Season 2 Q&A with Writer/Creator


So, season two ended dramatically! Alexis appears to have gained the advantage over her captors. Will they be at her mercy early next season?
Ha! She’s certainly a lucky lady, but no. While she certainly has a bargaining chip, it doesn’t mean the survivors are going to beg her.

I know this Q&A is mostly about season two, but any clues about where Noah’s community (and now our survivors) are expected to be extracted to?

Seriously. Nothing?
It’s on Earth. That much I can tell you.


Out of curiosity, where does the series take place? I know the locations mentioned within the show (Winterhodge Hollow, Summerlyn City, etc) are fictional, but is there a specific area the show exists in?
Yes, but only loosely. I personally have always thought that the locations we’ve been at the past two seasons have been around the Canadian/US border.

Ooh. OK. I can see that.
Good. As the series goes on we will be moving around a bit more. There’s a US state specifically mentioned in the season three premiere, actually. But back to season two!

You tease.
We lost FIVE main characters this season. Were those death’s always planned, or were any a last minute decision?

Nope. I knew from planning out the series years ago that we would lose Sean, Michael, Aimi, and Bobby this season. Blaine? No. But he didn’t exist until I started my in-depth planning for the season after the first was over. Though it’s fair to say, as soon as I did come up with him, it was apparent to me that he wasn’t getting out of the season alive.


Wow. Really? Where did he come from?
I needed a big bad for Lorna to go after during her revenge missions in the first half of the season, and he was sort of just born through that. Initially I planned to have her kill him, but he came to life as I was writing and he was so much fun. I knew pretty quickly he would move on to Victoria and cause chaos there and it’s a good job he did as this season couldn’t have worked as well without him. Initially, every bad thing he ended up doing was going to be committed by Alexis, but on reflection that just wouldn’t have worked.

She sure as heck wouldn’t have been left alive at the end of the season if she had done everything Blaine did.
Exactly. And not only that, but she’s not an evil character either. Eli was evil. Pure evil. No question. Blaine is a despicable piece-of-shit, but he’s not completely heartless. He did have remorse over Shannon and he was taken aback when Georgie told him he killed the father of her unborn child. Alexis, meanwhile, has done some awful things, but I wouldn’t call her evil or anything close to it. Absolutely not.


Speaking of Georgie being pregnant… I didn’t see that coming.
Me neither. That was another case of something just springing to mind as I wrote the episode. I had no intentions of making her fall pregnant with Calvin’s baby right until I started writing Blaine’s death scene. But as soon as it entered my head, I knew I was sticking with it. It felt right. It sort of explains Georgie’s behaviour since Calvin died.

Were there any other major things that changed from your initial plans?
Not especially. Originally Henry was going to be the one to shoot Sean dead after he was bit. And then it changed to Peter. And then I realised I wasn’t happy with either of those possibilities, so it went to Jai, which just felt right. And Matt was supposed to commit suicide after learning Blaine had detonated the bomb at Midway, but he really came to life after Jenson’s death as a character and it took me by surprise. It became apparent he wasn’t going to do that. He was too strong. And when I got the idea for him to put a bullet in Blaine’s back… well, that was too satisfying to ignore.

2x10 334

Any chance of Matt appearing in season three?
No. I left him alive because I really grew to like him, but I’m done with Victoria and Summerlyn City as a whole. I imagine he’ll stick around those parts though. Maybe he’ll try and put the community back together with some strangers eventually, but who knows? If he does, we’ll never know. Not every character has to die to be written off the show. He’s gonna do his own thing and I quite like that.

What episode of season two are you most proud of?
Oh. Hm. That’s tough. I think the last five or six episodes were all really exciting for me to write. Quid Pro Quo (the warehouse episode) was a nice change of pace. Just focusing on some of our characters and how they dealt with another group who at first appeared friendly and then showed their true intentions. Didn’t work out for them, huh? If I had to pick one episode, I’d say that. Or the finale.


