead with the other.

Henry: Shiloh was outside. When he realised we made it out but the others hadn’t, he went charging in. Ben, who we got for Shiloh as a birthday present a few years before this shit started, went in after him. I’ve never seen a dog so loyal to one person. So, it was when he came running back outside alone that I thought… assumed… that Shiloh had died. Ben would follow him into hell and back so I was positive…

Henry: I heard Shiloh screaming from inside. Ben was whimpering. Karen was lying in the backseat of our car… fighting for breath as the trauma took over. I waited for almost an hour. I just sat there with the damn dog as Karen passed out in the back, with the dead banging on the windscreen… hoping… praying that Shiloh, Louise and Joey would emerge. Eventually, the dead surrounding the car became too many and I came to my senses. I drove away.

Henry: Little did I know Shiloh had taken out every single roamer in the house with just a screw-driver. He stayed in there as he wanted to sit with Louise and Joey. He refused to leave them… and when they… he took care of that, too. He waited there for a few days for the horde outside to vanish. Then he took them into the garden and buried them. He did it alone. If I had known he was in there… I was so sure he died.
Aimi: You can’t blame yourself.
Jai: You had every reason to think that.

Henry: The day I lost Karen. I was hysterical… screaming… seeing her jump from the car and hand herself over to those things was almost as bad as seeing Louise and Joey…

Henry: I was determined to get out… to go back and help, but Lorna refused. She was right, of course. We would’ve been swarmed and died for sure, but in that moment I was so angry. So upset. We got lost after a while and by the time Lorna remembered the way to this camp we were out of gas. I notice the truck’s here now…
Peter: I found it the day after you all went missing. There was no sign of any of you.
Henry: We agreed to camp there over-night. I was out collecting firewood with Ben when…

Peter: Eli?

Henry: I saw him grab Milo. Lorna put up a heck of a fight. She was punching and kicking, but he knocked her out. He bundled them both into a car. He was about to leave when I snuck up and pointed my gun at him. I told him to step away otherwise I was going to blow his brains out and trust me, after losing Karen the way I did, I was going to do it. Without hesitation. Even if he did make a run for it.
Sean: I take it the cunt didn’t?
Henry: Of course not. He tried to talk to me. Tried to assure me that he was a friend. I knew then that we were dealing with somebody incredibly dangerous. I was about to kill him when some of his men appeared… shot at me.

Henry: Ben and I darted into the woods. I could hear them giving chase, but we lost them. When I went back, the car was gone. I’m sorry, Peter. I tried. I really did.
Peter: They must’ve been so scared.
Henry: I feel like I failed you.
Peter: I’m gonna need a minute…


Jai: Henry, there’s erm, something we should probably tell you.
Henry: Oh?
Jai: A while ago, the girls came across Karen… she had turned.

Jai: Joy put her down. We brought her back. Buried her over there.

Javier: You OK?
Angie: If Bobby’s not with Georgie then where is he?
Javier: I’m sure he’s…
Angie: No, Javier, you don’t. So don’t finish that sentence.
Javier: I taught him well. We both have. He’s a tough kid. I bet he’s fine.
Angie: He’s alone, Javier.

Angie: He’s alone!


Donna: You people got any meat? I’m starving.


Donna: A bit of hospitality wouldn’t kill ya.

Calvin: How you settling in?
Georgie: It’s strange here… but nice. Everybody seems cool.
Calvin: They are, for the most part. Except for Annette. She comes across sweet and everything, and her food is out of this world, but if you wrong her, she’ll probably cook you in a soup.
Georgie: I’ll proceed with caution where’s she’s concerned then.
Calvin: Might be wise.

Georgie: Thanks, Calvin. For being so nice to me and for making the time. You and Rachel have been very sweet. Nobody else has spoken to me… aside from Annette and the doctor.
Calvin: People keep to themselves for the most part, but once you get to know these guys, they’re really great. They’ve just been through a lot. I think we all have.
Georgie: That’s for sure.
Calvin: I’m glad Henry brought you here.

Georgie: Thanks, Calvin. I am, too.

Peter: Sorry I reacted like that.
Henry: You have nothing to be sorry for.
Peter: Neither do you.

