The Last Ones is back!

The penultimate episode of season two of The Last Ones is now ONLINE! It’s so good to be back! Click below to view the episode and please, let me know what you think by leaving a quick comment! Thanks and enjoy!2x19promo.fw

3 thoughts on “The Last Ones is back!

  1. Colin says:

    Also, I plan on hopefully rewatching all the episodes relatively soon so I can give you some good feedback (:

    I’m really impressed by how much love and care you’ve put into this series, it’s really great to see!


  2. samjpeck says:

    Hi, Colin! Thanks so much four your comments, man!

    Sadly, I think SimTV has had its day, which is why I’ve moved on and given The Last Ones its own site so it can hopefully get more attention! But I’m definitely still working on this series and have no plans on that stopping.

    Thanks for your kind words! Really appreciated! Can’t wait to see what you think of the episodes.


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