Any episodes you wished you had done differently?
Story-wise? No. I’m happy with the plot and everything that happened, but I have bad memories of episode six (Welcome to Midway.) For some reason that episode was in development hell for months. There are elements of that episode I absolutely loved (some of our gang getting pissed in the pub, for example) but it was a really long episode and I’ve tried to forget about it for a while as it really took me such a long time to get it to the point where I was ready to move on from it. It was a pain to both write and shoot.

So now Dr. Richard Coleman is up in zombie apocalypse heaven alongside Catelyn, only Alexis knows that baby Stephen is immune, right?

Oh, yes! Zahra! Will any of that come into play next season?
Uh. I can’t say too much for a specific reason. It sort of will, but sort of won’t. 

That doesn’t answer the question at all.

That was such a game-changing reveal though! Is it really going to be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about?
No. It won’t. Don’t worry. The third season will certainly touch upon that sort of thing but maybe not how you expect. That’s all I’m saying! This Q&A is about to be about season two!

Oops. Which character(s) do you feel have had the best arc during this season?
Jai and Georgie stand out. They went from being two of the most gentle, passive characters to becoming quite ruthless. Jai, especially. Lorna is also a highlight for me. She really grew over the course of the season. And Shiro and Drew letting down their walls and allowing themselves to be vulnerable with one another and fall in love is a story I’m quite proud of as well. Peter forgiving Charlotte for her role in Milo’s death stands out as well.


Any characters you feel like you’ve neglected?
Hm. I don’t think so. Possibly. I might not see it right now. I went into this season looking back on the first and realised I needed to work some more on Aimi and Angie. They were good in the first season, but I felt they deserved to be seen more and needed some extra depth. I think I accomplished that. Actually, Lydia-Jean comes to mind. We got bits and pieces from her this season but there’s gonna be an episode or two next time around where she’ll shine. Definitely.

On Shiro’s sexuality, was that always the case since the start?
Yup. I’ve known all along Shiro was gay. I think there were little hints here and there, but like Angie told him in his “coming out” scene: his sexuality doesn’t matter. It’s so irrelevant to who he is.

What’s the deal with Elaine?

Oh, don’t give me that! What’s going on with her and what’s her link to Noah’s people?
You’ll find out in season three. Promise.

The first half?
The first half.


How comes nobody of importance died during the explosion at Midway? Every important character happened to be out of harm’s way. How convenient! 
They got lucky, OK!? To be honest, I worried about getting that criticism (which is fair) so I considered killing Bobby in the explosion (as I knew he was dying in the following episode anyway) but I didn’t feel like it would be a satisfying or respectful way for a main character to go. 

Being eaten alive by zombies the next episode was better!?
It was more impactful. To the readers and to Angie, Javier, Charlotte, and Lydia-Jean. The moment was all about him. As it deserved to be. Losing Midway was about losing Midway and the effect that would have on the survivors and mostly Henry. Also I’m offended you don’t consider Dr. Felicia an important character! Everybody LOVED her… right? 

Yeah. Sure. Bye, Felicia. I guess your reasoning makes sense now. But you even spared Ben, for goodness sake.
Hey, dude! I will gladly kill everyone in this show if it comes to it, but a husky? I’m not a monster!

I don’t like animals.

Final few questions: any comedic moments that stand out to you?
Pretty much everything to do with Blaine. He was so much fun. I remember his bald jokes at Lorna’s expense really tickled me to write. Also when he asks Reginald if he could kiss him. (He totally would’ve kissed him, FYI.)

And what were the saddest moments of the season for you?
Sean’s death was rough. As was Aimi’s. I think her death scene in particular was heart-breaking. And Bobby’s as well. When Javier tells Bobby he loves him and picks Angie up and carries her away to fulfil Bobby’s last request to save her. So sad.


Excellent. Let’s leave things on a downer, shall we?
Why not? I look forward to discussing season three with you sometime soon in another Q&A! 

Indeed. See you then, readers!

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