Henry: I want you to know I did everything possible to look for Lorna. I searched all through the night and well into the next day. Then I happened to come across Midway.
Peter: Midway?
Henry: It’s the name that’s been given to my camp. They welcomed me in when I was exhausted… hungry… but the leader there wasn’t all too careful. Eventually, shit happened and he didn’t make it. I took over. But the biggest surprise of all was realising after a day of my arrival that Shiloh was there.
Peter: That’s incredible.
Henry: I know. I thought I was going insane… seeing ghosts. I was so happy and yet all I could do was sob into his arms…

Henry: After getting my head together and becoming the leader of the place, I made it a priority to find Eli. I tracked down his base in Summerlyn. A swimming centre. We put together a plan to go in and to save his prisoners. We attacked the night before last. The same night he happened to abandon it. Maybe he knew we were coming? I can’t be sure.
Peter: That’s the night everything happened. He killed Milo, Henry.
Henry: I know. Lorna told me. I’m so sorry, Peter.

Peter: Lorna!? You’ve seen her!?
Henry: We threw some grenades into the side of the building to get access. Caused a raging inferno. Bigger than we anticipated. I panicked… thought Lorna and Milo might die from the smoke before I got the chance to find them, but it didn’t seem to matter. She was the only prisoner he left alive before he abandoned the place.

Peter: He wanted her to live… to suffer… just like the rest of us. It was always his intention to kill Milo. Never her. She was his victim just as much as we were.
Henry: She had already broken out from her cell. She was in the middle of…
Peter: What?
Henry: Torturing a man. One of Eli’s goons who stayed behind. From him she discovered his plan. We knew then that Milo was… and that Eli was, too. I tried to convince her to stop what she was doing, but she carried on. She tortured him until he passed out. Then she put a bullet in his head. It was terrible.

Peter: You’re defending one of Eli’s men!?
Henry: You weren’t there, Peter. He was just a kid. Couldn’t have been more than twenty. I begged her but she wouldn’t listen. It was horrifying.

Henry: Anyway, she came back to my camp for a few hours. She drew me a map to this place when I told her I wanted to find you.  I sent Shiloh and Donna to come here once I realised Eli might’ve ordered some men to attack you all. Turns out I was right. They didn’t get here in time. Joy died. I’m sorry for that.

Henry: But they brought Georgie and Beatrice to safety yesterday.
Peter: So, Lorna’s there with them now?
Henry: No. She only stayed for a few hours. I begged her to stick around but she wasn’t having it.
Peter: Why hasn’t she come here since she’s been free!?
Henry: She said she didn’t want to see anybody. When I asked her where she was going, she told me she was going to go to a place where she was the happiest she has ever been. I asked where that was, but she left without saying another-

Peter: I know where she is. We went on the same vacation every year. A trip to the countryside in a cabin. She nagged me constantly to buy a property out there so we could go more often. I was going to surprise her with one on her next birthday before the world went to hell. That’s where she must be. I’ve got to go… before she moves on.
Henry: Want me to come with?
Peter: No. Take the others back to your camp. That’s if you’ll have us?
Henry: You don’t even need to ask.

Henry: I’m so sorry, Peter. For all you’ve lost.
Peter: I’m sorry, too.

Aimi: You should be resting.
Shiro: Quit fussing. I’m fine.
Jai: She’s right, Shiro.
Shiro: Don’t you start.

Peter: OK, people. It’s time to move on out.
Jai: We’re leaving? We need to bury Joy…
Peter: Then do that before you leave. We’re all moving to Henry’s camp. It’s safe there.
Angie: Why can’t we stay? Bobby might think to look for us here…
Peter: He would’ve done so already, Angie. I’m sorry, but it’s not safe here anymore.

Peter: For that exact reason.


Peter: Pack everything together and drive back with Henry. Tell Georgie I’ll be turning up soon so if she could just look after Beatrice for one more night.
Sean: Where the hell are you going, lad?
Peter: I know where Lorna is. I have to go get her.
Sean: Should I tag along, pal?
Peter: No. Stay here. Get everything prepared.
Angie: I’m coming with you. No arguments. You’re not driving off alone and we can keep an eye out for Bobby as we travel.
Peter: All right. We’ll see you all later, then.

Javier: Be careful.

Henry: Peter, before you go, I need to warn you…
Peter: What?
Henry: I know she’s your wife but…

Henry: She’s changed.
Peter: What do you mean?
Henry: Just prepare yourself.


Jai: We had best get our things together… then we can put Joy to rest.

Shortly after…

Peter: I’m sorry about earlier… for snapping at you.
Angie: I’ve forgotten all about it.
Peter: Regardless, it wasn’t right.

Peter: This is it…
Angie: You sure?
Peter: I know this area like the back of my hand.

Angie: Do you know which cabin she’ll be in?
Peter: The one we always stayed in, I imagine.
Angie: Should I-?
Peter: This is something I should do alone. Wait here.
Angie: All right. Call out if you need me.

Peter: Lorna?



Peter: Lorna!?
Lorna: Hi, honey.

Lorna: It’s been a while.

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